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Skype fun ?

before you read , ive been looking for a shemale or tgirl to have some cyber fun with, ive always wanted to have someone control me and help me get of and do stuff on cam ;) if you want to help me out abit message me or comment for my skype addy ;) thanks , enjoy

Oh, that Dominant TV was so mean! She really did **** and humiliate both of us. I will never consent to having her over again. I am so so sorry I thought of having a Dom play with us. It seemed like it would a real turn-on for both of us when we picked her up at the CD bar. I thought it would be fun. You are laying there limp still tied to the padded sawhorse. Damn, he is so so mean. I quickly untie you from the horse.

You now just lay there lifeless and limp. I massage your arms and legs to get the circulation going again. Finally I am able to get you to your feet as I kiss and caress you and tell you I am sorry I suggested this and we won't do this again. I get you over to the bed and lay you down on top of the bedspread. You are crying uncontrollably and make me get that horrible sawhorse restraint out of the bedroom. I comply and get rid of that stupid thing. You are sobbing less as I sit on the bed next to you and begin to massage your shoulders, kiss you and tell you I love you Maxine.

You regain your composure and demand that I fuck you to make you full of cum from your lover. I try to make you sl**p and wait until later, but you become frustrated and beg for me to fuck you. “You need not beg girl.” I help get you up on all fours so I can fuck you. I reach into your night stand and get some of your scented lube. I liberally lubricate you and the tip of my cock. I mount you and slowly insert my love tool deep within. You seem to enjoy this so much better. I take you all and begin to pump you and tell you I love you. In a few moments I am on the edge and you are begging for my cum.

I pump you full of my love nectar. I feel you tense and grab your cock as it cums and cums all over the bedspread. You now fall face down on the bed. I am on top of you, kissing the back of your neck, telling you how much I love you, and apologizing for the punishment you were f***ed to endure. I roll off of you and we begin to kiss and hold each other tight as we fall off to sl**p. We lay exhausted on the bed rolling around in your cum. Oh what a divine mess.

In a few hours I awaken and begin to play with your flaccid cock. I roll it through my fingers and caress your foreskin. You are still sound asl**p but I hear you moan so seductively. I am suckling at your still engorged teat and looking down at my hand playing with you. This goes on for what seems like hours. Then you begin to awaken. Still not aware of my invasion of your body, you thrash about. Then you feel me nibble at your tittie and roll your cock through my fingers again. Neither of us is capable of a hard on yet, but we are both hungry. We begin to get up and laugh as both our bodies are stuck to the bedspread by your dried cum. “You have some powerful spunk girl.”

We manage to stand up and help each other into our babydoll nighties. We look back at the bed and see huge dried white cum stains. I smack your bottom and say “Bad girl!” :-) We walk arm-in-arm, caressing each other not sexually but oh so lovingly. In the galley kitchen, you begin to make the coffee as I forage through the refrigerator. I find two lovely cheese danishes all covered with thick white icing and my mind begins to wonder sexually. I put them on plates and you have the coffee prepared. We sit next to each other on the couch and kiss deeply. Both our lipsticks are smeared all over our faces, but what the fuck; we are lovers.

We sip the coffee and I take a bite of the danish. You become impassioned and impulsively kiss me, f***e your tongue deep into my mouth, and begin to play with my food. We pass it several times back and forth before we each swallow our share. We laugh like a pair of college girls. But you take a bite of your danish and we repeat the process. This goes on for a while until we finish the danishes. “Well what shall we do next? I know lets take a nice warm bubble bath in the Jacuzzi for two.” We look into each other's eyes and begin to laugh together. It seems that the white icing from our danishes is smeared all over lips chin and cheeks. “It looks like you got a huge load of cum all over your face.” We laugh and call each other whores as we make our way to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, we begin to draw the water for the Jacuzzi and add the perfumed bubble bath. As the water runs, we take turns tending to our calls of nature and I feel so close to you, love. It bonds us tighter together to help each other out this way. As you are sitting on the commode, I am sitting next to you on the edge of the vanity. You seductively begin to play with my flaccid cock. You roll it through your fingers and venture down and squeeze my balls so lovingly. You do that so well. We change places and I return the favor. I marvel at the way your cockhead peeks out from the foreskin. I lean forward and lovingly pull back the foreskin so I may cleanse the dried cum from last night and savor its aged goodness MMMmmm!!! Oh that dose taste so good and you do seem to enjoy the sensation. But I don't want you to cum yet. So with the Jacuzzi almost full and those bubbles so inviting we strip each other naked.

