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Senior Delight

Kat is a 75 year old widow.Nice looking woman but she does look her age.Her face is worn and wrinkled, her blond hair has thinned quit a bit.She is always dressed very classy and has a nice figure from what I could see.I never saw her in any tight clothing until one day at the Mall.We bumped into one another there.As we were talking I noticed she was wearing very tight slacks,high heel boots and a tighter than normal blouse.This made me think of her a new way,a sexual one.I had no idea if she was still sexually active.Only one way to find,so I asked her to have lunch with me here at the Mall.She answered a quick yes which led me to believe she had an interest in me.I caught a glimpse of her ass in those tight slacks.Wow nice! The next step was to get her to my place or hers.Before I got to come up with a plan to do that she asked me if I would like to accompany her to a party at her Senior Center that night.She is only 10 years my senior so it wouldn't look to weird so I accepted.I picked Kat up at her house and we had a nice time at the party.We even danced so I got to touch her waist and back making sure I caressed her in a sensuous way.It seemed to be working because she pulled me tighter the more we danced.

After the party when we got to her house she invited me in.She poured us a couple of glasses of wine.Before we knew it we had finished a bottle of wine.I guess she was a little buzzed and feeling brave because out of the blue she says" you know I caught you checking out my butt in the Mall." "Sorry" I said "but it is a nice looking butt." She says"thank you,not bad for 75 huh!" "Not bad at all, actually it is very nice" I said."Well thank you again.....flattery will get you anything" she said smiling and winking.Before I could say anything Kat got up from her chair gliding across the room to join me on the couch.She sat right up against me crossing her leg over mine leaning in and kissing my lips very sensually.She put her hand on my cheek continuing to kiss me.Her kisses were so soft and sensuous that I could feel my cock coming to life.She kissed and caressed my face for a long time.Then she started to gradually slip a little tongue in once in a while also very softly.This continued until I felt I had to take this further.So I slid my lips off hers kissing her cheek then over to her ear,down behind her ear then her neck lingering there.She seemed to like this sighing softly lowering her shoulder and tilting her head to allow me more access.I kissed up and down her neck and she caressed the back of my head.I kissed further down to her shoulder pushing the strap of her dress over her shoulder.She took a deep breathe and sighed a little louder this time.Then I worked my way down the front of her shoulder,across her chest.Now both her hands were on my head and she was breathing a little faster.I started up her other shoulder pulling the strap down then kissing back down trying to get the top of her dress down so I could get to her tits.

"Stop" she said."Unzip it in back so you don't rip it." I unzipped the dress and pulled the straps down her arms and she pulled her arms out.She was wearing a fancy black bra.I didn't waste any time unsnapping the bra exposing her tits.I was surprised how firm they were.I went down and kissed her one nipple.She sighed and laid her head back.As I softly kissed,sucked and nibbled her nipple I heard her whisper "oh my that feels amazing,it has been a long time since anyone has done that,especially that well.You seem to know what I like.Please continue." Kat ran her hands over my back moaning softly as I moved from one nipple to the other.

I went back to kissing her while massaging her tit and nipple.She had her fingers in my hair as we kissed harder and faster.She was really enjoying the kissing.Her nipple was hard.I pushed her down on the couch going back to her tits which she really enjoyed.The dress she was wearing went to her ankles so I had to reach down to get under it.When I touched her ankle it felt so smooth so I stayed there awhile then I slid up her calf also soft.When I got to her thigh she started to breath heavy.I lingered at her amazingly soft thigh.She moved her other leg out of the way so I could move my hand further up.When I got to her pussy I realized I was touching skin,no panties.She gasped and I looked up at her and said" nice no panties?" Kat said "just for you baby.I knew you would like that." "Oh you were right I do." I ran my hand over her pussy and she moaned with pleasure.Then I realized ,no hair.I looked up again saying "did you shave?"

"No" she said " I'm just old,it's all gone."

"Wow that fells nice" I said.

"Glad you like it" she said.

I started to move my finger between her smooth pussy lips.She took a deep breathe and sighed loudly.

"Oh my god"she says "oh oh oh my god you are making me shake."

"Are you alright" I said.

"I am better than alright,that is good shaking" she said.

I continued to suck and kiss her nipples.I probed deeper between her pussy lips.I found her clit and rubbed it with my finger she stiffened up gasping again.I moved my thumb to her clit and started working my finger into her hole.It is dry which is common in older women.She was breathing heavy,her pelvis lifting up to my touch.My finger was inside her hole.As I tried to push deeper she stopped me saying "I am going to need some lubricant.Let me go get it even though I don't want to stop you.That feels amazing."

She went and got the lub oil,handed to me and said "this is your job to keep me lubricated."

I said "I don't consider that a job."

"Good" she said "enjoy yourself then."

We went back to the same position.I put lub or two fingers sliding my hand up her dress my fingers easily penetrating her pussy.

"Oh my god" she said " yes that's it oh god that feels great."

I pushed my fingers inside her pussy sliding in and out against her lubbed inner pussy.She was gyrating her hips in response to my movements funny squeaking noises coming from her mouth.She was enjoying this immensely.

"I'm sorry" she says "you have to stop before I cum and I don't want to waist it if it is my only one. Get up and get your cloths off."

We got up disrobing and I got to see her totally naked and said "wow you have a beautiful body." She didn't reply because she was starring at my already hard cock.

"Wow is right" she said "that is a big dick.I hope I can handle that.I am going to need a lot of lubricant."

I picked up the bottle and said "well we have plenty,so what ever you need to be comfortable."

She sat on the couch and motioned with her finger to come to her.As I approached her she reached out and grabbed my cock pulling me to her mouth.She began kissing the head then down the shaft then took my whole cock into her mouth.Damn she was doing a great blowjob.Then she looked up at me saying"I'm ready do you want to fuck me now?"

Without saying a word I dripped some lub on my cock and pushed her down on the couch.As I lowered myself down on her she spread her legs wide up in the air.My cock found her opening like a heat seeking missile going right in as she wrapped her legs around my waist.I stopped when I was all the way in kissing her softly then slowly stroking in and out.She held on tight as I stroked in and out.She kissed me harder and harder her hips thrusting to my every stroke.All of a sudden she broke from my lips threw her head back and started squealing and gyrating.I kept going as she shuck squealing louder her face wrenched in a look of pain finally screaming out as I emptied my cum inside her.She calmed down kissing me passionately thanking me profusely.I lifted her from the couch my cock still in her and sat down with her sitting on my cock.We kissed very passionately for a long time.My cock never went completely soft.Suddenly she realized "you are still hard."

"I think as long as I am inside you I will never get soft" I said.

"Ah that is sweet and I am enjoying this but I am afraid to have another orgasm like that again at least not tonight.I might have a heart attack" she laughed.

I could feel my cum running down my balls as she sat on me.

After a while Kat said "if you want to cum again I can jerk you off.Would you like that?"

"Would I YES" I said.

She got off squatted between my legs and started stroking my cock looking at it with a Hugh smile.She stroked kissing it and sucking the head every once in awhile.She stroked faster and faster until I erupted like a volcano.I was shocked when she started to put her mouth over my cock still squirting cum.She let the cum run out of her mouth and down my shaft looking up at me seductively.

The night ended with a glass of wine and a nice conversation with the promise we would definitely will do it again

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