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My Dogging Wife

My Dogging Wife

By MinxGirl and billy69boy

Marrying a young girl is a great coup for any older guy. As a 40 year old, walking down the aisle arm in arm with my 20 year old bride, was the proudest moment of my life. It's hard to explain how it happened. The only thing that makes sense is that I was fortunate enough to learn the delicate nuances of oral sex during my lengthy sexual apprenticeship. I hate to say it was as simple as winning her over with my tongue, but that was pretty much it. I knew exactly how to get her off by paying close attention to her needs with my mouth. I was adept at bringing her to multiple orgasms each time I knelt between her legs, or had her ride my face cowgirl style. Our sex life was satisfying and pleasurable. Daphne was pretty open-minded, and quite comfortable in her own skin. She could get a little wild and kinky when she had a few drinks in her, and neither of us had any complaints in that department.

Fast forward 10 years ahead, and things were different now. At 50, I could still perform well enough, but we both admitted that our sex life had gotten stale and bland. We did pretty much everything two people could do together. We were comfortable with each other, but our comfort turned to complacency, and eventually to boredom. Now, after yet another routine lovemaking session, we would talk about what we could do to spice things up a little. We talked about our fantasies and secret desires. Some things we didn't see eye to eye on, but we tried to find some common ground.

I knew Daphne had a thing for outdoor sex. We tried it a few times in very low risk places, but the only thrill was having a breeze rush past your bare ass. It wasn't like we had to worry about getting caught: it was outdoor sex, but not really public sex. I confided in her that I always got off on the idea of her having sex with other people while I watched. She frowned at first, and I assumed she didn't care for that fantasy, so I didn't pursue it. She was silent, lying in my arms, and I was preoccupied with other possibilities. So, I was rather astonished when she almost whispered 'you mean having sex with complete strangers?'

My jaw dropped, and I didn't reply right away. Instead I pictured her taking on several men at once, while I recorded the action. 'Well?' she prompted. I said yes, and I explained that they called it "dogging" over in England. She took in this new information, but fell silent again. Holy crap, I was amazed she was even thinking about it. I vowed to tread lightly. I held her closer in my arms, kissing her cheek, her ear, and inhaling the sweet scent of her hair.

'Where would we do it?' she asked calmly. I couldn't believe my ears, as I sat bolt upright in bed. 'You like the idea?' 'Well, I've always had a gangbang fantasy', she admitted to me for the first time, 'but no more than 4 or 5 men at once…' Holy shit, I couldn't believe my ears! All of a sudden my mind was racing, and I couldn't keep up with all the various scenarios zipping through my brain. I took a deep breath, and vowed to stay calm, determined not to break the spell with any sudden movements.

We could go down to the national park, I suggested. There were a few park benches at the back that didn't get much use. Daphne nodded thoughtfully. I could see the wheels turning as she pictured the scene in her mind. After a few minutes, she turned and looked me in the eye. Did I think I could handle it? It would be nothing personal, just a lark, she reasoned. I told her it sounded like a complete rush, and did she mind if I videotaped it? She allowed for the fact that it might be extra kinky for me to do that, but she really didn't want to see who the strangers were while she was getting gangbanged, so did I mind if she was blind folded? I told her that would not be a problem, but I wanted to choose her outfit. She giggled, and replied, 'I'll bet'!

At that point, we were both acting like giddy girls at a sl**pover party. I made her agree that she would do anything that her unidentified lovers wanted her to do. She assented, except no pain. I agreed, and promised to protect her if things started to get out of hand. We chose Friday night as our target date. That would give us three days to plan, discuss, and back out of the deal if either one of us got cold feet.


When Harry made that confession to me about his fantasy to see me have sex with strangers, at first my mind cringed at the idea. I had never been with anyone else aside from Harry, and when we first dated, young though I was then, I knew he would be the man to satisfy my sexual needs and desires. It was only now that our sex lives had reached a plateau that I began to realise we were in need of some excitement. And the hint of having my body being used by 4 or 5 men was starting to take hold. Harry and I never had sex outside of our marriage, and perhaps now, when I am at my sexual peak, the notion of strangers having sex with my body started to germinate.

I have always been a straitlaced girl; my parents were old-fashioned in that regard (alas, they have since passed away during our 10-year marriage). Harry was the first and only man that I have been sexually intimate with. He sure does know how to bring me to orgasm with his tongue plying his expertise on my easily aroused pussy. We fucked regularly, even after 10 years of marriage, but it now lacked certain je ne se quoi. We have no ch1ldren, which was a conscious decision on both our sides, which in a way was a blessing now with what we were planning on doing.

