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I was curiously looking online to try gay sex for the first time and explore a fantasy of mine. My fantasy for my first time was to be trained and used as a completly submissive cum slave. I seen a add that said hubby&wife looking for a submissive,bottom,slave boy to use as there sex toy. I emailed them and said i would love to be there sub and trained as such. I told them I was looking for my first time and that I would do and try what ever they wanted me to.

He emailed back I am alpha male and my wife is my collared sub and you will be completly submissive to both of us ultimatly doing what ever I say. You will be f***ed and requiered to do what ever you are told know matter what. You must be completly willing to do as I say when I say it and exactly how know matter what it is. You will be used and trained as my submissive bitchmaid cum slave and degraded as such. Let me know if you are serious and willing to completly submit cause there is no coming back and you better start loosening up your virgin ass NOW if you dont want hurt cause its gonna be fucked hard.

Horney as hell and with my mind controled by my penis. I said that I would love to be your sub slave and that I will learn fast and listen well doing what ever i'm told and will not disapoint. We exchenged a few more emails and arranged to meet in two weeks. He said he would pick me up on friday and I would be his slave till sunday night and my ass better be ready. So I said ok and started shoving objects up my ass working it out for the next two weeks. By that friday I was able to fit a small to medium size cuccumber up my ass with no problem.

He picked me up at a local store at around 4pm on fri. and took me to his house. He ordered me to go to the bedroom, take of my clothes, and get on my knees. His wife was in the bedroom naked wearing nothing but a dog collar. She was a big fat girl about 5-5 and at least 250lbs. Then he came in wearing nothing but brieves He was allso a big guy about 5-9 300+lbs stocky with a beer belly and really hairy and about at least a 8inch uncut cock that was very thick. He walks in and say you are my bitch now you will do what I say, you will lick and eat what ever I tell you to, You will call me sir and her mis. I starting to get a little nervous said yes sir what ever you say.

He walks over to me grabs my head and presses his package into my face and says smell that bitch. I said yes sir, I without even trying could smell nothing but his musky stinky balls through his under wear. They smelled horribly strong like musky sweaty balls and nasty. He said I havent showerd in two days just for you bitch your gonna lick me sparkling clean. He took of his underwear and layed on the bed with his legs spread. He then called me over and f***ed my face in to his balls. They smelled even worse with his under wear off It was discusting and I was already thinking about trying to leave. But I was very horney and did as I was told.

Ok bitch suck my balls and lick me clean I hestantly started licking his balls all I could smell was filthy sweat and they tasted very salty and musky. he yelled hury up bitch lick my taint and all around my balls and suck them clean NOW. I started licking all over his taint, between his balls and leg, up and down his shaft and then put one in my mouth and started sucking it then the other and started sucking it. His wife came up behind me and started lubing up my ass before she started working in a dildo.

After about 20mins of licking and sucking his sweaty balls he ordered me to suck his cock. His wife started fucking my ass with a strap on While I put his cock in my mouth and started sucking. I sucked his cock taking it as far down my throat as I could for about 30 mins. While his wife was pounding my ass with the strap on. Then he pulled my head off his cock and his wife pulled out of my ass and he stood up. She stuck a butt plug up my ass and He ordered me to my knees in front of him and shoved his cock back in my mouth.

Then he Grabbed the back of my head and started face fucking me harder and harder forcing his cock further and further down my throat. forcing me to gag and choke as he f***ed it all the way down my throat it hurt and I almost threw up multiple times from choking on it. He said take it bitch you ready for a 14 day built up load. He started humping my face hard then he pulled back and ordered me to jack him off and suck on just the tip. He said you better catch every drop of cum bitch and not let any spill out of your mouth and dont swallow till I tell you.

I started sucking on the tip and jerking him off as fast as i could till he started to moan and stiffen up before blowing rope after rope of thick nasty cum in my mouth. It tasted horrible and took every thing i had not to gag and choke it up. But I held my mouth open and jerked of every last drop in my mouth trying not to swallow or gag. It was the nastyest thing I have ever tasted and my mouth was completly full oozing out my lips i had to wipe it back in my mouth. He made me swish it around and gargle it for awhile. It started foaming up in my mouth and tasting even worse before he ordered me to swallow. It some how tasted even worse sliding down my throat I started gaging and puked some up in my mouth he held my mouth shut so none escaped and made me swallow the cum I puked back up.

