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My First Threesome

Another fictionalized account of a true story. It's a slow build up. So, if you're not into it, don't bother.

Beth's birthday was the day before mine. So we always celebrated together on her birthday. We had been living together for over two years and hadn't killed each other (yet), so we decided to send out invitations to everyone we knew to come out to our party. We reserved the up-stairs of our local pub and expected it to be packed.

As I had been working my first real job since grad school and Beth was in her forth year of university, easily a hundred people showed up to wish us well on our birthdays. Unfortunately, an old friend of mine couldn't make it. So instead, he sent a gift with an apology -- a full tray of hash brownies. Not being completely stupid, we left the brownies at home. We knew there would be enough pot being smoked in the bathroom of the pub to satisfy our needs anyway.

When last call came and the pub shut down there were still a couple of stragglers. We invited them back to our place, as my birthday had just officially begun. As soon as we crashed through the door Beth went to the fridge to satisfy her late-night munchies. Front and center were the hash brownies. She laughed insanely as she passed them around to our guests. I took a small nibble as I watched Beth and her new friend Zoe devour all that was left.

Half an hour later the brownies took hold. Everyone, except Zoe, gracefully called cabs and left. I went to bed and gazed up at the ceiling, appreciating what a great birthday it had been, while Beth and Zoe laughed hysterically and made loud conversation in the kitchen. When they finally simmered down, I thought I might actually get some sl**p. Then I heard a couple of giggles as the bedroom door slowly cracked open.

Beth jumped onto the bed and yelled, "Wake up! It's your birthday!" She was completely wasted. She frantically kissed every part of my face, as if she was intentionally trying to annoy me. I rolled over and basically told her to 'fuck off'. While I tried to ignore them, Beth and Zoe made no apologies about laughing like hyenas and talking loudly as they bounced on the bed. Finally, Beth curled up behind me and d****d an arm over my chest and said, "Baby, I can't sl**p. I'm too stoned. Come on, hang out with us." As I wasn't getting any sl**p anyway, and knowing how Beth liked to get what she wanted, I rolled over to humor them.

Seeing that I had caved in, they cheered and Beth said, "Yay! Let's have some fun." I just stared at her, as I couldn't imagine what kind of fun I was going to have. It was like Beth could read my mind. She gave me a wink and then put her hands on either side of Zoe's face and started to make out with her. Zoe was no bigger than Beth, at best a hundred pounds, with absolutely no tits what so ever (is there something smaller than an A-cup?). She was maybe 19, and very cute. All of a sudden, watching my girlfriend make out with Zoe, I was having fun.

I quietly watched them go at it and my dick sprang to life. What a show. What a birthday! And to think that I was actually just trying to sl**p. Beth completely dominated Zoe, feeling her up and then pushing her down on to our bed. Right beside me was the best lipstick-lesbian porn I had ever seen. Beth pulled off her own shirt and buried her bra into Zoe's waiting mouth. Then Beth reached under Zoe's back and pushed Zoe's cashmere sweater up past her non-existent tits. Zoe had no bra. She didn't need one. They completely ignored me as they kissed and touched each others' bodies.

I kind of cleared my throat to get Beth's attention. Beth turned her head, looked at me and said, "Yah? You like that?" Before I could answer Zoe moaned, "Yahhhhh... Don't stop." Beth and I both laughed out loud. Then Beth said, "Happy birthday, baby. I hope you like your present." My dick went rock hard. Was Beth actually offering her cute young friend to me?

Well, not exactly. Beth was a viciously jealous young woman. But she was stoned, and it was her idea. There was definitely room to negotiate. So I played it cool. I said, "Yah? What present is that? So far it's just been you having a good time with your friend." I knew how to play chess better than her... and, relatively speaking, I wasn't stoned. I kind of pouted and Beth responded, "Oh baby. Don't get like that. It's your birthday. Whatever you want."

Check, and check mate. Beth said, "Come on. You can join in." Apparently Zoe's opinion on the matter just didn't count. But I knew I had both of their permission when Zoe reached her arm out from under Beth, drew a line across my face with her finger, and then pushed it into my mouth. That was all the encouragement I needed. I sat up and undid the clasp of Beth's bra as I kissed her on the shoulder. Beth leaned down to kiss Zoe, tit to non-existent tit. I leaned down behind her and ran my hands through Beth's thick hair. Then I nudged Beth's head to the side, and licked Zoe's lips. Zoe was the first and only girl I had kissed, other than Beth, since we had met. It was intoxicating.

