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Shadow Dancer vs Super Michelle 009 Submission of

Part 9 Submission of Supergirl.
(( After escaping from Shadow Dancers lair Super Michelle goes back to try to catch the Black Lanterness.))

Super Michelle Crashes though the Lair ceiling. Landing noisily in the throne room. her heels cracking the floor under the might impact.

"We meet again Shadow Dancer! This time you will go back to jail!" - she yells to the villainess
Shadow Dancer YOU! glares back at you as you land not too far away. YOU AGAIN!

Super Michelle Yes! Surrender now or face my power!"

Shadow Dancer You wish! You’ll never get me!

Super Michelle "We shall see" - She says, flying toward Shadow Dancer, like a missile, her arms pointed forward, trying to hit the villainess with both fists

Shadow Dancer As you come at me I try to create a energy net in front of you... trying to snare you in it as you come at me.

Super Michelle "Ahhhhhhhhh...what is this...." - she squeal surprised, her legs and arms trapped by some mysterious energy net. dangling in the air, she squirms trying to escape.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" - she screams in agony as her arms and legs are stretched in the air painfully , her body now forming a X in the air. She flex her muscles trying to break the energy bonds

Shadow Dancer catching you on the end of the energy beams.... another one comming out of my ring.... the end of if glowing ared as it buzzez your mound.

Smiling wickedly as i take you upstairs. Now your mine ... AGAIN!

Super Michelle The heroine is using her might strength against the net when suddenly she feel the vibrations on her breasts. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.....nooooo.....what are you doing" - she moans as the buzzing make her lost the concentration

Shadow Dancer rasping as i keep it buzzing your mound..... bringing you to the bed.... im going to make you my whore! reaching out to your thong to remove it.

Super Michelle "ohhhhhh...stop....the buzzing....i can't think" - she protest, the vibrations arousing her, her breasts bouncing, her body squirming in the energy net. Unable to resist

" panties" - she cries feeling her pussy being exposed

Shadow Dancer Goes to f***e you onto the bed.... pushing you down onto your back... keeping you held down I grab hold of a arm binder and climb onto the bed.... going down on you ... my hands reaching for your hands to work into the arm binder.

Super Michelle "Ahhhhhh....release me now....You can't do that with me again" - she screams in misery, the buzzing driving her almost into madness. her mind confused. She can't resist being f***ed into the bed. She feel her arms being pulled and restrained with an arm binder. the villainess luscious body rubbing against her.

Shadow Dancer I go to part your legs.... going down on you.... my fingers teasing your skin... slipping along your inner thighs as i lap you.... your hands going behind your back.... slowly beingworked into the arm binder

Super Michelle "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" - the heroine moans louder feeling her legs being parted, her arms binded behing her, helpless. Her head slump backwards as she close her eyes, the erotic feelings coming from her pussy thrashing through her body like electricity. Arousing her even more. " are arousing me ....AHhhhhhh"

Shadow Dancer And you cant use your hands either can you! rasping... I go to insert 2 fingers back into your slit... pumping you... my other hand holding you down..... my fingers lightly brusing over the tip of your nether region..... your going to cum for me all over again arent you.... arent you! Super Slut!

Super Michelle The heroine arches her back, moving her pelvis back and fort, too excited to resist against the fingers and the tongue tormenting her, laping, rubbing her nether lips. her body squirming in utter pleasure. Again Shadow Dancer is using the heroine libido to defeat her. Again the might kryptonian is just a sex toy on the gorgeous Villainess hands. "Ohhhhhh....please stop.....Shadow will make me cum" - she begs

Shadow Dancer
Swirling my tongue around your clitty.... making tight small circles.... i plunge 2 fingers back int oyour slit..... wiggling my fingers inside you... mmmm YES.... thats it.... go on.. cum.... im no where near done with you.... im going to take you to my ice creamery and put you in the milking machine for my first flavor.... Super Michi!

Super Michelle ohhhhh....ohhhhhh....ohhhhhh....ohhhhh" - she moans uncontrollably. her whole body shuddering in absolute ecstasy. She want fight but Shadow Dancer play her body like nobody. the heroine fall more and more into her own lust. The villainess tongue on her pussy, like a snake, rubbing her body engorged clitoris, her fingers expertly caressing the girl cunt. She groans, panting, gasping, almost drolling in pleasure.
""AHhhhhh....ohhhhhhh.....oh are making me so wet.....feeeeeeling so hot" - she screams lost in sexual reveries.

Shadow Dancer I reach up around one of your breasts.... scratching the bulbs of your breasts with my fingertips from one hand.... my fingers slowly slipping around the bulb of your breast as my index finger flicks your nipple back and forth a few times.... my mouth hungrilly lapping your slit... darting my tongue in and out of you.
Super Michelle : "Ohhhhhhhhhhh.....Ahhhhh are killing me....with pleasure....AHHHHHHH....please stop....Ohhhhh" - the girl of steel screams in lust feeling her breasts and cunt being assaulted at the same time. Her massive breasts jingling, her erect nipples , sending massive pleasure waves toward her brain as Shadow play with them. The villainess mouth lapping hungrily the heroine aching pussy. The wetness increasing as the heroine body is aroused more and more.
Shadow Dancer Slurp



hungrilly lapping... licking... sucking on your clitty... my tongue dancing freely... working around your clit... hitting all the right places. mmmm yes! cum! cum for me!