I still love sucking on his cock. The way that he would stiffen when he was about to shoot his load into my mouth still had the ability to make my pussy shudder with orgasm. My love for Harry has its roots in the fact that he is my mentor in all things sexual. He was the man that introduced me to the joys of anal sex. He was quite rough at first, for once he was inside my tight anus he would be an anima1. His deep and rough thrusts would sometimes tear my sphincter until there was bl00d drops on the bed sheets, and I would not be able to walk straight for a couple days. However, after 12 years of being together, my ass has gotten used to having him ram his penis deeply inside.

The thought of having different men use my body while Harry watched and recorded it piqued my sexual curiosity. Since we had a short time frame in which to plan our sexcapades, I did not want to disappoint Harry by pulling out at the last minute. I also wanted to know what fucking other men would be like: the different size cocks, the way they would feel inside my pussy and ass, the way they would feel on my tongue as I sucked, and the diverse taste their cum would be as I swallowed. I have left the decision of organisation of the other 4-5 men to Harry; I am counting on him to look after me in this view, for I trust him implicitly.


Over the next 3 days, I put considerable thought into our upcoming project. I began collecting various materials and objects that I wanted to use. I bought a half dozen "Lone Ranger" type masks for any participants who were reluctant to have their identities revealed on video. I put them in a backpack, along with various play things: toys, soft restraints, even a mini cat-o-nine-tails whip that was more a ch1ld's play thing than a real whip. I included several cardboard signs, lettered big and bold in thick magic marker. Of course, I had my video camera and a backup battery.

Over dinner on Thursday night, the air was thick with lusty anticipation. Daphne did a lot of squirming in her chair, as we discussed our Friday night adventure in the park. On a whim, I casually asked her how attached she was to her ten year old wedding dress that had been in storage since our nuptials. She shrugged, and gave me an inquisitive look, her eyebrows raised. I told her I thought it would be hot if she wore it Friday night. Before she could say no, I offered to wear a suit and tie if she agreed. Her eyes lit up, and she grinned, picturing the scenario. I knew I had her, because she always loved seeing me all dressed up in a fancy suit…claimed it made her swoon. That was probably because I hated getting dressed up, and did my best to avoid such occasions. Finally, she agreed to do it, even as she gave me a side-long glance, as if in disbelief.

So, everything was set: we both got off early from work on Fridays during the summer. We had plenty of time to eat, shower, and change into our wedding outfits, then arrive at the park before dusk settled in. We walked arm in arm through the park, laughing nervously, as we smiled and nodded to the joggers and dog walkers and book readers we passed. At the far end of the park there was a fairly obscure bench that was partially hidden from view in a bit of an alcove. This area was the least used part of the park.

As we sat close together, I opened the bottle of champagne I'd brought along, and poured us each a glass. We nuzzled and kissed, and drank a second glass, all in an effort to calm our nerves. After all, neither of us had ever done something as outrageous as this together, and I was as apprehensive as Daphne. Still, the rush we experienced was exhilarating, and we vowed once again to forge ahead with our plan, no matter what. The first thing I did was put the blind fold on her, tying it tightly behind her head. I guided her hands behind her back and slipped the wrist cuffs on, clipping them together. Then, I turned her around to face me, embraced her and kissed her deeply on her mouth. I stepped back, grabbed hold of the plunging neckline of her white, pristine wedding dress and ripped it open. Her supple C-cup breasts popped out, having been left unsupported because she was braless. She shrieked in surprise, but I diverted her attention by quickly cupping them in my palms, and rolling my thumbs over her hard nipples. She moaned in that guttural way that let me knew she was already turned on to the max. I leaned down and kissed each of her round globes and raked her tight brown nipples with my teeth, knowing how much she loved the feeling of pleasure/pain that she felt coursing through her veins.

I placed the cushion I'd brought on the low bench seat, and instructed her to kneel on it, facing the back of the bench. I gently leaned her upper body against the back, with her tits jutting out above the top of the backrest, proud but vulnerable. I couldn't help but reach around and tease them gently, flicking her nipples just hard enough so that they stood erect.

Her wedding dress was modest and understated beautiful in its simplicity, the hem fell just above her knees. That is, until I hiked it up clear over her round bottom, and gathered it around her waist. As planned, she wore no panties, but she did wear a white garter belt, white fishnet stockings, and cream-coloured heels. I was hard already, just looking at her and my eager prick screamed for its release from the stifling dress pants I wore. I stood behind my beautiful wife, softly rubbed her exposed ass, and told her how brave she was.


