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Nissa's Story

The North India Trading Company was founded in 1924 by Lord Adam
Beaverton as a rescue mission for young girls. In many countries
around the world less value was placed on baby girls born into the
large families living in poverty in the slums of the cities, or in
remote villages. These unwanted young girls were sometimes abandoned
on the streets of the city, or even put to death at an early age.
Lord Adam had been appalled at the treatment given to these young
girls and wanted to do something to help some of them. He set up a
mission in remote village in Northern India and made trips to the
cities to find these abandoned girls living in the streets and slums.
At the mission, the girls were given good food to eat, medical
attention and most importantly an education so they could better
themselves and enjoy a good life.

Of course all this cost a lot of money, and after several years Lord
Adam began to run short of funds. About that time a young man by the
name of Sir Thomas visited his friend at the mission and was greeted
by the c***dren there, some of whom had grown into beautiful young
girls. Sir Thomas was quite enamoured by one of the older girls named
Nehani, and after talking with her for a while he began to fall madly
in love with her. Before he left, he asked the girl if she would
return with him to England to be his wife. Nehani quickly agreed.
Lord Adam knew his friend would take good care of Nehani and gave the
two his blessing.

A few months after Sir Thomas and Nehani were married in England,Lord
Adam received a letter from his friend telling of how happy they were
with each other. Also enclosed with the letter was a generous donation
for the mission. It was not long after that other gentlemen
acquaintances of Lord Adam and Sir Thomas began to visit the remote
mission, some of whom also took a fancy to one of the beautiful girls
there. Soon the mission was financially well off as donations started
coming in from happy men who had found lovely and intelligent brides
for themselves at the mission.

For the girls, who had gone from poverty and death to become educated
and respected young ladies, loved and cared for by the handsome and
wealthy men who had made them their own, it was a dream come true. As
word of the mission and the girls there spread, more and more girls
were saved from a sad life of poverty and despair and given new lives.
New missions were started up in other countries to help the unwanted
girl c***dren there achieve a chance for happiness in a new life. The
girls who showed a tendency towards having a more submissive or
sensuous nature were given the means and the training to realise to
the fullest this character trait and were given special attentions as
they matured. These were the girls who were to bring the largest
donations of cash into the missions.

And so from a small mission in a remote village The North India
Trading Company was born. Today there are twenty buildings and schools
in various countries around the world to rescue the unwanted girl
c***dren from the slums and streets of cities, and from the villages
nearby. Whenever possible the girls receive their training in their
own village by a representative of the company. Or, they are sent to
one of the company's schools to live and be educated there. The money
collected from the donations is often put back into the community to
help other people. The selected girls that receive special training
are "sold" to some of the most wealthy men in the world and the money
helps to benefit all.

C/W Dino Dave 1999

NISSA'S STORY Part 1/3 C/W 1999 Dino Dave

My name is Nissa and I am a submissive. Master has left to go on a
month long business trip and has told me to use the time to write an
account of my life so far, kind of a journal. He said that he would be
checking from time to time while he is away and wants
me to post parts as I complete them. So here goes.

I never knew my parents since I was left as a baby in the lobby of the
North India Trading Company building in Pune, near Bombay, with a note
attached to the blanket I was wrapped in saying to take care of me.

I was sent to the Bangalore mission in the south where I was cared
for. I met many girls there like me who had been abandoned by their
mothers or had been orphaned. The staff and the other c***dren were
all very kind and I had fun there, but I always felt that I didn't
quite fit in. When the other girls would organize games, I was never
able to say what I thought, content to follow rather than lead. I was
well liked by both the staff and the other girls because I was always
eager to please them, my wishes coming second.

I would have liked to be more assertive but when the time came I would
always have the feeling that others knew what was best and would go
along with whatever was decided. This didn't bother me however since I
felt good when I was able to do things that would please someone else
and I liked having decisions made for me.

When I was five years old I started to attend class in the mission
school house. At first I was a little frightened but the teacher was
nice and I was able to understand the things that we were taught.
When the teacher asked me a question on something that I had learned
and I answered correctly I felt happy that I had pleased her. Along
with the usual lessons on reading and arithmetic, the teachers
organized kind of plays that all the girls would preform in. Being so
young I thought that some of these plays were quite grown up since we
were given costumes to wear and there were dances to learn as well as
lines to remember, but we all had fun doing them.

It was a few months before my sixth birthday, what I had come to
accept as my birthday since no one really knew what the date of my
birth was, that I was called into the headmaster's office. Of course I
was scared that I had done something wrong but my fears were quickly
put to rest when he sat beside me and gave me some sweets. The
headmaster told me that there was a special program available for
girls who showed promise and my teacher thought I would be a good
candidate. He went on to say that girls in the program were chosen for
their good looks and for their charm and intelligence. That my teacher
thought I was pretty and smart made my heart soar.

The headmaster told me that I would receive my education with the
others in the school and when I was much older I would be sent to
another school, perhaps in another country, to get more specialize
training. After, when I would graduate, I would be chosen by a wealthy
man and live with him as his wife. He said that if I didn't want to be
in the program I would still get a good education and live at the
mission until I was old enough to leave and find work or a husband by
myself. Every little girl dreams of being chosen by a wealthy man and
to be his wife, and I was no exception.

He asked me if I had noticed that some of the girls in the school wore
shiny steel bangles on their feet and I said that I had. These, he
said, were given to each girl in the program and were to be worn
always, to signify that she was someone special, a girl who knew how
to give great pleasure to the man who would make her his own. At the
time I didn't really understand what he meant but I knew this was
something I wanted to do. He told me that when I was a little older I
would be given the same kind of bangles for my wrists.

The headmaster told me to think about the special program and if I
would like to be in it. He said that I should go and talk to my
teacher about it and she would answer any questions I had, and that I
would need to decide in a few days whether or not I wanted to join.
That afternoon I went to my teacher's house and we sat and talked over
supper about the program and what was expected from the girls in it. I
said to her that I thought the program was something that I really
wanted to do and she said that I had to be sure that I really wanted
it since it would decide the course of the rest of my life.