Then he ordered me to eat his wifes pussy she sat on my face and started grinding huge wet pussy all over my face as I licked as deep as I could for awhile till she got up and ordered me to lick her ass. I said can I please have some water first to rinse out my mouth. He said sure bitch I'll rinse out your mouth and he ordered me into the bath tub. He said open your mouth and started pissing all over my face and in my mouth. I tried to just let it run out my mouth but his stream was so strong it was bouncing of the back of my throat and making me gag causeing me to swallow some.

He then stopped peeing and shoved his cock in my mouth. he said your gonna be my urinal bitch and learn how to drink straight from the tap and you better swallow every drop and not spill any and shot a stream op piss hard down my throat. I tryed to swallow as much as I could but it was to much and making me gag. It seemed like he was peeing for ever before he was done. Then his wife came in sat on my face and started peeing in my mouth and all over my face. I was getting discusted and just wanted to leave.

But there was no hope They took me back in the bedroom and he pressed my face into her ass and ordered me to lick it as deep as I could. Then she rolled over and ordered me to fuck her. I got on top and started fucking her while she was sucking his dick hard again. I was so horny I came really fast and alot i got limp and fell out she said already bitch and told me to lay on my back she got on top of me and slowly lowered her pussy on my face i could see all my cum oozing out and some dripped on my face. She ordered me to eat her pussy clean and I started licking and slurping my cum out of her pussy it tasted even worse then his did but I just kept licking. Once she came and squirted all over my face she got up and he ordered me to bend over.

He then put on a condom and started sliding his cock up my ass till he was balls deep. she started making me lick her ass some more while he started fucking my ass harder and harder it hurt at first but started to ease up. He was pounding my ass as hard as he could for like 10 mins till he started stiffen up and blow another huge load in my ass. He then pulled out and started to pull off the condom. It was covered in shit and bl**d he said I hope your hungry boy you and told me to open my mouth.

He started to turn the condom inside out and pour the cum in my mouth. he said you better not swallow boy and turned the condom completly inside out emptying every drop of cum into my mouth. His cum out of the condom some how tasted even worse then before. he made me swish it around again and gargle it then swallow and gag down the mouthful of nasty foamy cum. Then he ordered me to lick the inside of the condom clean and his cock.

I had a nasty horrible taste in my mouth and I was not horny anymore and was done. I was discusted all I could smell and taste was cum and I just wanted to leave. He said how was that bitch I said not what i expected and asked if I could leave. He said know bitch your mine till sunday and you agreed no matter what. He said when your done you will love the taste of piss and cum and will crave it. I said I dont know about that but I am hungry and thirst for real food please.

He said ok bitch and told his wife to make me a sandwich. she put a piece of bread in a bowl on the floor and covered it with a ungodly amount of mayonnaise she ordered me to get on my hands and knees. She said you better eat it all with no hands and lick the bowl clean. So I did it, it was discusting all I could taste was mayonnaise and a little bit of white bread. My face was covered in mayonnaise.

While I ate that she mixed up some tuna with lots of diced up celery, onions, pickles, and another even more ungodly amount of mayonnaise. Then she put the bowl down on the floor and told me to eat that the same way and lick the bowl clean. I hate tuna and onions even more and now thanks to her I hate mayonnaise. I said I'm really full now I dont think I can eat that. The fat bitch said you will eat this fresh now or you will eat it later when its bad but your gonna eat it. So I f***ed it down and ate it.

While I was eating it she started fucking my very sore ass with a strap on. That night she made me cum and eat my own cum off a plate 3 more times and he fucked my ass and mouth repetedly dumping every load of cum down my throat. They both pissed on me several more times and he made me drink his piss straight down my throat a couple more times. before letting me take a shower and locking me into a room to sl**p on the floor.

That was just what happened friday night stay tuned for what happened all day saturday before I could not take anymore. TO BE CONTINUED!

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