Super Michelle "Aieeeeeeee....ohhhhh...please....i can't take anymore....i will cum" - she begs, her body fully arched now while u*********sly she rises her pevis toward Shadow's head. her clit burning in pleasure. her mind lost in sexual frenzy. Shadow tongue slowly turning the heroine into a slut.

Shadow Dancer Places my ring on your slit.... making it flare up as your pelvis rises up to me... Flaring it up to send a hard vibing pulse into you.... bussing your clitty.... Working you up and over the edge to the point to where youd plunge your head back deep int othe pillows..... mmm yes.... thats it super slut... CUM!! CUM for me!


Super Michelle "Aieeeeeee....i'm cumming....IM CUMMING FOR YOU" - she suddenly screams feeling the buzzing on her clit, her head slumping back and her eyes wide open as she screams, not being able to deny her desires anymore. The massive orgasm finally ripping though her sweaty highly aroused Super body. Trembling on her restrains, she moans while her body release her love juices on Shadow face, wetting her thighs and the bed.

Shadow Dancer Lapping you feverishly... mmm YES! that is what you want..... you want to get me dont you..... take me in didnt you.... now your my prisoner! I keep going.... using my ring to buzz you.... Tell me who else is helping you patrol this area!.


Super Michelle "Ohhhhh....ohhhhhh.....ohhhhh....ohhhhhh" - she moans, her body squirming in the bed, while orgasm after orgasm trash through the heroine, while Shadow Dancer prolong her orgasms .

"Ahhhhhhhh.....please....stop....ahhhhhhh...." - she screams while Shadow keep making her cum - Until finally with a last primordial scream of ecstay she falls limp over the bed. Breathing heavily, her chest heaving, her body writhing . "no more please Mistress...i beg you...i will tell you anything"

Shadow Dancer MMMM my tongue swirls slowly around your clitty..... my other hands reaching up and around to your breasts..... scratching the bulbs of them with my finger tips.... go on.... tell me.... tell me who else is helping you....

Super Michelle "Ohhhh.....AHhhhhhh....Ohhhhhh....there are many heroines....ohhhhhh.....Wonder giiirl....Feeelicia star....Silhouette....Ultraviolet.....Please dont make me cum again" - she beggs shamefully feeling another climax building inside her cunt. The tongue still tormenting her clit. her breast burning in pleasure with the caresses.

Shadow Dancer Smirks as i start to tease your breasts. tugging on your nipples... stretching them outwards.....I go to splay your legs wide..... You want more dont you super slut! dont you! my ring still glowing as i go to create a strappie around my waist.... rubbing the wide tip to your slit.... parting your lips with the gurthy, smooth tip..... using your juices to lube it as i rub it up and down along the full lenght of your slit.

Super Michelle "Ahhhhhh....noooooo.... i already told you anything" - she screams. her body melting under the erotic assault. her nipples aching with pleasure being pulled, stretched. She gasps feeling the energy strap rubbing against her already throbbing clitoris. her body still releasing love juices with all the arousal. She moans lounder " will make me cum again"

Shadow Dancer Smiling as your legs are f***ed wide.... working the strappie into you... 4 inches.... 6 inches..... 8 inches.... letting you moan as i rub my breasts agaisnt yours.... mmm im going to completely own you..... Youll be my spy... my whore... my sex slave!!

Super Michelle Sinks her head on the pillow. her eyes closed, her mind lost in pleasure. The villainess massive breasts pushing against the heroine sweat mounds, pressing them, rubbing against them, teasing her engorged erect nipples. The energy strappie going deeper and deeper inside her, stretching her tight love canal. Suddenly she screams "AIEEEEEEEE.....please harder mistress....make me cum...MAKE ME CUM" - the heroine mind finally defeated by Shadow Dancer.

Shadow Dancer I push down hard and wiggles the strappie inside you.... as your worked up to the edge I speed up... riding you hard.... mmm please your mistress.... cum for me.... surrender.

Super Michelle The heroine endure the pumping inside her for some time, her breasts, her pussy, sending pleasure waves toward her brain, overloading her mind with desire. Lust. She want be a slave now. She want cum for her Mistress. All that matter now for her is the strappie inside her, shadow dancer rubbing against her. Finally it happens. The climax building inside her explode brutally, much stronger than the orgasm before

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....IM YOURS MISTRESSSSSSSS" - she scream, bitting the pillow, her toes curling, her body wincing while she cum over and over under Shadow Dancer. Until she can't take anymore and become limp, the heroine losing her consciousness.

Shadow Dancer I smile wickedly.... reaching under one of the pillows... as you g olimp on me... holding the strappie inside you... letting you twitch incoherently from the sensitivity... I pull out a small thin leash and put on the collar.. my fingers working to slip it around your neck... letting you hear the resounding "click" as its locked... my ring glowing dark once more..... altering our shadows on the bedding.... slowly we both start to sink into the shadowy portal.... being transported to my ice creamery.... ready to put you into one of my milking machines..... Super Michi Flavor.
Super Michelle body shivers even u*********s feeling the cold collar being locked around her lovely neck. She stirs moaning softly her eyes, still closed, while she is teleported to the evil ice creamery. her mind still being assaulted by dark desires of lust and slavery. The heroine now reduced to a sex toy for Shadow Dancer pleasure.

Too Be continued...

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