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My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 4 &nda

My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 4 – Tricia’s Initiation

“Oh my god!” I thought as the first track started to play. My body started to tingle as I felt my mind melt away.

The next thing I remember is pulling into my driveway, Cindy must have had the CD on auto-repeat. Tricia bounded out of the car and hugged my wife who was waiting for us on the porch.

“Aunt Beth, I’m so glad to see you. I need to talk to you about my boyfriend. My mom just wouldn’t understand”, Tricia told her.

Beth said, “Everyone come inside, a snow storm is on the way. I’ve got dinner made and we can talk!” I grabbed Tricia’s bags and followed the girls inside. I left our purchase in the trunk till later.

As we sat down to a spaghetti dinner, Beth said, “So Tricia, What seems to be the problem?”

“It’s my boyfriend Chad, he’s being a jerk! He wants me to give him my virginity, and I just don’t want to. I want it to be my choice, not his” said Tricia.
“I want it to be special; I have a big favor to ask. I want Uncle Mark to be the one to take my virginity. I want to suck his cock and feel his cum in my mouth!”

Beth took Tricia’s arm and said, “I like to see Mark fuck other women, but are you truly sure this is what you want?

“Yes Aunt Beth, I decided on the ride home from college. All I can think of is Uncle Mark fucking me!”, said Tricia

Then for me to share him with you, you’ll need to understand a few ground rules”, replied Beth

“Mark fucks me and your grandmother. I have had a tubal ligation and your grandmother has already gone through menopause. You however are a fertile young thing not on birth control and Mark may fuck you, but only with a condom on.” Said Beth.

“The other ground rule is me and your grandmother get something out of this. We both love pussy too, so you’ll need to satisfy us as well! Do you agree to these rule?”, Beth asked.

Tricia answered, “well, I have a little experience experimenting at college with my roommate.
You may have to show me what to do.”

I just sat there quietly smiling.

I finished my dinner and went to the car to get our new toys. There was already a good 3 inches of snow on the ground. Cindy called Tricia’s parents and told them that Tricia would be staying at my house and she would drive over with her grandma tomorrow. Tricia’s parents said Chad was there and had a new 4x4 and was coming up to get her, would I mind?

“No, send the boy up tomorrow after the storm. He can join us for lunch and then they can drive back. Just tell him to be careful”, I said. The gears in my mind turned quickly, not only would I have Tricia, but her boyfriend Chad as well! I bet I will love the feeling of burying my cock in his ass!

I told the girls to give me an hour as I had some contract work to finish in my studio. They said this was perfect as the could prepare Tricia, Cindy winked and said, “I’ll let you know when we’re ready.”

I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice!

I carefully prepared some MP3s of ambient music for Chad.

As usual I made the first track with the ecstasy binaural brainwave experience simulation file mixed into it.

I then put the following messages into the subsequent tracks:

Tricia’s Uncle Mark is your master
Tricia is your mistress
You will do whatever your master or mistress tell you
You love to suck Mark’s cock
Mark’s cum tastes like chocolate
You will beg for Marks cum
You love to suck Mark’s balls
You love the feeling of Mark’s cock in your ass
Tricia is the only woman you are allowed to have intercourse with

On the last track, I put an afterglow binaural brainwave experience simulation file.

I then prepared some MP3s of Michael Buble for Tricia

As usual I made the first track with the ecstasy binaural brainwave experience simulation file mixed into it.

I then put the following messages into the subsequent tracks:

Uncle Mark is your master
Aunt Beth and Grandma Cindy are your mistress’s
You will do whatever your master or mistresses tell you
You love to eat pussy
You love to suck tits
You love to have your pussy eaten
You are Chad’s mistress
You like to humiliate Chad
You like to see Chad get fucked by other Men
You like to see Chad be fucked by other men
You will only let Chad have intercourse with you if you want it

On the last track, I put an afterglow binaural brainwave experience simulation file.

