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This story is purely fiction.

Waking up

He found himself surrounded with darkness, so dark, not even a hand before his face could be seen, not that he could lift his hand, or any other part of his body for that matter, though he tried, but discovered his wrists in solid handcuffs behind his back, feeling the hard unyielding metal and the sound of the very short chain between the links.
The cuffs in turn, were fastened to a ring bolted securely to the floor, making him lay on his side the only possibilty of posture.
His ankles were just as securely tied by hard metal to each other, connected to another ring in the floor, forcing his knees to be slightly bend backwards, keeping them f***ed at that angle.
His neck was put in a posture collar of similar material, he could feel the heaviness of it, holding his head to the floor sideways, and a thick inflated gag, going deep into his mouth and blindfold, both with small padlocks securing them behind his head.
Waking up such, wondering first, then schocked an affraid, thinking how got to be where he was, where ever it, might be, or who had put him there or for how long he had ben there already during his sl**p.
He, a 25 year old man, average of height, in fairly good shape and look, shortcropped dark.
He lay there a while, he couldn't say for how long, as the sense of time was lost completely.

Eventually he heard a door open to his room, and to figures, both male, entered his small prison, an small it was, a little square room 2,5 meters by 2,5 meters,padded soundproof walls, with nightvisioncameras in the top corners, leaving no part of his cell out of view of the cameras, though his blindfold prevented him from seeing this.

He tried to speak, tried mind you, but managed only very very faint sounds, barely heard through the gag, recognizing their victim was awake, the jailers began leering at the man on the floor, spitting on him an throwing degrading names at him.

They began"looks good what we found, this should give us a good toy to play with".

The other one agreed on the comment, completing it with the need for proper training, and that they might start right away.

The prisoner felt one of the men go hehind him, and felt could lube being injected with a little syringe into his ass, followed by a long rubberdildo, that was f***ed into him.

The prisoner squirmed, but chained as he was to the floor, the articial cock was stuffed in mercilessly, all 10 inches of them, followed by ducttape securing it firmly in the crotch and around his waist.

That being done, the jailers left with small laughs and closed the door with a solid sound reverberating in the small dark room.

To be continued.

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