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My Favorite Teacher

I was 18 years old and a senior of my high-school. I never had trouble with getting good marks but in this year i became really bad in English. The stuff wasn't that difficult but i wasn't able to concentrate. The reason was Ms Peters, my new English-teacher, who just moved into my hometown. She was in her low 30s and had a marvelous body. She had a bit weight, which gave her those astonishing curves, those nice and huge D-Cups and an incredible ass. She always bound her brown hair back to a pigtail while her eyes where behind her nerdy glasses.

Today was one of those days on which wished a quick end of the period so that i could go home and wank on her. She was wearing a tight white blouse, which allowed me to see every curve of her. She combined it with a black skirt that ended a bit over her knees and black over-knee boots. Then finally the bell rang. I quickly packed my stuff and wanted to leave the room when she said: "Thomas would you please stay in here we need to discuss something!" I waited till my classmates passed me while few of them gave me a pitying look.

Ms Peters closed the door. "Well we both know why i wanted to talk to you.",she said. "It's because of my bad marks.",i replied. "Well Thomas,i fear i can't let you pass this class. Your assignments are to bad. They are poorly structured and without any idea."
"What! but if i don't pass this class i won't a graduate."
"But the point is i saw your former marks in the archives and i asked your other teachers. All of them said that you are one of the best students. Why are your marks in my class so bad?"
"I can't stay focus in your class.", i replied ashamed.
"Why do you have troubles to stay focus in my class?", she asked with a cold expression on her face.
"It's because of you Ms. Peters"
My face was now entirely red while she kept looking at me. I tried to avoid eye-contact.
"Which part of my body is making you horny? My boobs or is it my ass?"
"What!", i replied shocked while i was looking back at her. I expected anything except this.
"Do you think i didn't notices that horny look in your eyes? Do you think i didn't notice that you kept staring at me whenever i turned around? I know the effect i can have on a boy like you. What are you imagining with me? And don't be ashamed it's a natural thing!"
"I always dreamed of fucking your brains out,playing with your boobs,squeezing this ass and fill you with my cum.", i replied while my face turned even more red than the Red Wing's jersey.
" What would you do to make the situation better for you in class?", she said with smile.
I didn't know what to say.
She came closer. Her face was only a few cm's away from mine. "Well i'm waiting for your answer."
"Anything" i gasped.
I nodded.
She came closer. Her mouth was next to my ear.

"Make your dreams come true!", she whispered in my ear.
This couldn't be true i must have misheard something.
"What?",i replied shocked.
"Pleasure me! Once you have done it you won't have to daydream about it all the time and i really need some nice screwing. I haven't felt like a woman for months."
She came in and kissed me. Her lips felt wonderful. I returned that kiss while i was sliding my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue was playing with mine. She pulled her head back.
"You don't have much experience in kissing don't you?"
"Oh so this means you are still a virgin?"
"You're right.", i replied ashamed.
"Nothing to be ashamed of. Don't worry this will be changed pretty soon.",she said with a seductive tone while going in for another kiss.
"Open my blouse and my bra.",she said with an horny look in her eyes.
I opened her blouse just to see her black silk-bra. I gently kissed her neck while trying to open her bra. She pushed me away on the chair and opened it on herself before helping me up. It was a breathtaking view. Her boobs looked gorgeous with her brown nipples.
"Touch them!"
I did so and kissed her neck again. She softly moaned. Her boobs were soft and adapted to my gentle squeezing.
I squeezed her boobs harder. They turned white under my fingers. Her hard nipples caught my attention so i twisted her left one while i sucked on her right one. She moaned a bit more. I gently bit it.
"Move lower."
I lifted her skirt up and took of her panties. She sat down on table and spread her legs. I kissed her inner tights moving closer to her pussy and just stopped before kissing it.
"Stop playing games and lick it!"
Her pussy lips were brown but spreading them revealed that the inside was pink. I gently inserted my tongue into her. She moaned while her pussy became wetter. I moved my tongue up and down. Her pussy juices tasted strange at the beginning but i got used to the light-salty taste. I moved my tongue to her clit while used two fingers to fuck her pussy.
"Oh god! This feels so good."
She pressed her tights against my head while moving her pussy closer to me.

"I can't wait anymore. Take your clothes of! I need your cock."
I did so and stand there naked with my boner while she was looking at it.
She stood up and guided me,while rubbing my cock gently, to the wall. She put her hands against the wall pushed her ass out and said:"Fuck me!" Make me scream from pleasure and don't stop till you come!"
I guided my cock into her pussy. It felt great with her warm juices around my cock. I pumped slowly. She started to moan. I grabbed her boobs and increased the speed. She moaned louder. After a few pumps she gasped:"Come on. You can do it harder."

I moved my hands and grabbed her ass. It was more muscular than expected. I went in for harder pumps.
"Oh god Thomas don't stop! I want to be your slut!"
Her moans turned louder while her pussy already soaked. Her juices were running down her legs while i kept pumping. Her moans turned into screams while i could feel her pussy getting tighter. She was climaxing and i pumped through her orgasm. She was panting. I slowly pumped while i looked at her asshole. I moved close to her ear and asked: "Why don't we finish with some anal?"
"No! I don't think i want to try it today.",she replied." Keep on fucking me!"
This time i wanted to do it rougher. I grabbed her pigtail and pushed her head back.
"What are you..."
I pumped her pussy hard again while holding her head back.
"Shut up! Now i will give you a real pounding."
I inserted a finger in her anus. She didn't notice it. I kept on pumping while fingering her anus with my middle-finger. She screamed from pleasure. She kept on screaming while coming a second time. I kept on going till i felt i was cumming.

"Ms. Peters where should i cum?"
"In my pussy" she replied.
I kept on pumping. I could feel her pussy getting tighter again. We both screamed from ecstasy while cumming at the same time. I buried my cock deep inside her pussy to let my cum burst out. It must have been a huge load,because i stayed in this position for more than 2 minutes and felt my cum bursting into her.

We both set down on the ground and tried to catch our breath.We were both covered by sweat.
"Thomas that felt great. I hope we can repeat this.",she said. She put a finger in her pussy and leaded it into her mouth. She sucked the cum of her finger.
"Me too Ms. Peters."
"You can call me Emily when we will meet outside of this room. By the way why is my anus hurting?"
"Uhm i don't know." I hoped she didn't realize that i was fingering it.
"Well get your clothes on i will drive you home.", she said with a smile.


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