Just as I finished making the files, my pants started to vibrate, Cindy’s signal that they were ready for me. I proceeded to the bedroom and was greeted by a glorious sight.
Cindy and Beth were totally nude flanking Tricia’s head who was lying in the bed dressed in one of the naughty school girl uniforms with a ribbon tied in her hair.

“Mark, your naughty niece is ready for you”, said Beth. I quickly undressed and got in my king size bed; I lifted up Tricia’s skirt and saw her reddish-blonde pubic hair.

I moved up over Tricia and Cindy positioned my cock with her pussy. "Now, you're going to have to break your hymen dear. Do you know what that is?” said Cindy

"Of course, grandma." Tricia replied.

"All right, just checking. Mark, are you ready?"

"Ready, willing and able." I replied

"Tricia, take him slowly at first. Then when you're ready, have him thrust down hard. That's the easiest way. After we break your hymen, we’ll put a condom on Mark", said Cindy.

Tricia said, "OK, here goes." She took my cock into her hand and guided it into her vagina. She felt a tiny twinge as she stretched to take me in. Slowly, Tricia pushed down until she felt resistance, held it there a couple of seconds, and then pulled out. She repeated this maybe a dozen times, until she could take me deep without any pain at all. Finally, holding her breath she had me thrust all the way inside her. She let out a loud yell, and then lay motionless for a few seconds. God, she thought that hurts so much. Or does it feel good? The two feelings are fighting for control. She finally decided the pain was defeated; the feeling of pleasure grew strong and started spreading. She turned to Beth and grinned. "It's in, Beth, it's inside me! And it feels good," Tricia exclaimed. Beth smiled and replied, “Slow down honey, we need to put a condom on your Uncle now!”

“Ok Aunt Beth”, said Tricia.

Beth had me pull out; there was a little bl**d but not much. She placed a condom on me and guided me back into Tricia. As I began pumping my niece, Cindy and Beth both started removing Tricia’s top and started sucking her breasts.

Tricia felt an orgasm building deep inside her. She felt like she was on fire. She grabbed my ass and pushed me as far as she could into her pussy. "Fuck me, Uncle Mark" she screamed, "Fuck me with your cock! Deeper! Oh God! Fuck! Faster, Fuck me faster! Oh god, I'm going to cum! Oh God, please don't stop! Oh, oh, oh, cummmmming!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, Tricia's body convulsed into a violent orgasm, her juices became a torrent on my cock. Spraying out of the sides of her pussy!

I withdrew my softening cock and Beth removed my condom. She then said to Tricia, “since you have given Mark your most precious gift, I will give you his!” She then poured its contents into Tricia’s mouth. Tricia gagged a little but swallowed it down hole!

Cindy moved between Tricia’s legs and started cleaning up her juices with her tongue. Tricia started moaning as her grandmothers tongue started going deeper and deeper inside her pussy. Cindy put a hand behind her and started massaging her clit.

Beth started sucking my cock back to firmness as I lay on my back and started sucking Cindy’s tits which were bobbing over my head. Cindy was the first to blow, as she orgasmed Tricia squirted into her grandmother’s mouth.

All 3 girls then changed positions, Tricia started licking Beth’s pussy and Cindy started to apply, lube to my anus. She brought out a prostate massager and slowly pushed it into my ass. I jammed my cock into Beth’s mouth and she sucked it eagerly.
After several minutes of this dual massage, I sprayed my load down my loving wife’s throat.
As I did this she convulsed as Tricia’s clit licking sent her over the edge.

I said, “Ok girls, lets get some sl**p. Tricia has a lunch date tomorrow and I want to have a talk with this young man, I grabbed my pants and fished-out and handed Tricia an MP3 player, “Here listen to this it will help you relax tonight.”

Tricia trotted to the guest room while Cindy and Beth snuggled up with me in the bed. I smiled as I thought what tomorrow would bring.

By: Draugrmaker

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