My teacher took from a drawer a set of the steel bangles that the
girls wore and handed them to me. I was a little surprised at how
heavy the set of four together was but my teacher said that as I got
bigger and stronger the weight wouldn't bother me. She let me try them
on. The ones for my feet slipped over my heels easily and the wrist
bangles were way too big to stay where they were supposed to go on my
skinny arms, sliding up past my elbows. She found a smaller set that
fit a little better. She told me that if I decided to enter the
program I would see the fitter for my bangles so he could get them
sized properly.

I walked around the room a bit while wearing the bangles. At the time
I didn't understand the feelings I had but it just seemed so right.
When I would bring my hands or my feet together and the bangles
clinked together a small chill would run up my back. I sat back down
beside my teacher with a big smile on my face. She helped me take off
the bangles and held one in her hand. It gleamed with a grayish blue
light. "Once you accept these bangles they become a part of you," she
said, "they can never be taken off. After you have them fitted and
your feet and hands get bigger as you grow they won't come off. They
are made from a special steel that has been hardened to resist
scratching and are almost impossible to cut through.

"You have to accept that if you decide to be in the program you must
give your future over to us to teach you the ways of achieving
happiness for both yourself and the one who will make you his own when
you are old enough. You will have to do what we tell you to do, even
if you don't want to do it. For one thing you won't be allowed to cut
your hair anymore. We will want it to grow as long as it naturally
can. Your life here won't change much now, but as you grow up into a
young woman you will receive more training that will help you achieve
the goals we set out for our girls. Then, when you are ready, we will
help find a man to take you and treasure you in love and happiness."

My teacher walked me back to the building where I slept. At the door I
told her that I would really like to join the program. She asked me if
I was sure and I said that I was very sure. She said that she thought
I would do well in the program and she would let the headmaster know
of my decision. I felt very grown up that night, having made an
important decision about my future and hardly slept at all, imagining
myself as an adult, laying on a fur rug wearing the bangles, while my
master watched over me.

Two days later I was taken to see the fitter to receive my ankle
bangles. The man's name was Sam and he took a lot of time measuring
different parts of me, feeling around the bones of my arms and legs
and writing on a piece of paper the measurements. He used some
sandpaper to remove some of the hard skin at the bottoms of my heels.
Then he put some oil on his hands and rubbed it all over my feet,
pressing his fingers into the places between the bones. It really felt
good what he was doing. Sam went to a cabinet and took out three sets
of bangles. He took some time holding them against my ankles before
deciding on the size he wanted. Sam let me hold them for a while and
told me that these would be mine. Then he rubbed some more oil on my
feet and told me to relax. He took one bangle and slipped it onto my
foot. Then he pressed down on the top as he pushed it over the heel of
my foot. It started to hurt bit as he pushed harder, but then it
popped over my heel and it was on.

He let me rest while he cleaned the oil off and then he did the same
thing to my other foot. When I opened my eyes I saw the two shiny
rings around my ankles and smiled. Sam washed my feet and used the
sandpaper on some rough patches of skin on the bottom of my feet, and
on my toenails. He gave me a peppermint candy to eat and rubbed some
peppermint smelling oil on my feet. Then he gave me a pair of soft
slippers to wear and took me back to my room. The gleam of the
sunlight off my bangles kept catching my eyes as we walked. The
bangles felt strange banging against my ankles while the high tops of
the slippers kept them from rubbing on my feet. I was told that I
could skip class today and rest in bed, but I was soon bored and in
the afternoon, after lunch, went out for a walk.

I went out to the playground and sat on the swings, admiring my new
bangles. I hadn't worn the slippers but by the time I got back I
wished I had. There were red marks on the tops of my feet and in back
where the bangles had rubbed as I walked. I expected to get in trouble
when Sam came to see me that night, but he just put some cream on the
spots where it hurt and said that I'd be O.K.

It took several weeks before I really got used to my bangles. I also
noticed that I was treated with admiration and a little respect from
the other girls in the school, and even from the teachers and staff
there. I was befriended by the other girls who wore the bangles and
was happy to be a part of their group. We were the chosen ones and
although we were the prettiest and the smartest, we were told not to
feel superior to the other girls, but rather to feel fortunate to be
given opportunity to help others. We were told that wearing the
bangles was a privilege and an honour and that we should never do
anything to hurt someone or to make them feel badly, but rather to try
to help others with their difficulties.

And so as I got older I was able to work with my teachers to help the
girls that were having trouble with their lessons. After my regular
class and some extra time helping the teacher, I also took dance
lessons with some of the other girls. We put on a play where people
from the city came and watched us perform. At first I thought I would
be too nervous to dance in front of strangers but when I saw how much
they enjoyed our play it made me feel better.

When I was twelve I was sent to see Sam again to receive my wrist
bangles. At that time he checked the ones he had given me earlier and
gave them a bit of polishing. He gave me my new ones which slipped
over my hands with little problem. They seemed a bit big to me but he
said that I would grow into them, and sent me off with a chuckle. I
kept banging things with them for the first few weeks, but I got use
to them much faster than I did the ones on my ankles.

Two years later I was told that I would travel to London England for
my secondary schooling. I was a little sad to be leaving all my
friends in Bangalore, but I was also exited to be going to a country
that I had learned much about. I arrived in London and was taken to a
home owned by the trading company where I met four other girls who
lived there, all with long hair and wearing the bangles like mine. Two
of the girls were older than me and were to begin their last year of
high school this year. There names were Rachel and Gwen. The other
girl was a year older than me and would be starting her second year.
Her name was Lisa.

I was introduced to the "dorm mother" whose name was Donna. She was
about thirty five and quite good looking. Donna took me around the
house and introduced me to the other girls and showed me where I would
sl**p. I was to share a room with Lisa, while the older girls had a
room next door. I was told that Donna usually slept in a room
downstairs and if I needed anything during the night I was to go and
see her.

That night we all went out to a night club nearby where we had a nice
time. The older girls danced with some of the boys there while Lisa,
Donna and I sat and watched, enjoying the band that was playing. I had
my first taste of wine that night when Donna let me have a sip of
hers, and I felt like I was really grown up since we all stayed at the
club until quite late that night.

I was happy to fall into bed when we got back since the long plane
ride and the night club had really tired me out. They let me sl**p
until mid afternoon the next day before Donna woke me with a tray of
breakfast which I hastily finished off. Donna said that school was to
start the next week and tomorrow she would take me to buy the uniform
that all the girls there wore. Since today was Sunday we all went out
for a walk around the neighbourhood, stopping at a lovely park for a
while before returning home for supper.

