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Moving to a Retirement Community

Chapter 17
Now don't get me wrong here. I will always enjoy a great romp in the hay, but this one was moving much faster then I'd anticipapted. I mean I'd only opened the door and I'd already been sucked to a shattering cum and now this woman, whom I'd just met no less, was lying on MY bed, asking me to JOIN HER! Talk about a rapid relationship, though I'm not sure 'relationship' would correctly define what had just happened.
Sue looked up at me, after inviting me to join her, and I guess she could see the confusion on my face.
I turned around and sat on the edge of the mattress, while she propped herself up on one elbow and gazed at me. I situated myself on the bed so that I was facing her and just looked at her. She is a lovely woman and I did enjoy the hell out of what had happened, but it was moving entirely too fast. I was used to being the one who made the first move, not the one being asked to join in, especially after most of the 'work' was already completed.
"What's the matter, Mike?" she asked. "Didn't you have a good time?"
"It was wonderful," I told her.
"Well, I guess I'm just not used to getting jumped on right out of the starting block," I told her.
"LuAnn told me to be aggressive. Did I overdo it?"
I could see a sadness descend on her, so I took her hand in mine and said, "I love aggressive women, so don't get me wrong. I was just taken back a little by the approach, that's all."
The sadness was still there as she looked me right in the eyes and said, "Don't you like me?"
I decided to be blunt with my reply and hoped and prayed that she wouldn't take it the wrong way.
"I don't even 'know' you, yet."
She lowered her head and I thought I saw a trace of a tear. I reached out, placed my hand on her chin, and lifted her head until she was facing me once more. I'd also been right, there had been a tear and I could see the trail as it ran down her cheek.
"Hey, please don't cry." I reached to the tissue box I kept on the table at the side of the bed and wiped her cheek. I got a small smile from her for that slight consideration. "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings at all. I was just shocked at how fast we got to this destination, that's all."
"That's all?" she asked, taking the tissue from me and wiping both eyes.
"Yes, that's all. I've never had a woman come on to me in such a way before and I guess I was just a tad uncomfortable."
"Well, I do tend to be aggressive, and my husband tells me that all the time.
"You must think I'm a real slut!"
That surprised me.
"No. I don't consider you to be a slut. Like I've already said, I don't even know you, who you are, what you like, your mannerisms, and things such as that. Why don't we start over again and see where this goes?" I asked.
Now she laughed and that laughter brought a brightness back to her face.
We sat right there on the bed, still wearing nothing, and started to talk.
"Ok," she said, "what would you like to know?"
"Just who you are and what you like. OK?
I repositioned the pillows on the bed against the headboard, so that we could sit there and be comfortable and Sue joined me, sitting right next to me with our legs touching each other.
"Well, I'm 72 years old and my husband, Kaneda, and I have been married 51 years. We have no c***dren and not other f****y, as both our parents have been gone for almost 15 years now. My parents were married for almost 60 years and they actually died within a couple weeks of each other. I was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. Kaneda and I met when he was stationed at the Dover Air Base with the Air f***e. He was a pilot for the Air National Guard and flew the huge transport planes, taking supplies overseas. Soon after we got married we moved to Tokyo to be near his ailing parents and were only there for 6 months before he lost both of them in an earthquake. Shortly after their funerals he sold his f****y's estate and we moved back to the US, back to my hometown in fact. The sale of his f****y's estated brought us some wealth, but not a lot, so we invested what we could and combined the rest with his income and mine and have lived quite happily ever since.
"Soon after moving back to the states we began to experiment with swinging. It was something we were both interested in and over the years we developed a 'relationship' with several other couples. There was a black man and his wife, an Asian woman and her black husband, and a white couple closer to our age. The first couple, the Klines were about 5 years older then we were and we had a wonderful time with them. Two years ago Albert had a heart attack and their lives changed drastically. He was paralyzed on the right side and had to have full-time care and eventually went to a home that could cater to his special needs. His wife, Elaine, joined him there and as far as I know they're still there. We lost contact with them about 2 years ago, after moving out here to enjoy our retirement. The second couple, William and Lelee Ponds were the two we spent the most time with. Lelee's something else and I think Kaneda felt something for her, since she's from Japan, just as he is. She's only about 5 feet tall, but a real hellcat in bed and she used to wear Kaneda our every time we got together. William was sort of shy and he went along with everything Lelee suggested. At first I don't think he was too thrilled to be sharing his wife with other men, but apparently she persuaded him to try and then he got into it and really enjoyed seeing her with other men, and women for that matter. William had the largest cock I've ever seen on a man, and one time I asked him about it and he told me he was almost 10 inches when hard and about 7 inches around. I loved sucking and licking on him but could never take all of him at once. And when he'd fuck me, was almost like being in heaven, or so I thought at the time. The last couple, were Burt and Betty Silversen. We met them at a swinger party about 10 years ago and things seem so well between us that we decided to invite them over. We got a real surprise when our invitation was accepted and once we got together we had a wonderful time, but we only met with them five or six times. Betty was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away only five months after the diagnosis. It hit Burt real hard and he started drinking. He killed himself, and a f****y of four, two years later while d***k driving."
