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Off to College

I sat on the edge of the tub and watched as my mom dried herself off. She had just got out of the shower and was getting ready to go out with some of her friends. My mother or father never worried about me seeing either of them naked and thus I was used to being naked around them. I can remember coming into my parents room right after they had sex, the fuck smell and seeing my mom's pussy all creamy, my dad walking around with a wet limp cock. A few times I would peak in the door and watch them fuck. This went on all thru high school and now I was a month away from going off to college.
I often wondered about sex with my mom. I was never lucky enough like some of the other guys on this site where they lose their virginity to their moms. I fucked four girls thru my high school years.
My mom is not a bad looking, about five foot two inches tall. About one hundred twenty five pounds. Nice "C" cup boobs, black shoulder length hair. Nice wide hips with some great tan lines. Mom has some dark pussy hair, just enough to add texture but not enough to need trimming. Mom has a nice ass for being in her early forties.
As I sat there and watched as she started to work on her hair, the thought of fucking her crossed my mind. All I was wearing was a pair of boxers and my cock grew hard. Mom started to say that she would miss me once I am at college. She said she really enjoyed having me around. I told her I would miss being here also, especially watching her getting ready. We both laughed and then mom asked me if I thought she was good looking. She said dad does not tell her that she is pretty any more. I told her I thought she was hot and that dad was lucky to have her. I bet mom that she must get hit on alot when she goes out with the girls. Mom blushed and said maybe. Mom asked if I had any luck with the girls and I told her I did okay. She then asked if I was a virgin and I told her that I had sex with four girls and was ready to try some more at college.
Then I went back to mom getting hit on. She blushed some more so I pressed the issue and she said that she had a few affairs with men she met when out. I could not believe it. Mom!! Really! Mom said that she has a few drinks and then if a cute guy keeps pestering her she will give in for a quickie. She said she was sure dad would do the same thing. Then mom said that it was not often, maybe four or five times in the last couple of years. My cock grew harder at the thought of my mom doing some stranger in the parking lot or the back of a club. I was not sure what else to say so I told her any man would be lucky to have sex with her and that I thought she would be a great sex partner. Then mom asked me if I ever thought about sex with her? I told her sure I did, I was thinking about it right now. This seemed to make her happy as she looked at me with those "fuck me" eyes that women get.
Mom then said that she wondered what it would be like to have sex with me. My heart stopped for a second. Mom had turned to face me and was leaning back against the counter, I had a great front view of her whole naked body. She then smiled and asked me if I wanted to have sex with her right now. I about fell over, what? She said it should be okay as I was eighteen and so what if we had sex. Then she walked over to me, I could smell her pussy and her tits were right in my face. She said since we both had thought about it why not go for it. She reached down and fondled my cock, her okay and stood up and we went to the bed.
I dropped my boxers and climed on the bed with mom. We started to kiss and our hands searched each others bodies. Moms pussy was dripping wet and smelled great. My cock was hard as steel and pre-cum was dribbling out the end. I could not believe that I was getting ready to fuck my mom. Mom seemed to really want me and she seemed ready to fuck. Finally mom pushed me down and stradled me and quickly lowered her steaming cunt down onto my cock. Her pussy fit my cock like a glove. Mom slowly worked her hips back and forth on my cock. She looked deep into my eyes and said that she not wait for me to fill her thirsty pussy with my sweet cum. She started to pick up speed, the inside of her vagina rubbing the end of my cock head. I was going to cum in another second. I could not hold out any longer and thrust my cock up into mom as the first rope of cum shot out of my cock. Mom flet this and screamed out that she was cumming also and she started to thrash about as I continued to flood her womb with my juice.
Mom collasped on top of me with my cock still buried deep inside her and still hard. We were both breathing so heavy and we were sweating. I rolled mom over onto her back and proceeded to fuck the daylights out of her. She was moaning and clawing at my back. I could not get to orgasim again before I blasted another load deep inside her. I pulled my limp cock from her pussy and surveyed the damaged. Moms little bit of pussy hair was coated with our juices and cum dribbling from her gaping cunt and running down to her ass crack. I had fucked mom well and she was satisfied. Mom told me that was one of the best fucks she had ever had. Mom said she wished we had starting fucking years ago. She asked me if I would fuck her some more. I pushed my semi hard cock into her gooey pussy and told her that I was going to fuck her every chance I got which I did until I went away to college. Then we would fuck like teenagers whenever I would come home or she came up to visit me.

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