On Monday Donna took me and Gwen by taxi to the store downtown that
sold the school uniforms. Gwen had grown out of her old one and she
got a new skirt, blouse and blazer. The skirt was a gray and green
plaid and with the white blouse and gray jacket I thought she looked
very pretty in it. I got a little nervous when Donna took me into the
changing room and helped me to undress and try on my uniform. My
breasts were starting to get big and I was embarrassed to have Donna
see them but when I had put on the blouse, Donna went out and came
back with a bra for me. She helped me with the catch in the back and
then I put on the uniform again. When I stood in front of the mirror I
was amazed at how nice I looked. My breasts filled out the blouse
nicely and my dark brown hair hung to the bottom of the skirt. Donna
picked up several pairs of the green socks that went with the uniform
and we headed out of the store.

The next stop was a shoe store down the road. Donna seemed to know the
man there quite well and he measured my feet and got a pair of shoes
for me. The shoes were black and the part around the ankle came up a
little higher than with most shoes that I have seen of that type.
Donna explained that the socks were to go on over my bangles and they
would rest on the top of the shoes so as to not be so noticeable that
way. When I tried on the socks and shoes my bangles were lifted up a
little and by looking you couldn't really tell that they were there. I
had never even thought about it since in my country lots of women wore
heavy bangles on their ankles, but Donna said that here it wasn't so
common and we didn't want to attract a lot of attention to ourselves
when we were at school.

Donna sent all our purchases home by cab and we took a bus to see some
of the sights in the city. After some supper in a fine restaurant we
headed back home again.

It was near the end of my first year of high school that I made a
discovery that would change my view of life forever. I had been
working late on a particularly hard English paper and I needed a book
that I thought Gwen had in her room. I could hear them when I went
into the hall so I knew she and Rachel were still awake. I knocked and
then quickly entered their room without thinking about it. The sight
before me made me freeze and I stood there staring with my mouth open.

Rachel was lying face down on her bed. She had her hands tied behind
her back with some rope through her bangles. The end of the rope led
to her feet, passing through her ankle bangles and pulled up tight
before being tied there. Gwen was laying on top of her with her head
underneath Rachel's feet and down between her thighs. Her thighs were
on each side of Rachel's head and she was rubbing herself against the
back of Rachel's head and neck. Neither girl wore any clothes.

They hadn't heard me come into the room and I stood there rooted to
the spot, my term paper forgotten, watching the girls make love to
each other. Their breathing was getting faster and they were each
making little muffled moaning sounds. Rachel was twisting her hands
and tugging with her feet, then rubbing them on Gwen's back, urging
her head deeper into her crotch. Gwen was thrusting her bottom up and
down, banging her pussy into the back of Rachel's head. Rachel's hair
was becoming slick with Gwen's juices. I had reached down and was
pressing my hand onto the spot between my legs.

Suddenly Rachel pulled her hands up behind her back, causing her feet
to push Gwen's head harder into her, and let out a long groan into her
pillow. A few seconds later Gwen arched her back up, pushing herself
down harder onto Rachel's head. I saw her hands fly out to grasp
Rachel's thighs and the muscles on her back quiver as she found her

I backed slowly from their room, closing the door as softly as I
could, then walked back to my room. Lisa was still asl**p as I sat
down at the desk and stared at the computer screen for ten minutes or
so. There was no way I would continue with my essay tonight so I saved
the file and switched off the computer and the light, then crossed
over the room and got into my bed. The image of Gwen and Rachel still
burned brightly in my mind. My focus kept being drawn to the coils of
rope looped through Rachel's bracelets, holding her hands and feet
close together. And Gwen's body pressing down on Rachel, her crotch
pushing Rachel's face into her pillow. I rolled over onto my stomach.
I brought my legs up and reached back to hook my fingers through my
ankle bangles. I started to rock myself back and forth on the bed,
slowly so I wouldn't make too much noise.

My night gown had gotten bunched up underneath me and it was pressing
into my pussy. I slid down a little and squeezed my legs together,
trapping it between them. I could feel the sensations building within
me and I rubbed my thighs together faster, pressing down harder on the
ball of cloth that had gathered between. Rachel's wrists twisting
inside her bracelets, trying to pull against the unyielding tightness
of the rope binding them together. I pulled harder on my ankle
bangles, moving my wrists closer together. I heard the gentle clink as
my bracelets touched together. I did it again, the sound sending a
shiver up my spine.

I was frantically humping the ball of nightgown underneath me while
pulling my feet back to press on my bum when I came harder than I had
ever done before. As I ground my pussy down on the cloth my head was
pulled up and I had my mouth open in a silent scream. I let my fingers
slip from my bangles as I fell, exhausted, down on my bed with little
shivers racing across my body. It was some time before I was able to
stand and stagger into the bathroom. The front of my nightgown was
wrinkled and soaked and it smelled kind of funny too. I cleaned up a
little and took a pee, then went back to bed. I tossed and turned for
hours, unable to sl**p thinking about what I had seen that night. At
one point I took a sock from the hamper and with my hands behind my
back, pulled it through my bracelets and tied a knot in it. I must
have fallen asl**p like that because when I woke up the knot had
slipped out and my hands were free, but the sock was still through one
of my bangles.

The next day Rachel and Gwen were their same friendly selves so I
guess they never saw me in their room that night. But the images of
what I saw continued to haunt me for weeks after, until I summoned up
enough courage to ask Donna about what I suspected were the real
purpose of the bangles we wore. One evening after supper I asked her
if I could talk to her. We went to her apartment and she gave me a
glass of milk from the fridge. We sat by the big front window for a
while watching the cars pass by the house. I didn't quite know exactly
what I wanted to know and I just kind of blurted out "Why do we wear
these bangles?"

