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My aunt and her boyfriend part 2

IT would be better for you to read part 1 first for background.
Its friday morning and as i am getting ready for school i hear mum shout dont forget i am at work tonight so go to aunt jennys straight from school, it is amazing how fast time can sometimes go as i hadnt realised it was a month since i had stayed at my aunts, i had also not really thought about what had happened last time but now it was all i could think of, school past quickly and i went to get the bus to aunt jennifers, it was a good forty five minute trip and i spent it thinking of my last visit. i got to my aunts house and as always walked straight in, jennifer was in the kitchen, she said go put your things in the bedroom and come down for tea, i did as i was told and sat at the table the meal passed with us making small talk and when finished i went to watch tv. About half an later jennifer came in and said come with me i want to talk to you, i followed her upstairs to her bedroom, she was sat on the bed and told me to sit beside her she put her arm around me and said i know all about last time steve told me everthing, do you really like silky girly things? and did you like being played with? i was in shock and tried to stammer a reply but it didnt come out, dont worry she smiled at me its ok and we will have have some fun together,she then said get undressed and come into the bathroom, i followed her in where she told me to stand in the bath and rub this cream all over you,i did as i was told and she then took the cream and rubbed it in the places i couldnt reach lingering over my bum and between my legs she then said stand there till i come back, she went out and i could hear her in the bedroom, when she came back she turned the shower on and washed me all over and i could see what little hair i had being washed away, jennifer then turned the water off and told me to dry myself i did and went into the bedroom where she was sat on the bed , come here and let me dry you properly she said and then sprayed me all over with perfume, my little sissy has to smell nice she told me,jennifer then said look what i have for you and showed me a girls uniform for my school and a pile of white underwear, as you like nice silky things i have got some just for you come here and lets get you dressed, i walked over and pit a lacy bra around me and clipped it together, i think we will have to get padding for next time she said as she then put a deep suspender belt around my waist and said here sit on the bed,she then rolled a pair of tan stockings up my legs and the pulled me up so she could fasten the clips as she did this she pulled the suspenders tight, next came a pair of panties to match the bra, when i got these on jennifer gave me soft silky full slip i put it on and she said walk around let me see you, i walked across the bedroom and jennifer then sat me at her dressing table and tilted my face up to her, i am going to put some make up on you so stay still, this seemed to go on for hours but it probably only took minutes, some pink lipstick to finish with and now i will brush your hair she said and then lead me back to the bed, jennifer then gave me a white blouse and a grey pleated skirt then had me sit and she put a pair of white frill top socks on over my stockings, and followed with a pair of mary jane shoes with a 2 inch heel. OK now walk around so i can see you properly and put the blazer on, as i walked around jennifer asked how i felt, i looked at her and said i am not sure but it does feel nice, she then said we are going downstairs as steve was now home, i pulled back and said i wasnt sure about steve or anyone seeing me like this, jennifer then turned on me and said listen to me billy you are my f******n year old sissy nephew and you will do as your told! , she then said so lets go, jennifer led me down to the lounge where steve was sat on the sofa. Meet billie she said as she pushed me towards steve he looked at me and smiled come here billie he said and sat me on his lap, as he did this he put his arm around me and started to kiss me , i pulled back but he pulled me to him and f***ed his tongue into my mouth as he was kissing me his hands then stated to feel me he squeezed my nipple through my blouse and bra and ran his hand over my stockings and up my skirt, steve kept feeling and kissing me he then stood me up and stood in front of me and started to undress when he was naked he again pulled me to him as i stood in front of him he lifted my skirt and slip and said very nice, i then felt jennifer pushing me down so that i was on my knees between steves legs he reached forward and kissed me then pushed me down towards his cock as it touched my lips i tried to keep my mouth closed but he held my head and pushed it in, i could taste the precum on the tip as it went into my mouth steve started to push it in and out pushing it further in everytime as it touched my throat i gagged and i heard jennifer say gently its his first time, steve then told me to suck on it as hard as i could , i started to suck on it and steve kept fucking my mouth, he was getting faster and harder and i could feel his cock swelling in my mouth, steve then held my head and grunted as he came in my mouth telling me to swallow it you sissy bitch, i did the best i could but some of his spunk spilled out and over my face and lips. Steve then pulled out of my mouth and stood up, he walked to the kitchen a nd jennifer helped me up and cleaned my face, she then quickly touched up my make up,steve came back in finishing a drink he came over to me and said take your blazer off and come here he then pushed me over the edge of the sofa as he did this jennifer sat in front of me and held my hands, i felt steve pull my skirt and slip up he then slipped my panties down and off and pushed my legs apart, i then felt some thing cool being applied to my anus as i was feeling this i felt a finger slip into me this made me jump and squirm i then felt a second finger push in as steve was working at my hole as his fingers made me relax i felt them pull out, i then felt the hardness of his cock trying to push its way in this hurt like hell and i could feel tears in my eyes, jennifer then put a small bottle under my nose she told me to breathe in deeply i took six or seven deep breaths and asi felt light headed i also felt steve cock slide into me i was still in pain but the poppers and steve gently fucking me made the pain subside to be replaced by pleasure as he started to fuck me properly i heard him say something to jennifer about me being popular and she said one thing at a time just fuck him and make him feel good , he was now fucking me with long hard thrusts and as he held my hips his hands would slide over my stockings, his thrusts suddenly became harder and faster and he was almost lifting me off the sofa as he fucked me i breathed deeply on the poppers as i felt his spunk shoot into me i could actually feel it hit the inside of my arse , steve held his cock in me till it started soften, he then pulled out and i felt empty,he told jennifer he was going for a shower, she told me to put my panties back on and follow her she took me to her bedroom and said lie on the bed, she laid down next to me and put her arm round me and cuddled me to her, she ran her hand over my leg and under my skirt, asking me how i felt? i just lay there as her hand went over my panties and she felt my hard cock, she pulled my skirt up a took my cock out of my panties, as she gently wanked me she told me i had been very good and asked if i had enjoyed it? i said didnt know how i felt but that i had loved it, i asked if i could have some more poppers, she smiled and gave me the bottle i held under my nose and inhaled deeply as i got higher and higher she wanked me harder saying that there was more to come,as she said this i came all over her hand,she then said get cleaned up there is a lovely nightie on your bed and that we will talk in the morning.
this is part 2 if there is interest i will i will continue

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