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Stella Maris

Stella Maris

Barb had a cock in each hand – mine and her husband Al’s – was we sat there watching a video of her in action with a young stud. I wondered if these were bizarre and unusual circumstances, which had led this perfectly normal wife, mother and grandmother to enjoy the role of slut that she was playing now. A philandering life at sea and a deep appreciation of the mature woman has taught me that this is not as rare a situation as ‘normal’ people might imagine.

Barb had been married to Al for 35 years, given him three great k**s and four grandc***dren – the apples of their eyes and your typical close Aussie f****y. Al was a mate of mine from before he married Barb and though we saw little of each other, we remained in touch all these years. I hardly knew Barb because I rarely visited their port city. Al like myself is still a seafarer working a generous month-on month -off roster.

Barb his still beautiful wife is a full-bodied woman, tall at 180 cms with the full breasts and broad bum of a mature mother but all in good proportion. Vey little fat but the mature mum’s tummy and she keeps trim with regular exercise. She wears her hair very short (a No.3 cut) white spikes – coloured to hide the grey which has started to show through. Some might say it makes her look butch but it’s bl**dy sexy too.

I’ll let Barb continue with this true and recent story as she was keen to reveal it all to me during a recent stay with her and Al.

BARB – I’ve got to say at the outset I never imagined I’d be telling this story as I matured and prepared for retirement with my wonderful husband Al, however:

When I finally came through menopause a couple of years ago – I’m 55 now – I assumed like most women that my libido would drop off. Al’s certainly had and even though we enjoy an active sex life, especially with the k**s having flown the nest, we both realised and planned for less of that activity. However as I settled into post menopause life I realised that I was starting to experience periods of intense sexual need. The ‘ache would start slowly then build over a few days to an intensity that had me masturbating 4 or 5 times a day. Then it slowly subsided for a week or so then re-builds. Just part of life’s bio-rhythms but they usually all diminish with age – the physical and emotional had levelled nicely and it seems like all the intensity was directed to the sexual. Al was wonderful and did his best to keep up with me but his libido was on the wane and despite his use of Viagra, he still couldn’t meet my demands when I was a the top of the wave. I tried some psychological counselling but all that happened was the psychologist tried coming on to me when he realised my problem – fucking little germ I thought.

Al, of course, works away for a month at a time so he bought me all sorts of toys to help me get through most needy moments and they certainly helped. We did a lot of ‘skyping’ when Al was in range and I was very turned on and relieved to frig myself on camera for him and I trusted him to keep it to himself -which he did. So between that, the toys and videos and sex sites I was pretty well in control and we assumed that it would disappear in time. Not that I minded really as I am a very sexual person and have always been. While I was a girl of the 70’s and tried every sexual trick and perversion in the book – yes even had a female lover for a few months – when I married Al I stopped it all and devoted myself fully to enjoying a great sex life with him – which we both have. Hence the ‘problem’ I developed was hardly a problem we just had to manage it.

As we often shared our fantasies with each other and mine involved sex with other guys and multiple partners and large cocks, Al suggested from time to time that he’d willingly encourage me to live out my fantasies – as that was part of his too – seeing me in action with others. However it was always dismissed as just that – fantasy. We had some mischievous habits – especially now I was so hot for sex. I always gave him a blowjob the moment he walked in the front door after being away and it was a full on swallow the lot job. I loved to swallow spunk before I was married and I kept it up with Al – it gave me so much control and he would do anything for me. By giving him a clean out blowjob, it meant when he got an erection again – usually within the hour he could last a long time and give me multiple orgasms. Orgasms were what I was now demanding and I didn’t mind how they came. Al has a wicked tongue and was happy to lick me for hours on end then I’d put on a show for him with a couple of dildos or vibrators. Thus we kept my urges at bay.

