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To My Little Sib... Who I am....

It was Kay’s idea for me to write this and what she is going to do with it, I am not certain. She calls me a “perv” and her “personal sicko” but even though she has every opportunity right now to go someplace else, she does not. She likes it. And what is more, I know she likes it!!

Kay and I share the same gene pool, but that is about all that we share. I was a geeky 12 year old boy when Mom told Dad, “Oops” and we soon became a f****y of four. I am a lot like Dad. He was a research scientist who spent most of my growing up years in exotic locations studying herbs and plants that people there used to make medicines from. I am a pharmacist at a prestigious research hospital and I am personally responsible for tracking all of the new research d**gs being used in our facility.

See, I am a geek. I am 6’3” and 165 pounds tall and at 34 years of age, I can still get away with not shaving for three or four days at a time.

Kay looks like Mom who was an all American farm girl. Kay has the round brown eyes with long blonde hair. I can remember her coming to a party for my birthday when I turned 24 and she was 12. A couple of the guys thought she was 17 or 18. I mean, very early on she became a woman in every sense of the word, and she knew how to flaunt it.

I grew up poor. Kay grew up rich. When I was graduating from high school after just turning 18, Dad was awarded a huge patent which he then sold to a pharmaceutical company for an eight figure price. Mom and I had always sc****d by while he was travelling the world. We even raised our own veggies in the garden during the summer. That all changed, seemingly the moment I moved out.
So like I said, Kay and I share the genes and that is about it… well that and our love of sex. This is what she really wants me to write about.

You see, just before Kay was born, I discovered some film footage that Dad had shot when he was down in Borneo or some Far East location. There were these black guys walking around, and I swear, they had cocks that when flaccid hung almost to their knees!! I watched them do stuff like take warm stones and put them between their thighs and their privates and then start pulling and twisting their cocks. They used two rods and starting at the base of their cocks, then stretched them in crazy ways that made their phallus look HUGE.

So of course I started to do it too. Mom was busy with Kay. So no one even questioned where I was for those 30 minute to an hour work outs. A lot of time I watched porn on the internet, but that was before I discovered how positively decadent and erotic it was to watch Kay feeding on Mom’s chest! Dad had set up a camera so Mom could see Kay sl**ping while she was in the kitchen. So when Mom would go in and unbutton her shirt… I had a front row seat just by sitting in the kitchen!

One day, while I had my cock stretched out and was getting ready to go to my room and finish there, I noticed that Mom was moving her hand toward her zipper. I was mesmerized as she stood up, went to the nursery door, looked it and then dropped her pants to the floor. While Kay continued suckling, Mom reached her hand between her legs and gave me a show like I had never dreamed of having!! I about collapsed to the floor a couple of minutes later, when I saw her arching her back and her milk was gushing out all over her and Kay and I had one of the best orgasms of my life!!! A couple minutes later I grabbed a dish towel and cleaned up the kitchen counter and stumbled to my bedroom where a half hour later I was trying not to scream as I blew my seed again just thinking about that scene.

So Kay, my fascination with sex and with you started long ago… but probably not like you thought!!!

Next came my MILF phase. By the time I was 16, I had a problem. I was about 6 feet tall, and only about 145 pounds, a toothpick. But I had a cock that would grow to almost 9 inches at the mere sight of a nice rack of tits! Trying to hide that was difficult! The girls at school would tease me, just to watch my bulge, but I was so painfully shy that I never once approached any of them for fear of being rejected. So at 16, the only part of me to be fucked was my fist!

But then mom told me that Mrs. Van Pelt was having computer problems and wanted to know if I could go next door and “take a look.” “Take a look?” Hell, I had been staring out the window at her every evening when she came home from work at her!! She would grill a chicken breast or something and then eat on the back patio and then swim in her pool until nightfall. Mrs. Van Pelt was like five or ten years younger than Mom, and while Mom had a few extra pounds, Mrs. Van Pelt was almost nubile tight!! Therefore, she was always wearing bikinis that covered less than Kay’s diapers did and for a 16 year old, repressed geek, this was the chance of a life-time!!

