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Birthday Blowjob From BBW s****rs

They are so fucking hot. A Blonde and a Brunette both with big huge hot asses! Her big blonde s*s has great 40 C tits that I have seen a couple times as she showered at our place. I jacked off 10 feet away from her gorgeous body both times and the thrill was incredible.

My babe has long dark hair and sweet 38 B tits that I love to tie up and shoot my load on. Either one is a complete knock out sex pot!

Recently we celebrated my birthday together. I never thought anything like this would ever happen...

We had been drinking and smoking all night. It was a great party! We headed out of the city to drop off Sissy. We were all wasted. I pulled in her parking garage and she said you guys are welcome to take the hideabed in the living room. Thats ok, my wife said as we got out to walk her up to her place.

Sissy opened the door and my wife said I need to use the bathroom real quick and headed down the hall. Sissy asked me if I wanted a drink and I said oh just one more I guess. I loaded a bowl while she got me a beer. We smoked out and the wife came back down the hall bouncing off the walls a bit.

Maybe we should stay the night I said. We're pretty wasted. No problem Sissy said, I'll make the bed in a minute. She headed twords her bedroom and I passed the pipe to Holly. She took a big toke and grabbed my balls thru my pants.

Did you have a good birthday she asked as she exhaled the smoke while rubbing my sack. Yes, do you have a birthday kiss for me I asked as I whipped my cock out? Mmmmmmm Huh she said with my dick in her mouth. Pop! My dick came back out her mouth, but hurry she said, Sissy's in the bedroom getting ready for bed!

I lied and said "ok" as I fucked her mouth furiously! In and out I pumped her face. My dick had been hard all night watching the s****rs shake their big huge asses on the dance floor. They were driving me crazy!

My balls were filling with hot white jizz as I deep throated my wife holding her head in my hands. Kuchuuck, I heard as my cock was being swallowed. I looked down the hall and there was Sissy in a little pink nightie with my camera in her hands!

Kachuuck, kachuuch Sissy kept snapping pics of her s****r on her knees being fucked in the mouth. My head was spinning! I couldn't believe it! I looked down at my wife sucking my huge cock and she opened her eyes. She nodded to me as her s****r took another picture. She popped my cock out of her mouth and said Happy Birthday baby. It was a set up.[image][image][/image][/image]

Sissy handed my wife the camera and assumed the position in front of me. My wife started snapping pics as Sissy took my loaded balls in her mouth. She slowly jerked my dick as she sucked my nuts one at a time. Fuck Yes!

Holly kept taking pictures as she let her s****r suck my balls. Holly then took my dick in her mouth as she handed me the camera. It was all I could do to take a photo of my wife sucking my huge purple dick as her s****r lovingly slurped on my balls!!!

I shot the biggest load ever down my wifes throat as Sissy sucked both my nuts into her mouth! Holly gagged and choked as she grabbed my dick and shot the rest of my huge load all over her gorgeous s****rs face.

Kachuuck, kachuuck I snapped two more pics of the s****rs with my cum sprayed all over them. What a birthday present!!! I can't wait till next year!

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