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Sucking his first cock

I would like to begin by saying that english is not my fist language so I want to appologise for the mistakes that I'll make. That said, enjoy my fantasy about you sucking my cock.


One day, i was walking, enjoying the nice weather. On my way back I decided to stop at the local fast food to buy a soda and go to the bathroom. I was at the urinal finishing my business there when you come in the room and take place next to me. I took a quick look at you and I liked what I saw. A good looking young man who look a bit shy. When I looked at you in the eye, you froze for a second and then turn you head away. That amused me so I decided to give you a little show just to see how you will react.

So before putting my cock back in my pant, I took a small step back and start to shake and stroke my dick. Then without turning my head, I look at you from the corner of my eye and you are staring at my cock. So I took my chances with you. I slowly turn my head and when I'm sure that you are looking at my dick, I ask you with a firm tone, "What are you looking at?"

You snap out of you trance and say with a nervous voice, " Nothing, I'm sorry"

"What you mean nothing. I Know that my cock is not that big but in not NOTHING"

"That's not what I meant. Your cock is ok"

"So, you were looking at my cock"

"Yes, but... no... I mean... "

"Stop babbling, you were looking at my cock. I don't care. What do you think of it? Do you think it looks nice?"

"Well.. Yes it's nice..."

"Would you like to see more of it? Maybe play with it?"

"Well... no... I'm not into that kind of thing..."

"Really? Why you cock is hard then?"

You look down at your own cock to see your erection come straight out of your pants and wiggling around with each of your heartbeat.

"It's ok man, if you want to have some fun, follow me."

I but my dick in my pants and leave the bathroom. I walk slowly in direction of my apartment, not looking behind but knowing that you are following. At my place, I unlock the door and then, turn around, look at you. smile and tell you to come inside.

You'll come with me in the living room. I stand in front of you, just inches away. I can feel the heat of your body.

"So, you're sure you want to do this?" I ask you.


"what do you want to do?"

"I want to look and play with your cock and... I want to suck it."

"Did you do did it before?"

"No,it'll be my first time"

"Ok, we'll go slow. Start by rubbing my crotch and feel my cock"

Hesitantly, you place your hand between my legs and grab my cock and balls. In an instant I start to get hard.

"It's warm and growing bigger and harder" you tell me.

"Keep going and when you want more, unbuckle my pants and take my cock and balls out"

You keep rubbing for a while and then start to open my jeans to finally free my dick. You're staring at it without moving. Softly, I ask you to touch it and feel the hardness of my cock and the softness of my freshly shaved balls. In one and you take my cock and squeeze it firmly and jerk slowly. With your other hand you massage my balls.

While you're like in trance playing with another man's cock and balls for the first time, I ask you to get on your knees to have a closer look. Without hesitation, you kneel on the floor before me and I can feel your breath on my crotch.

Even without experience, what you're doing is turning me on a lot. Looking down at you I ask in a soft voice:

" You see that drop of precum forming on my cockhead? You can lick it if you want. You'll see it taste really good "

You hesitate a few second. Then bring your mouth closer to my cock, take your tongue out and with the pointed tip, lick the precum.

"Do you like it?"

"Yes" you answered almost out of breath.

"That's it, lap it all up. It feels good. oh yeah. Move your tongue around to cover all the cockhead. That's it cover it with saliva. You're learning fast."

Whit those encouragements, you lick my cockhead not only with the tip of your tongue but all your length and with. I can feel the warmth of it on my dick and it makes me shiver.

"Now work on the sensitive edge of my cockhead. Wrap your tongue around it."

God your good. You're working your magic on my cock and I'm really getting hot.

"Lick the hole length of my rod. From base to tip. Lick it all. "

This feel good but it won't make me cum. It will just keep me on the edge and makes me build up a big load of cum. You keep licking from base to tip. Stopping from time to time to lap up the precum oozing out. You really getting into it. You love the taste and feel of your first cock. You lick, lap and tickle my cock while lightly massaging my balls. Time for the next step I thought to myself.

After a while, I take a step back to make you let go of my cock and balls. There you are, on your knees looking at my hard cock waving in front of your face.

"You licked my cock all over. You like the taste of it?"


"Did you liked to play with my balls?"


"Would you like to taste them and feels them on your tongue?"

"Oh yes"

I drop my pants to my knees to give you a better access and let you lean forward to kiss, lick and suck on my balls. You're going crazy on my freshly shaved balls. Licking all over. Sucking one ball in your mouth, then the other. While you're savoring my balls, I push down on my cock to rub it on your forehead and spread my precum all over. You really loving it and me too. I'm really getting close.

"Now it's time for the real thing. Put my cockhead on your tongue and wrap your mouth around it. Then slowly go down and take my cock in your mouth. Nice and slow. Don't try to take it all. Just take as much as you can and still be comfortable. Make sure to use your lips to protect my cock from your teeth and go up and down on my dick. You think you can do it? Do you want to do it?"

"Oh yes! I wanted to do this all my life. I'll do my best to please you."

"Go for it then."

With a trembling hand, you grab my cock at the base and pull it down toward your mouth. You look at the cock head covered with precum. You lick your lips to make them all wet and slippery. While opening your mouth you cover you teeth with you lips and form a perfect O in witch you guide my cock. I shivered when your lips touched my cock and at the same time you moan softly with the satisfaction to start sucking your first cock.

You push your mouth down on my cock slowly savoring every inches as it slide between your tongue and the roof of your mouth. Just before my cock went too deep in your mouth and make you gag, you pull back. Then you start going up and down on my cock building a nice rhythm. Up. down, suck, lick. Without thinking about it, I start to move my my hips back and forth to fuck your mouth but you want to be in control. You then grab my ass and stop the motion of my hips and take back the control of the sucking. As you suck like a pro, making my precum flow in your mouth, you start massaging my ass et sliding a finger in my crack lightly brusing my asshole and I like that a lot.

As you hear my breathing getting heavy, you know that I'm getting close. You pull back, only keeping my cockhead in your mouth and start to brush the edge of it with your tongue. My dick is so sensitive that your tongue play takes me over the edge and make me cum in your mouth. Shot after shot, my cum spray in your mouth filling it more and more. Your lips are sealed tight around my cock so every drop of cum stays in your mouth and when it's full you have no choice but to swallow. You then slide down my cock once again and start to milk my cock to get every drop of cum. My cock is so sensitive and you're sucking so hard that my body is shaking out of my control.

After a few minutes, you let go of cock, sit back on your hips and look up at me with a big smile. I look back at you, you look so happy.

"So, you liked sucking my cock?" I ask you.

"Oh yes, it was great"

"You liked the taste of my cum?"

"it's the best thing I ever tasted."

"Happy to ear that."

"Will you let me do it again some time?"

"You can suck my cock any time you want baby. You done a great job and with practice you'll only get better. So I'll be happy to let you suck me."

Then you leave making sure to give me your phone number and telling me to call whenever I want and blowjob.

The end


Since it's my first story and that I'm not used to write in english, please leave me your comments.

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