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An Evening at Ms. Clarks part 4 (The morning after

When I returned from the store, I saw that Ms. Clark wasn't in the kitchen, nor was she in her room, I saw that Jake's door was closed, but I didn't think too much about it.
I went back to the kitchen to start getting things ready for breakfast, there were still 3 guys sl**ping in the living room, and I figured that they would want some breakfast also. I looked around the kitchen and found a frying pan and then some pancake flour and figured that pancakes and eggs and bacon would be a good breakfast for these guys. As I was rummaging around in the kitchen Ms. Clark came in, and gave me a hug and a big kiss. I thought I detected a slightly different flavor on her lips, but dismissed it as a wild imagination. She was wearing a short silky nighty and it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra, but I couldnt see enough to assertain whether she was wearing panties or not. As she moved around in the kitchen I found myself brushing up against her a lot, finally she said "SIT!" I sat down and watched as she doted around the kitchen, mixing batter , frying bacon and getting everything ready to serve 6 hungry people a good breakfast.

As I was sitting on that chair, she leaned over to get a pan out of her oven and I saw that her ass was indeed bare, she had no panties on! I also saw a trickle of something wet drooling out of her pussy, I thought I had washed her good when we took that shower earlier, and then it dawned on me that she was clean and dry when I went to the store earlier. I got off my chair and slipped my hand up under her nighty and felt her wet thighs, and then pulled my hand back and looked at it. YUP, It was cum. I looked her in the eyes and held my sticky fingers up for her to see and she just got this embarassed look on her face and then blushed. That's when I knew she had been fucked. I didn't know who, but I suspected it to be Jake.
She said to me "PLEASE, don't tell anyone" I assured her that I wouldn't say a word, but I was sure getting a hard on just pictureing it in my mind. I told her we needed to talk later, and she agreed. She continued to cook, and the smell of bacon and pancakes awoke the rest of the guys, and one by one they came staggering into the kitchen. Ms. Clark was careful not to bend over, or to lean, so as not to show off any more of her body when the guys were in the room they had all known I had fucked her the night before. But they knew nothing of what had transpired this morning and I wasn't telling. Jake finally came in and he looked the best of all the guys, he was bright, bubbly, and looked well refreshed. He leaned over and kissed his mother on the cheek and took his plate of food to the table and scarfed it down like he hadn't eaten in a month.

No one was saying anything, and the slience was deafening when Ms.Clark asked "What are you boys doing today?" Jake spoke, "We were all going to the mall to try to find some running shoes for track" Then he asked "What are you going to do, Mom?" Her reply was "I am going to clean this house, after you boys trashed it last night, then I am going to soak in the hot tub for a while, then improve my tan some, I can't go back to school looking all pale, now can I?"

After the guys all ate Ms. Clark took the dishes placed them in the dishwasher. The guys just watched and then almost in unison they all rose and went to get ready to go to the mall. Jim was the only one that had a license, so Ms. Clark said he could drive her car if he was careful. He assured her that he would be safe, and the guys all left for the mall. I had begged off going, saying my head hurt too much to go anywhere. Which was a lie, but it worked on the guys, except for Jake, who looked at me and just smiled.

After everyone had left Ms.Clark said "I am going to go out to the hot tub, But since your head hurts so much maybe you should just lie down on my bed and rest. I hurt, but I didn't hurt too much that I couldn't join her. We went upstairs and I followed her as she went to her room and proceeded to stip off her nighty right in front of me as she went to her dresser to get her bikini to wear out side. Just as she pulled it out of the drawer, I pulled her to the bed, and pushed her back, and feasted my eyes on her drooling pussy. I just HAD to taste that wonderful creation. I was licking her honeypot for all I was worth, sucking her hole, sucking her clit, I even slipped a finger in her ass to help get her off, and get off she did! She was screaming out all sorts of obsenities, thrashing around on the bed, and finally she came to a roaring climax and screamed so loud I thought any minute now, the cops would be breaking down the door, wondering who was getting killed in there!

I said to her "Ms. Clark, You are a fantastic lady!" She said to me with a smile "Please, call me Cindy, Afterall, we are more than just student and teacher now"
I helped her put on her bikini and we went to Jake's room and found some trunks that would fit me and we went to the hot tub, and settled into the hot water.
I asked "Did you?..., with Jake,... I mean..." She got a look in her face like she was busted and with an embarrassed look nodded yes. "Was he good?" again the look, and her slow nod, assured me that he had done her a good job. "You won't tell anyone will you?, I would just die if the other guys knew I was such a slut." I told her "I won't say anything about you and Jake, but that the guys had all seen me fucking you last night, and you even gave some head to Jim."

She groaned and said "Oh what a mess I am in" I said "I will talk to the guys, and I think I can get them to agree that it will be in their best interest if they all just forget all about what happened and don't say anything to anyone."
"Sorta like what happens at Ms. Clark's stays at Ms. Clark's?" she asked. "Yeah, that's the idea." I said. We got out of the hot tub as the sky was turning cloudy, so we didn't lay out to improve our tans. I suggested we go back in and change, and that I would help clean the house. When we were back in Cindy's bedroom and she stripped off her bikini, I had such a hard on, she looked at me and asked "Can you be quick? I don't want the guys to come back and see me getting fucked again!" I just dumbly looked and said "Sure" she spread those lovely legs and I slipped my hard cock into her and she hissed as I hit bottom in her pussy. I was slow stroking her, just enjoying the wetness of her and the awesome tightness of her pussy, when we heard the door slam downstairs, and she had a look of panic on her face, and tried to get me off of her. "OFF!" she hissed through clenched teeth. I was trying to get off alright, but not in the way she was desireing me to. I finally pulled out with a sluping sound and told her we would finish later. She just nodded.

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