Now I do have another life as well – it’s not all hot sweaty sex. I have f****y to attend to and I belong to community organisations. One, would you believe, is the local church auxiliary. I’m not a religious person but I do feel I have to give back to society and this is one of the best ways. Part of the activities of this auxiliary is to help out at the local seafarers club. These clubs have been a part of seafarer’s lives worldwide for over a century and have always been run by the church. My interest stemmed from the fact that my husband is a seafarer and I know how helpful they have been over the years. They are really just respite centres now where sailors can come ashore, enjoy a bit land based company, use phone and computing facilities and we ladies often take them shopping. Invariably the sailors are predominately male. Also they usually have a social and maybe a dance a couple of times a month so they boys get to dance with us ‘old ladies’ – not too many young girls have the time or inclination to join us.

It was a couple of years ago not long after my ‘problem’ had raised its head that I was at the club one evening – I only went along to help out when Al was away – and had a few dances with a number of the lads there. I never get embarrassed or offended at their getting stiffies while dancing with me as I find it quite natural and arousing that an ‘old girl’ like me can do that to a young man. Mind you I shouldn’t have been surprised as I can do wonders with Al and he takes a lot of work at his age. I had danced a couple of times with a young East African guy called Jacob when it came time for me to leave I asked if anyone wanted a lift to their ship. On this night Jacob was the only one ready to leave.

Now it get crazy because I’ve never been tempted to do anything but drive them to their ship but when Jacob go into the car I suggested he could stay at my place the night if he didn’t have to start work until the morning. He was surprised and protested that he didn’t have anything with him like pyjamas or a toothbrush but I assured him I could supply both so he relented and agreed since he wasn’t starting early in the morning. At this stage I know I had no sexual intentions at all though I had been on a sexual high all day and frigged myself several times that afternoon. Hadn’t been able to talk with Al but I was sated with a couple of nice orgasms.

We got to my home – a nice new one by the sea and fortunately with an automatic garage door so nobody need see who gets out of my car. We sat and I made a cup of tea and chatted to Jacob about his job and his f****y back in Kenya. He was 22 and engaged to be married and could take several wives but he wasn’t sure about that. He was popular with the families because he didn’t have AIDS nor any of his f****y and his manning agent always insisted his crews get checked regularly. I thought this an interesting subject to raise – maybe he just suspected something was on. Anyway I took him to his bedroom just down the passage from mine and got him what he needed except pyjamas as she said he could sl**p in his underwear. I was still outwardly quite oblivious to anything sexual but I am sure now that deep in my psyche the slut in me had woken. I was just going into my bedroom when I saw Jacob cross the passage to the bathroom wearing just a towel. I think that broke the spell. I suddenly realised that I had this beautiful young healthy strong black man in my house and all my urges came rushing to the surface. I went to my bedroom and stripped – got into the shower and just had to start feeling myself. My pussy was on fire and my clit had swollen. I must tell you I am very proud of my clit – I’ve been told its an indicator of ones sex drive – the size that it and mine is as big as I’ve ever know it could be. When swollen it is at least the size of the last joint of my little finger. This night it was at its best. I rubbed it and pulled it until I got off in the shower then stepped out and towelled myself dry. I threw on my t-shirt I wear to bed. Always sl**p nude with Al but when he is away I just put on one of his t-shirts which just covers my pubic area.

Al and I have both kept ourselves completely shaven bald on our pubic areas. It enhances the sexual activity immensely and now we have a bit of fun when we go to the local “beauty parlour’ where we get a full wax each every month. I got into bed but the cravings kept sweeping over me. There was a beautiful hard young cock in the next room waiting for my use for sure. I knew al wouldn’t mind – he’d told me so often to go for it but just tell him about it later. I got out of bed and walked to Jacobs door – the light was till on. I knocked and opened at the same time.

