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Moving to a Retirement Community

Chapter 16
For the next two days I did absolutely nothing outside the house. I sat and watched a bit of television, caught up on my reading, even finishing two books in just one day, along with a little stitching. By the end of that first day I felt refreshed for the first time since moving in. Yes, I'd had a wonderful couple of weeks since getting here, but what I really discovered I needed time. And I took it.
I lazed around the house and even called my friends and told them that I wasn't feeling well ( a little lie, but I did need to get some rest and relaxation) and assured them all I'd be in touch once I felt better. I really hated to do it, especially since I was having a wonderful time with all my new friends, but..............
Surely I'd feel better later and would then resume whatever 'activities' that come along.
Barbara called me late the second day and I told her the same thing. While I'd especially love getting with her again, right now I just wasn't really in the mood, but I didn't tell her that. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, or those of anyone else, but I had to take care of myself first.
So, I stayed in the house those two days and didn't even venture to the windows, much less open the shades. I strode around the house in my birthday suit, enjoying the solitude for a change. I felt like a much better person by the end of that second day and when I went to bed that night I made a promise to myself that I'd call and finally get to meet Lee's. I was especially looking forward to meeting the two of them.
* * * * * * * * * *
I listened as the phone rang for the third time and I was beginning to wonder if I'd punched in the wrong number. Just as I was about to hang up though I finally heard a click and realized it was being answered.
"Hello?" said the female voice on the other end.
"Hello," I answered. "My name is Mike and I was given your name and number by a mutual friend of ours."
"And who would that be," she asked.
"Henry and LuAnn Lister," I answered.
Her voice definitely changed once she recognized the names.
"Yes, I know Henry and LuAnn," she said, lightly laughing. "How are they doing? I haven't seen them in a while."
"They're fine," I told her. "I had them over for dinner last week and they brought up your names, you and your husband that is."
"We've had some wonderful times with the Listers, did you?"
"One of the best times I've had since I've been here."
"You're in the Community now?" she asked.
"Yes. I've been here a little over a month so far."
"How do you like it?"
"It's a wonderful place, full of lovely, very interesting people," I told her.
"We've met a lot of wonderful people, too."
"I was wondering if I could interest you and Kaneda to come over one night this week. You know, to get to know each other."
"Well, Kaneda is out of town the rest of the week. He's having to settle an estate for one of his former clients who wouldn't let anyone but him handle it."
"He's a lawyer?"
"A retired lawyer," she said, again with that beautiful laughter. "He's know the man for 25 years though and was the only lawyer who handled the man's many interests, so he felt that he should do this one last thing for him. He left early this morning and I don't really expect him bac till sometime early next week."
"Well, would you be interested in coming over by yourself?" I asked, a little nervous that she'd say no, but hoping she'd agree.
"I'd love to," she answered. "I haven't been out of the house for three days and it'll be nice to get out and meet someone new. What time should I be there?"
"How about tonight?" I asked. Pushing it, I realized, but why not.
"Sure. What time?"
"Around 7 ok with you?"
"Sounds perfect. Can I bring something?"
"Just yourself. That'll be enough. I have drinks and snacks right here for us."
"You're sure?"
"Great. I'll see you around 7 then." And she hung up after telling me goodbye.
"Definitely going to be interesting," I thought to myself.
* * * * * * * * * *
I answered the door at precisely 7 PM and found Susan Lee standing there. She was wearing a loose pink blouse with short sleeves and long pair of matching slacks. She had flip-flops on her feet and was also wearing a sun visor just above her eyebrows. In other words, she was quite lovely. Just by looking at her now, for the first time, I found it hard to believe that she's 72!
"Won't you come in, Ms Lee," I said as I opened the door wider.
"Thank you," she said, as she entered my house for the first time. "Please, call me Sue."
Then she did something that caught me completely off guard.
She turned around, wrapped her arms around me, and planted a kiss right on my lips. It wasn't long before I felt her tongue seeking entrance into my mouth. I don't know why, but I allowed it to happen and soon I was kissing her as much as she was kissing me. She moved one hand down my body and was soon grabbing my already hard cock through my pants. I reached up and place both my hands against her blouse-covered breasts, and I'd judge from groping that she wasn't largely endowed but not just flat-chested, either. I pinched her nipples and got a small moan from her for my efforts.
