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My first adult cock : part 1

I'm not sure why I came into my sexuality so early but I am sure that I brought a good many other "guys" into thier sexuality early as well. As well as girls for that matter, it didn't matter what your physical sex was, I wanted to play any nasty games I could coax you into. The nastier or "kinkier" the better, kinky being a word or label I had no knowledge or understanding of at that time. It seems ignorance is bliss or at least for me it was, it allowed me to forego sexual experimentation all together. Ignorance of labels, stereotypes, inhibitions or any manner of measuring one's sexual practices allowed me to iniciate and participate in any and all sexual ideas that entered my mind or may have been presented to me. I was very intuative and manipulative so in most cases where someone may inciate a sexual encounter with me it was usually cause I sensed thier desire or coaxed some clue from them. Usually I was perpetually putting out subliminal signals to anyone I came in contact with that sparked excitement in me. I became quite skilled at stirring sexual desires in people then fanning those flames till they would iniciate or pursue thier desires with me, in short, I'd make them aware of thier desires, teasing them subtley till they'd act on them, all the while thinking it was all thier own idea.
I give this prolog so anyone reading this may gain an idea of how early I came into my sexuality, and how I became aware that I was naturally submissive and how I learned to satisfy that appetite. The day I so deservedly was fed hot cum from an adult mans cock was a beautiful sunny california saturday. I was in my very early teens and was on my way home from a friends house, I had never had sex with this particular friend and had been ignoring my natural appetite for cock for a few days. I suddenly found myself unable to ignore my desires and told my friend I could no longer participate in our days plans. If he only knew that I was gonna try to meet up with two or three of our mutual friends from school and have a hot, dirty all boy orgy. Guys we had history and gym class with, guys whose cocks I'd sucked in the bushes near our bmx track while Danny waited for us to show up. Guys who had thier tongues or eveready teen cocks pushed deep into my asshole on my livingroom floor while we ignored Danny's knocking. I had had deliciously filthy sex with most my friends, my two best friends Darin and Mario I never had sex with. Both of them had older b*****rs who had graduated, and this day with all the cocks I've had I still count those two in the top 10. Mario's b*****r cause he was 10 thick inches of selfish degrading latin cock, he only liked to mouthfuck me but he definately knew how to do it. Darin's older b*****r Doug remains high on the list because of what a dirty, kinky dominant overbearing pervert he was, he had a pretty nice cock too. As I began walking from Danny's house that morning it was definately Doug I was hoping would be home alone at Darin's house, still half d***k from a friday night kegger party, still horney and frustrated from striking out with some dumb slut. It had been a little over a year since Doug had started training me to be his dumb slut. Though it's quite simple to teach a student who wants it, who wants to learn. Though I don't think Doug had any idea how badly I wanted it, I still give him credit for being a good teacher, he definately taught me how to be his dumb slut, and how much I truely enjoyed being a dirty little sissy cocksucker. As I walked I kept thinking of how many times I had to "accidently" walk into the bathroom after he had showered and let him catch me glancing down at his cock, barging into his bedroom to relay one of his and Darins moms messages and catching him in his boxers. Until that friday night thier mom was out of town and Darin and I had gotten into his chronic and Darin had passed out. Doug came home from a party d***k, I was in the bathroom all buzzed smelling a pair of Doug's dirty underwear, rubbing them all overy face as I jerked my little dick. I never heard Doug's Nova pull into the drive, when I heard him coming down the hall he was only a couple of feet from the slightly cracked open bathroom door. I threw his underwear on the floor at my feet and turned quickly towards the toilet acting as though I were peeing, hoping like hell he'd go right past to his bedroom. Suddenly the bathroom light was on and I forgot all my teasing, forgot how turned on I was only seconds before inhaling Doug's musky underwear as I invisioned all the times I'd seen it as I pulled at my little dick. I was terrified, probably beet red as he said "what a ya doin jerking off in here scrub", "I...I...umm" was all I could mutter, not realizing his question was just normal razzing rather than him actually realizing what he just walked in on. As I