Being blind folded brought my other senses alive: smell, hearing, and instinct. With my wrists cuffed behind my back, my tits swinging free from the torn wedding dress, I waited for Harry’s next move on the bench, my breath rapid and heavy. I wriggled on the thick cushion, glad he had the foresight to bring some comfort from home to the excursion. I sensed him moved away from me and the bench after he stroked my bare buttocks and plunged his finger into my red and juicy pussy. I shuddered involuntarily at the touch. The low bench itself was perfect: my head was at the right angle for mouth fucking and my pussy and ass low enough for fucking doggy-style.

I heard some click-clicks, and a bright white light flashed against my blind fold. I smiled and stuck out my tongue, unsure where it came from. I heard Harry chuckle softly to my left, then soft footsteps on the grass moved to my face and more flashes lit up. I had originally thought Harry would fuck me on the bench first, but all of a sudden, I somehow instinctively knew the hand I felt on my ass was not my husband’s: it was calloused, and had sharp nails that scr4ped the back of my thighs. I sucked air as goose-pimples appeared on my skin from the rough hand. Our expedition was commencing.

My ass cheeks were spread far apart by the hands, exposing my tight eye to the looker, and the stranger began sucking at my tight rosette with abandon. I moaned with bliss as I heard more click-clicks of the camera. I was unsure if Harry was also recording this because if he was, I would not have been aware of it, and I no longer cared if he was or not. All my attention was on the mouth at my back end. The mouth that was at my ass was now joined by a thick slimy tongue; without preamble it pushed roughly into my hole. My moans rushed out as I pushed against that tongue, I begged loudly to whomever it was to eat my ass. The unknown person complied willingly with a grunt that let me know it was a man; his hands crudely spread my ass further apart.

He tongue-fucked my ass hole as if there was no tomorrow. He sucked and plunged his thick tongue in and out of my anus; he tasted my dankness and groaned loudly. His saliva ran into my slit and dripped on to the cushion. I pushed against his mouth wildly as I tried to take more of his slippery tongue into my sphincter. Never once did he lick or play with my pussy. I wasn’t about to complain, I enjoyed the homage that was being paid to my brown-eye. I pushed and heaved against that slick tongue, and relished the way it felt as it f0rced its way through my tight crease.

Then another pair of hands grabbed my head and something pushed its way between my panting lips. The acrid smell of unwashed body-odour filled my nostrils and I tried not to gag at the pungent smell. I could not pull away from the throbbing cock that was relentlessly deeply fucking my mouth, it pushed all the way down my throat until I almost could not breathe and stayed there, my nose buried inside his bushy pubic hair. My throat contracted from being stuffed this way, and also from his BO, spontaneously simulating a milking pussy. A grunt could be heard from above my head. Then the cock began to quickly move in and out, my lips stretched tightly around the girth, my saliva dripped continuously as the smelly stranger f0rce-fucked my mouth, as the man behind me continued to eat at my anus.

Then I felt a hand reach down to play with my swinging tits, pinching and pulling my stiff nipples; I had no idea whose hand it was… more soft click-clicks, this time I guessed from behind the stranger eating out my ass.


They say it pays to advertise, and it certainly seemed to be the case here. No sooner did I prop up my cardboard signs on the bench, than the public seemed to flock to us. Okay, I exaggerate a little but the signs did seem to attract the stray park inhabitants a little at a time. There was just something about the word "free" that gets shoppers whipped into frenzy: FREE FUCK - 3 HOLES AVAILABLE - NO WAITING! I'm not sure perhaps the other sign was more popular: HELP BREAK IN NEW BRIDE! Then there was the third sign that seemed to generate a lot of interest as well: CUM IN MOUTH ONLY!

Of course, Daphne had no idea I had created and posted the makeshift signs, but she began reaping the benefits immediately. Her first suitor was a middle aged construction worker who was cutting through the park on his way home from work. He stopped and looked, but when he saw my video camera, he began to walk away until I offered him one of the masks. He whispered that he only wanted to suck her ass, as his wife would probably disapprove of him fucking some stranger.

The next player was a homeless wino who looked to be in his 30's, disheveled and quite odorous, and hadn't seen a bar of soap in a month of Sundays. I hesitated to allow him to participate, but he pleaded that he only wanted a quick blow job and he would be on his way. He donned his mask, and plunged his erection straight into Daphne's mouth. I could tell she was shocked at first, and was repulsed by the smell, but she didn't protest. She was already into the spirit of our adventure, and I busied myself with taking snapshots along with shooting video of the action.