Donna began telling me how they add a kind of symmetry and beauty to
our bodies that is attractive to the eye. She went on about how they
mark us as one trained to give of ourselves and to help another find
happiness and peace. I had heard all this before. I just had to know
if my suspicions were correct. I put down my glass of milk on the
table and, surprising myself with my boldness, looked her right in the
eyes. I brought my hands behind my back and clinked my bangles

Donna's eyes grew wide and a sly smile began to spread on her lips.
She sat back on her chair and said that usually we don't find out
about this until we are older. The technical term is bondage, she
said, and if you look it up in the dictionary it can mean servitude
owed to someone or the relationship of a slave to his master, also to
be tied, bound, made helpless. Many people find that tying up someone
and making them helpless gives them a kind of power over that person.
Others enjoy the feelings of helplessness that being tied up brings
them. The one doing the tying is referred to as the master or top
while the one being tied is the bottom or sub, submissive, willing to
submit to their master's wishes. Some people like to switch, sometimes
being the bottom and sometimes the top.

Donna told me that none of this should ever be f***ed on someone who
doesn't want it. "The company tries to bring you girls up to realize
your fullest potential as a companion for one of our clients, the men
who come to us looking for a partner or a mate. All of this will be
explained to you when you finish your schooling here. You will be sent
then to another place to complete your final training. There you will
be instructed on how to use your body to attain the most pleasure for
yourself and the man who will make you his own. It is there where you
usually find out the true purpose of the bangles you wear. There is no
harm that you have already guessed however."

Donna stood up and went into the other room for a minute, returning
with a small metal object which she gave to me. It was a small oval
shaped ring with a piece in the middle that hinged inward when I
pushed on it. Donna took one of my hands and pushed the ring onto my
bangle. The piece closed with a little click. She took my other hand
and pushed that bangle into the ring, clicking it on. My hands were
now joined together in front of me. I saw that I could push the piece
of the ring down with my thumb and free myself, but I didn't. Donna
sat down again across from me and watched me twist my hands around and
gently try to pull them apart. "You won't break that ring," she said,
"it's made from the same metal as the bangles."

"How do you feel, Nissa?" she asked me when I had sat still with my
hands together in my lap for a few minutes. "Does it annoy you? Do you
like it? Are you a bottom or a top? Or does it not really matter at
all? During the next few years you will find your answers to these
questions. Everyone has a different take on the subject of sex and
there is no right or wrong way to achieve the pleasures from it,
unless you are hurting someone or making them feel uncomfortable
against that person's wishes. At the company, we try to let you find
out what you want and then we match you to someone with similar

Donna came over to me and unhooked the ring from my bangles. She
placed another one in my hands, this one had a covering of black
leather over it. She said that I could keep this one if I wanted to,
the leather would cushion it so it wouldn't make noise rattling
against the bangles. That night I slept with my hands together in
front of me, the little ring holding my bracelets close together.
After my room mate was asl**p I rubbed myself silly before drifting
off into a deep sl**p. In the morning the little ring was still there,
holding my bangles and my hands together.

After I had my talk with Donna I was able to better understand the
feelings I was having from seeing Rachel being dominated by Gwen that
night. Of course I knew I was happier to let others take charge and
make the decisions for me but I had thought before that this was not
right and I should try be more assertive. Now I saw that it was O.K.
to let another take the lead and that I could be happy to follow
along. I also understood the purpose of the bangles and the feelings
that would come over me when I used the little ring that Donna gave me
to attach them together at night.

It was due to this new understanding that I became more at peace with
myself and was better able to concentrate on my school work,
graduating with high marks that first year. We all had a big party at
the end of the school year before Gwen and Rachel were sent away for
their final training period. Donna and Lisa and I did some travelling
in France and Spain during the summer holidays, returning to the house
in London a few weeks before the fall semester. Three new girls joined
us for that year, two were twins from Thailand, Kim and Lynn, while
the other girl, Susan, was from China.

This was my f****y for the next two years and we all worked hard at
our studies. I still shared the room with Lisa and it was a few weeks
after Christmas that we found ourselves suddenly drawn to each other.
I still liked to connect my bangles together at night with the ring
that Donna had given me and that night I guess I made a little too
much noise when I thought Lisa was asl**p. I had attached my hands
behind me and was on my stomach pressing myself into the mattress when
I felt the covers lifted off of me. Opening my eyes I turned my head
and saw Lisa standing holding the blankets off me, staring at me with
my hands bound behind my back.

After a few awkward moments I moved my hand to open the ring and free
myself but Lisa sat down beside me and put her hand over mine. Her
fingers examined the little ring that held my bangles together,
pushing open the catch and letting it snap shut again. Then she lifted
the hem of my nightgown, I, raising myself up a little so she could
slide it up past my waist to my shoulders. Lisa then ran her hand up
and down my back, under my arms. Her other hand came down on my thigh,
pushing in between. I parted my legs a little and soon she found the
place that I couldn't reach, bound as I was.

Lisa never said a word as she rubbed me on my bed that night and
later, when I was done, she got up and placed the blankets back over
me and went back to her own bed. It all had seemed like a sweet dream
as I lay there, soon drifting off to sl**p. The next morning I awoke
to find Lisa sitting on her bed looking at me. She gave me a smile and
a nod but the events of last night were never discussed, not during
breakfast nor during the walk to school. After school I looked for
Lisa but she didn't show up so I walked back home with the others. It
was about an hour later that she came into our room and started to
change her clothes, all the while giving me sly smiles. She came over
and sat beside me.

"I bought you a present." she said, and gave me two brass padlocks.
She took the keys and attached them to a ring with a heart shaped
pendant hanging from it. "Those are yours and these are mine." she
stated, pocketing the key ring. That evening while we did our homework
Lisa told me to put one of the locks through my ankle bangles. The
feeling I had when I did what she said and I heard the lock click shut
was indescribable. I did find it hard to concentrate on my studies
that evening. Later on Lisa unlocked my feet long enough for me to use
the bathroom and take off my clothes before she put the locks on me,
one for my feet and one for my hands, connecting them in front of me.

Lisa undressed and lay down on her bed. She told me to come over to
her, which I found difficult with my feet locked together, but I
managed. I sat on her bed and we began to touch each other. Lisa lay
back and waited for me. I got the hint that she wanted me to do to her
what she had done for me last night and I started running my hands up
and down her body, eventually centering my attentions on the place
between her legs. I began exploring her pussy, putting first one, then
two fingers inside her hot, tight hole while rubbing that sensitive
nub at the top with my thumb. It wasn't long before Lisa's back arched
up off the bed and I could feel the pulsations of her cum in my
fingers. When I took my hands away from Lisa's crotch and I brushed
the hair off my face I caught the scent of her off my other hand. I
touched my finger to my tongue, just curious of how it would taste
like. Lisa's eyes popped open just as my finger touched my tongue and
I think she saw me. She gave a great smile and raised her arms
inviting me to lay down on top of her.