muttered, I'm just peeing we both looked down at his underwear at my feet, as I kicked them away he looked at me strangely. He asked, "where's my b*****r" as he stepped closer shutting the bathroom door behind him. I think I whispered, "he's passed out in the bedroom" as I watched Doug squeeze and pull at his crotch adjusting himself as he stepped closer. He f***ed me between the sink and the toilet as he spoke in a low condisending tone. "Well now I'm gonna piss", I pulled my underwear up slowly as Doug opened his pants continuing to speak to me with distain in his voice. "And since you like barging into the bathroom when I'm naked and starring at my cock you little fucking peter gazer, your gonna stay right there and watch". It was as though he was speaking from far away as I watched him pull his open pants half way to his knee's, my eye's locked on the thick outline of his cock in his boxers. I was waiting to see his big mushroom head poke out the front access of his boxers when suddenly I could hear his taunting, belittling voice clearly again. He pushed his boxers and pants down past his knee's now standind straight up in front of me as he squeezed and pulled at his thick cock, shaking it in my direction. "This what you wanting to see all the time fag" he asked me in a degrading tone as he squeezed and stroked it towards me, it looked bigger, thicker to me now than it had in the past, it was so much closer to me now less than a foot from my face. It looked veinier, nastier then before I could smell it as I stood there u*********sly rubbing my hard little dick through my tight whites. I was snapped out of my awe by Doug's degrading, insulting tone as I looked up at him realizing he'd been watching me rubbing my hard little pecker as I gazed at his much bigger cock. "Look at you your a little cock loving sissy fagot", I just stood there next to the toilet starring up at him in embarrassment and shame as I experienced the result of all my fantasies and subtle teasing.
Before I had time to think past the humiliation I was feeling or notice that my hard little dick had shrunk to a soft sticky noodle in my underwear. Doug jerked me back into the reality of my naughty games I had been playing on him for almost a year. He suddenly had a firm grip on my wrist and was telling me how a nasty teasing little sissy bitch like me should know how to handle cock. As he said "cock" he f***ed my fingers to rub along the top of his veiny dickmeat. My shame and humiliation were instantly gone as I felt his big dick, his belittling condisending tone was enticing as he instructed me to wrap my fingers around it. "Go on fagot wrap your fingers around it, I have to piss thats as good a place as any to start your training". As I squeezed his thick cock I felt excited at how much girthier and heavier it was than the cocks I was used to touching and sucking. I was incredibly aware of and turned on by the smell of Doug's cock, it's aroma seemed thicker than the younger cocks I was used to, it had a deeper , heavier dank musky smell, it seemed dirtier for lack of a better description. All I new was that between the way it felt in my hand and how it smelled excited me much more than I had imagined. "Don't squeeze it too tightly bitch or you'll keep my piss from coming out and it'll be harder to aim" Doug's instructions interrupted my imagining what such a big smelly cock would like, but they excited me in dirty way I can't explain too. "And you'll be on your hands and knee's wiping up what piss doesn't make it into the toilet with your fucking underwear sissy, you hear me" ? I could feel my little dick hard as steel in my sticky underwear now. I held his cock gently in my fingers, staring intently at his peehole as I aimed it into the toilet. As I walked up Foothill Blvd remembering how dirty and ashamed and indescribably excited my best friend's older b*****r made me feel that night I became insanely excited. My cock was trying to push out the top of my op shorts. I began looking back at the oncoming cars thinking the earlier in the day I got there the better my chances of catching Doug home alone and the more time he'd have to use my nasty sissy ass. I hesitated to put my thumb out cause I didn't think I'd be able to hide my hard on anyway. Then I remembered exactly what it lookef like when hot piss began spraying out of Doug's peehole. I felt the same filthy exciting feeling wash over me that I felt that night as I watched and felt a thick meaty cock spraying piss as I held it in my fingers. I kept looking back now feeling myself becoming unable to control my insatiable need to be used and fucked humiliatingly. "Aim it bitch i'm pissing on the toilet seat" were the only words i heard till Doug stopped pissing. Until he hissed "Sit fagot" at me forcfully turning me towards himself and forcing my ass down onto the wet toilet seat. I just kept glancing up at him then at his thick