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Moving to a Retirement Community

Chapter 14
All I could do was stare.
I thought I was imagining it, but there it was, a cock!
Barbara has a cock between those beautiful legs.
"I guess you hate me now, don't you?" she asked.
While I'd been staring at her crotch, she'd raised up on her elbows and was looking at me. I could see sadness on her face.
I found that I wasn't mad at her though. I could feel the pain she was in and I reached out to touch her cock for the first time.
"Don't!" she said.
"Buy why?" I asked.
"Because I'm a freak!"
"No you're not. You're lovely," I tried to assure her.
"No, I'm not!" She practically yelled at me. "I'm a freak."
"Are you a transgender?" I asked.
I could hear her sobbing on the bed, and I lay down beside her, taking her into my arms and hugging her closer.
"No. I'm a hermaphrodite." It was a simple statement. No hate. No hurt, well not a lot anyway. Just a statement of fact.
"I was born this way. I had to grow up never letting anyone know about my 'condition'. Only my parents knew, and the doctor who delivered me, of course."
"What about your husband?" I asked.
"He was amused with me. I was something he had that no one else did. He really did love me though and I loved him just as much."
"Is this why he wanted a divorce later in your marriage?"
"Part of it. He was bi-sexual and he loved to have me fuck him after he'd fucked me. But as I got older it got to be harder for me to get an erection and by the time he finally asked for the divorce I could only get it semi hard, not enough to where I could fuck him anymore. He found a woman who had a bi-sexual husband and they invited him to join them and he did. He moved in with them that very night and I've never heard from him again."
"That must've really hurt."
"It almost killed me. He did promise that he wouldn't say anything about me to anyone, and as far as I know, he never has. I've always been grateful for that little bit."
"What have you done since then?" I asked.
"I put all my energy into training. I lost all that excess body fat I'd gained after he left me. I stayed away from other men, afraid of what they might think of me. I moved into another house, got another job and just started my life all over again. I never wanted to be hurt again."
"What happened then to change all that?"
"I met Helen."
"And who is Helen?" I asked.
"Helen is like me, a hermaphrodite. She was slightly younger then me at the time but we seemed to hit it right off. She told me about her 'condition' and told her of mine, but she already knew about me. Seems she'd heard my ex-husband talking about me at a bar one night. He'd gotten so d***k he was talking about his past sex life or, as he put it, his lack of such. I felt bad about it, too, but Helen was there for me that night and we ended up in bed. One thing led to another and before I knew how it happened she was between my legs and fucking me with her cock."
"How did you feel about that?"
"I was totally surprised that there were others out there besides me. Sure, I'd heard of others but I figured I would never be lucky enough to actually meet one myself. I've heard that the odds of that were almost a million-to-one. I asked her to move in with me and by the end of that first week we were all settled in."
While she told me her story I could tell she was beginning to relax just a bit, so I didn't interrupt her any more. I let her tell her tale and made up my mind to be there for support. She needed to get all this out and I was glad that I could be there to listen. People I've known over the years tell me I'm great at listening and offering great advice, though for the life of me I can't understand why. Oh well.
"Our sex life was wonderful," she continued. "It was all I could hope for. We were like two peas in a pod, if you'll pardon the expression. We seemed to be able to read each other’s moods, knew what we wanted, knew how to sexually satisfy each other. It was amazing. I never wanted it to end." She got quiet at that point and I could tell that something was wrong. She leaned in closer to me, laying her head on my shoulder and, by the way her body was shaking, I knew she was crying. It wasn't in great sobs, just a slow sort of shaking and I soon felt the tears she shed as they dripped off her cheeks and onto my shoulder. Again, I said nothing, choosing instead to let her have her cry and hoping it would make things a little easier.
Finally, after about twenty minutes she straightened up and I got another tissue and handed it to her. Once she'd dried her eyes and wiped her nose she started telling me her story once again.
"We'd been together for about 8 months and things couldn't have been better when she discovered a lump in her breast. We immediately got in touch with her doctor and scheduled a mammogram. Two days later we got the bad news. It was advanced breast cancer and it was fatal. Apparently she'd had it for some time and nothing was going to be able to arrest the advancement. The doctor told us it was already in her lymph nodes and we sat there in the examining room, hugged each other for dear life, and cried both our hearts out.