I stretched down on top of her with my arms up over her head and we
lay there and cuddled for a while. Then Lisa told me to go to my own
bed. As I shuffled across the room I was at first a little
disappointed that she told me to leave, but then I remembered how good
I had made her feel, and how good she had made me feel the night
before, and I crawled into my bed quite pleased with myself. I heard
Lisa call my name and say good night, I answered her back. The feeling
of having my ankles locked together was new to me but it was not
unpleasant at all and I was able to fall asl**p soon after.

That was the beginning of what was to be my first love affair, one
that lasted a year and a half, until Lisa graduated and was sent away
for her final training session. During our time together I was able to
understand and develop my own submissive tendencies while Lisa,
although not really dominant herself, would really enjoy having me as
her "slave". We always kept our affection for each other to ourselves
during that time but I think that even if Donna found out, and I'm
sure she knew anyway, there would not have been a real problem over
it. As I was to find out later during the final training that this
kind of play is encouraged amongst the girls in the program.

During my senior year at the high school Susan, the Asian girl, moved
to my room. She was a nice girl but she didn't seem to know much about
sex and I didn't think it was my place to tell her. She found out
quickly that I liked to lock my hands and feet together at night (Lisa
had given me the keys for the locks when she left) and one time I put
one of the locks on her wrist bracelets and we fooled around a bit,
but I could tell she wasn't really into it like Lisa and I had been.
But she did tolerate my clanking and thrashing around at night so that
was O.K.

It was just before Christmas of that last year that I had my first
real experience with a boy. Our school was all girls but they
organized dances from time to time with an all boys school nearby.
Looking back, those early dances were comical affairs with the girls
on one side of the gym and the boys on the other, all too shy to cross
over and mingle, but as I got older or curiosity took over, us older
ones made the move to get to know one another. I was talking with a
group of friends and from the corner of my eye I saw a rather handsome
boy move over to stand beside me. I turned to him and he asked me if I
wanted to dance, so we did. It felt a little awkward at first but I
soon started to feel more comfortable with him. We danced together for
three songs, the last one a slow number where he held me close as I
leaned my head on his shoulder.

After, he got us some punch and we sat and talked for a while. He told
me his name was Steve and he said that he thought I was very pretty.
We danced for a few more songs and he asked if he could see me again.
He gave me his number and I said I would have to ask my mum (Donna)
and I would let him know.

The next morning I told Donna about Steve and that he wanted to see me
again. Donna said that it was O.K. to date him but that I would have
to tell him that I couldn't get serious with him since I was still too
young, and that I would probably not see him again after I graduated
and was sent on for my final training. But it would be good for me to
gain some experience with boys my own age, she added. I called Steve
that afternoon and we made plans to go see a movie that night.

I met him at the front of the house and we took a bus to the theatre.
During the movie Steve put his arm around me, holding me close to him
and we kissed a few times. Then, afterwards we walked back, stopping
in a park to sit on one of the benches, cuddling and kissing some
more. I was a little nervous at first but Steve's body felt nice
against mine, different, when I ran my hands across his chest and down
his arms. Steve took my hands and was playing with my bangles, turning
them around. He asked me how they came off since he could see no catch
and I said that they didn't come off. I lifted my leg and pulled up
the cuff of my jeans to show him the ones on my feet and he bent to
look closer. When he hooked his finger through it to pull my leg up a
little, a warm feeling began to spread through me.

I started to tell him about the special program that I was in and how
a husband would be found for me when I was older. He knew about the
arranged marriages that were common in my country and I said that it
was something like that. I told him that the bangles that we wear are
a symbol or a kind of mark for us who are in the program. All the time
I was talking he had been playing with the bangle on my ankle, turning
it around and feeling the inside with his fingers. He turned and sat
between my legs, never letting go of the bangle, and pressed his hip
into my crotch, holding me with his other arm, kissing me on my neck
and lips.

I brought one hand down to his and he hooked his fingers through the
bangle on my wrist, clinking it together with the one on my ankle. I
melted into him then, tugging gently to free myself yet not wanting
this time to ever end. We kissed and cuddled some more, then he
released me and he walked me the rest of the way home. I could tell
that he was pleased with me and I said that I would call him tomorrow.

When I went into the house I met Donna in the kitchen. She looked me
over and asked how my date went. I got the feeling that she wasn't
interested in the movie we saw when she asked me to come and sit in
her room. It was there that she started to talk about boys and men and
sex. By this time I had heard or figured out most of it but there were
a few things I had not known so she filled in a few blank spots for
me. Then she handed me a few foil wrapped condoms with the warning
that if I wanted to go farther with Steve I was to use them. She made
it clear that I would learn more on this subject later, but I was free
to experiment now if I wanted to.

I went on three more dates with Steve during the next two weeks but he
was the perfect gentleman and we never got past the hug and kiss
stage. Then he called and asked if I wanted to come over to his house
that Saturday night. After I said yes he told me that his parents
would be away for the weekend and we could have the house to
ourselves. I said that I would see him then.

Steve sent a taxi for me that evening and Donna saw me off with a hug.
I hadn't told her about Steve's parents not being there but I knew
that she knew something was up. Steve lived in a nice house set back
from the quiet street and he met the cab when it pulled up in front.
After he closed the door and hung up my coat he surprised me by
pulling my hands behind me and then pressing hard against me, kissing
me passionately.

As he held my arms tightly behind my back I started to feel the
stirrings in my stomach and crotch. Steve released me and when I
opened my eyes he was smiling at me. I, still keeping my hands behind
my back, smiled at him. We went up the stairs and into his room. He
turned to me and began to unbutton my blouse. I stood there and let
him take off all my clothes which he did slowly, savouring each bit of
my body as it was revealed. After I was naked he quickly stripped and
we lay down together on his bed.

I toyed with the tuft of hair on Steven's chest as he lay back and
watched me. I moved my legs and heard my bangles clink together.
After a while we sat facing each other and Steven started to play with
them. He asked me if they bothered me and I told him no, that I kind
of liked them. Then he did something that I had longed for but had
hardly expected.

