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Becoming His Slave part 2

The next day Mark didn't call me. I spent the day at home, a lot of it thinking about sucking my new master's cock. I masturbated while thinking about his thick manhood filling my mouth and throat.

Monday came and I went to work as usual. When Mark arrived I greeted him.

"Good morning, Sir." I heard myself say sir, but didn't think much of it.

Mark smiled back at me. "Morning." he said.

I found myself thinking about his cock all morning and even stealing glances at his crotch when I could. Mark was acting as if nothing had happened or changed between us. I tried to do the same. yet I found myself calling him 'sir' when we talked.

"Ready for lunch?" Mark asked me.

"Yes, Sir." I replied. "Your place or mine?" I asked as we headed to the door.

"Let's go to my place today."

We walked to his apartment together mostly in silence. I was wondering what would take place during lunch. Mark seemed to have totally forgotten about our Saturday suck-fest. When we entered Mark told me to make him a sandwich. Soon I found myself in the kitchen making him a tuna-salad sandwich for lunch.

"Fetch me a beer, too." he called from the living room. I could hear the video game he was playing.

It wasn't until I was walking into the living room that I realized I had made only one sandwich. I hadn't made myself one, nor had I gotten myself a beer. I figured I'd give this to Mark then return for my own lunch. Turns out I was wrong, Mark had other plans for my lunch.

When I entered the living room, Mark was leaning forward playing the game. As I walked towards him, he leaned back in the seat. I was a little surprised to see that he had removed his shorts and was now naked from the waist down. His cock hung over his soft testicles, both resting in view between his now spread legs. I was also a little excited to see his cock again. This meant he intended to continue using me as his slave. My cock started to grow erect in my pants as I stared at his manhood.

"Get busy, Bitch." he calmly said as he put his beer down and picked up his sandwich. "I want a nice long blow-job while I eat."

"Yes, Sir." I said, positioning myself between his feet.

I leaned forward, resting my hands on the floor to balance myself. I licked the length of his manhood, watching it twitch and grow turgid in anticipation. When it was starting to lift off of his balls I closed my lips around the smooth head began to suck his cock. I slowly moved my head up and down his shaft as I applied suction to him. Mark moved sliding to the front of his seat. His legs wrapped around my head as he pulled my head farther onto his cock. With his cock f***ed down my throat I stated swallowing reflexively. After what seemed like for ever gagging on his cock, Mark released my head ad rested his feet on my back. I continued sucking his cock-head.

"I bet you thought Saturday was a one time thing." He said while I sucked and he ate. "I thought about it and wondered how weird-ed out you would be about it. When you didn't call Sunday I wasn’t sure if that was because you were waiting to hear from me, or you weren't into the slave thing once it became reality. This morning when you called me 'sir' and kept staring at my crotch, I knew I had found the right slave."

He paused to drink.

"You really enjoy sucking my cock, don't you?"

Without removing my mouth from his cock I mumbled an affirmative. Mark moaned and rolled his groin into my face when I mumbled. I did it again, noticing my own cock pressing hard against my underwear.

Mark had finished eating while I was sucking his dick. He pulled my head up from his crotch, holding me by the hair. He stood, keeping my face at his cock. Holding himself in one hand he tipped my head back and began pushing his cock into my mouth. Master pushed all the way down my throat, until his balls rested on my chin. he humped my face a few times in this position as I gagged and choked on his cock. When he pulled out a trail of saliva connected his cock and my lips. I drew in breath as Master moved behind me.

"Put your arms back." he commanded.

I did, resting back on my arms as he tipped my head back to face the ceiling. I watched his strong leg swing over my face. His crotch absorbed my vision as he lowered his testicles into my open mouth. I sucked his sack into my mouth and rolled his balls with my tongue. Breathing through my nose washed me in the earthy musk of his sweaty crotch and ass. Soon Mark pulled up and I saw his pointing his cock to my mouth. I swallowed his whole length a few times as he squatted down and rose up above my face. Mark pulled out of my mouth and started stroking himself in my face.

"Open wide!" he commanded.

I opened and watched as his cock erupted, spewing it's creamy white seed in my mouth and on my face. I remained kneeling as Master moved to stand in front of me again.

"Swallow it." he says.

I obey, feeling his slick seed sliding down my throat. Mark pulls my face to his groin.

"Tell me how much you love my cock."

I start kissing his groin, cock and balls while professing my love of his cock. "You're cock is so beautiful and tasty. I love sucking your cock. Eating your cum. I love being fucked by you Master. You are so strong and beautiful."

After a minute or so of this Mark pushed me back and picks up his pants. "We've got to get back to work. Maybe I'll let you suck me off again later."

"Yes, Sir. Thank you Sir." I reply, hoping that I'll be allowed to serve as his sex toy again.

That afternoon I was in the stock room counting out full sheets to trim for a job I had. I heard someone come in the room and the door close, but didn't pay much attention. Suddenly from behind me I hear Mark speak.

"Watching Heidi's ass made me horny as hell, Bitch." I heard Mark say.

I noticed instantly that he called me 'bitch' so I wasn't totally surprised to see his pants were open and his cock hanging out from his zipper. I was surprised that it was right in my face. I hadn't heard him come that close to me.

"Go on, Bitch." Mark commanded. "I need a quick blow before I get back to work."

"Yes, Master." I heard myself saying.

The next moment I felt his smooth head slipping between my lips and I slowly sucked him into my warm wet mouth. I bobbed over his head a few times, letting my mouth salivate before plunging down on his cock. I felt the head slip past my gag reflex into my throat. I gagged around his cock a few times before slipping back up and licking his head. Again I drew him in and started swallowing this time as his cock entered me throat. The added stimulation f***ed a moan from Masters lips. His hand went to the back of my head and when I was at the root, he leaned forward and pushed my face into his groin as his hips bucked into my mouth. My mouth filled with his cock and my nose pressed hard into his abdomen cut off my air. I started to smother in his crotch. I slapped his thighs hoping he would realize I was smothering.

Mark released me but kept his hands in my hair when I pulled off of his cock. I coughed and sputtered. He held my head facing his cock and when I stopped he instantly pushed his cock back into my mouth.

"I'm not done yet, Bitch." he said. "Gonna cum down your throat."

This time he started fucking my face with abandon, thrusting deep and hard. I alternately gagged and sputtered as he fucked my face. Finally he again plunged in deep and pushed my head into his groin where I was starting to suffocate when I felt his cock pulse and spasm. A moment later his hot cum erupted from his cock, spewing down my throat. His eruption was so powerful some blew back out through my mouth and nose.

Spent, Mark released me. A trail of cum and saliva kept my mouth and his cock connected when it emerged.

"Clean me up, Bitch, I've got to get back upstairs."

I obediently licked his cock and balls clean. Then without another word or glance, Mark put his cock away and left. My face was a mess from his cum, without paper towels I ended up scrapping it off of myself with my fingers and eating his semen from my face too. Then I hurried to the bathroom to wash my face before I too returned to work.

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