15 minutes later I was at her front door knocking in a pair of khaki walking shorts, a polo shirt and reeking of some cheap cologne I had spilled on myself that had been on Dad’s dresser. (No wonder he never took that stuff with him on his trips!!). Mrs. Van Pelt came to the door and all words left me!!

She had on a sheer, satiny cream robe that barely dropped to mid-thigh and my favorite halter style bikini. “Kevin, come in! Your Mom said you might be able to help me!! Follow me and I will show you what I mean.” She turned and started walking toward a door down a hall and ten steps later, I stepped into her bedroom!!!

I can still remember, she sat down at her desk and showed me the problem and while I knew what settings needed tweaking immediately, I was not going to rush the opportunity to stand there and smell the scent of coconut oil on her warm brown flesh and to watch the rise and fall of her small, tight breasts as she breathed. Then she turned to look up at me, and as she did her arm brushed the front of my shorts, where the head of my cock had pushed the fabric out to tent proportions!! She looked down at my shorts and then slowly back up at me. “Maybe you should sit down and drive.” She said quietly.

I remember mumbling an apology and then stepping back to allow her to get up and then I sat down and readjusted myself. I turned my attention to the computer screen and within 5 minutes had the monitor driver re-registered and started an antivirus scan on her machine. I turned to tell her I was done and realized that at some point she had opened her robe and let her long, shiny black hair down, and it now fell over her shoulders and the satin robe. I gulped. “I m afraid I don’t have any cash to pay you, is there anything I can do for you to pay you for your services?”she asked.

I gulped and looked down at her tight, flat belly, and then she stepped toward me and said, “I can tell you are a very talented young man. I think you could do a lot for a woman like me.” I nodded dumbly and started to stand up and drop my shorts, but she put a hand on my shoulder and leaned down and kissed me on the lips. It was my first real kiss.

She coaxed my lips apart and I placed my hands on both of her wide, boney hips. She sat lightly on my left thigh without breaking our kiss and she took my hand up and placed it on her breast. I was certain I was going to cum in my pants right then!! This was heaven; there was no doubt about it!! Her hot tongue continued to play and coax and tease my mouth, leaving me almost breathless. She laughed quietly and raised her chin and said, “God I miss the innocence of youth.” Then she looked me in the eye and said, “Are you a virgin, Kevin.” I nodded yes, and she said, “Well then, let’s make this special!”

She then proceeded to tell me how to kiss and suck on her neck. Her moans told me when I got it right, her hands guided and slowed me at times, as she led my hungry mouth down her long neck and she taught me how to kiss and suck on a woman’s collar bone to leave her wanting you to take even more! Then she lifted my shirt off of me and lightly dragged her fingernails over my flesh as I clumsily exposed the tiny rises of flesh that were her breasts. Had they not been topped by proud, red berries, I may have not even noticed they were there!!

But oh were her breasts tender and sweet and within a moment, I had her moaning and smashing my faced against her. I had learned some technique during the hours of internet porn and as my tongue flicked her hard nipples I felt one of her hands drop from my hair and go to open her robe all the way and shrug it onto the floor behind her. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her fingers then go down between her thighs and I shot my first load, just watching her and sucking on her tender tasty tits!!

The great thing of youth is, you sometimes do not know that you are not supposed to be able to do some things. I had no idea that most men took a long time to go from steel to soft and back to steel. I softened a bit, but never really lost my hard-on. As I continued to suck on Mrs. Van Pelt’s nipples, she began to shudder and moan and she begged me to keep going, and I did.

Then she went limp and collapsed against me. I thought for just a moment that my first experience was going to end this way, but then she pulled back and looked in my face and kissed me fiercely. When she broke our kiss, she said, “Now let’s see what you have…” and she began to slide to the floor between my legs, kissing and biting me in the most erotic of ways!! By the time she pulled my belt open, I did not think I could last another minute!!!

But she pulled my shorts off and threw them across the room and then, while squeezing my balls, began to lick up all of the cum from my earlier explosion. “You are an eager boy, aren’t you!!! Well, I will just have to slow you down a little so we can both enjoy.” With that, she slipped loose the thin cord that passed for a belt on her robe and she began to wind it around my balls, tightening them and I moaned as I felt my f****y jewels being f***ed away from being right up tight and ready to blow. It hurt like hell and felt like heaven at the same moment, and I just looked up at the ceiling and slumped back in the chair.