We don't look quite as feminine this way but for me now it doesn't matter. We do some quick repair work on our makeup and then help each other into the bubbling Jacuzzi. As we both settle in on the seat next to each other we kiss again - oh so deeply - and our hands begin to roam. I begin to play with your now shrunken nipples. “Oh they were so engorged last night love.” We kiss and then I whisper in your ear that I love you. “If we had only met when you were single, we could have been something of an affair I am sure?” We lay there just enjoying the relaxation of the bubbling water.

“I was wondering Maxine, I would love it if you would get those suction cups of yours and apply them to my nipples so I can become engorged.” You lovingly reach over and get your makeup case and get them out. You pinch my nipples to get them sort of rigidm, then apply the lotion and stick them firmly to my aureoles. “MMMmmm!!! That makes me feel so feminine.” We kiss and share some intimate girl type pillow talk until the water is cooling down and the bubbles evaporating.
We both decide to tend to our feminine hygiene needs and shave our bodies. I have you stand in the Jacuzzi and lather up your entire body from the neck down and begin to lovingly shave you completely as only a lover can. I do your underarms and chest, leaving a seductive treasure trail from your navel to the top of your cock. “That looks so so fem.” I shave off all of your pubic hair and lovingly remove the hair from your balls. From thigh to toe you are oh so smooth. You repeat the process on me. We get out of the Jacuzzi and towel each other off as we deeply roll our tongues in each others mouths.

“This being such a special occasion - for me at least - let’s take the time to apply some Nair depilatory all over each others' bodies so we are even more feminine and stay that way longer.” We completely use up two tubes and the stuff smells disgusting. After about 20 minutes, we slip into the large double shower and rinse off the disgusting stuff. We have a shower wand and we naughtily use it on each other. I kneel down for a close look and squirt the nozzle on your cock and balls. Oh it is so kewl to see all your masculine hair from your cock and balls wash away so completely. You twirl around and bend forward and I do the same thing to your nether lips. Oh they look divine without any hair.

After I finish rinsing you off, I again bend you forward and stick my lips tightly around your lovely nether rosebud. I suck and nibble on you and rim you oh so lovingly. I push my tongue deep inside you darling and you wiggle your behind so sexily. You return the favor and with both of us all silky smooth we towel each other off. We talk of going out for lunch and settle on a place. We leave the bathroom both totally naked, not wanting to hide anything from each other.

I begin to dress. I slip into a pair of silky violet hose. Oh they feel so so silky against my silky body. This is what being a girl is all about. I next slip on my black garter belt and attach the garters. I am about to slip on a black lacy underwire bra. But I look over and see you in a pair of sheer silky black hose and a white garter belt about to put on your bra. We look deeply into each others' eyes. I say to you; "Are you really hungry". To that you respond; "Yes, Hungry for your love Pam". We both drop the bras and fall into bed in a 69 position.

Until you begin to pull on them, I forgot I still had on the suction cups. You pull them off. I grimace in pain for an instant, but then I feel your fingers roll my now engorged nipple through your fingers. Can you put on those nipple clamps of yours and suck my cock. Now we are both all hard and excited as we roll around in bed. When will we ever get lunch? Who gives a fuck! Maybe we will dine on a creamy white liquid diet. Sort of a "Slimfast", but oh so much much better.

“Well Maxine, I am hungry. Let’s get dressed and go out for lunch at this lovely cafe and maybe a little shopping. They have a divine caesar salad and wonderful cappuccino.” You agree and we continue to help each other into our bras. We dress conservatively. I slip into my panties, a knee length orchid skirt, and a white silk long sleeved blouse. You slip on your panties, a beige knee length full skirt, and a yellow lace trimmed blouse. We help each other with our makeup and jewelry, and slip on similar 2" pumps. Nothing too outlandish. We are going shopping dear:-) Well it is 2PM we have to get going.

