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My First Cock

My name is Betsy and I would like to share with you some of my sexual adventures. The first one will be how I came about losing my virginity. I was in my teens at the time. I had known about sex however, I had never done anything with another boy. I had a girlfriend whose name was Janet and I had done some experimenting with her. We had kissed and played with our pussy together as well as fingering each other.

I had been rather shy through school but that was about to change as my body changed. My boobs grew fast in my teen years, as did the hair around my pussy. At fifteen, I was 5’ 3” 135 lbs with 36c breasts and a bushy pussy. I had what I considered a big ass however I had overheard boys at school saying I had a great ass, “One that was made to take from behind.”

The only bad thing about me at that time was that I wore glasses. I had worn them since second grade. k**s at school made fun of me my calling me four eyes and other names. k**s teased a lot during school and I did not make friends well. However, that started to change when my tits grew big.

Boys at school started to watch my tits bounce as I walked down the halls. Some even tried to talk to me but I ran from them as I thought they were going to tease me again. I also started to notice that older men were checking my big tits out as well.

I was at the store one day and this older man about in his forties started to follow me around. It scared me at first until I looked down at the tank top I had worn that day. The tank top had a built in bra and the tops of my breasts showed nicely. I also noticed that my nipples had grown hard and they were poking through the front of my tank top.

The man followed me around through the store. After awhile I felt my pussy start to tingle. I also saw that he had a big bugle pressing outward in his pants. I got scared and I ran from the store. However, I fingered my pussy like crazy for days thinking about him.

During the summer when I was fifteen, I went to a f****y reunion with my dad. My mom and dad had gotten divorced when I was ten and I spent every other weekend with him as well as more time during the summer. Dad came to pick me up at my mom’s house Friday night. He told me about the f****y reunion when he got there.
“You may want to bring your swim suit as it is at the lake,” dad said to me.

I ran back upstairs to get my new two-piece red bikini I had gotten for this summer. It was tight on me in just all the right places. It caused my boobs to swell up over the top as well as showing some tit from the side. The only thing bad about it was that the hair at the sides of my pussy showed out of it when I was not careful.

Come Saturday dad and I went to the reunion. I knew everyone one there however I had not seen them for a few years. I have a cousin by the name of Danny however his goes by his nickname, which was Turtle. I was standing by my dad when Turtle came over. He talked to my dad about how he would be off to the army in a couple of weeks. After they were through talking Turtle started to walk away but then turned back toward me.

“Betsy, is that you?” Turtle asked staring at my tits, which were in a tank top with my new red bikini under in and a pair of jean shorts.

“Yes, it is me,” I replied smiling at him.

Turtle was eighteen years old six foot tall with a rather muscular build on him. I stared at his big biceps as well at his well form chest. I checked him out from head to toe. I also noticed he was checking me out as well.

Turtle finally took his eyes off my tits as he asked, “Care to go play volleyball?”

“Sure why not,” I replied.

Turtle and I joined the others in a game of volleyball. His eyes were feasting on my big tits as the tank top was showing a fair amount of cleavage during our game. He would brush up against me from time to time feeling my tits and my ass as we played. He would bump into every now and then and when he did his hands always seemed to brush against my tits. When I fell over trying to go for the ball Turtle always helped me up and more than a few times his hands brushed against my ass. When our game was over turtle came over to me.

“Would you like to go out onto the lake in the rowboat?” he asked me.

“Sure I would,” I replied not thinking anything of it at the time.

“I hope you brought your swim suit as you might fall out of the boat,” turtle said.

“I have it on,” I replied as I pulled my tank top over my head.

My full set of tits came into his view. He stared at them with his mouth hanging open as I removed my shorts next. His eyes went to my crotch as I pulled them from myself. His eyes fixed on my pussy as he stared. I looked down to see just what he was looking at. I saw that my pussy hair was sticking out one side of my bottom.

I tucked my hair back inside my suit as I said, “I am ready if you are.”

Turtle and I got into the rowboat and he rowed us around the lake. I was checking out the muscles in his arms as he rowed. His biceps would bulge each time he pulled the oars toward himself. We talked as he rowed us around the lake. He asked me if I had a boyfriend and I told him no.

Turtle rather smiled when I told him that. He stopped rowing and he removed his shirt. His chest muscles matched the muscles in his arms. I felt my pussy starting to tingle as I watched him rowing again.