She then began to lick my cock from its hair base to my seeping slit. Then she finished each lick of her “manlipop” by popping my head into her mouth and giving her head a little twist as she pulled back off of it!! I swear to God, I have had few women since who could come close to what she did to me!!

My toes curled and I almost cried as she began taking me deeper and deeper into her mouth, Then I felt the head of my cock slide into the tight top of her throat and the motion of her muscles did things to the head of my cock that that every man should experience and no boy could ever be prepared for!!! I actually broke one of the arms of her chair, trying my best not to die right then and there!! She released me then, gasping for air. “My God you are huge!!! I can’t wait any longer!!!”

My head was spinning as I looked at her standing and pulling her bikini bottoms off. Then she stepped over me and aimed my cock at her pussy. I had gone about half-way into her when she leaned forward and crushed my face to her chest, and my mouth latched onto her big berries!! She moaned, “You are so fucking huge… I have to have all of you in me!!!” And with that she threw back her head and let out a purely a****l growl as she impaled herself on my cock and shuddered.

She just held me there like that for a minute and I began to wonder if this was all there really was to sex, then she slowly began to roll her hips up toward me and then back down. It was not a lot of movement, but it felt soooo good!!! She reached down behind her and found the ends of the string that were keeping my tender balls from rising. “You are going to give me the fucking of a lifetime before we are done,” she said, grabbing hold of my hair in one hand while tugging on my ball’s make shift harness in the other. She then began bucking faster and harder, using the crudest language I have ever heard.

I was crying, I needed release so badly by the time she had her third orgasm. As her shaking subsided, she got off of me shakily and then quickly undid string. My nuts immediately slammed into me and she ordered me to beat off and blow my load on her ass. She then turned around and slumped with her face and chest to the floor and her ass sticking up right at me! I could see the trails of her glistening pussy juice running down the insides of her thighs and after less than a dozen strokes; I was cumming in buckets all over her crack and ass and up her back and in her hair.

She chuckled and then told me, “Welcome to the world of men. I think that my computer may need a lot of work in the months to come.” I just laid back in the chair too spent to move. She eventually got a towel and cleaned me up and said she was going to get a shower and to let myself out once I recovered.

I walked home in a fog of pure ecstasy. That was how I lost my virginity.

Over the next two years, I continued to help many of Mom’s friends with their computers. There was Jill, who had big tits, but always wore a bra, and Paige who was older, but loved to suck on my balls. The Indian woman who worked in the HR department at the hospital taught me how to clean a woman’s ass thoroughly before tonguing and sucking on it; and Lori who liked me to stick a butt plug up her ass before I fucked her so she felt like she had two studs.

But I never even had a date with a girl my own age until my sophomore year in college. Cat was a goth girl with a tiny waist and huge soft tits, that was a theatre major and worked at a Renaissance Festival on the weekends as a “Willing Wench” her job was to walk up to men and without touching them, make them blush just by the things she said in “ye ole English”!! And she was damn good at it! I saw a guy drop a $50 bill in her cleavage, just for the pleasure of hearing her tell him how good his mouth would feel making her tender nipples spray their tender tendrils of milk in the morning.” I completely understood why!

A guy at the fair gave her shit, though because she was not “dressed right” so she asked me if I had anything on costumes from back then. I did not, but you better believe I became an expert on in it in a matter of hours and over the next couple of weeks, she and I spent a lot of time in the prop department at the theatre building, enhancing and authenticating various slutty outfits for the period.

In payment, she took me to a Rave on one condition, She got to dress me and I had to take at least one pill. I figured what the hell?! I never dreamed I’d wind up with black leather jack boots, tight leather pants that showed my bulge (no underwear at her insistence), no shirt, a leather jacket, a flat leather baker hat with a shiny black plastic bill and enough chains hanging from it all to make me sound like the ghost of Christmas past as I walked!! But she liked the look.

And I loved the scene. There were women there with purple hair, green hair, no hair, tattoos of unicorns, death heads and every part of their body open for examination. Guys ran the gamut from geeks dressed as their favorite comic book villain to warlocks and bikers. It was wild and everything was possible!! After we had been there for an hour and nearly deaf from the bass of the music, Cat popped a pill and then put one on her tongue and fed it to me.

