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Adrian meets Martin for the first time

It was a warm summer afternoon and after college i walked to the park to sit in the sunshine. I was quietly siting on the grass mound behind some trees reading my text books when the new boy who had just joined my class came and sat next to me. His name was Martin, I knew he was having difficulty fitting in as some of the guys said he was 'gay' or 'a puff'. I had noticed him but for different reasons, his large brown puppy dog eyes and floppy blond hair that he flicked over his forehead. One day in class as I was sitting behing him and the Sun was shining through the window, all I could see were hundreds of soft golden hairs running down the nape of his neck. I sat there at that Maths lesson, ignoring the numbers and imagined myself nussling up and down his neck kissing those soft golden hairs. I think he got picked on and bullied because, basically he was a very 'pretty' boy. He had a full mouth with cherry lips and as i have described before deep brown puppy dog eyes.

Well now he was sitting beside me on this Summer afternoon. I noticed as he sat down he still had his white football socks on from the mornings training. Martin, 'why are you still wairing your football socks from this morning, they must be a bit sweaty by now'. Martin replied, 'I like the feel of them pulled up my legs, like stockings'. I asked 'do you like sweaty socks' Martin replied by taking my shoe and undoing the laces. He put my shoe up against his nose and sniffed. I then kicked off my other shoe and shoved both my white sports socks onto Martins face. I grabbed his shoes and licked at the leather before taking them off and sniffing them inside. The warm smell of boy sweat and hot leather made me hard immedietly. I sucked away at the damp socks, sucking and sniffing as Martin took my socks off and got his toungue flicking between my toes.
We both grabbed each other and had our first kiss. Our toungues flicking in and out of each others mouths. Martin was the first to undo my trousers, he pulled down my boxers and took my hard cock in his mouth and started to kiss and lick it. I swapped round and we 69 each other, Martin sucking my cock and me sucking his cock. I really loved licking his hard cock and getting my nose into his pubes, i loved the scent of boy sex. Within 5 mins we had both cum, still dripping down our chins we snowballed our cum back and forth for a few mins before swallowing.
By now the sun was going down and after a last kiss and cuddle we got dressed.
We swapped socks and boxer shorts, so we could sniff each others kit later that night.
Just the first time of a fantastic journey with Martin my Angel sent from Heaven.

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