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OHGIRL and the Rapper

Over the past year, I had been flying out to Las Vegas on a once a month basis or more, to perform at parties or for individuals to whom I’d been referred by some of my other clients. I had picked up quite a bit of business since my first Vegas vacation almost a year ago and it was the perfect town to handle all of my e****t work. I was able to meet my customers and take care of their needs and desires without worrying about someone I know seeing me with different people. I also enjoyed the opportunity to fly to another city and stay at someone else’s expense. I had spent weekends with high rollers, did bachelor parties, conventions and this week, I was in town for a music award show that was being held at one of the hotels. It was a Hip Hop awards show and the city was full of music execs, singers, rappers, dancers, song writers, music mixers and folks that wanted to hit it big in the industry. When that many people are in Vegas for fun and business, there is always a need for the ladies like myself. I was contacted and flown into town by the manager of a young rapper who’s real name was Devon. He would be attending the show and also be entertaining in his suite that weekend. He was looking for young black women who had a hip hop look and were willing to dress sexy, show off, dance, party and fuck. I was one of three girls that were going to be attending the parties with Devon and his entourage and also taking care of any sexual needs that required quenching. I understood my role and had been doing just that for nearly three years. My professional skills had kept me really busy lately and word of mouth was bringing in more business opportunities every day.

I was led to the rapper’s suite by Preston, the music producer. When we walked in, the room smelled of marijuana and there was rap music playing loudly. Preston took me through the door with the other two girls that had been hired by him. There were 7 young black men in the room, 1 sitting on the couch, 2 in the chairs next to the couch and 4 standing up around the room, leaning against the wall or some piece of the furniture. They all probably ranged between 22 and 27 years old. Preston introduced me as Brandy and the other two girls were Tyree and Velvet. He told us that the guy on the couch was his client, Devon, but he went by some kind of rapper name also. He had a drink in one hand and a joint in the other, while he sat there trying to be cool, as he nodded our way. He seemed pretty stoned. The others weren’t as bad and must have been Devon’s posse or fellow performers. Tyree, Velvet and I took off our long trench coats and stood there in our outfits. We had been told to dress in French maid outfits and as we stood there, one of the guys yelled out, “Yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ bout.” We began dancing to the music that was currently playing and started to rub and kiss one another. We were slowly undressing each other when Devon stood up and said, “Yo, let’s cut out the cock teasin’ and get down to why ya’ll is here.” Everyone started clapping and telling Devon how right he was and how they wanted to see some pussy. Devin reached into his pocket and pulled out a huge roll of cash. He peeled off several large bills and threw them onto the table, telling us that he was willing to pay for us to get serious and get down to business. He sat back down and told me “Brandy baby, you got a phat ass. I’d tap that shit all night. Tyree, girl, you so tiny, I bet you got a tight ass pussy. Velvet, you are one dark, ripe piece of fruit I’d love to taste. Now get them outfits off and come over and suck my dick.” He began to open the front of his pants and reached in to pull out his limp cock. He sat there looking at us and Velvet started to laugh. Velvet told him that he better have some more money if he wanted to talk that kind of shit to her. Devon looked over at Preston, who immediately got up and removed Velvet from the room. When he came back into the room, Preston added a fairly large amount of money on top of what Devon had thrown down and Tyree and I looked at each other, grinned and made our way toward the couch.