The three of us pulled off any remaining clothes as we kissed and fondled each others' bodies. Beth took Zoe's hand and guided it to my cock, gently encouraging each stroke. I responded in kind by grabbing both of their asses. Then Beth worked her way down my body and removed Zoe's hand from cock and said to her, "Want to see how I make my man happy?" Zoe worked her way down beside Beth, kissed her on the cheek and said, "Show me." Beth engorged her mouth on my cock as Zoe watched, inches away, eventually putting one of her little teenaged hands on the base to help jerk my cock into Beth's mouth. When Beth came up for air she offered my dick to Zoe. Zoe closed her eyes and then took the full length of my cock to the back of her throat. Beth grabbed Zoe's hair and guided her down deeper and deeper, as she repeated, "Happy Birthday, baby." They were still completely stoned. But I was having the time of my life.

Beth got back into the action, while still generously sharing my cock with Zoe. They got into a rhythm, taking turns going all the way down my cock and then kissing each other as one of them would continue to jerk it. They licked from the base to the tip in unison and met each other at the top with passionate kisses. Then Beth took control. She straddled me and guided my cock into her wet waiting pussy. Zoe came right up beside me and gently kissed my face as one of her hands reached down to massage my balls. Beth rode me slowly, taking time to lean down and kiss Zoe, and then me. I had my hands firmly on Beth's hips. But Beth, feeling completely in control, took one of my hands away and guided it to one of Zoe's tits. There was no breast, but Zoe's nipple went rock hard in my hand as I massaged her into a quiet moan. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Zoe use a hand to rub her own clit and slide a finger or two into her pussy, as she continued to massage my balls with the other.

I knew I was risking defeat when I looked Beth in the eyes and said, "So when do I get my birthday present?" Beth took a second before replying, "So you want to fuck my friend, do ya?" I pushed my cock into her pussy as deep as humanly possible, making Beth's eyes bulge, and said, "Isn't that the whole point?" Beth leaned over and kissed Zoe on the mouth and then asked her, "Do you want to fuck my boyfriend?" Zoe giggled like a school girl when she replied, "Can I?"

Beth climbed off of me and engaged in a passionate kiss with Zoe, feeling her up and grabbing her ass. Then she guided Zoe on top of me. Almost like a blindfold Beth sat on my face and fondled and kissed Zoe as she helped her sit on my cock. Zoe was definitely wet, but she was almost too tight to take it. I tried to lick Beth's pussy, but most of my focus was on trying to get my cock into Zoe's super-tight pussy. Beth grabbed my shaft and slowly worked it in. When I finally had my cock balls deep into Zoe, we seemed to focus on each other -- my cock up Zoe's pussy, my tongue up Beth's cunt, and the two of them on top of me, locked at the mouth and feeling each others' tits.

As I ground my dick into Zoe's tight little pussy and darted my tongue into Beth's cunt, they eventually started to ignore me. They seemed really into each other, both moving their hands down to play with each others' clit. Of course, it didn't bother me at all. I was having a great time, too. I felt like there were no limits. After all, they were completely stoned.

After a while I took the initiative. I pushed both of them off of me, and helped them get into a 69 -- Zoe on top of Beth, eating each others' pussies. Beth took a breath and said, "Go ahead. Take it. It's your birthday." I positioned myself behind Zoe and plunged my cock back into her tight teenaged pussy, as Beth licked her clit. My balls swung into Beth's tongue with every stroke. I leaned on top of Zoe and wrapped my hands around her tits. There was nothing there. But as I squeezed her nipples she moaned with pleasure. In turn Beth moaned as she alternated between licking Zoe's clit and my cock as it came back out. Then I moaned. We were starting to make a lot of noise.

It was pretty obvious that Zoe was a kinky girl. As I plunged away at her pussy I saw her move a hand down towards Beth's ass tight little asshole. I had to blink twice to accept that Zoe was slowly pushing a finger into Beth's ass. I only knew that it was true when Beth cocked her head to the side and took a break to moan out loud. I couldn't take it any more. I was on the edge.

Beth could see my balls tighten up. Somehow, she was able to be the voice of reason. I wasn't wearing a condom, and the last thing she wanted was for me to impregnate her new friend. She knew what I wanted, as she almost never gave it to me. She said, "Well birthday boy... where are you going to cum?" Zoe was in a trance as I continued to grind my cock into her pussy. And I'm not even sure that she could hear Beth speak. But I knew I was close, and Beth was definitely on the right track. As I pulled my cock out of Zoe's pussy, Beth slapped her ass, leaving a pink impression. Zoe jumped up, turned around and knelt beside Beth as they watched me jerk my cock off like a lunatic. They laughed and kissed each other, and took turns licking my balls. It was all just a game to them. When I finally felt the shivers down my back I pumped my dick long and hard. They closed their eyes in anticipation.

Zoe stuck her tongue out as I let loose. Beth just pouted and cringed. When I finally finished painting their faces with cum they laughed, and Zoe licked my spunk off of my girlfriends face. Finally Beth opened her eyes and said with a smile, "Happy birthday, baby." We fell a sl**p in each others' arms, only to wake up to a very awkward breakfast.

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