15 minutes later, as the world distorted into whirls of colors, I felt myself being taken into a room and hands removed my clothes and I removed clothing off of faceless wraiths. Six hours later, my head splitting, I woke up, vomited and looked around. There were five women I did not recall ever knowing before, lying naked on ratty broken down furniture and a short pudgy guy, bent over a bucket, hurling. Cat came up behind me and cradled my head. “You were incredible last night!” The blank look on my face clued her in, so she said, “You agreed to join the Merry Ones and came in here with them! They play sex roulette, where you and another guy each screw a different girl for 45 seconds until one of you cums. So you screwed those five women and a guy for over an hour, defeating three challengers before you exploded in that tall red-head’s cunt!! It was amazing!! “

That was when I determined I wanted to go into pharmaceuticals and not medicine itself. It also was when I started going to the club scene and raves and telling people what pills to avoid. I would NEVER do i*****l d**gs mystelf again, but I decided that if I could not stop others from doing them, I could at least help them find the right ones to have a safe trip!!!

So that is how I got into the scene, Kay. Cat and I started going to all kinds of porn conventions and strip clubs and raves. She started dressing as the “Black Angel” and I uaually just showed up in ripped jeans and tee-shirt, though everyone knew me because I always wore a bright yellow bandana on my head. People began trusting us to guide them to fun, and in return, we experienced group sex scenes I can only say were far too frenetic and crazy to ever begin to describe in writing.

Then Cat died. She had been to a party and was going to her car and a vehicle hit and killed her. The police said she was dead before she hit the ground. They never found out who hit her, but I knew it was probably someone so high they would not have noticed killing my best friend. I barely passed my senior year finals with good enough grads to go on to Pharmacy School.

Gina was the next woman in my life. She taught me to love. I told her once I had probably had sex with over 100 different women. She had smiled and said, “Yes, but you have never made love with anyone, but me.” She was probably right.

Kay, you met her once, I do not know if you remember. She was tall, maybe 5’ 10”tall. Athletic build, though not an athlete at all. Blonde hair, blue eyes, pouting lips, high cheek bones, long neck, perfect C breasts, flat belly and a little bigger than needed ass…. She was my lab partner that first day at grad school. Good thing too, because otherwise I would have flunked out. She kept me focused. She kept me on track. She taught me the meaning of life, love, forgiveness and traditional values. She was the first woman to tell me no, and the only one that has ever said it and not crushed my spirit.

She came with me to your soccer game when you were eighth grade. I was sure we were about to get married. She was the one that taught me to have some class. She emphasized that having a cock like a stallion only made you an ass. To be a man, you had to love who the woman is. You had to get to know her, her passions, dreams, wants fears and then make her feel safe.

The night we first made love started with strawberries and g****s and six hours later she snuggled into my arms and fell asl**p. I had honestly had more exciting sex, but I had never felt more content when it was done.

Eight months later she left a note on the night stand and she was gone. She said she could not handle the fact that I still wanted to behave like an a****l and go to parties and… It crushed me. I had been so happy… and then .. she just left.

That was when things got weird. I met Danny and Melissa. Danny was a real napoleon “Little Man” syndrome guy who liked to dominate Melissa. Melissa was average height, a little over weight and had self esteem issues. They invited me over after a party where I had stopped Danny from taking some bad mushrooms and they changed things for me. Gina had taught me about love, Danny and Melissa taught me pain and submission.

That first night, we swapped stories about who we were. I told them I felt like such a reject and I needed to be punished. Melissa had looked at Danny and he told me that she had wanted to try being a dominatrix instead of always being his submissive, but he did not have a submissive bone in his body. Would I be interested in being her first submissive? I agreed.

The next weekend we got together. I had dressed as told, jeans, clean whit tee-shirt and shoes. No socks, no underwear, no jewelry, just wearing a shirt and shoes, fresh from the shower. I stepped into their house, and Melissa told me to just stand there by the door. She picked up a leather dog collar and told me once I put it on; she was the only one who could take it off. I was to do everything she asked perfectly for the whole weekend or be punished.

