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Shadow Dancer vs Super Michelle - Lions Eye Saga C

Set up:
Super Michelle previously caught by Shadow Dancer while raiding one of her lairs with other superheroine friends. Now escaped her bonds and is looking for a way out she stumbles onto Shadow Dancer in the process.

Super Michelle Escaping from the torture device, Super Michelle recovered her f***es, and now she was walking silently inside the villainess's lair trying to catch her by surprise

Shadow Dancer Is walk thru my lair... you hear the sounds of my boots as they click against the floor

Super Michelle Slowly flying, the heroine come closer the villainess from behind, her plan working

Shadow Dancer Doesn’t hear you as you float closer behind me... Walking towards the X Frame

Super Michelle hold Shadow Dancer from behind putting her in a reverse bear hug "Surrender now Shadow Dancer! I got you now"

Shadow Dancer hay what th! mmmgh! struggles to turn around to face you.

Super Michelle squeeze the villainess harder, trapping her arms, trying to cut her air supply "Stop fighting. You can't win this time! You are mine"

Shadow Dancer MMMGGH! pushing forward to try to slam you into the X frame... NEVER! LET ME GO!

Super Michelle "Unnngggh" - the heroine, moans. Shadow Dancer squirming body rubbing against Michelle breasts. making harder for her to keep the hold. She start bouncing the villainess, trying to get more leverage. Slowly turning toward the X-frame.

Shadow Dancer Your no match for my belt! im going to make you cum for me all night again! make you my super whore!

Super Michelle "Never! This time you will face Justice" - the heroine screams, panting heavily for the effort of holding the lanterness. Her back now pressing against the X-frame

Shadow Dancer Tries to push hard back into you.... my hands wrestling with yours... trying to get them into the restraints.... Teetering on the edge of them.

Screaming out as i try to push you onto the restraints.

Super Michelle "Unnnnngh" - moan surprised being pushed into the frame

Shadow Dancer Quickly tries to turn around to lock your hands in place.

Super Michelle "AHhhhhhhhhh...nooo" - she screams, unable to keep the hold on the powerful Amazon, now her arms being pushed against the restrains

Shadow Dancer Locking your hands in the restraints... I lower down to lock your legs to the frame.... HAH ... now your mine!! your not going to get me or take me in!

Super Michelle "AHHHHHHH....noooo...can't be" - she screams in shock and agony, feeling the cold cuffs locked around her wrists and ankles, her body stretched and vulnerable in the X-frame. She focus trying to use her strength to break the restrains

Shadow Dancer My hands going to your breasts... using my fingertips to make large circles around the bulbs of your breasts.... my fingers trailing up and down.....

Super Michelle " breasts....stop....i can't think" - she moans in a mix of pain and pleasure, feeling the villainess nails working on her tender breasts. Her concentration being sapped by the pain and the arousal. her body weakening.

Shadow Dancer My fingers teasing your skin... I go to peel off the pasties one at a time... pursing my lips over your nipples... i start to suck on them

Super Michelle " nipples....Ohhhhhh...please Shadow Stooooop" - she moans deliciously, her buds swelling inside the villainess mouth, the heroine body squirming in pleasure. She close her eyes and snap her head back, lost in lust. Almost powerless now under the erotic assault.

Shadow Dancer one hand going to your mound... rubbing you as i suck on your nipple... going back and forth between your breasts

Super Michelle "Ohhhhhh....Nooo....AHHHHHHHH.....Noooo" - she groans while her mind is flooded with erotic feelings. She says no but her body betray her, responding to the sensual torture on her breasts, her nipples. She quivers in pleasure. her pussy wetting.

Shadow Dancer
My fingers continue to tease your skin.... working into your slit..... pumping you slow and steady...... My tongue catching hold of your other nipple... licking.. swirling around before taking into my mouth

Super Michelle "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" - she moans longer and loudly. Her face flushing. her body quivering and warming under the dual assault on her breasts and pussy. her mind lost in sensual reveries while she feel the villainess lips on her nipples sucking, her tongue licking, her buds wet with her salive, her hot breath teasing the girl breasts. Her fingers working like magic inside her wet pussy. Driving her crazy .

Shadow Dancer Pumping you faster



My mouth licking... sucking as i descend to your slit... my free hand removing your thong to bare you to the cool air.

Rasping you’ll never defeat me! Never

Super Michelle "AHHHHHHHHHH....STOP SHADOW....OHHHHHHH.....I SURRENDER" - she screams feeling her panties being riped. Again the invincible Kryptonian heroine being easly defeated by Shadow Dancer. The villainess mouth kissing the girl trembling and sweat body, leaving a trail of saliva on her path, burning the heroine skin with pleasure. her finger thrusting faster and faster inside Michelle's pussy, a powerful orgasm building inside her.

Shadow Dancer My free hand slapping your ass as your being worked up...... my fingers traveling to your anus..... scratching along the crack as i slip my tongue into you..... darting deeply inside.

Super Michelle "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" - the heroine howls in lust feeling her body burn in pleasure when Shadow's tongue finally slip into her, the wetness between her legs getting more pronounced. The heroine gasps and pants, her body arching t****d in the frame. She move her pelvis exposing her thighs to the villainess. She open her mouth in a perfect O feeling the fingers on their path to her anus. To aroused to concentrate and use her power to escape.

Shadow Dancer Sends a buzzing pulse into your slit... buzzing you.... Rasping as I try to work you up and over he edge... YES! that’s it.. let yourself go!

Super Michelle "AHHHHHHHHHh....OHHHHHHHHH" - the heroine scream loudly lost in unbelievable pleasure. The buzzing vibrating her clit, arousing her like never before. her body convulsing, her arms and legs forcing against the restrains on her sexual frenzy. Her eyes wide open, her head shaking from side to side, drolling. Helpless before Shadow dancer.

Shadow Dancer Smiles wickedly as I let you ride your orgasm to the fullest.... rasping as i wiggle my finger into your anus...slipping it in and out..... Youll do just well at my Evil ice cream factory....

Shadow Dancer Soon im going to drain you of all your milk too

Super Michelle "AHHHHHH...Noooo Shadow...AHHHHHHHHH" - she scream while her body spasm under the orgasm waves washing through her. The finger inside her anus prolonging the duration of her climax "AHHHH...i'm cumming...AHHHHH" - she screams in total defeat.

Shadow Dancer I smile wickedly as i watch a ether mask being placed over your mouth and nose.... shortly after... small dose of knock out gas being sprayed ito your nose.... from around either side of the frame a breast cup comming out... attaching to your breasts..... the suction starting up... tugging on your nipples.... pulling into the cups.... stretching your nipples outwards into the tubing....

Super Michelle The heroine head slump forward, her chin resting over her massive breasts. She heavens, panting, trying to recover, semi-u*********s after the brutal orgasm, that sapped most of her reserves of yellow sun radiation. her thighs dripping with her love juices. Slowly she raise her head and gasp in shock and terror as a ether mask is placed over her mouth and nose. She screams when her breasts are trapped by cups, she hear in panic the vacuum being formed inside the cups. The milking machine working, sucking her breasts and pumping them after, sucking and pumping, sucking and pumping. The heroine screams in agony like never before, while the machine is trying to milk her.

Shadow Dancer mmmmmmmm rasping as you start to dose off...... Waiting til your out.... I use my ring to trans port you to my Ice Cream Factory... Hooking you up to a milking machine.... I find your distress beacon... pressing it.... knowing that " Help" will be on the way to be lured to my trap for your friend...

Too Be Continued….

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