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Uncle bob part2

Uncle Bob liked me naked. He got braver and braver having me walk outside to fuck me. He started to bend me over the railing on the front porch and fuck me there. He loved the sex outside and when the ranch hands were gone he would take me around the yard naked and find new places for sex.

He got braver having me around and one day brought me to the barn dressed in t-shirt, no bra and jeans and showed me to the workers. They looked me over and smiled. They knew what was going on with a young girl and an older uncle. that day I rode in the truck with my uncle as they all loaded hay. He unzipped his pants and had me suck his cock till he came in my mouth. Then he pulled my shirt above my tits and played with them pulling and pinching my nipples. He then told me to pull my pants down and spread my legs. He then finger fucked me till I had cum several times. I had to keep my pants down and my shirt up so he could see me almost naked. Two workers could not miss seeing my tits in the truck. He told me, "as soon as we drive the hay to the barn I am going to fuck your cunt as I am so horny and need to cum inside you."

When the first load of hay was ready to go to the barn, we drove up as the workers walked. In the barn my uncle to me to straddle his cock so he could fuck me good and hard. I slid over his huge cock as he pounded my pussy soon filling me with his cum. He sucked my tits for a while biting each nipple. "We have time for you to suck my cock before the men get here. I want my cock down your throat as you show me what a good cocksucker you have become." As I sucked his cock he took pleasure pushing it into my mouth deep and holding my head as I sucked him. "Now suck my balls into your mouth and then lick my ass." Just then the men got close so we had to cease for the time.

For over twelve hours that day I rode int he truck almost naked as I sucked his cock and he finger fucked me or played with my tits. It was a major turn on to have me in the truck with the men sometimes able to see me. It was like he liked them to see his sexy young fuck slut with the huge naked tits. Every trip to the barn he fucked me and afterwards I sucked his cock and balls and licked his ass. "Show me that pink pussy slut." he would tell me as we drove in the truck. "Spread that cunt for your uncle." Soon the men were taking turns to go by the truck to see what we were doing. My uncle seemed pleased to have me on display.

When the day was over and we got to the house he took me to the bathroom to shower. We both got in together. He soaped every inch of my body and rinsed me off then soaped his own body. "Now bend over so I can get this hard cock up your tight ass. Be a good cock slut for uncle. I love to ass fuck." He then began to push his cock in my ass and it was so big and hard and I yelled to stop, but he just spanked my ass and the spanks hurt as my ass was still wet from the shower. "If you tell me to stop again I will get a leather strap and whip you till you can not sit or walk. I want to fuck that ass and I will fuck it every day." He then rammed the ass in me no matter how bad the pain was. Once inside he fucked me hard not caring how he hurt me. "You are my cock slut and I can fuck any hole I want any place and any where. I like when the men see your tits and know what you and I are doing in the truck. Soon they will see me fuck you. Tomorrow you will ride naked in the truck. Be a slut for me."

The next day when I got in the truck, the men all watched and my uncle had me strip naked. He slapped my tits and then we drove to the field as the men all were smiling. I sucked his cock anytime he told me. When I wasn't sucking or licking him, he was fingering me. We had to stop one time as the men had to fix the hay baler and my uncle told me sit on his lap so he could fuck my pussy. As I slid on the cock the men could see me on top my uncle and knew what we were doing. He did not care and fucked me hard bouncing me up and down and my tits were in plain sight. He filled me with cum and told me to lick his cock and balls. After I licked him, he told me to get on my hands and knees in the seat with my ass pointed towards him and he then began to finger my ass. He was still fingering my ass when the man came to the truck and said the baler was repaired. The man just stared at my ass in the air and my uncles fingr inside me. My uncle smile at him and said to give him one more minute before he stared the truck again. The men all laughed when the man got back to them. I indeed now was a true cock slut for my uncle.

It was a week of gathering hay and every day my uncle used me more and more in the truck. He soon did not care what the men saw. He would get out of the truck zipping his pants and then unzip them as he got back in. He liked the men seeing me naked. He would tell them to take a break while he fucked me. He made sure if they walked to the truck he was fingering me or I was sucking his cock. I was there for his sexual display. He got bolder and bolder and one day he stood on the running board of the truck and had me suck his cock as the men were in sight. He dropped his pants and they could see his ass as he pumped my mouth wth his cock. As I sucked him he yelled, "Yes suck my cock till I fill your mouth with cum you cock slut." When he was done he tuned me around and finger fucked my ass. The men were amazed at my uncles open sex with me but they didn't mind watching. He kept his pants down that day and I sucked him several times. "Tonight I am going to fuck you all night till that cunt is so sore. Then I am going to fuck your ass."

Every day I have to flush my ass so it was always clean for uncles big cock or tongue. I was getting used to the ass fucking. Now during the day when the men were working at the farm he did not try to hide my naked body. When he came to the house, he took me took me to the porch and fucked me in some way. I was to stay naked all day. All the men had seen me naked and were gettng used to me getting fucked so often. One day he told me the men were staying for dinner and as I served dinner I was to be naked. As they sat around the table I served them naked and they all looked at me continually. My uncle brought me over to his side and told the men "Isn't she sexy?" He then grabbed a tit and lifted it. "Look at these huge tits." Then he turned me around and rubbed my ass. "See her hot ass?" He then spread my legs. "She has the tightest pussy and fucks non stop." He looked at his ranch manager and said, "Put your finger in her pussy and feel how tight and wet she is." The man shoved a finger up my pussy and fucked me a couple strokes. He nodded his head agreeing that I was tight. I was so humiliated. My uncle then gave my tits a slap to watch them bounce. Then tweaked the nipples. "Yes, I have my own 24 hour fuck machine."

I stayed naked all through dinner with the guys staring at my body. My uncle sometimes gave my ass or tits a swat as I walked by him. "I keep her naked so we do not waste time taking clothes off and I love to see her sexy body. I love to see her ass as she walks around the house for me. She keeps my cock hard day and night." The men laughed as my uncle rubbed my tits and down to my ass. "Now for dessert, I am going to let you all get to feel her any where you like. No one may fuck my slut but you may touch her." I could not believe this as he sent me the side of each man as they played with my tits or fingered my pussy. One man rubbed my clit and my uncle told him to continue and make me cum. Then the next man fingered my wet cunt till every man had had his hands on me. "Now that you have got her hot, I shall finish her off." He cleared a spot on the table and layed me on it and spread my legs, dropped his pants and fucked me there in front of the ranch hands. They watched his cock go deep in my cunt and as my uncle pounded me till he filled me with his cum. "I never get tired fucking that nice sweet cunt or her hot ass." The men stared as he removed his cock but left me there with my legs spread wide open and my cunt dripping his cum. I knew then how perverted my uncle was and he was just beginning. And I was stuck here with no where to go and could not leave.

I wondered how he would use me next for his pleasure. But he already knew.

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