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Mom Caught Me

I was home from school early and I had the house all to myself. Mom wouldn't be home from work for at least an hour and a half, or so I thought. Like any other f******n year old I planned to do what every other boy my age did. Play with my cock. My latest fantasy was my mom. She was gorgeous. She had flaming red hair and green eyes and a perfect body. She was slim and fit. We were very close and held nothing from each other, except this. I had developed a fascination with her panties. I found a pair in the laundry recently and examined them. They were black and lacy. I notice a white stripe in the cotton part where her pussy would have been. I held them up to my nose and smelled them. My little cock sprang to attention as I inhaled the musty scent. I took them to my room and jacked off smelling them. I swear it was the best cum ever.
Back to today. I got a pair of her panties, a pink pair out of the laundry. I took them up to my bedroom, pulled them over my head, with the crotch up to my nose and was jerking off furiously when I heard mom say "oh dear, excuse me." I had been caught. How embarrassing, jacking off with my mom's panties on my head. She said no more and just turned and walked out of the room. She didn't say anything at dinner or after. I kissed her good night and went to bed at my regular time, still embarrassed as hell every time I looked at her.
I had just settled into bed when mom knocked on my door. She came in and sat on my bed, dressed in her bath robe. She said we need to talk, I apologize for barging into your room this afternoon but, you need to close your door when you are doing that. Everyone masturbates but, you should do it in private. She said she was curious about her panties.
"Why did you have those over your head, Timmy?" she asked.
I told her that I smelled a pair from the laundry and they made me get so horny, so, I have been doing it like that for awhile. I asked what that white streak was and mom told me it was a discharge that women got down there. She reached over and stoked my cheek saying "it's ok to be curious about women, at your age I was curious about guys. As she reached over her robe parted and I saw her nipple. It was big and brown. She saw where my eyes were going and grabbed her robe to cover herself, but she hesitated. She asked "Timmy have you ever seen a woman naked?" I just shook my head, no. She shucked her robe off her shoulders and kind of pushed out her chest. I stared at her perfect tits. They were not real big, but, they were beautiful. She said I could touch them if I wanted to. I tentatively reached out and squeezed them. Mom sighed. I began to rub the nipples and noticed them getting harder. Mom moaned and said I could suck them if I wanted. I did. I leaned over and took a nipple in my mouth and began sucking like I was a baby with my eyes closed, while fondling the other one. I opened my eyes and saw that moms robe had opened in her lap and there was a tuft of red pubic hair peeking out. I stopped sucking and looked at it. Mom looked at what I was staring at and opened her robe all the way. She asked if I wanted to see what a pussy looked like and I again nodded. She laid back with her feet flat on the bed and spread her legs wide. Her pussy was trimmed, but, still had a lovely patch of flaming red pubic hair covering her pussy. She showed me her pussy, opening the lips and explained all of the parts to me. She showed me where her clit was and told me it was very sensitive like the head of a penis. She had me get down between her legs and get a close look. I noticed a drop of whitish liquid at the bottom of her slit and asked if that is what made the white streak. She told me that it was and I reached down and picked some up with my finger, tasting it. My cock was now tenting my pajamas and I thought I was going to cum. I couldn't help myself. I mashed my face into her pussy and began licking. Mom gasped and grabbed the sides of my head and guided me to where she wanted my tongue. I went up and down her slit from her clit to her asshole and back to her clit, where she held me. She told me to suck on it and I did. I started to swell in my mouth. I was so into it, I forgot about my hard cock which was soaking my pajamas with precum. I sucked her for a couple of minutes when she clamped her thighs against my head and squealed " I'm cumming" I felt a squirt on my chin as her pussy pulsed in my mouth. Mom sort of collapsed and pull me up beside her. She started to kiss me gently and I saw tears in her eyes. She reached down and grabbed my hard cock and said " Wow, this needs some attention." She slid down and took in into her mouth. I couldn't believe it, my cock was in something warm and wet. I didn't last long, I don't think she sucked me over a minute before I grunted and shot my cum into her mouth.
To be continued.

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