I was getting turned on by now, and I wanted to remove my bowtie and undo the restrictive collar that pressed on my neck, but I remained true to our agreement. I quickly forgot my discomfort when I looked around, and saw a few onlookers who seemed mesmerized by the scene they were witnessing. A couple of young joggers moved closer to the action. I was unsure if they planned to join in until they each took a mask off the bench, and stepped up. The girl was obviously turned on, because she reached under her jogging shorts and began working her fingers feverishly into her pussy. They watched the wino pump his cock wildly into Daphne's mouth until she choked on his sticky offering, even as she tried her best to swallow it all.

As the wino finally staggered away, the rough-handed construction worker had his fill as well, and sauntered away down the path. The joggers quickly took their places. The guy rubbed his hard-on up and down Daphne's slick openings, and then he entered her pussy with one sharp thrust, causing her to gasp in surprise. Meanwhile, the female jogger took Daphne's tits in her hands, and massaged them rather roughly as she watched as her friend filled my wife's cunt with his ample penis. She got so excited that she pulled her jogging shorts aside and pushed her sweaty slit into Daphne's face, holding her head tightly while she gyrated on her tiptoes. I was delighted to capture her frenzy on video.

Seeing the male jogger getting ready for his dramatic finish, I tapped the sign that read CUM IN MOUTH ONLY, and he nodded. He quickly walked around behind the bench, and eased his friend away as his glistening cock replaced her pussy in Daphne's mouth. Apparently the girl was none too pleased. She stomped her feet in a mini tantrum, and crossed her arms over her chest. Looking down, she noticed the empty long-necked bottle in the paper bag that the wino had left on the ground. She grinned at me and held it up for the video camera, as she took her place behind my "bride". Without hesitation, she held it against Daphne's well-lubed ass hole and twisted it back and forth until the bottle neck filled her dark passage. She thrust her fingers deep into Daphne's wet pussy, and double fucked her as she watched her friend blow his load down her throat. Seeing the bottle made me suddenly remember the toys that I had brought in my backpack. I quickly unloaded several dildoes, including the black cat-o-nine-tails whip, and placed them on the bench. The DP girl smiled broadly, a mischievous grin crossing her face.


The taste of pussy was still strong inside my lips when a cock pushed in between my lips and shot a thick creamy load right down my throat. I swallowed the deposit; the taste was salty and tangy, different from the first cock. This man smelled better than the last but he had a bit of that sweat dampness at his shaven groin. Something cold and hard pushed its way inside my ass and I could hear that ‘fump-fump’ sound as the air inside my ass worked at whatever it was moving in and out of my hole. Then finger (or fingers) entered my hungry pussy and worked in sync with each other, after a while I had to tell whoever it was that it was getting a bit painful.

The hard dildo (whatever it was) was pulled out of my ass and the fingers left my pussy. Then against my bare bum I felt light strokes of whips, it was not painful or strong lashes, but just enough to make me jump on the initial contact. I had no idea that Harry had packed any other props, or how he had organized the outing, so I could only guess at where the whip came from or who all these strangers were. Then a rubbery dildo (it felt different to a real cock) pushed its way into my still-hungry pussy as the whips lightly rained down on my butt incessantly. The thick rubber worked my sore pussy in and out, it pressed hard on my G-spot and I involuntarily orgasmed. I panted as my climax spread from my pussy to the tips of my fingers; my body shuddered as I whined loudly that I was coming.

Before I could beg for the dildo to be taken out due to sensitivity, a fat meaty throbbing cock was pushed between my lips. This one felt thick and the corners of my lips hurt from the stretch around the girth; more soft click-clicks of the camera, this time close by my head on my left side. I’ve never had this big of a cock inside my mouth before today and it fucked me none too gently. The mushroom head choked as it moved and glided in and out of my mouth on my tongue. I pulled away briefly to gasp that I needed to lie down, and then I was summarily lifted with a big strong arm around my stomach, placed on my back on the grassy patch, and a pillow was placed under my head. Hands grasped my ankles and spread my legs wide, and I sensed a presence over my face and a cock (could be the same one as before) slithered between my lips once more, my lips struggled again to stretch around it as the man pumped his cock in and out mercilessly.

I jumped slightly when I felt lips beginning to suck my pussy. I somehow instinctively knew it was a woman. Softer lips, the way her tongue moved on my clit felt totally different than a man’s. I bent my knees and lifted my ass off the grass, pushed my pussy deeper into the woman’s mouth as I moaned at the sensation and gagged on the extra thick cock. I heard a whisper in my ear that it was a black cock I was sucking. I guessed that would be Harry whispering to let me know I was sucking on my first black cock. I groaned to let him know I heard and I sucked on that cock even harder. I heard a loud grunt from above me and felt his hands gripping my face, his heavy balls swung against the top of my head as he pumped his groin.