He was laying on the bed reading a magazine. Strangely he didn’t seem surprised. He put the magazine down and just asked if he could help. I stepped forward not really thinking at the time but sat on his bed with one leg bent on the bed and the other outstretched to support me on the floor. My bare cunt was obviously fully exposed to him and I could see him looking immediately but I felt no embarrassment – just excitement. I put my left hand onto his crotch and immediately felt a stirring under his underwear. I told him I needed help to satisfy this incessant urge for sexual relief. I told him it was sometimes a problem like tonight and was he up to satisfying me. He just smiled with that gorgeous big mouth and told me he’d be very happy to assist. He wasted no time in sliding his left hand along mu bare thigh as far as he could so I moved forward on the bed to give him access. His glorious long fingers just parted my cunt lips and drove deep inside – three went in easily. Sawing them in and out I lay back a little to give even better access and felt as his beautiful cock grew until it popped out the waist and of his underwear.

I was so ready for him that I didn’t bother with preliminaries. I simply pulled his underwear down his long legs the climbed over him, straddling his hips and taking his cock in my hand I inserted it into my cunt. I was so wet it slid in so easily and I’d not even taken the time to examine it closely except to notice he was uncut and quite long. Now I knew how long! Whew it went past my cervix – just delicious and bottomed out with a twinge of pain before I was sitting right down hard on him. I knew I had to be careful or he could do me some damage but being on top I had control so I told him to let me do the action. He reached up and removed my t-shirt as he took my tits in hand. Now I must say my tits are my pride and joy. I was always well built and so much so that after my c***dren were borne I had a breast reduction as they were becoming very pendulous and quite uncomfortable. So I had them reduced to about a D cup and they have always remained so. Nipples poke out and not down and over the years my areola and nipples have seemed to increase somewhat in size. I love showing them off by going braless in public when with Al and nude around the house often. Highly sensitive and I can get off quite easily with attention just to them. If I wrap them around Al’s cock we both enjoy a quick orgasm. So now Jacob had his hands full and I was building rapidly to an orgasm. Since I had and audience I loved to verbalise my cummings and tonight was no different. I love talking dirty and I told Jacob exactly what I wanted him to do with his cock and my cunt. He was a bit concerned the neighbours might hear but it didn’t stop me and he responded in kind.

This young man had months of built up sexual energy and he came very quickly with me. I collapsed forward crushing my tits on his chest and giving him a deep French kiss with lots of tongue action which only served to prolong my orgasm. As for Jacob, I could feel the gushes of hot spunk pouring into me with every pulse of his considerable prick- silly boy even apologised for “filling” me up but I assured him its exactly what I wanted and needed and jus to prove it I reached down between us and running a finger into my cunt next to his prick I extracted a string of spunk and brought it to my lips and swallowed it down. I have always loved the taste of sperm ever since my earliest days of sex – in fact a blowjob was my first sexual experience and I just assumed the juice was for swallowing. I feast on Al’s. I told Jacob I would expect some for breakfast.