Steven reached into a drawer beside the bed and came back with a short
piece of thin chain and a lock. He passed the chain through my two
ankle bangles, then connected the ends with the lock, locking my two
wrist bangles together with it before snapping it shut. I sat with my
wrists locked together and attached closely to my ankles as he lay
back against the headboard watching me. I pulled at the lock and chain
that bound my bangles together but there was no way I could get free.
When I looked up at Steve's eyes and saw the intent stare he was
giving me my emotions quickly cycled from fear to thrilled then to
surrender, ready and willing to accede to his wishes.

Steve reached out to stroke my hair, running his hands down it's
length along my arms to my hands laying on the bed between my legs.
He grasped the chain and pulled himself up, closer to me, to plant
little soft kisses starting at my toes and working up my arms to my
neck and face. I tried to raise my hands to caress his face but the
chain jerked tight pulling my feet closer together, the links rattling
through my bangles. Steve reached down past the chain to my pussy,
stroking the patch of hair there for a moment before going lower to
the opening which had become quite damp already. I grasped his arm
between my hands when his finger found the spot, pressing it harder
into me. He slipped a finger into me then, moving it around inside
while he bent closer and kissed me on my breast, then taking the
nipple between his lips and sucking it into his mouth while rubbing my
other breast with his hand.

Feelings of passion began to overwhelm me from the stimulation at my
tits and pussy. I let my eyes close and, leaning into him, started to
moan and twitch a little as the tension built. I grabbed the chain to
pull hard on it when I felt myself start to fall over the edge, my
whole body growing taut as the powerful orgasm coursed through me.
Steve had his arm around my shoulders when I came back to reality, his
lips pressed gently to my cheek and his other hand softly stroking my
pussy. He leaned back on the bed, pulling me down with him. I lay on
my side with my head on his stomach and my hands, still bound to my
ankles, between my legs. His prick was near my face, twitching from
time to time and I could see a drop of wetness at the tip. I moved my
head closer to stick out my tongue and taste the slight saltiness of
it. I started to lick the head of it before taking it between my lips
and drawing it into my mouth.

Steven rubbed my back and neck, gathered up my hair to run it's length
through his fingers while I took more and more of him into my mouth. I
would move my head back and lick around the tip, then slide down,
farther each time until I had the whole length of his cock in my mouth
and part way down my throat. Soon Steve began to let out a little gasp
each time it went deep into me. I shifted to get up on my knees
between his legs. With my hands pulling on my feet my ass was high in
the air as I bent to catch his cock with my mouth again. I flicked my
head first to get the hair out of my way and it spread like a blanket
across his chest. Regaining my treat I rocked back and forth, bobbing
my head up and down on his throbbing prick.

Steven brought his legs up to press his thighs against me and to rub
his feet over mine and the bangles around my ankles. At one point I
heard him ask me if he could come in my mouth. I looked up to him and
shook my head, yes. At the time I would have jumped out the window if
he asked me to, if I hadn't been bound hand and foot that is.

I soon started to feel the quivering in his thighs pressed against me
and I knew he was close. I pressed harder with my tongue to push the
head of his cock tighter against the roof of my mouth on each stroke.
Steven's hips lifted slightly off the bed and, taking a deep breath, I
let myself slide all the way down to nestle my lips in the hair at the
base of his cock, the head of it deep in my throat. I moved my head in
a tight little circle, once, twice. Steve exploded his load of cum
straight into my stomach. I could feel the surges of it blasting
through his prick as I fought to follow his hips, keeping him deep
inside me as he writhed in pleasure on the bed. I raised up, getting a
spurt in my mouth, and let his cock slip out to flop on his belly
giving a final twitch and dribbling on his stomach. I rocked back to
sit on my heels while I watched him come back to life.

After a few moments his eyes fluttered open and focused on me. He
raised up and gripped me around the waist, giving me a big smile and a
kiss on the end of my nose. Then he reached back to the table beside
the bed to get the key to the lock. After he had released me we lay
together for a while before we got up, I to go to the bathroom as he
prepared us something to eat. After I had a pee and cleaned up a bit,
I went down and found Steven in the kitchen. He poured me a glass of
wine, then set out some plates and things on the table. I saw that the
lock and the chain was placed on the table beside one of the plates. I
asked Steve if he needed any help and he said no, so I sat down at the
table. Steve poured some dressing in the bowl of salad, then came over
and placed it on the table. I picked up the chain and lock, looking at
him. When he asked me to put it on myself, glancing down at my feet, I
was quick to obey, slipping the chain through my bangles and clicking
the lock on the two ends.

I looked up and received a warm smile from Steven, who fetched the
wine from the counter, returning to fill my glass, then sitting beside
me. We had a nice meal starting with the salad and then some lasagna
with garlic bread followed by warm apple pie with ice cream and
coffee, which we enjoyed in the front room after I helped Steve clean
up the dishes. I offered to do all the clean up and I think that
Steven wanted to just sit and watch me, but he did most of it so we
would have more time for other things, I guess.

The chain let me take short steps so after we had our pie and coffee
in the living room I gathered up the plates to shuffle into the
kitchen to wash them while Steve sat on the couch watching me. Then we
watched some T.V. for a while, cuddling on the couch. Finally Steve
took my hand to lead me up the stairs and into his room again. I
pulled my dress over my head and tossed it on a chair. I hadn't put on
underwear from our time earlier so I was instantly naked and already
chained, ready for him.

That night I lost my virginity to Steven. When we started to get
serious on his bed I told him that I had never fucked before, which
kind of surprised him since our earlier encounter had been so nice.
At first he didn't want to do it but I told him that I would be
pleased to go all the way with him so he promised to be gentle. He got
some towels from the hall closet, saying there might be some bl**d,
and he put them under me. I was going to ask him to use a rubber when
I saw him get one from his dresser and roll it onto his cock.. My
ankles were still chained together but he lifted my feet up and, with
his knees on either side of my hips, slowly started to push into me.

