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Movie Matinee Wank

Being a pensioner with time on my hands and discount tickets at the local movie theater I'm there a couple of afternoons a week. This week though was going to turn into the kinds of activities at a theater that we only dream of. Alone in the dark with women strangers was just the start.

I'd seen all of the action flicksd at the local movie house so I took a chance and went into a Disney movie. Maybe it was Lion King I'm not sure because what was going to happen to me gave me a whole new appreciation of Disney movies.

I usually sit in the back is my eyes just won't work any closer. The theater was almost empty and it was about a quarter of the way through the movie when when two young girls came in. I was in the middle of the back aisle and each of them sat at the ends. I could see that they were texting each other and after a short time one of them moved to the seat beside me on my left. Needless to say I was totally distracted from the movie but tried to re-focus on the animation. Two minutes later the other girl moved in and sat on my right. This was getting downright uncomfortable particularly since they still seem to be texting each other.

In the dimness I noticed that these girls were from a separate school dressed as they wear in a kilt and blouse. I could catch glimpses of their legs in the brighter scenes in their kilts were very short.

A few minutes later they turned off their phones and during one of the songs in the movie the girl to a right put her hand on my leg. I was about to tell her to stop when on my left the other girl also put her hand on my leg. My heart was racing and I really didn't know what to do. I could just simply get up and leave but it was becoming exciting.

They left their hands in my legs for a couple of minutes and then they slowly started to move them towards my crotch. The excitement was becoming almost unbearable. It was awkward and I didn't know what to do. One was massaging my groin through my pants while the other was playing with my zipper and belt. My cock was becoming uncomfortably hard in my constricting clothes but that seemed to end very quickly as my zip was pulled down, the belt loosened and a hand pulled my cock out. It was everything I could do to look straight ahead and ignore what was happening to me.

My very hard cock was being stroked by one hand while the other took my hand and placed it under her kilt. She wasn't wearing underwear and she was quite damp. I knew what to do with her pussy and nervously stroked her clip. I could hear her sigh and slouch into her seat. My other hand was taken and placed under the other kilt to yet another bare, damp pussy. I was fingering wet to clits while being jerked off.

There were only a couple of other people in the theater and they were near the front so these two young girls felt very comfortable having their way with me. It only took about two minutes before I came all over the front of my shirt at which point the two girls took my hands off thier pussies, put their kilts back in place, giggled and then got up and left. I was satisfied, excited and yet still frustrated by the experience. I was also embarrassed.

I searched on the floor for some napkins to wipe my shirt clean since the cum stains would be all too obvious as I went through the theater lobby to the parking lot. If they didn't seem the cum on my shirt the blush on my face would be make anyone think I was having a heart attack. I got to my car and drove home.

I stayed away from the cinema for a few weeks but eventually my sexual yearning caught up with me. I went back to another matinee and found my seat in the middle of the back row. It was another animation and about halfway through I noticed two older women standing at one of the doors. They split up and each took a place at the end of my aisle. Soon they were texting, then one moved to my left side followed by the other moving to my right side, then their hands were on my legs and then one hand was on my cock and my cock was out …and you know the rest. I had brought a couple of hankies this time.

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