Well that fuck broke the doubts and wonder. I’d fucked someone else now and had been so wonderfully satisfied – much better than my plastic – and I knew I could continue now without guilt or fear. I would tell Al as soon as I had him on ‘skype”. However right now I needed more as I was in a state of high need and arousal and Jacob hadn’t softened at all. It was fabulous – a real live cock in my house which obviously had lots of capacity and I intended to use it. Asking Jacob how much more he could handle he just told me to try him as I needed and he would probably be able to respond. I suggested I would stay in his bed tonight – I didn’t feel right taking him to my marital bed – and we would fuck when he was able. I now slid off him and took to examining his penis closely. Yes it was long – about three fistfuls – but only the same thickness as Al’s. Just a perfect hard black rod of fleshy steel and he had huge balls which hung low even after cumming and started about 25 mm from the base of his cock – interesting as I’d always experienced testicles being a part of the perineum. However I wasn’t complaining – he was beautifully put together and just served to make my mouth water and juices flow. I had to explain to him to go carefully when fucking me as he was very long and he could do damage if he thrust in too far. He assured me that he could control that as he had a similar problem with his fiancée but he felt I was tight enough to give him all the satisfaction he needed with 80% of his cock. I was very pleased to hear him say I was tight. I always did exercises and used the toys to great benefit in keeping my cunt muscles exercised. However Al or I had nothing to compare with so it was so nice to be told that at fifty-three years of age I had a tight cunt. I also knew that I was entirely capable of letting it relax and open right up – Al enjoyed fisting me from time to time.
Since I planned on being available to this boy in every way I got out of bed to empty my bladder and while in the bathroom I picked up a tube of lubricating gel. I used it most when al and I did anal but sometimes I needed a bit of help after a long session with Al – pretty normal for a woman who has been through menopause. I hurried back to bed and climbed in next to Jacob and snuggled up close – his cock was amazing. It was still hard and I needed more NOW and told him so. Jacob had other ideas though. He immediately turned around on the bed and thrust his face into my pussy. Oh was I ready for this. I have a clit that neither Al nor I have ever seen anywhere before and probably explains my high sex drive. Its like a small prick and when swollen is the size of the last joint of my little finger. When Jacob saw it he whistled, got both his lips around it and started sucking and licking. That was sensational and very quickly took me where I wanted to go without him even penetrating my cunt with his fingers. This was going to be some night to remember which is why I can relate the story so clearly now. With my first orgasm and my head lined with his crotch I immediately took his cock into my mouth. I can deep throat all night but I know men prefer to have their cocks adored and loved – not necessarily burying them deep down someone’s throat. I took it as deep as I could then withdrew taking care to keep the head between my lips. Then using my hands and applying some of the lube gel I began to massage it with my head just around the sensitive tip. Sometimes licking full length and taking his balls into my mouth and sucking gently. This can almost guarantee an ejaculation within minutes of application and Jacob didn’t disappoint. He emptied forth without warning and I took it all down clasping my mouth around the head in order to prevent any leakage. He tasted no different to Al and I was in heaven with another orgasm – this time originating in my throat.

We immediately snuggled together with him spooning me and drifted off to sl**p. But sl**p was short lived as I felt his glorious cock rising between the cheeks of my arse. I was not sure if it was simply a spontaneous result of our position or whether he was awake and deliberately willing a hard-on. I simply waited – so willingly ready to take his cock into me again. Sure enough I felt him stir then reach for the lube on the bedside table – he said nothing but I was sure I knew where he was headed. I felt the cold gel on his finger penetrate my bum and wipe around my ring. I had to acknowledge my approval so just mumbled to push it in my bum. He needed no coaxing. I wondered initially at his length – his thickness was no problem as it was the same as Al’s. He was so gentle and well lubed that I felt it sliding deeper and deeper without discomfort. Very soon I felt his balls against my bum cheeks and realised that the arse is actually more accommodating that the cunt. He moved slowly with short jabbing movements which served to raise my arousal. He reached around and found my swollen clit with one hand and a very hard nipple with the other. This boy knew where he was taking me and I was enjoying the ride. There as no urgency and I told him I could do this all night if he needed. My orgasms came in little bursts with me whimpering my approval at each one – it was just what my over active libido needed. I became aroused at thinking for the first time since I started having sex with Jacob what a slut I had become in such a short time. It was the accomplishment of a number of my fantasies and Al’s and I was actually looking forward to telling Al about it in the morning. I felt no guilt. In fact I felt quite empowered and almost superior to my friends out there whom I knew simply wouldn’t have it in them to do as I was yet who secretly may harbour similar fantasies. I also knew I simply couldn’t reveal any thing to them as I would so socially ostracised.