She stopped at that point and lowered her head and I could see the tears this time flowing freely. I reached and got another tissue and handed it to her.
After wiping her eyes she continued.
"Sorry," she apologized.
"No apology necessary," I assured her. "It must have been tough."
"It was. We'd grown to love both of them very much, and that didn't happen too often. It was a real tragedy, for their families and their friends as well."
"So, did you continue your swinging after that?"
"No. We both decided to just wait a little while and right after we reached that decision Kaneda was transferred out here, or he was asked to transfer out here but declined once we learned he'd have a different job and a reduction in salary. We both decided to retire at that point and then decided to move out here anyway. One of our best friends had heard of the Richland Retirement Community and had passed on the information to us. We read the literature and after talking it over for a couple of weeks, we decided that this is what we really wanted. With no f****y to hold us anywhere, it was just better to move and meet new friends.
"Henry and LuAnn were the first couple we met after moving in. They invited us to their house and........ Well, one thing led to another and before we realized it, we were back in their bedroom, clothing s**ttered all around us, and we all fell in the bed and things began happening. It was wonderful. I've never been with a woman who could get me to cum by just licking and biting on my nipples before, but LuAnn was the first and both of us, Kaneda and me, have enjoyed many wonderful times with both of them." She reached out with her left hand and began to stroke up and down my right leg, and I have to admit, it did feel good. I was also starting to get that tingling between my legs once again, indicating that my cock was once more awakening.
"LuAnn's told me a lot about you," she told me, "and I wanted to see if it was all true, so I guess that's why I came on to you so fast. I'd already made up my mind and nothing was going to stop me. I do apologize."
"Again, no apology necessary," I repeated. "I was just surprised, that's all."
"You sure?"
"I'm sure." And to let her know that I was I leaned over, took her chin in my hand and pulled her closer to me and kissed her once again. This time I was doing the leading and before we both realized what was happening I'd wrapped my arms around her and was passionately kissing her mouth, pushing my tongue into hers and probing her inner cheeks and tongue. My hands were also busy, as I pulled them from around her waist and concentrated on her breasts. Her nipples were already jabbing the palms of my hands as I massaged her globes and soon I was pinching them between my fingers and twisting them slightly, getting moans of appreciation from her as I did. I licked and sucked on both nipples and globes, not spending too much time on either. I was wanting to get to that spot between her legs that had drawn so much of my attention earlier, so I slid down the sheets and pulled her legs apart, once I'd settled between them. That done, I savored her sweetness once more, but what I really wanted to do this time was just fuck her. I spent just enough time licking and sucking her outer lips and her clitoris before I got up on my knees and directed my hard rod towards her opening, rubbing my cock head against her lips and only slightly pushing into her, just enough to stroke her clitoris, pulling my foreskin back and letting her see my purplish head before I began to actively push into her. To say she was wet would be an understatement. She was sopping! Her slickness inside allowed me to move freely into her, with little to no effort on my part and it wasn't long before I was buried completely in her wet snatch. Before long we established a movement as settled down to a routine that worked for both of us.
As I would push into her she'd buck her hips, pushing up to get me as deep into her as I could. With each out stroke I'd take a little time and use my thumbs on her hard clitoris, getting moans and gyrations every time. We worked at that for almost 20 minutes before I began to fell the telltale signs of my impending explosion but before that happened she asked me to pull out.
"I want to see you shoot this time. Shoot that load on my titties!" she told me.
So I did.
After a few more strokes inside of her, I pulled out and moved up on her body, aiming my cock at her nipples and it wasn't long before I shot several long strings of cum all over them for her. She used both hands and rubbed my cum into her boobs, around her chest and belly and then put each one into her mouth and licked each finger clean. After cleaning both hands she grabbed my cock and pulled me up to her mouth, where she proceeded to lick and suck me clean, leaving my soft cock in her mouth only long enough to make sure she'd gotten all that I had to offer.
We both lay there and quietly recovered, with me falling asl**p. The last thing I remembered was her lying against me, with her head on my chest.
(With the end of this chapter I leave Mike for a while and begin to concentrate on some of the other couples already mentioned earlier. I will also begin to develop other relationships, with both sexes, male on male and female on female, and of course with Barbara and her various enounters. As usual, if you have any suggestions please let me know and if I do use them you will be given credit before the chapter they're initially used in. Mike will return sometime in the future.)

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