I have no problem confessing that as a 30 year old, professional in the medical field, I had more than a touch of trepidation agreeing to her terms!! But I was curious as well as to what it was I had missed and honestly, I thought I deserved punishment for some of the things that had happened in my life anyway, so I took the collar from her and put it on.

She snapped a chain to it and led me to a basement door. The basement had three bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling and numerous hooks, pulleys and ropes and chains. There was a workbench over to one side of a wall, next to some over-sized saw horses that were covered in leather and then two large “throne” chairs on the other side of the work bench. Danny was sitting in one of the chairs. He was bare to the waist and for the first time I realized that he may be short, but he was very fit and strongly muscled.

He watched closely as Melissa led me over to the wall and tied first one rope around one of my wrists and another rope to the other. She then went to the far wall and pulled the ropes so that my hands were stretched up high above my head. Their fulcrum point was about six feet apart and so I was stretched in a giant human Y. Then she wedged a piece of wood between the wall and each rope which then raised me up so that I could barely balance on the tips of my toes.

Melissa came over and began to run her hands over my clothes. My cock responded to her rubbing and she smiled “If you like this, then you are going to love this weekend.” She crooned. Then she walked over to the workbench and picked up some wicked looking scissors and held them against my belly. I barely dared to breathe. “You are mine to do with and to please me as I demand, aren’t you?” I nodded and said, “Uh sure.”

The open hand slap shocked me! She screamed, “I am your Mistress and you are my pain slut! When I expect you to speak, you had better remember to address me as such or I will wear my hand out beating it into you!!! Do you understand?!?!”

I quickly replied “Yes Mistress” and she made a motion to strike me again, but instead just tenderly patted my cheek and said, sweetly. “There. Now isn’t that better?” She then took the hem of my shirt and cut it open to the neck in one smooth motion. I didn’t even dare to breathe! She ran her hands over my chest and pulled the shirt back and open. She then stepped up to me and sucked one of my stretched taut nipples between her lips and sucked hard on it. I winced and she laughed. “Does that hurt? How about this?” She then bit the same nipple and pulled her head back, further stretching my tender flesh!! I screamed and Danny laughed.

“Go ahead, little pain puppy! Scream all you want. We live far from the neighbors and I have spared no expense to make this room very soundproof. So scream!!!” He laughed as now Melissa bent to the other nipple and began to gnaw on it!! I closed my eyes and determined not to scream this time which caused Danny to laugh even more.

Melissa then alternately bit and tickled my exposed torso and to my surprise, my cock began to grow. There was something deep inside me that felt not only was this right but it felt good. Her fingernails raked across my back and across my chest. She tickled with a feather and slapped my stomach and chest hard. Then she cut what was left of my shirt off and made it into a gag and tied it in my mouth.

Then she undid my pants! “Shit, will you look at that cock!!” Danny said as my half erect cock fell into view. I had stopped growing at about 10 inches, but the base of my cock was nearly as big as a soda can and the head was only slightly smaller than a queue ball just before I would get off. Melissa ran her hands over it and murmured, “I must be living right to get a bull like this!!!”

She then got something that looked like a modified broom handle and fastened my ankles about four feet apart. Like this, I could barely get any weight off of my arms and I was about to call the safe word when she knocked the wood blocks out, lowering the ropes just a little. The slack let me rest most of my weight once again on my toes.

Melissa was starting to stroke my cock, when suddenly Danny stood up and screamed at me. “You think you can take my bitch from me?! Do you??!!” Then he grabbed Melissa by the back of her hair and lifted her up to look me in the eye. “This bitch is mine!!” Then he moved behind her and grabbed the halter top she had on and ripped it apart with his bare hands, letting her breasts tumble into view. “You see these? They are mine, and I can do with them what I want!!!” He then roughly grabbed a breast in each hand and squeezed down on the nipples causing them to darken in color immediately and Melissa let an involuntary whimper.