The mouth at my pussy sucked and flicked at my bl00d engorged nubbin. My body bucked and shuddered. Her fingers inserted into my pussy and ass, her hand worked in and out of my two holes as she ate and slurped my pussy juice. Her moans soon joined mine as she enjoyed my taste as it leaked out from my love tunnel. I was about to orgasm into her mouth when I felt mouths sucking and biting my nipples. I was in ecstasy at having both my nipples sucked at the same time by two different people; the sensation of having two tongues flicking my tight brown buds was orgasmic. I tried to grip their heads to press their mouths harder against my tits, but my wrists were still cuffed behind my back, all I could do was push my bum off the grass, and the mouth at my pussy came with me, licking my entire slit with her tongue.

I orgasmed again from having my pussy eaten. My clit quivered inside her mouth and from the two mouths sucking and biting my nipples. Shots of pleasure ran down to my clitoris. From the cock in my mouth all of a sudden, the tangy taste of hot manly seed spilled down my throat. I swallowed the creamy taste thirstily; he tasted totally different from the previous two, and thicker. It was so much that some spilled out the corners of my mouth; more click-click at my face. I moaned with pleasure as cum glided down my throat and into my stomach.


I will admit that I was taken aback when the three young black dudes saw my signs, turned toward us, and approached. They saw my video camera and the masks on the bench, and gave me high-fives as they donned their masks. I didn't know if I should warn Daphne or not. I decided to start shooting, and ask questions later, as it were. Daphne seemed to be totally invested in the sensations she was receiving from the jogger girl to notice she had new players in her midst. While the male jogger and a few other stragglers gathered around to watch, the black guys accommodated her wish to be placed on the ground. As I watched her struggling to fit the first BBC into her mouth, I felt I should at least explain to her why she was having such a hard time…this guy's cock was HUGE! Christ, it made ME swoon just looking at it, and I'm not real big on cock, if the truth be told.

The other two guys proceeded to suck her titties as they allowed the jogger girl to continue with her act. I was busy trying to film all the action, knowing that Daphne would just love watching it later. When she asked to have her wrists freed, they rolled her over and unclipped the restraints. As they laid her back down on the grass, she immediately found her hands being wrapped around two tree trunk size BBC's. I could see her smiling, even as she had recommenced gagging on the first black prick in her mouth.

The jogger girl had finally gotten herself off, as she continued to manipulate Daphne's pussy and ass with her fingers. She kind of rolled away from the action, and lay there watching. The two br0thers seemed to have their acts smoothly choreographed: one lifted her up, while the other guy scooted beneath her and she was lowered onto him; her legs pushed back, he aimed his thick rod at her well-worn ass hole, and slid into her forbidden entrance with relative ease at that point. The first BBC continued to challenge her throat, while the third man lay down on top of her and shoved his erection into her juicy cunt. She groaned rather loudly, and her gathered fans broke out in applause, as all her holes were being serviced in unison. Synchronized swimmers in the Olympics had nothing on these three performers. You just knew this wasn't their first rodeo.

The first guy came again in her mouth, and she tried her best to swallow his second load, but some still managed to escape out the sides of her mouth. His two friends were working her pussy and ass back and forth, and they kept up a steady, determined pace. Again the spectators let out spontaneous cheers, as Daphne endured a feverish ride, taking whatever they threw at her like a champion. Sensing imminent eruptions, I tapped the sign, reminding them of the rules. The guy on top nodded, and straddled Daphne's head as he plunged his throbbing meat into her mouth. In no time, he was filling her throat with his hot sticky cream, and I could see her swallowing frantically.

When she had licked the last drop off her lips, the third guy pulled out of her ass, flipped her over, and pushed her down his body until her mouth was in line with his thick, throbbing member. She eagerly wrapped her lips around his considerable girth, and started sucking, as he pinched her nipples; her torn, grass-stained wedding dress in tatters. Her head bobbed up and down on his shaft with vigor, and she kept at it until he began spurting his load into her eager and willing mouth. She sucked every drop out of his penis, finally lifting her still blind folded head and smiling, as she acknowledged the enthusiastic cheers from the ever-growing crowd that had gathered.

While I admired my wife's endurance, I was aware that she had now surpassed our agreed upon limit of 4-5 guys. I didn't want to kill her, after all. This was just supposed to be a fun adventure. While the three BBC's gathered themselves up and put their masks back on the bench, I felt it was only fair to tell her that she had reached her limit, and we could go home now. She fell silent, and I could tell she was deep in thought.

"Maybe just one or two more?" she said to me, pleading softly.

I could tell from the tone of her voice that this was going to be a long night.

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