Tyree got on the couch on her hands and knees, next to Devin, and buried her head in his lap. I got on my knees between his legs and we took turns plying our oral skills on his semi-hard prick. We were deep-throating his entire cock as he sat there drinking and smoking his reefer with his friends. It took about 10 minutes before he was fully erect and then he asked Tyree if he could see her tight little pussy. Tyree was probably only 4’10” tall and 98 lbs, but she had large breasts and was really pretty. She leaned back on the couch and spread her legs, revealing her smooth vagina and thick lips. “Damn Tyree! You got some big fucking pussy lips baby.” Devon exclaimed. He asked his friend Manny , “You like eatin’ that thick pussy don’t you? Why don’t you come over here and give this little lady a lickin’. Get her all sloppy wet so I can fuck her.” Manny got up from one of the chairs and got down on his knees in front of the couch, right next to me. He turned Tyree around, spread her legs, and then began to lick and suck on her pussy like a starving man. She seemed to be enjoying herself as I continued to suck on Devin’s cock. He looked down at me and said, “Dayam, you can give some head girl. My boys gotta sample summa this B’s talent.” He called out to the rest of his posse, “Yo, Jimmy, K-man, all ya’ll get yo dicks out and give this girl a go.”
Tyree was beginning to moan and talk dirty, as the guy named Manny sucked on her clit. She was getting pretty loud, when Devon ordered one of the guys, named Petey, to “Put your cock in her mouth and keep her quiet, man. I can’t hear my damn music.” One of the guys, obviously Petey, walked over to the side of the couch and placed his cock into Tyree’s mouth. She began to suck away, all the while gyrating her hips as Manny continued to eat her out. I was on my knees and K-Man, Jimmy and the other two guys were lined up taking turns fucking my mouth. I would suck on each of their cocks for about 3 or 4 minutes and then each guy would make way for one of his friends to step in and take his place. All of them went through the line about three or four times before Devon told Manny to let Tyree up, so that she could sit on his dick. Devon had me suck him until he was hard again, then Tyree lowered herself onto his lap and slid down his shaft. “Damn, you got a tight fuckin’ pussy Tyree. All wet and sloppy, so you can slide on my big cock. That feels good, don’t it baby?” Tyree moaned out, “MmmHmm” as she slid up and down on Devon’s black pole. Manny and Petey joined the line in front of me and now I was sucking all of their cocks. After some time, Devin had Tyree get on her hands and knees on the couch and he began to bang her from behind. “Hey fellas, this is one tight fuckin’ pussy I got here. Ya’ll finna try this out?” Devon asked. All his friends yelled out “Hell ya!” and he let them know that he was about finished. “Gonna pump this tight shit a little more, then I’m gittin’ up in Brandy’s phat ass. Girl, I’m gonna tear that shit up.” He bragged, as he continued to quickly thrust his cock into Tyree. “I can go all night when I’m smokin’ weed baby, so get that hot ass ready.” Devon declared, as he pulled his cock from Cheree and told Sam, to whom I was currently giving head, to get himself some. Sam moved onto the couch and shoved his cock into Tyree and took over where Devon had left off. “Make way fellas, I’m cummin’ to get my girl Brandy.” Devon said, as he reached down and pulled me up off of my knees. All of the guys were just standing there holding their cocks as they waited for Devon to tell them what to do. It was a very strange sight indeed. Devon sat down in one of the chairs and grabbed his drink and aked, “You got some KY baby? Cause I need your ass on my dick with the quickness.” I went to my bag I had brought and pulled out a bottle of astroglide. I went back over to Devin and began to suck Tyree’s pussy juices off of his dick. He was rock hard when I began to lubricate him and then rubbed some between my ass cheeks. “Oh yeah, I’m gonna like this. Check it out fellas! I’m gonna get up in this sweet ass and fuck it good.” Devon yelled to his friends. I held his cock steady as I lowered myself onto his lap. The head of his penis slid between my butt cheeks and I began pressing down hard, until his cock began to slide into me. I slid completely down onto his shaft and began to move my hips circularly, grinding on his cock as I sat on his lap.

I had Devon’s cock buried in my ass while I gyrated on his lap. Tyree was getting fucked by Manny now and the guys were lined up behind her to get their turn. Devon began to talk dirty as he thrust his hips up into me. “I’m gonna fuck your ass all night Brandy. This shit is tight, but I’m a 60 minute man baby. You wanna feel me when I bust a nut up in you?” He asked . “You know this feels good, don’t you? tell me how much you love it baby. Tell me how bad you want my big, thick cock to fuck that ass, then fill it with my cum.” Devon told me to start sucking on his friend’s dicks, so that they would stay hard, while they were waiting to fuck Tyree. I remained sitting in Devon’s lap, with his black rod in my ass, while I leaned forward and sucked each one of his friend’s dicks. The line moved rapidly as each guy took a turn slamming Tyree from behind. She was grunting and moaning with each thrust. Some of the guys would grab her tits, squeezing them as they rapidly stroked their cocks in her wet hole and sometimes they would slap her ass and pull back on her hair, as they f***efully jammed their dicks into her when their turn arrived. It was amazing at how long this went on. I could taste Tyree’s pussy on each cock as I took it between my lips and began to deep throat the next person in line. Devon continued to talk as he reached around to fondle my breasts and pinch my nipples. “Girl, you need to come home with me. How much to have you all night?“ he asked. You know you be needin’ my dick up in here all night, baby. Come on, I got’s the cheese to make it happin’.” he said braggingly.

