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Glory Holes

This will be a short addition to my last story. As i said I started to visit that bathroom almost everyday. I was about 17 when I first went into a adult video arcade. I know i looked older then I really was but never thought they would let me in. Now I know that having a young boy in the booths is just what they wanted but I just thought I caught the guy at a good time and he just let me go in. This was back when they still had 8 mm movies. I got a hand full of quarters and went to explore. I went into the first booth and dropped my quarter. I watched my first xxx video. I had jacked off a lot of times to my dads porn mags but had never seen it on film. You would think after watching my mom and dead fuck so much that a movie would be a waste of time. There was something about being in a booth in a adult video store that just made it more interesting. I watched a girl give a guy a blow job then he went at her doggie. The camera was right up in her crotch and i got to see up close what I had only seen through a window or peeking through a door. I now could see the pussy juice streaming down her ass hole and the guys dick plowing her cunt was bigger then any I had ever seen before. I was hard as a rock and had trouble pulling my dick out of my fly. The guy shot his load on the girls ass and the camera showed it from inches away! Damn!

I headed to a different booth to watch another movie. This one was about half way down. I went inside closed the door and dropped my quarters. This one had a girl lying on her back with a close up of her playing with herself. I had watched my mom do this a lot and had actually licked her pussy when she was finished cumming. It always made her cum again and i loved the taste of her cum in my mouth.

I started to look around and noticed that there was a hole between this booth and the one next to it. I sat down on the chair and looked through it. The guy in the next booth had his dick out and was stroking it as he watched his movie. On my screen a man had come in and was getting ready to fuck her cunt so I started to watch. I took my dick out and just let it grow to it's full length without touching it. I liked to do that and just let it jerk and throb. I pulled my balls through my fly so everything was free. I liked to grab just my balls and squeeze and pull on them letting my dick do as it may. I looked back through the hole and watched the guy jerking off. I split my time between the movie with the man fucking her deep with her legs in the air and the guy pumping his cock in the booth next to mine.

The guy leaned down to see if I was watching him. i let him see that I was and it didn't bother me. He moved over closer to the hole and watched me stroking my cock. i figured if he wanted to watch that was fine with me. I was thinking about leaving and going to the park to get a good suck when the guy tapped his finger on the edge of the hole. I didn't know then what he wanted. He leaned over to the hole and said "Stick your dick through and I'll suck it."

Well it wasn't a new thing to have a guy suck on my cock. I stood up and then I realized how stupid I was that I hadn't figured it out before. The hole was cock height when I stood up. I slid it through right into the waiting mouth. It didn't take long for me to loose my load.

I went to three different booths that day and was sucked in each one. I was young and stayed hard but I started to feel sorry for the last guy. He must of worked on my dick for a good 20 minutes before he got his reward.

I now had two places I could go to get my dick sucked. Well three if you count my mom but that was only when dd was out of town. Girls my age very seldom took my dick in there mouths. It was to much trouble with all the begging. I'd eat their pussies and lick there cum up but they would never let me shoot in their mouths.

All I needed to do was stick my cock through a hole and it got sucked no questions and no begging. I told a few of my friends that I knew a place where I could get my dick sucked anytime I wanted. Most of them said I was joking. One of my close friends asked where and i brought him with me to the video arcade. It wasn't until after he got his rocks off that he realized it was a man that sucked him.. He was pissed but then we started to make it a regular routine to go to the arcade and get our dick sucked.

We started to suck each other off but thats another story.

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