"Six months later she was gone and once again I was alone and in a deep depression. Luckily for me my neighbors knew something was wrong. They'd long ago assumed that we were lesbian lovers and when Helen passed away they jumped right in and helped me cope, but it wasn't enough. I didn't drink, I didn't binge on d**gs, I just withdrew into myself for a while. With the insistance of those neighbors though, I was able to get to a doctor and he put me on medications for the depression. It took a while but I was soon almost myself once more. I was able to go out and have a good time, but when I did go out I'd sit in the back of the bar, deep in the shadows and do my best to avoid everyone. Eventually I moved closer to the dance floor and into view of all the patrons and I reluctantly began to accept invites to dance, but I never did take a drink. Several of the men tried to hit on me, but I always put them off, explaining that I was a lesbian and not interested in a hetero relationship. That worked, and I found that I did have to embarrass myself trying to explain who I really was."
"Why did you approach me then?"
"I've heard some good things about you since you moved here and I wanted to see if they were true," she told me. As she did she squeezed my hand and I could feel the warmth radiating from the contact. Honestly, it felt good, too.
"Do I meet those standards?" I asked.
"Above and beyond."
"Just out of curiosity on my part, who have you been talking to?" I asked.
"LuAnn Lister and I are very close friends," she told me. I've known her for over 6 years, going back to before we both moved here. I trust her instincts and she told me I should get to know you, so I watched for you to take one of your walks and decided I liked what I saw and then joined you. I hope you're not upset."
I returned the squeeze to her hand and placed my right hand against her cheek, drawing her towards me and then I kissed her. She returned the kiss and before I realized what was happening we were both lying back on the bed, me slightly on top of her and massaging one of her breasts, pinching a nipple and feeling it instantly hard and begging for more attention. I lowered my body and moved to her right breast, where I took that nipple into my mouth and proceded to slick, suck and nibble on it, drawing moans of pleasure as she pushed her chest up against my mouth.
With one hand I moved down to her crotch, completely avoiding her cock and, lifting her sac up slightly, concentrated on that moist opening between her legs. I caressed her labia, thumbing her clitoris as I did. Her juices were freely flowing, giving me plenty of lubrication to work her clit. I probed deeper with two of my fingers feeling that wetness covering them. Withdrawing them I brought them up to my mouth and greedily licked off her nectar, savoring the taste. I moved further down her body stopping briefly at her naval, where I gently probed into that shallow crater and then moved still lower. Again, I avoided her cock, licking gently on her sac and then went further and started licking her outer lips, gently sucking them into my mouth and swirling my tongue against each side. Then I worked on her inner lips for a while and finally settled on sucking on her clitoris. I pulled her lips open with my fingers and dove as deep into her as I could, cupping my tongue and gathering all the juices I could, eventually swallowing all of them and then gathering more for me to devour as well. Her hips were rocking up and down by that point, pushing her open hole up for me to work on, which I gladly did. I planted my mouth over her opening, sucking and licking at the same time, flicking against her clitoris, getting her to cum in my mouth more than once. She was constantly moving and gyrating against me. I moved my mouth from her hole and moved up, finally taking her semi-hard cock into my mouth. It was unlike any cock I'd ever sucked on. Since she couldn't get a complete erection I was able to take her into my throat with no difficulty at all. Her rod seemed to mold itself to my tongue and I sucked and licked and slurped her pre cum as it appeared on the cock head. Even though I'd already eaten that sweet fruit of her loins, I still hungered for more, but I also wanted much more.
I pulled off her cock and moved upwards once again, this time spreading her legs further with my knees as I approached her box. My cock was stiff and ready and it easily slipped right into her, like a finger into a glove and in no time I settled against her crotch with my cock embedded deeply into her. Her warmth felt so good on me, too. She squeezed her pussy muscles and gripped and held onto my cock. She was massaging me while I was busy fucking her and we got to moving together and didn't stop until she was once again cumming all over me, this time coating my cock and enabling me to slide even further into her abyss. She bucked and I fucked and between the two of us the movements brought her to several raging climaxes. I held back as long as I could but the wetness, the massaging, and the constant movement of my foreskin up and down on my cock head soon became too much and I emptied into her snatch, shooting at least 6 times before I began to shrink. I held myself in her as long as I could, finally slipping out as I settled down beside her on the bed.
The last thing I remember that night was her wrapping her arms around me, kissing me on the cheek, and then falling off to sl**p. I don't think it was much longer before I joined her.

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