We drive to this little cafe and sit on the patio. It isn't crowded and the waiter serving us is so cute. I think he likes you. We order two caesar salads and some ice tea. As we wait, we chat and decide to go shopping at a small lingerie boutique I have been by a few times. The name is "Intimate Feelings". “It’s a small shop, but let’s try it.” Our lunch comes and that waiter is sure interested in helping you out girl. Maybe before we leave you can get fucked by him. He must love blondes. Well we enjoy our salads as we talk about how much we love each other. “If only we could live full time like this Maxine.”

We finish our salads and you want a cappuccino. With lots of froth. I say I'll have one too, but the waiter is more interested in you. When you rub your stocking clad leg on his thigh, he really is excited. “Maxine would you like to be alone dear?” “Well we are enjoying our cappuccino.” I comment, “Wouldn't this be divine if we used our own love nectar instead of milk. Maybe we would need a bit more sweetener but knowing it was from you love would be so dreamy.” “Maybe we need a cappi machine girl.” The check comes and the waiter writes his phone number on the check. You are making eyes at him when I remind you we must get going. It is 4PM.

We leave and drive a few miles to the boutique. As I drive, I casually lift your skirt and caress your creamy white thigh dear. We must be entertaining to the truckers and SUVs but fuck em. I love you dear. We find the shop and it is in a small strip mall. We enter and at the cash register is a tall redhead with a gorgeous body. We say Hello and she smiles. Wonder if she made us. But who the fuck cares. We introduce ourselves, she is Monique, and she asks if she can help. We say we are just browsing and she says it is 5 PM and she is about to close. We must have looked like we would cry, because she says she is closing but will be here for a few hours doing the books and we could shop privately. Maxine, The smile on your face looks like you were freshly fucked by that waiter :-)

We thank her profusely as she puts up the closed sign and lowers the blind in the door. She turns to us and says "let me show you around". She leisurely takes us around the store and shows us various sections. She has everything, including a section named "Your Mother's Foundations" We look at the heavy girdles and all in ones. I want to cum in my panties right there. There is also a "Slutty Girl" section with teddies and babydolls that are so gorgeous. She also has an "Adult Lovers" section with a variety of teat clamps and cock and ball harnesses.

Finally, she takes us back to the dressing area. It is fabulous. It has a lounge area with a loveseat and tables, and an area of full length mirrors. It is decorated beautifully. She says many girls model the merchandise while their husbands wait in the lounge. Next, she takes us back to the fitting rooms. She apologizes for not having any fitter girls available. She says "But you two won't mind helping each other" and smiles. And finally, since she is closed, we are allowed to borrow black silk bed jackets so we don't have to dress every time we want to make more selections. She ends by saying “Help yourselves and call me if you need help" We thank her profusely as she leaves.

We begin to look around first at the “Your Mother's” section. Oh, I am so in love with those all in ones. MMMmmm!!! “BTW Did you see the lovely bra Monique was wearing? Oh, it was so lacy and pushed her breasts up so sexily. You can even see the shadow of her aureoles. In her business suit she was so beautiful.” We pick out a new black all in one long leg panty girdle for me and an open bottom number in nude for you. We go to the dressing rooms, strip each other down to our stay up thigh hose, and you help me into the all in one. I picked a size smaller than usual, and oh the way it squeezes my balls is so great and you help. You run your hands all over my body as we catch a glimpse of each other in the mirrored walls. “Oh, I think I will take it!” as we kiss and you caress my balls. You help me out of it and I am naked except for my thigh highs. My cock is so hard.

We fit you into the open bottom all in one but it is too big. I get you out of it and I slip into my black bed jacket. It is only thigh length and barely covers the tip of my hard cock, but I feel so sexy in it. I go out and get you an open bottom two sizes smaller. We fit you in it and oh it is so so tight and your cock peaks out so seductively. We kiss deeply and do so love playing with each other. “Oh Maxine! Isn't this a dream come true.” I help you out of the girdle and help you into your bed jacket. We go into the display area while playing with each other’s bottoms and go to the slutty girls section. Let’s get two matching gartered teddies so we can wear them around the house and seduce each other. You find a lovely red lace teddy with garters and they have both our sizes. You grab two of them and their matching panties. I frown at you and say "Girl you know you won't need those panties. Put them back" You smile.

