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A Trip To The Mall Proves Messy

I really hate going shopping around the holidays. My wife has shopping lists the length of her arm and sometimes if I don’t go with her she’ll spend money like there’s no tomorrow. But I can only take so much walking around in those damn malls. I can’t keep my damn eyes focused on where I am supposed to be going and wind up walking into other people because of all the damn eye candy in the damn place. I have never seen so much damn young pussy walking around in one place in my life. The ratio must be 15 females to each guy. And when I say girls I mean the average female must only be 18 or 19 years old. My wife finally has enough of my bumping into things because I am always watching some cute ass instead of watching where I am supposed to be going so she tells me to just go out to the car and wait for her out there. So I give her my credit card, with the lowest credit limit of course, I am no fool, and gladly head towards the parking lot.

On the way out I usually stop at the Baskin Robbins for an Ice Cream. Standing line in front of me one time was a group of really cute gals. One girl directly in front of me was wearing a really short halter top and a very short mini skirt. It was so short I could just see the bottom of her butt cheeks as I approached her in line. The service was kind of slow and the line was getting rather full and crowded. I started to move closer to this little tart and as I starting thinking I wouldn’t mind rubbing up against her nice little ass. As luck would have it I was wearing a pull over shirt and cotton shorts and was also commando as usual when I wore those shorts. As the line began to get more crowded I took advantage of it and edged closer to her ass and as I did I could feel my cock begin to grow. I looked down at it and I could see it beginning to swell out a bit. My cock is about seven inches in length and extremely thick so when I do get a hard-on it kind of hangs low for a while before standing straight out. A couple of times I leaned forward enough so that it touched her lightly. When it did she seemed to move a little like she might have felt it. I thought maybe I would try to be a little braver and go for a fuller contact. I pulled on my shorts and exposed the head of my cock from under the shorts leg. When it was about to touch her with it I looked around to make sure no one else would notice. The crowd was so thick no one could. But then all of a sudden there was some kind of commotion and all of a sudden she backed up. Evidently someone in front of her wanted to cut thru the line to get something and she was f***ed to back up. As she did my cock struck her right in the center of her ass crack and panties. I could literally feel the center of her ass and thighs. When she backed up I instinctively put my hands up to brace her shoulders.

She turned her head to me and said,
“Oops, I’m sorry!”

I said right back to her,
“That’s quite alright honey. I didn’t mean to bump into you”

And as I said that she turned and her right hand kind of swung around real fast and struck me right in the crotch. As I flinched and quickly bent over she said…
“Oh, my God! I am sorry, I didn’t mean to hit your… uh, thing! Did I hurt you… or IT?”

And as she said “IT” she grabbed my crotch. My cock was still hard and while I love having my cock being grabbed by any woman this caught me off guard and I kind of stood straight up looked around like I was the one doing something wrong. I told her…
“No, honey, I’m just fine! You didn’t hurt me.”

She asked me…
“But are you sure? I hit you pretty hard. Should you get it checked?”

Doing some quick thinking I said….
“Maybe I’ll go out to my car and check it out. I just hope I can see if there is anything wrong down there.”

With that subliminal suggestion she jumped in and volunteered and said…
Well, since I’m the one who hurt you the least I can do is help you check it out. Besides, I work for a vet and I am used to seeing things like that.”

So, without any of Baskin Robbins 49 flavors of ice cream we headed to my car. Thankfully today we took my vehicle to the mall. My wife has a Smart Car; damn thing isn’t big enough for a lunch pail and an ice pop. I drive a full size Chevy Suburban; and she hates it and won’t drive it because it’s too big. As we left the mall I hobbled like I was a bit sore and then after we got to my vehicle we hopped in the back seat so I knew we would have enough room to “examine” the damages. Once in the back seat I went thru the agony of removing my shorts. She didn’t act too surprised to see that I wasn’t wearing any skivvies but her eyes did light up a bit when she saw how big and especially how thick my cock was. And the funny thing was the damn thing was still half hard after all the talking and bullshitting we had been thru. I guess my libido was in high gear. Moving over for a closer look she had me spread my knees apart so she could get a closer look. She told me that my “thing-a-ma-jig” looked awful swollen and that my “testy thingies” were also kind of red too. I told her I didn’t think that was how they should normally look and that they felt a bit warm. She asked if she could feel them and I told her okay. She reached for my cock first and as she wrapped her hand around my shaft she squeezed it and I gave it a little pulse and it startled her a bit. And of course then it started to grow harder so I told her that she needed to rub the heat out of it to cool it off. She looked at me and she said…

“Are you serious? Sounds like you are trying to get me to give you a hand job!”

I told her no and she told me to stop right there. She knew from the moment my cock touched her ass the first time what I was up to. She was no dummy but she was willing to play along with my silly game if it was something that made me happy. She told me that is why she turned around and slapped my cock in the beginning. And with that with her hand still wrapped around my cock she bent down into my lap and took the head of my cock into her tiny mouth. She couldn’t take the whole shaft because of its girth but she did stroke the hell out of it making it a good full hard on. As she was sucking it I reached under her short skirt and fingered her tight little pussy getting it nice and wet. When she was ready she pulled that little skirt up around her little waist line and jumped on top of my lap straddling my cock. Slowly she sank down onto my thick cock, struggling at first as the thickness hurt her tight little pussy. Eventually she managed to take my entire cock into her pussy as tears appeared in her clenched eyes. Slowly she began to slide up and down on my cock and her pussy juices began to flow, making it more enjoyable for her. As it became easier for her to move she began to breathe heavier and started to pull on her blouse. I reached up and opened it exposing a pair of braless tits that were absolutely breathless. They looked like 15 year old tits. No sag, no stretch marks, pink as could be, perfect nipples, and delicious to suck on.

I don’t know how much time we spent bouncing around on that back seat but all know is that when she began to cum it felt like she was actually pissing all over me. I had heard of women who squirt but I had never met one; until now. This was strange, weird and erotic all at the same time. And I also wondered how I would explain the fragrance and wetness of it to my wife afterwards. But at that moment I really couldn’t give a shit. Just when I thought I was about to cum she got off my cock and turned around and of all things started to try and stuff my cock in her ass. She had a hard enough time getting it in her pussy how the hell was she going to get my thick cock into what I could see was the tiniest looking asshole in the world? Then she reaches down to her little purse and grabs a tube of something, opens it and smears some gel on her ass and then starts sliding her ass down on my cock. I couldn’t believe it. Why didn’t she do that with her pussy? Well, I watched as my cock disappeared into that tiny little asshole all the way up to her butt cheeks. Then she got up high to the tip of my cock head and started thumping away again just like it was in her pussy again and in a few minutes she was thrashing away squirting again like a fountain of female cum juice, all over my Chevy Suburban.

After a few moments to gather ourselves she quietly thanked me for a great time and with no further adieu got out of my vehicle and headed back to the mall. I sat there totally dumbfounded. Here I was thinking I was going to get a cheap thrill rubbing my cock on some little chickadee’s ass and instead she just fucked the shit outta me and left me soaking wet in pussy juice in my Suburban. So, the next thing I did was run back home and switch the Suburban for the Smart Car and go back to the mall for the wife. When she came out I was surprised to see she only had a couple of small packages. She asked me why I had her car and I told her I knew she wasn’t going to buy much so I thought she rather drive in her car then my big nasty truck. She reached over and gave me a kiss to thank me. Then she bent back down towards me, felt my shirt then sniffed, sat back up with her finger pinching her nose asked me…

"Ooh honey, why are you all wet and what’s that strange odor all over you?”

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