Turtle rowed us to a back cove on the lake and he jumped from the boat into the water. I followed him and we swam around splashing each other as we did. Turtle came over to me and he grabbed me from behind to dunk my head under water. When he did, his big hands were all over my tits.

“Opps sorry about that,” Turtle said when I came back above the water.

“It’s OK they do get in the way sometimes,” I replied smiling at him.

Turtle wrapped his arms around me pulling me toward him as he asked, “If I kissed you would you scream?”

I smiled, as I replied, “Probably not.”

Turtle’s lips met mine as we were soon kissing deeply. I felt his tongue entering my mouth. I pretty much knew how to kiss as Janet and I had practiced on each other. As his tongue explored my mouth, I felt something big and hard pressing up against my pussy under the water. I moved my hand down there thinking something had floated between us.

My hand touched something big and round and I realized that it was his hard cock poking against my pussy. I broke our kiss when my hand felt his hard cock. I stared into his eyes as I backed away from him.

“Sorry about that sometimes he gets in the way also,” Turtle said with a little laugh.

Turtle swam back to the boat and I followed him. He pulled himself up into the boat. He turned toward me looking down at me in the water. I was looking up right into his hard cock that was tenting the front of his shorts. I had seen some big cocks in magazines before and now I was seeing one right in front of me.

Turtle held out his hand as he said, “Let me help you into the boat.”

His hand grabbed mine and he pulled me up into the boat. He took me into his arms and started to kiss me fully on my lips. I kissed him back as well. I felt his hands grabbing at my butt pulling me into his cock. Turtle moved his lips from mine and started to kiss at my neck slowing working his way down.

My body had a strange and wonderful feeling running through it as he did; my pussy was tingling as he kissed the tops of my breasts. I did not fight him as he pulled my top under my tits. Turtle licked and kissed his way around my breasts.

“Ahhh,” I moaned softly as he started to suckle at one of my nipples.

Turtle moved his mouth to my other breast as I felt his hand slipping down the front of my bikini bottom. His finger ran through the hair of my pussy pulling at them as they did. I felt his finger touch against my pussy lips. I pushed myself away from him removing my tit from his mouth and removing his hand from my pussy as well.

“We better stop,” I said as I put my tits back into my bikini.

Turtle came toward me as he replied, “I don’t think so.”

The next thing I knew Turtle had me across the bench seat in the rowboat. His hands pulled at my top as well as at the bottom of my bikini. His eyes looked like eyes you would see on a monster during a horror flick. Turtle pulled my top and my bottoms from me.

“Stop it turtle and take me back,” I yelled at him.

“Shut up bitch,” Turtle replied as he slapped me across my face. “I am tried of you little whores teasing and never putting out,” he added.

I was in shock over that he had slapped me. I somewhat just lie there for a few seconds not knowing what to do. However, turtle knew what he was going to do. I felt his hand going between my legs. He rubbed it roughly against my pussy. His fingers pulled at the hair of my pussy as his fingers went against my pussy lips. I tried to push him away but he was to strong and I could not move him. I yelled and screamed for him to stop.

Turtle slapped me again as he said, “You have better me quiet bitch or else.”

By the sound of his voice and the look in his eyes, I knew he meant it. I started to cry as I felt his finger working its way up inside of my pussy. Turtle ran his finger in and out of my pussy a few times. I cried even more when I felt him adding another finger then another. Turtle worked his three fingers in and out of my pussy roughly. He withdrew his fingers and they were all wet from being in my pussy.

“Just as I thought you are saying NO but your pussy wants it,” Turtle said as his hands went to his shorts.

Turtle unzipped his shorts and he pulled them down. I looked to see his big throbbing cock in front of me. It looked huge to me. It had a big round fathead on it and the veins were full of bl**d at the side of his cock. His cock danced throbbing up and down as I stared at it. I had only seen one this big in magazine.

Turtle took one hand and f***ed my legs apart as his other hand wrapped around his big cock. Turtle was on top of me and between my legs before I could even react. I felt him rubbing his cock at my pussy as he squirmed between my legs.

“Stop please stop,” I screamed as I felt the head of his cock go between my pussy lips.

He did not instead, he shoved his cock deep up into my pussy as I screamed, “PLEASE TURTLE STOP,” “It’s too big and it hurts.”

“Just relax bitch and it won’t hurt so bad,” Turtle replied shoving more of his cock into me.