He then bent her over at the waist and put her hands on my hips. “Stand like that, you whore! I want to show this punk how a man takes a woman. He then lifted the short skirt she had on and I saw her large creamy ass cheeks come into view. He then undid his belt and dropped his leather belt and a raging cock sprang out of his dark nest of curls. He slapped the belt under her and caught the other end. Now he had a way to pull her back into him. With a savage thrust he entered her from behind as he looked me in the eyes. “Look down at her ass! See how I am banging her? She owns you, and I own her so you are even more mine than hers!!!” he shouted at me.

His cock was coated in her wet juices and each time he thrust into her, her soft hair moved over my cock. She was digging her nails into my hips to secure her hold, but the excitement of seeing her be taken in such a brutal and a****listic way served to make my cock rise more and more. Within minutes, Danny was convulsing as the waves of orgasm crashed out from his loins to shake him to the core.

Melissa turned and knelt before Danny and sucked him clean before he stumbled back to his chair with a smug look of satisfaction on his face.

She then walked past me and I thought for a moment she was done with me, but she released the ropes holding my arms up and then walked over and sat next to her husband.. I stood there with my legs spread wide, rubbing circulation back into my arms when she suddenly said, “Well? What are you waiting for? I showed you what to do!! If you serve someone, you clean them, now get over here and clean me up!! NOW!!”

I waddled my way over and fell down before her. I could not use my knees because of the spreader bar so I had to push myself up with my hands and arms in order to get my face up to her thighs. She then grabbed my hair and thrust my face deep into her dripping wet pussy and commanded me to lick!!’ I had no choice and so did my best to eat the cum that dribbled out of her while tasting her juices that she wiped on my face and mouth.

After a few minutes, Danny got down and undid the spreader bar so I could better hold myself in Melissa’s sex. I was so relieved and was just starting to really concentrate on tonguing her pink clit when the first crack of the whip fell on my back. I yelped and she moaned and Danny laughed. “Hit him again!” Melissa said and Danny did. About six strokes of the big whip later, Melissa shudder in a gushing orgasm that squeezed out the last of her husband’s cum along with an ocean of her juices which I raced to lap up and drink.

Danny continued to flog me as I worked feverishly to clean Melissa’s soft white thighs and pussy of all foreign fluids. She was crooning now and I could hear Danny beginning to breach heavily from his exertion.

“Enough” she said and she stood up and led me over to a low bench with a hole cut out in the middle of it. I was ordered to lie down so that my junk was hanging down through it. Then I heard the cranking of a windlass and I felt the bench begin to rise off of the ground. When I was about five feet up, they locked the chains in place and then fastened my hands and feet to the chain with manacles.

“Danny, would you clean him up? You know how I hate a hairy cock.” Melissa said, as she walked back over to her chair and sat with her legs splayed wide open. I watched mesmerized as she cupped one of her breasts to her mouth and sucked on it while her other hand opened her pussy up and she showed me the delicate pink folds of her labia.

Danny lathered up my cock and balls and seconds later, I felt the unfamiliar friction of a razor, shearing off the curls of my pubes. I held my breath, and then I felt him begin to stroke my cock while he removed every hair. Melissa’s fingers were slipping deep inside her and moving about and then coming back into view, covered with her sweet nectar. She then moved the flat of her fingers across her clit, again and again and moaned and rocked her hips.

My cock was aching for release and Danny’s firm strokes were speeding me ever closer. Melissa came with a silent shudder, her head thrown back in a scream only heard inside her mind. I knew I needed only a couple more strokes to be there myself. I heard Danny pick up something, but the rapture of the woman before me held my attention.

That was when the bucket of ices water was slammed up against the bottom of the bench and immersed my over-heated cock and ball in a frozen hell. I screamed and I watched as Melissa’s back arched in rapture as she touched herself just lightly again. “Yes, Scream for it!!! Scream for me, you horse cock!!” she yelled!!

I began to blubber like a pre-schooler as I felt every bl**d vessel in my privates go from full dilation to full constriction in the matter of a moment!! Danny splashed the bucket back and forth so the ice cold water splashed over me again and again, causing me to tear up and cry!!

He then set the bucket down and lowered me down so I was now at about waist height. He did not say a word and I was too busy just trying to comprehend what had just happened when I felt a gloved hand with heavy lubrication, slide a stubby finger low in my ass crack and almost immediately zero in on my anus!!!