He pushed his prick in a little and stopped, asking if I was alright,
before going in a little more. I was a little scared if there would be
a lot of pain but when it happened I hardly even noticed. Steven had
gotten all the way in and was stroking slowly when I felt a kind of a
pop down there. It hurt just for a second before Steven started to
thrust into me harder and faster, my legs up in the air and him
stroking them, kissing my feet and around my bangles. I lost myself in
the steady rhythm of his pumping, the wild sensations coming from that
place where we were joined. It didn't take long for me to reach that
peak again. When Steven came, his cock pulsing as he pushed deep
inside me, I felt myself clamp down on him as a tidal wave of
sensation flooded over me.

There was some bl**d as Steve pulled out but the towels he had
thoughtfully provided had caught it all and there was no mess on the
bed. I peeled the condom off him before taking all and hobbling into
the bathroom. I found some soap and soaked the towels in the tub. I
washed myself out, finding that the bleeding had already stopped. I
pushed in a finger gently and yes, something did feel different in
there. Steven called out if I was alright and I answered yes as I
shuffled back to his room. We slept in each others arms that night,
the chain still locked through my ankle bangles the next morning when
I woke up.

Steven woke up and went out into the hall to look around to make sure
his mom and dad hadn't come back in the middle of the night. When he
found the coast was clear we lay on his bed, holding each other
closely for some time before getting up to get some breakfast. I put
on my night gown before carefully making my way down stairs. Steve
hadn't offered to take the chain off my bangles, nor did I ask him to.
As he sat at the table watching me I found some eggs and bread, and
fried up some french toast for us both, shuffling around his kitchen,
the lock and chain rattling on the floor. I poured the coffee and set
his plate down before getting mine. Although I had the urge to kneel
on the floor beside him I took a chair next to him and we ate in
silence, us both hardly ever taking our eyes from each other.

After I cleaned up I followed Steven back up to his room where we made
slow, sweet love again. He ran his hands over every part of my body
while I lay there on the bed in true bliss. After that, Steven lay on
his front while I sat on his bum, rubbing and kneading the muscles of
his back and arms. He flipped over putting his legs through mine, the
chain underneath his legs, holding my feet down on the bed. I then
rolled a rubber onto his stiff cock and lowered myself down onto it's
length. I sat like that for several minutes with him inside me as I
ran my hands over his chest, occasionally bending to kiss him, before
starting a slow up and down motion on his throbbing member. Steven
hooked his fingers through my bangles, bringing my hands together and
holding them tightly as I slid myself slowly up and down his shaft. I
would relax with him deep in me whenever I saw him get too close,
wanting to make the moment last forever, before resuming my unhurried
up and down movements.

I felt I was able to make time stand still that morning, our love
making lasting for quite a while. There was no pain, only a sweet
fullness down there that was like nothing I had ever felt or imagined.
My movements speeded up, becoming more frantic. I ground myself
against his pubic bone with him deep inside me, then up, to feel the
throbbing head of his prick at my pussy lips. Steven, his fingers
still locked through my bangles, pulled my hands to his face, kissing
my fingers and the palms of my hands. He raised his head up a little,
breathing hard. I could tell he was ready, as was I. A few more
strokes and I felt his cock start to pulse inside me as he let out a
loud moan. His hands went to my waist, pushing me down harder into
him, impaleing me on the length of his cock. I lost it then, throwing
back my head as the first rush hit, then forwards as the f***e of my
orgasm flowed down to where our bodies met.

We were one for those moments as the power of raw lust blasted through
us, my master and I. It was that morning I knew just what kind of a
relationship with a man I would have. It became clear as a picture, a
picture of me, chained, naked and serving Him. I rocked forwards, my
lips finding Steve's in a long and sloppy kiss. He broke the kiss
first, moving to disentangle our bodies. My ankles hurt a little from
the chain pulling my bangles and pressing them into me. Steven
unlocked me and rubbed under each bangle until I felt better. He went
on about how nice I had made him feel and I said that he had made me
feel pretty good too.

A little later on we got dressed and left his house to take a bus
downtown. We found a touristy area where there were some shops open so
we walked around, stopping to look in the stores and having lunch in a
nice fish shop. It was early evening that he rode with me to my house
and we parted, hugging and kissing on the porch for a while before
Steven left.

Although I had a good time with Steve that weekend we only made love
once more before the end of school year. However, that night I had
spent with him helped me to see somewhat how it would be like for me
later on, when I would be given over to the person who would claim me
as his own. The way he had taken me, using that chain to tie me, had
felt so right to me, so intimate and loving that I could have served
him till the end of time.

Steven and I dated often during those last months in London, but it
wasn't until just before graduation that we had sex again. Both he and
I understood that our relationship would end at that time so he rented
a room in a hotel and after a nice meal we went up to make love. It
was good but he didn't try to dominate me or tie me, we just screwed.
Satisfying, but lacking something, I felt. He told me that his father
was taking a transfer to Boston so they were going to move there, and
if I was ever in the States that I should look him up.

I got excellent marks on my final year and after a big party at the
house I was sent back to India for my final two years of training. I
arrived in Bombay where I was met by a man from the trading company
who e****ted myself and two other girls by train and boat, finally by
walking, to a village in the mountains of the south west. The village
had the company's traning school there, where I and others in the
program would be taught the finer points of love making.

[end of part 1]

Tune in next week to hear of life in the training school and Nissa's
experiences there in part 2 of Nissa's story.

Dino Dave.

NISSA'S STORY Part 2/3 C/W 1999 Dino Dave

The trading company school was located about a mile from the actual
village which provided food and other support for us. The villages
in the area also entered into the program some of the most beautiful
girls. The other new girls and I were taken to the office to meet with
the headmaster. He introduced himself as Paul and he was an older
gentleman with a warm smile and eyes, which put me immediately at

Paul briefly outlined the training that we would receive over the next
two years. He said that we would learn how to present ourselves, how
to enhance our beauty and grace and how to please the man who would
eventually be our mate. We would learn how to give pleasure and how to
receive it, as well as learn how to adapt to a variety of situations
that might arise and how to deal with them. At the end of the two
years we would have the knowledge of everything to do with sex and how
it varies from different cultures and societies.

He also talked of the purpose of the bangles we all wore and how they
will mark us as those trained in the art of making love. "The men who
come to us looking for companions," Paul said, "are generally wealthy
men from around the world. We have already placed over eight thousand
girls in the seventy five years since the trading company was founded,
girls who were orphans or abandoned like yourselves. Countless other
c***dren have been helped by the company's schools and programs in the
poorer countries. It has been only in the last twenty years or so that
we have required you in our special program to be fitted with the
bangles. When you are at the theatre or some other social functions
with the person who will choose you, don't be surprised to see another
woman wearing the bangles, and know that you have a friend who shares
in the life that you do."