Turtle buried his big fat cock deeply into my pussy. He did not just leave it there to let me get use to it. He started to fuck my pussy deep and hard with his cock. I squirmed under him trying to make it come back out of my pussy.

“OWWww,” I yelled out as I squirmed under him.

Turtle just kept slamming his big cock in and out of my pussy. In a few minutes, either I relaxed or my pussy did. His big cock started to feel better up inside me. In fact, my pussy started to tingle and throb as his cock fucked me. I wrapped my arms around his back trying to pull him tighter against me as I started to pump my hips up toward him.

“I knew you would love it you fucking slut,” Turtle laughingly said as he started to pound his cock in and out of my pussy.

God I had never felt anything as wonderful as his cock slamming in and out of my pussy. I had loved the feeling I got from my own fingers or when Janet worked hers in and out of my pussy. However as he fucked me my whole body was tingling and I loved the feeling running through my own body. I could hear wet smacking sounds as he rammed his cock harder into my pussy. The next thing I knew I felt my eyes closing and a wonderful sensation filled my body. My thighs started to shake and my pussy felt as if it was opening and closing.

“AHhhhhhh Fuck me,” I screamed out.

Turtle slammed his cock a few more times then he buried it deep up inside me. He moaned as I felt his cock jerk then twitch deep in my pussy. I felt something flowing into my pussy and something running down my thighs.

Turtle collapsed on top of me as I felt his big cock slip from my pussy. I felt shit running from my pussy as his cock came out from it. Turtle got off me as he stood up in the boat.

He looked down at me then at his cock as he said, “Damn I done took your cherry bitch.”

I looked at his limp cock, which still looked huge as it hung there. His cock had my bl**d and his cum dripping from it. Turtle jumped back into the lake as I sat up in the boat. I looked between my legs to see that I was a mess between them. I had bl**d and cum all over my thighs and on my pussy.

I dipped my towel into the lake water and cleaned my pussy and thighs of the mess. Once I had wiped cum and bl**d from myself I put my swimsuit back on and I sat there. I was confused and hurt.

My pussy was sore from taking his cock but at the same time, I realized I had enjoyed it. My cousin had f***ed himself on me no he had ****d me to be honest with you. I felt disgusted with myself as well mainly because I had enjoyed it. I sat there not knowing what to do.

Turtle climbed back into the boat. He did not look at me as he slipped his shorts back on then his shirt. Turtle turned to me as I sat there with my arms around myself. He came over to me and his hand grabbed at my chin on my face. He pulled my face up to where I was looking at him.

“You better not tell anyone bitch after all you enjoyed it as much as I did,” Turtle said as he sat down.

Turtle rowed us back across the lake with me just sitting there staring at him. Turtle told me I was nothing but a fucking slut who wanted fucked and that I had enjoyed it as well. He told me he would have had me suck on his cock but figured I would bite him.

I really was not paying any attention to him for I was thinking about how wonderful his cock did feel after I got used to it. I was also thinking maybe he was right it the fact that I was a slut because of how much I had enjoyed it. As Turtle rowed the boat ashore, he looked at me.

“Remember what I told you about not telling anyone,” “It won’t matter anyways as I am leaving for the army soon anyways,” Turtle said stepping from the boat.

He turned back and he held out his hand to help me from the boat as he did he added, “If you really want to know you were one hot fuck and the men are going to just love those tits and that hairy pussy on you.”

As soon as my feet hit the shoreline, I ran to our car. I put my shorts and my top back on over my swimsuit. I sat in our car crying over what had just happened. I was confused about it as Turtle was right I had enjoyed his big cock fucking me. I finally calmed down and joined the others at the picnic table. I sat next to my dad on the picnic table and I looked across to find Turtle sitting there as well.

“So did you enjoy your boat ride,” Dad asked me.

I did not say anything but turtle replied, “She loved it.” “Didn’t you Betsy?” turtle then asked.

As I looked at him, I felt my pussy start to tingle and throb, I smiled at him as I replied, “Yeah it was wonderful I guess.”

I never told my dad or any adult what Turtle had done to me mainly because I was ashamed that I had enjoyed it so much. I would not see turtle again until later in my life as he did go into the army shortly after our picnic.

The only person I did tell was Janet my best girlfriend. I told her how he had ****d me but that his big cock had felt so wonderful up in my pussy. Janet seemed to love to hear me tell her about what he did to me as well. I will be writing more about my sexual adventures. Let me know if you enjoyed it.

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