musky cock that I had just wittnessed hot piss spraying from as I held it. As Doug spoke down to me in a low growl I became itensely aware of the wetness in the ass of my tight whites as I sat on the toilet. The musky aroma of his cock now only inches from my lips and nose seemed so thick I swear I could already taste it. I was so nervous, so scared and so excited I couldn't speak as I wanted to say his name unsure if it was to beg him not to do it or beg for it. "Now your gonna learn to suck cock sissy", he said as he stroked his thick smelly cock closer and closer to my face. I felt so much dirtier and ashamed then I had in my fantasies as he pushed his big mushroom head against my lips. I could faintly smell piss as he smeared it across my lips making sure his peehole wiped across my nose. I looked up at him as he instructed me to open my mouth, his thumb pulling down at the bottom of my chin. I had always been so eager and enjoyed sucking other "guys" my age and had imagined sucking Doug's cock so differently. My little dick was soft in my wet underwear and I felt so filthy as he f***ed his cockhead between my lips the smell made me hot but the first thing I thought I tasted as his peehole smeared against my tongue was pee. I felt so dirty and humiliated as I looked up at my friends older b*****r and he said "suck my cockhead sissy, clean it real good and I'll give you more". As I began sucking his fat mushroom head and licking out his peehole all I could think of was how indescribably filthy and degraded I'd feel if my friend got up to use the bathroom and saw me like this. But the more I sucked the better his cock tasted and as I looked up at him he'd say "thats it, suck it, you like that don't you you fucking sissy fagot, you want more" ? Doug began slowly forcing more of his thick cock into my mouth. I could feel my lips and cheeks stretching tighter as I kept sucking and slurping at his smelly dick. It was much easier to get the dicks I'd sucked of other "guys" my age all the way in my mouth. It was much more difficult to get all of Doug's cock in my mouth and I gagged, drooled and choked on it every time he f***ed it all the way into my throat. I was such a mess, my face and neck were covered with spit and precum I'd drooled all over myself every time I tried to push my mouth down to his wet, sloppy balls. I liked the way my thick gooey, cummy spit spit tasted and smelled. And every time my friends older b*****r looked down on me telling me "mmm....yeah thats it, your good little cock sucker", or hold my head back by my hair and use his fat sloppy cock to push and smear thick streams of cummy drool back into my mouth saying "yeah you like that don't you sissy slut" then smear his cock all over my face, it would make me so hot I'd gowild sucking his cock like a fucking pig, forcing my mouth down before he could and holding it down to his balls till I ckocked and spit up all around them. In what seemed like a very short time my best friemds older b*****r had managed to shame and humiliate me for my teasing and fantasies of sucking his cock. To scarring me and degrading me so badly I thought no longer wanted to service him. To making me want to humiliate and degrade myself just to hear and see how much he enjoyed using me, he made me crave and get off to to being the dirtiest nastiest most shameless fucking sissy fuckhole whore I could be. By morning he had to almost physically f***e me to bath cause I didn't want to wash the smell of spit and cum off my self. I liked what filthy begging little sissy cumpig he had trained me to be. As I remembered how he raised one foot up on the sink basen and pulled me so I was sideways on the toilet seat, telling me "time for you to learn to eat cum fagot whore" as I heard that I hugged his thigh tight pulling my mouth up hard on hisfat sloppy cock, thinking I was ready for it, sucking and slurpping at his cock like a pig.
Wanting so badly to show him how eager I'd become to humiliate and defile myself for his pleasure how grateful I was for him making my fantasy much more than I could imagine then allowing me to realize it. As I sucked shamelessly and that first thick hot rope of cum splattered into my whore throat I gulped and tried to swollow it all. Unsuccessful I began to chock on his cum as two more big loads blew into my cum filled mouth. I started to pull my mouth back on his cock to give myself room to swollow. Suddenly and f***efully I felt his hands grip neck and the back of my head as he pulled my mouth all the down to his balls roughly he squat thrusted his hips and ass forward grinding his fat spurting cock down into my sissy throat. Keeping my face f***ed upward as he kept his weight squating down over my mouth. " it's ok cunt...choke, choke on my cum", his fat cock being f***ed into my mouth pushed the first couple of loads down my throat.

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