We next go to the Adult section. We look around and you show me a black leather cock harness. I get all excited and we pick up two. Next, we go to the fitting room and we help each other get into them. We hook the garters up, but we will need black silk seamed hose. We really do look like s****rs dear. I start to fit you into your cock harness. Oh it is so lovely and makes you even more seductive. You put mine on too. I love that look. We move from the fitting room to the lounge and model together and for each other.

I am sitting on the loveseat as you finish modeling for me and sit down next to me. I can't resist and drop to my knees and start sucking your cock with total abandon. We are so involved and not really being careful. Suddenly, we both hear a voice saying "Enjoying yourselves girls" Oh shit! I am on my knees with your cock deep in my mouth. We just freeze there like statues. With all the mirrors, there is no hiding what we are doing. I am thinking we may be arrested and spending the night in jail. Would they put us with men, women or, with other TVs?

Monique circles us and starts yelling at us. But her harsh words moderate and finally she starts to unbutton her blouse and unzip her skirt. Oh that bra is so gorgeous. But she has an unmistakable bulge in those lacy panties. She screams at us that she wants to be double fucked. I just begin to allow your cock to fall from my mouth. It is still covered in my lipstick. We both go over to her and begin to kiss her and tell her we are sorry. You unhook her bra and I get her out of her panties. Oh she is so beautiful with an 8" thick cut cock and a set of DD that are so soft and natural.

You are kissing her and playing with her breasts as I am on my knees and sucking that lovely cock. Why am I always the cocksucker? I love it :-) She stops us and leads us over to the overstuffed loveseat. She lies over the back and screams “fuck me hard at both ends girls!” We oblige and I am stuffing it down her throat. You look around and want some anal lube. Monique pulls my cock out of her mouth and tells you to go to the Adult section and get some scented anal lube and be quick about it. Please! You are back in an instant, and in another blink Monique is filled at both ends. We both use our hands on her torso and she is being pounded between us. It does not take long until both of us are breathing deeply and our eyes are so large. I scream “I am cumming!” and you respond “Me too!” We then kiss each other deeply as Monique has her body filled with cum at both ends. “I bet both our sperm will meet in Monique's body.”

We stay locked in love for minutes until finally our cocks go limp and you fall out of Monique. She falls into the seat and you start kissing her deeply and sucking one of those engorged teats. I assume my role as "COCKSUCKER" and resume sucking that lovely cock of hers. It only takes a moment and she is filling my mouth with spurt after spurt of creamy white love nectar. I am not swallowing it, so we can share it as we relax. I get up on the couch with you two and my mouth is full of Monique's cum.

I begin by deeply kissing you and then Monique deeply - sharing some of her love with you and her. We lay there in each other's arms, our hands leisurely roaming over each other's bodies. Oh both your cocks are so small, as is mine, but still so lovely. You and I are sucking and admiring Monique's breasts. This lasts for a long time. Finally we begin to separate, help each other clean up, and dress in our street clothes. You and I eventually gather up our purchases. Oh, I forgot! We must remove our new cock harnesses. They are comfortable. Oh didn't they give us staying power. We help Monique to her feet. She does seem worn and freshly fucked.

We make our way to the front of the store and begin to pay at the register. Wow Monique gives us a 50% discount, and gives each of us two pairs of silky black seamed hose to go with our matching teddies. We again thank her for her hospitality. She invites us back at closing time again, and tells us to call her ahead of time. She also makes us two offers to consider. She says that she could use two fitter girls - especially TVs - and we would enjoy fitting new brides and girls on their way to the prom. Her second offer is even better. She says her and her "HUSBAND" would love two live girls like us for continuous lovemaking. We leave kissing Monique goodbye and get into the car.

It is dark, after 9PM, and you lay your head on my shoulder. As we leave, we see that Monique is leaving in her Lexus. Must have money and they could keep us. We have a long quiet ride home, and fall asl**p at home in each other’s arms. Each of us is reliving our divine day as we fall off to sl**p.

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