“This is Hot Baby!” Devon yelled out to his friends. “I wanna see all ya’ll cum on Tyree’s big ass titties. Dayam, that’d be hot.” he exclaimed. “Hey G-man!” he yelled to the guy currently fucking Tyree. “Roll her over G so each of ya’ll can bust a nut on her titties. Mmmhmm, she gonna like that shit. Ain’t you Tyree?” he asked her. G-man rolled her onto her back, then spread her legs wide and plunged his cock into her gaping wet cunt. He was pumping her hard as they bounced on the couch, then he began to yell out “Hell ya!” while he pulled his cock out and shot a huge load of spunk across her chest. K-man pulled his cock from my mouth and went to mount Tyree next. He slammed her pussy for quite a while before he jizzed on her long, erect nipples. Manny was up next and he came fairly quickly, spraying her tits wildly as he stroked his cock like a mad man over her chest. Jimmy pushed Tyree’s legs back up towards her chest, so that her knees were up around her ears. He slid his long cock deep into her well used cunt and pounded her hard, stopping on occasion to catch his breath before he continued. I listened as his sweaty pelvis smacked against her legs and ass with each thrust. I couldn’t see much as I sucked on Sam’s hard penis, but Tyree was moaning loudly and telling him how good her pussy felt to get fucked hard. Finally Sam moved to the couch and I sat there waiting for Petey to step up. I caught a glimpse of Tyree before Sam entered her twat and her breasts were covered and glistening with a huge amount of sticky cum. It was pooling in her cleavage and running down her chest and neck. There was some in her hair and a few stray drops on her face. She yelled out as she reached down to start rubbing her clit, “Oh Fuck yeah! Baby, I’m cumming. Shove that hard black cock in me!” Sam rammed his thick rod into her and she gasped as she screamed out again. Sam fucked Tyree for a while, then started to groan and he shot a geyser of hot cum onto her chest. She began to rub it into her tits and on her nipples, pinching them and pulling hard on each one. She was squealing with delight when Petey slid between her legs and began his assault on her swollen lips and wide hole.

I had been sitting on Devon’s lap, with his cock in my ass, for almost an hour. He would move briefly as I sucked on his friend’s big, black cocks, but he mostly sat there watching his posse as they fucked Tyree into submission. These guys had her on her back and they banged her good, using her as their little sex toy. The last guy, Petey, was taking his time fucking her now. Her tits were covered in spunk and she was a sticky mess. Devon stood up and keeping his cock in my ass, bent me over the edge of the couch. Then Devon told me to get ready for some serious fucking. He pulled his cock out and began lubing it again. Then Devon grabbed both of my cheeks and squeezed them, spreading them apart with his hands and then shoved his hard cock deep into my ass. I fell forward over the arm of the couch and I began biting my lower lip as Devon began to pound his cock into me rapidly. “Hey Brandy, how’s that feel baby? You like this shit? Devon’s cock feels good up in yo ass don’t it?” he asked boastfully, in the third person. Petey was just pulling his cock from Tyree’s pussy and he popped a big load all over her face and tits. She laid there for some time as all of the guys stood there admiring their work. Many of them had cleaned up and gotten dressed by now and Petey rubbed his cock on her lips and let her lick him before he made his way to the restroom. Tyree was watching as Devon fucked me and she began to masturbate. Her thumb was rubbing her clit as she shoved three of her fingers into her cunt and began to stroke herself quickly. Devon continued his verbal and anal assault on me and then ordered me to lean forward to lick Tyree’s pussy. “Here it comes Brandy. I got a surprise for your phat ass. You gonna like it baby. Come on, come on, move wit me girl.” he said, as he slapped me hard across my butt cheeks. Devon reached forward and grabbed my hair, pulling my mouth and tongue away from Tyree’s wet, well fucked snatch and arching my back, while he drove deeper into my ass. “Fuck yeah, Brandy! Got Dammit, baby, your ass got me cummin’ hard. Mmmm, shit, here it comes. OHHH, Ohhh, god. Feel that shit baby? I’m fillin’ that ass up?” he yelled out loud. I lost my balance, as my stiletto heel slipped and I was lying over the arm of the couch. My head was about a foot away from Tyree’s spread legs and I watched her masturbate to an orgasm, while Devon filled my ass with his hot cum. Tyree arched her back, screaming out “Fuck that ass!“, and Devon pulled my head back with my hair and drove his cock deeper into my cum filled asshole. I felt his shaft throbbing, as warm jets of his goo blasted into me. Devon held me there, his cock softening in my butt as he posed victoriously over me and his posse cheered him on. “Damn! Ya’ll gotta try some of this tight booty.” he said to his friends, while he gyrated his hips to the music and slapped my ass a couple more times. Devon’s limp cock slipped from my ass and I could feel his cum running down my leg. Tyree and I made our way to the restroom and we cleaned up and showered, making sure to get off all of the cum that had been squirted on or in us. When we returned to the room in our maid outfits, Preston gave us our entry credentials and we followed the group around the entire night, from the award show to all of the parties. Tyree and I gave a few blow jobs while we were traveling in the limo, but it was all in a nights work as the party finally ended at dawn.

It was time for us to leave, but Preston asked if I would stick around and spend the rest of the morning and afternoon with Devon. Tyree left and I really wanted to get back to my room, but Preston gave me a large sum of money to pacify his client. I decided to stay the night with Devon and I soon regretted my decision in the morning.

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