I started to wiggle and his other hand came down hard, with a stinging slap across my ass cheek. “Don’t you even try to resist, or I will just fuck your rosy little hole with no lube and you can sit with a tear in your brown eye for the next week!!” I froze still and soon I felt him slid in one knuckle, then another deep into me.

Melissa got up and walked unsteadily over to the bench and picked up a small, black conical shaped butt plug. She brought it over to me and told me to suck on it, which I did. I tried to think of anything other than the now two fingers that were trying to f***e a passage into my out door. I felt Danny’s other hand reach below me. “Damn, he is a horny slut. If I did not know any better, I’d swear he was nearly completely hard again, already!!!?

Melissa moved to the other side of me and I felt her hand also start to rub on the tip of the head of my cock where I knew the strings of pre cum had to hang. “I think you are right! He likes all of this!! What a good pain pet!!!” she crooned, just before yanking viciously on my cock.

Danny took the butt plug from my mouth and slowly pushed it into place deep in my sphincter. I closed my eyes and told myself I did not like this, but there was no denying the fact that my cock was now fully erect and dying for release. I began to beg for my release, but they laughed.

Melissa suddenly announced, “My boobs need sucked.” Danny walked over to the winch and, with a few turns of the handle had me raised right to her breast level, where she, unceremonially plopped her heavy breasts, a scant few inches from my mouth while Danny called out, “You two have fun, I’m going to go order get some pizza

I sucked and licked and had Melissa moaning. Within a few minutes she lifted her breasts, walked over and got some things and returned. “You are my guest here, I shouldn’t neglect you. I am so sorry. Here, let me help you with that huge fucking cock of yours.” I felt her hold something roundish against the base of my cock and then she taped it in place. She then came back and plopped her boobs right back in my mouth.

While my mind raced considering what could possibly be going on, I felt a sudden tingle and then shock go through my cock!! She had taped some sort of small rounded vibrator to the base of my cock which she now varied the intensity of at will!!! I sucked on her breasts and I could tell from the sounds of squishing that she was once again playing with her pussy. She kept urging me on, “that’s it! Suck on Mommies bit tits. See how hard they are!! They like the way you suck, keep going….” Then she was screaming and cumming and I bit down on her nipple and she froze in a silent scream as the sensations and shock flowed through her nervous system!! It was all too much for me and I splattered jet after jet of my cum down as she aimed my cock at the floor!!

She kept the vibrations going as she came over and over again until she finally collapsed on the floor.

A few minutes later she released me and walked back to her throne. I stiffly got up and realized the butt plug was still lodged deep in me. I began to remove it, but was scolded and instead was f***ed to come over and clean up my Mistress with my tongue. I eagerly complied and discovered I had covered her legs and feet with all kinds of thick globs of cum.

I was just finishing when Danny opened the door and came down. He set the stack of pizzas on the bench and said, “Looks like I got here just in time. But my knees don’t feel like doing cold concrete tonight. “ I could hear him raising the bench up again and Melissa said, you have done that very well, but I want you to suck my tits some more, come over here.”

She led me to the elevated bench and went to the other side. She then had me lean across it so my face hung down to her boobs. Danny handcuffed my arms around her and I found no matter how I moved, her woman flesh was perfectly there for sucking; so that was what I began doing.

Until I felt Danny behind me a few moments later, tugging that butt plug out! At first I was relieved with the knowledge that it was out. Then I realized what was happening, right as I felt his cock start its journey between my cheeks. “Don’t resist him, my pet. It is going to happen; you might as well not get hurt!”

I buried my face in her soft breasts and suckled and tried to ignore the pressure and then the pain of the violation on my virgin ass. He probably took it easy on me, but those first few minutes as he fed each painful inch deeper into my ass was an agony I only endured at Melissa’s urgings and encouragement and the incredible delight of sucking on her flesh.

Then he began to slowly piston in and out of me. What had started out as intense pain, soon changed to pressure and then, in the most perverse way, pleasure. It was not very long before my own cock was again rigid and Melissa reached down and began to expertly stroke me. Danny came first with a roar. The echoes of his yells had not even begun to fade when I grunted and then let loose a guttural yell of my own, in response to which Melissa shuddered her own orgasm before pulling her nipple away!