The next thing I know is that she's pushing me backwards while continuing to kiss me and it wasn't long before the back of my legs hit the sofa and I was sitting down. In that instant she was between my legs, already opening my pants and forcing her hand inside of them, shoving aside my shorts and taking me into her small hand. She then pulled me out and proceeded to use her mouth on me. My cock, while not the largest I've seen or been with, looked large compared to her head. I'd wager that she didn't stand too much over 5 feet tall and with a slight build, but she maneuvered my cock until it was right in front of her face and then she opened her mouth and took the first five inches into her with no difficulty at all. Then she began working her tongue all around my stiffness, drilling into my foreskin and licking around my cock head. This woman's oral techniques were on par with those of LuAnn Lister. Next she pushed my legs even further apart, and reached into my shorts and pulled out my balls, which she then began to lick on and eventually taking them, one at a time, into her oral cavity and sucked gently on each one. When she was finished with each one she then moved up my rod, licking it all the way back up to my foreskin-covered cock head and once again swallowed me, this time taking me all the way to my pubic hair. I could see the bulge in her throat as she worked those muscles on me again. I knew it wouldn't be long before I made a deposit. She began to gently squeeze my balls while sucking on me and it wasn't long before the pressure she was using got stronger and I began to feel as is she was literally using a nut-cracker on me. By that time I couldn't hold back any longer and shot 4 good ropes of cum onto the back of her throat, which she eagerly swallowed and then proceeded to work my cock until she'd drained every last drop I had at that time. Then she sat back on her haunches and looked up into my eyes, and smiled.
"LuAnn told me you loved a good blowjob. I hope I didn't disappoint you."
"Not at all," I answered. The what she'd just said hit me. "You've been talking to LuAnn?" I asked.
"I talk to her all the time," she answered. "How do you think I get to meet so many new men here? We always compare notes about the newbies and whether they're worth our interest or not."
"And I take it that I'm worth it?"
"Most certainly. LuAnn told me of her last encounter with her and Henry and told me I wouldn't be disappointed and with that said, I didn't want to disappoint you, either."
"Well you've certainly accomplished that part," I told her. I was busy pushing my already limp cock back into my pants, before standing up and fastening them once more. I reached out and took Sue's hand and helped her to get to her feet. Once again she wrapped her arms around me and we were again kissing each other, with my hands reaching down and grabbing her ample ass cheeks and pulling her into me. My cock was already getting hard again, looking forward to what was going to happen next.
This time it was my turn to do the pushing, or rather pulling, this time. I took hold of her hands and we moved to the bedroom, and from there on to the bed, with me steadily removing pieces of her clothing as we progressed. I was leaving a trail behind us and as soon as we reached the bed it was my turn to get out of my clothing, which I piled alongside the bed, leaving me standing there in front of her with nothing on. By the time she was lying on the bed she was totally nude as well. I stood there an admired her petite body.
He skin was slightly tanned, with no tanning lines anywhere to be seen. Her breasts, as I'd anticipated, were larger that either LuAnn's or Barbara's with her aeroles being the size of half dollars and her nipples, while not too rigid, still stood out and appeared to be 'begging' to be sucked or fondled. He waist was smallish and the 'v' between her legs was completely smooth, with not a trace of hair to be see anywhere.
I just love a bald pussy.
While her slit wasn't well defined, they protruded just a bit and I could see they were swollen with desire, with a touch of moisture clinging to her outer lips. Without any prompting she reached down and pulled her lips apart, revealing the delicate pink of the inside of her cunt, her enlarged clitoris sticking up and pointing upward. She reached behind her knees and pulled her legs backwards, pulling them back so that her knees were literally scr****g against her nipples and this revealed her butt to me for the first time, also showing me the pucker of her ass hole.
I sank to my knees at the edge of the mattress and lowered my head towards her snatch, taking a sniff of her womanliness for the first time. I stuck out my tongue and ran it over her outer lips, getting a moan of explicit pleasure from her. I sucked on each lip individually and pulled them into my mouth, lavishing each one with my tongue and lips. While probing into her I got first contact with her clitoris and soon after that I was rewarded with my first taste of her juices, as they flowed freely into my mouth for the first time. Her taste was like nothing I've ever had before, yet it's hard to describe just what it is. Not sweet. Not sour. Not like anything I've ever had before. Yet, intoxicating at the same time. I pushed my mouth up against her as hard as I could, driving my tongue as deep into her crevase as far as I could. I used my fingers to open her as far as I could but could only go so far. I had to satisify myself with what I could get, but it was enough to sate my hunger for her at that time. I then moved my head to the south of my current position and was soon faced with her rosebud and, without any hesitation on my part, I lavished her but with my mouth and tongue. I pushed against her but didn't try to push into her. From the way she was moving her bottom against my mouth I gathered that I had to be doing something right.
Laying there as I orally pleasured her, she pushed up off the mattress and in just a matter of seconds her cum overtook her body and she literally appeared to jump off the mattress a couple of inches, twisting and turning at the same time, and still striving to get as much of my mouth either against her or into her. She grabbed my hair and pulled me back to her snatch and drove that cavern onto my mouth once more and I echoed her quest my sticking as much of my tongue once again into her, but was still unable to get to the depths she wanted me to caress. I sucked and licked and was soon rewarded with more of her nectur, which I greedily swallowed. I continued to lick and suck until she'd had enough and pushed me away from her for the first time.
After a few minutes she looked up at me and asked, "Won't you join me down here?"

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