Jacob fucked my arse for maybe an hour until he in fact just slowed and dropped off to sl**p again still buried deep in my rectum. I soon followed and we must have slept until sunrise – we both had good reason to be tired. We had separated during that sl**p and I gazed in wonder at this beautiful male specimen laying in the bed next to me – nude and uncovered. I couldn’t help but stroke his lovely long prick which was enjoying the morning glory effect. Boys and their morning glories – do we love them girls? As he stirred I suggested I’d get him a drink and jumped from bed quite refreshed and, enjoying my nudity, I strolled to the kitchen and got him a large glass of juice and put the kettle on for myself. I returned to the bed and as I handed him his juice I reminded him of my need for a sperm breakfast.

Jacob assured me he still had a couple of shots in him so I perched him on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor and his balls just hanging free, spread his legs for best access and knelt before him to worship his magnificent appendage. I stoked his cock using the pre cum to lubricate it as I did and sucked his balls as I did. I know this is the most successful technique to achieve a quick heavy load of spunk. Of course it worked. Jacob’s breathing shortened and pretty soon he was telling me breakfast was on its way. To make it more visually erotic for him I opened my mouth and held out my tongue with his cock head supported bit the tongue tip. This way I he could see the sperm shooting along my tongue and into my mouth. It worked a treat and Jacob couldn’t believe the effect of the visual display. It certainly kept him hard. I had swallowed every last drop and enjoyed another throat-induced orgasm – I knew I was such an easy slut when that happened.
I knew he had to get back to his ship so I stood and bent forward over the bed and demanded that he fuck my brains out – fill my cunt with every last drop he had. I knew it would take some time so he’d better get started – and he did.

He went gently at first but gradually we realised that he could penetrate further in this position and though he ‘bottomed’ out just past my cervix on every stroke he was in balls deep so that encouraged him to start pounding me hard and I loved it. The little bit of pain on each stroke just served to arouse me more and soon my orgasms were almost continuous. I was in heaven as I’d not been fucked this hard in years and I told him so. He had inexhaustible energy and drove hard and fast for what was probably only fifteen minutes but seemed longer. His ejaculation was f***eful only because he was so deep that on each inward thrust as he spewed his cum from the tip it was up against my vaginal wall and I could feel each flow of hot fluid. What a sensational way to have my final orgasm with him.

We showered together and teased each other’s bodies without any penetration – just pure sexual fun. I had to dress conservatively as I had an appointment with my church group and thus I dropped him at his ship only enjoying the most passionate deepest of kisses and knowing I may never see him again. (I did in fact see him when he visited last year and this time Al was in attendance and armed with his video) . I sat through my meeting with this warm superior feeling of “guess what I’ve just done ladies’ about me and hurried home to strip of all my clothes and get out the laptop for my regular visit on ‘skype’ with Al. Fortunately he was alone in his cabin when we started so he was naked and ready for a “wank on air’ as he called it. I didn’t feel I needed any of my toys today as I was already very sated and this would be about giving Al an erotic experience to wank to. We started with our usual small talk then I got down to business by showing him my well used cunt. He needed no explanation as he looked at it with the inner lips hanging right outside and the whole area quite red. My arsehole was still a bit distended and Al hardly knew where to start asking questions. He could only ask if my fantasies had come true and when I admitted so I went into details about my night. Al by now had lowered his camera to his crotch and I watched as my lovely husband and best mate stroked and jerked himself to a tremendous cumming. I was so proud of my ability to do this for him and I promised there’d be more stories for him when he got home in a couple of weeks.
I really considered now where I would go with this newfound satisfying activity. Would I make it a one off or could it become part of my life and satisfy in the nicest way my excessive sexual cravings when they occurred. I decided in a short space I would choose the latter. It had been easy and I had a ready source of safe partners. My husband had no issues and in fact encouraged my adventures. I just needed to satisfy myself as to the health of my partners and most seafarers had health cards nowadays and also be assured of their discretion within the Seafarers Club. Not absolutely easy but I got to know each one before there was any suggestion of sex and demanded there discretion. Also by taking photographs I maintained a certain degree of control. Most were happy to be photographed but didn’t want them being exposed.