Paul hinted to us of another use for our bangles, the bondage aspect
that I had found out about, and then we were dismissed to have our
dinner. There were about thirty beautiful young ladies at the school.
I asked about Lisa and found that she had finished her training here
last year and had been sent to the building near Bombay where the men
came to select their girl. After supper I walked around looking in the
buildings and talking with a few of the other girls. A couple girls
said that they were heading over to the pool for a swim so I went
along with them.

The pool was at the back of the compound with showers along one wall
and looked quite refreshing. The others just stripped off all their
clothes, piling them on the beaches or tables nearby, so I did the
same. I stood under the shower and washed the grime from the trip off,
then crossed to the pool and dove in. The cool water felt great on my
skin as I paddled to the other side. I saw there was a kind of alcove
with bushes and trees hanging over the water, almost touching. I felt
my feet touch the bottom, the water not deep at this end. I stood,
brushed the water from my eyes, then I saw it.

There was a girl sitting on the edge of the pool. Her eyes were
closed. Another girl was kneeling behind the first, her arms around
her and her hands were kneading her breasts. Another girl was laying
in the water with her head between the thighs of the girl sitting on
the edge, her face pressed tight against her crotch. I stood and
stared for a few moments while the girl in the middle moved her hips
around and made little moans.

I jumped when an arm snaked around my waist, a blond haired girl
pulling herself near me. "Mmmm, That's what I need." she said. "After
the class today I wanted to jump on anything that moved. You're new
here. Hi, I'm Jo-Ann."

"Nissa." I said. "I just arrived this afternoon," I don't know why I
wanted to impress her but I added, "from London."

"Cool," she stated, "I did my high school in L.A." "California." she
added to my quizzical look. She had pronounced it lay. "Been here six
months now. Not much to do evenings here, except that." waving a hand
at the trio. The one in the middle was thrashing her head up and down,
her moans getting louder, her nipples getting pinched and twisted by
the one in back. Jo-Ann was standing very close to me. I could feel
the hairs of her pussy against my hip.

We watched as the girl in the middle, Karen I was told, tensed and
threw her head back as she came powerfully from the ministrations of
the other two girls. Jo-Ann and I made our way to the alcove, climbed
out of the water and sat on a bench nearby. Lights had come on around
the compound and around the pool area, but the end we were in remained
dark. I noticed that Jo-Ann hadn't stopped touching me since we met,
her soft caresses making me lose any inhibitions I may have had. When
she bent close to kiss first my cheek, then my lips, a tingle ran down
my back.

Jo-Ann moved her head lower to take one of my nipples between her
lips, gently licking and sucking it. I slid my hand along her thigh
and when I reached the patch of silky fur she parted her legs to allow
me to explore lower. I slipped a finger through her slit. She jumped
when my finger touched her clitoris.

She turned to lay on the bench with her head in my lap. I bent forward
a little and she found my nipple with her mouth again. She bent one
leg up when I reached between her legs and I parted her slit, pushing
a finger into her. Her cunt gripped my finger, seeming to pull it into
her, her mouth working on one nipple, then her hand on my other
breast, fingers rubbing the sensitive tip.

I heard splashing and giggling and looked up to see the three girls
swimming away, leaving Jo-Ann and I alone. I had noticed recently that
my nipples were becoming much more sensitive and the fire from Jo-
Ann's mouth and hand was quickly spreading. I pushed my finger deep
into her, twisting it around to feel the inside of her, then out, to
rub up and down her slit, pinching the lips but avoiding her clit to
make the time stretch out. My arm cradled her head, the fingers of
that hand entwined in her hair which spilled over my legs and down, to
tickle my feet.

I pressed her head harder to my chest as I started to cum from the
stimulations at my nipples, the feelings washing over me in a giant
wave while I rocked on the bench. I pushed two fingers into her tight
cunt with my thumb on her clit, rubbing across the sensitive little
nub. In just a few moments she released my nipple from her mouth to
take a gulp of air and let out a long moan. I could feel the inside of
her cunt squeezing my fingers as her orgasm took hold of her.

We came back to earth and embraced in a long wet kiss. Then she took
my hand and we walked into the water to swim back to the other side of
the pool. We dried off and got dressed, then went over to the
cafeteria for some snacks. After, Jo-Ann took me to the dorm building
and helped me find my bed. I spotted my little bag on one of the beds
beside the wall. First year girls slept on the ground floor while
those in second year had the second and third. Many of the girls were
already in bed as I wandered around and I noticed something quite
interesting. Most of the girls in their beds had a short piece of
chain through one of their bangles and part of the bedframe, and it
was locked on with a brass padlock.

I tried not to be too obvious but I looked again. Some of the girls
had used the lock to connect one of their wrist bracelets to the bed
with the chain through the headboard, while others locked one ankle
bangle with the chain around the rail at the end of the bed. I was
also quick to notice that a few girls had used the lock to join both
their wrist or ankle bracelets together, the chain looped through part
of the bed frame. I saw that there was a table by the door where one
of the staff sat and as someone came in they would take a lock and a
piece of chain from it before going to their bed. I went to the
attendant and asked her about it.

She said that although we didn't have to if we really didn't want to
it was expected that we all were locked to our bed at night. She told
me that all the locks had the same key and that there was someone here
all night, in case of an emergency, who could release us. This was
just like when Lisa would put the locks on me at night back in London,
except I was never chained to the bed. The thought of it was making me
hot again. The attendant smiled at me as I took a lock and chain from
the table. I went back to my bed and undressed, then slid under the

I put the chain through one of the metal bars of the headboard. Then I
put the lock through one of my wrist bangles, through the two ends of
the chain, and then through my other bangle. The lock was fairly big
and heavy and when I pressed with my fingers it closed with a solid
thump. I moved my hands down, the chain pulling up tight, stopping
them at just above my waist. The lock was bigger than the ones Lisa
had bought for me and the feelings of it, along with the chain leading
from it, past my fingers to the headboard were starting to make me
feel like the bed I was laying on was now a part of me.

It took me a long time to get to sl**p that f

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