That was my first night of six months of “Living the life” as a submissive. I know, you have wanted to know how it is that I learned to mix pain with pleasure to heighten the sensation of an orgasm beyond mind blowing. That first night was my INTRODUCTION to so much more!! I learned how to use 100 rubber bands to make a person nearly suffocate, and how to tie breasts and other body parts so the sensitivity of being touched with a single feather can start the dominos of a huge orgasm crashing. They taught me a about sensory deprivation to increase what you can handle and we each violated every ounce of humanity in the other at one time or another over the next few months.

But they moved to the West Coast for a better job for her. I have not heard from them since. But that is why I got into the whole BDSM culture. All of it intrigues me and piques my interest, from the costumes to the gear and supplies. But I really think that it is the psychology of it all that has drawn me in the most. I am not that different from you. I am driven by a need to both understand and be understood.

That was why I asked about all of your boyfriends when you first moved in. It was and it was not a purely prurient interests. It was not the details that excited me, but your willingness to share them with me and thus start on an adventure of exploration like none I have had before. When you told me about learning to give head, and how you had mastered the art not just of not gagging on a throat job, but humming to send a guy over the edge… I was proud.

Then you caught me checking out you when you were changing clothes, and you called me a perv. At first I was afraid you would leave, but you seemed to become even more forgetful about closing the bathroom door when showering. You started wearing nothing but your frilly lingerie around the house and I would have to eventually retreat to my bedroom and relieve myself.

Then you caught me. You had been walking around in that shiny silky royal blue tap set, sitting cross legged on the couch, just right so I could see your shaved pussy. I had stayed out there as long as I could with you, pretending to read, but actually looking at the words of the same page for nearly an hour before finally giving up and heading to my room. I grabbed a pair of your panties from the laundry on the way back to my room and was planning on coating them when it came time to explode.

Then, you barged in. I was in mid-stroke, full-erection and lust filled, and you throw open the door and start to ask if I had a couple of dollars for gas. But you never asked. You just stood there staring. At least you did not run. Some girls have. You stared. I was stuttering and stammering; mortified, if truth be told. Then you came on into the room and got down on your knees next to the bed. I could feel the steel beginning to drain from me as I saw you look over at your panties on the bed. If I could have died, I would have.

Then you picked up your panties, you wrapped them slowly and lovingly around the base of my cock and you lightly stroked my shaft, moving my hands out of the way.

When you licked your lips and rolled your eyes up at me, I groaned. I had imagined and dreamed of that sight for months, but nothing prepared me for the emotional tidal wave of seeing that lust for me in your eyes. When your pink tongue snaked out from between your lips and you lightly traced the under lip of the crown of my head, I thought I was in heaven.

You sat back on your heels then and looked up at me, without judgment and without disgust. Then you pulled one arm in your shirt and then the other and you lifted off that soft fabric to show to me your perfect full breast. Your nipples were hard and dark, your arterioles large and coloring with a slightly darker color as they filled with the bl**d of your lust.

You took the soft fabric of your top and ran it across my balls and thighs as you rocked back up and with your other hand, directed my stiffening cock at your lips. You are a goddess of sucking!! I have had lots of pleasure over the years from women, but that night was the first time that I felt perfection!!!

You drained every drop and when I fell back on the bed, you stood up, dropped your tap pants and walked around the bed. Then you mounted my face and said so quietly, “Eat me b*****r.” And I did. Your sex, your nector, your juices all ran down my throat in streams and I drank it hungrily. I delighted to allow my tongue and lips to search out the perfect spots and pressure and touch to make you shudder in sheer delight. Your hips rocked, directing my attention, but the finest adjustments were mine to make, and I made them the best I could to give to you the pleasure you had already given to me.

Then you took my hands and crushed them against your breasts, your firm, full and young breasts and with a couple of pinches, you shuddered and lost the little control you had had remaining. I never wanted to stop and I held you there as you swore and laughed and groaned in pleasure until I thought we would both have some explaining to do to the neighbors, if not the cops.

I finally released you to roll off of me, and that is where this began.
You wanted to know where I had learned to do the things I did to you… and now you know.

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