Thus in the two weeks before Al came home I tried three more young men. One Philipino and two Europeans. After Jacob I waited a few days – my sexual urges had diminished a little and my fanny was sore and needed some soothing attention. I didn’t even masturbate really though I did enjoy massaging my cunt and arse hole with soothing moisturizer. The young Philipino father was next – so easily led to my home and did everything I told him. I had him for two nights and a day having to send him back to his ship when my daughter and grandk**s wanted to visit. He was so lovely but nowhere near as well built as Jacob. Quite vigourous in having stamina and such an active tongue that I spent a lot of time just laying around the house with his head between my thighs and it was so continually satisfying. I also put him on skype (as long as I didn’t show his face) so Al chatted to me and jerked off while I had some nice orgasms with this little dark head working away between my legs. It was lovely having all that time in the house completely naked with a strange man who just did my sexual bidding. While he didn’t match up to Al or Jacob in size he still produced copious loads of spunk – quite amazing amounts and I spent a lot of time being covered in it. He loved tit fucking me and I’d not bother to wash it off when he came so at the end of the day I was covered in dried cum and my hair despite being so short was stuck to my scalp. It was so fucking sluttish and by now I was taking photographs. I set the camera for ‘together’ shots and he took photos of me in totally erotic slut poses. Al got them all on email.

The two European boys were both lovely gentle lads in their late teens they had enormous capacity and even though I only had them each for a night they came in me somewhere on 5 separate occasions. They were very happy posing for the skype and even chatted to Al who told them what he wanted to see them doing to me. It was hard lining up the camera for the arse fucking but Al enjoyed it and got off on it so success was achieved. Both had nice normal size cocks and even with this small sample during these two weeks I realised that size was not a significant factor in satisfaction though a nice big one like Jacobs took me to a few different places and levels.

Al actually came home just a couple of hours after the last European boy had left. Thus I kept what spunk I could in my cunt with a plug so Al could have a sloppy second when he was ready. I met him as I always do at the door naked and I had his cock in y mouth within minutes of him coming through the door. He was so excited that he gave me a mouthful almost straightaway and then we lay on the bed and chatted and laughed at my adventurous tales until he was ready again. This time I had him pull the plug out of my cunt and he slipped right into someone else’s cum. He agreed it was a new and quite arousing experience – very happy to repeat. We also agreed that I would be his alone while he was at home and we would enjoy ourselves with the pictures I’d taken but he did set up a couple of video cameras for my future use.

This all happened just two years ago. Since then my eyes have been opened and with Al I have enjoyed the most fantastic experiences as we both explore the limits of our sexuality. I have continued to bring boys home from the Seafarers Club during Al’s rostered time away and I probably average about one per week for his four-week absence. I’ve not had any cause for concern. By sticking strictly to my own rules and maintaining absolute discretion I am able to satisfy my post menopausal cravings and discover a new satisfaction in knowing I am a nymphomaniac or preferable a slut. I love referring to myself as that and being called one by the boys.

I did try using a couple of sex sites to find partners but I have some misgivings about discretion and proof of health status. I met a few guys anonymously at coffee shops but wasn’t totally convinced so thought better of it. I’m certainly not starved of sexual company now. Of course this has all led to a broadening of our sexual horizons in various respects and I will leave it to Al to relate a further experience he arranged for me just a couple of months ago for my fifty-fifth birthday. It’s called Cruisin’ and I’m sure our mate here, Lew, will put it up on hamster.
I certainly have loaded it onto Hamster as this was a complete surprise for me when I visited Al and Barb. I simply didn’t expect to find this totally sexually open couple though as I always maintain with many mature women – scratch one deep enough and you’ll find the slut within.

We had a fantastic night watching videos and having sex with Barb while they related these stories to me which I know to be quite true. As Barb said some readers might recognise themselves so please thank them from our hearts for sharing themselves with us as they did. She hopes they learnt to explore and enjoy

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