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Wakey wakey, breakfast in heaven

Bed and Breakfast Heaven

This happened a while ago.
I had been working 16 hour days for more than 3 weeks. It was my time to be off but one guy was on holiday while another was off sick. There was no choice. A part needed fitting to a machine but the machine was a 6 hour drive away. I have to say I wasn’t happy, especially as I had to leave at 4 in the morning, getting to the hotel/bed and breakfast the company had found for me. One that was only a few miles away from the factory.
It seemed pleasant enough, large well looked after gardens with a well swept path led to what appeared to be a large detached house. A tubby guy answered and showed me in. He seemed nice and friendly but I was not in the mood to be pleasant.
He told how the company had said to make sure I had everything, good dinners, drink when I’d finished work, anything I wanted.
“For an extra £20.00 a day you can make use of the wife.” He said with a laugh.
“Add it to the bill.” I almost growled. I wanted to cost the company all I could.
I was offered breakfast but decided to have a coffee and couple of rounds of toast before he showed me to my room. It was my intention to have a couple of hours rest but my mobile rang the part needed was still on its way but they wanted me to strip the machine ready.
I was full of rage when there was a knock at the door and the tubby guys said there were towels. The door opened and a woman walked in and put a pile of towels in the bathroom.
“Is there anything you want of me now?” She asked.
I don’t know why, perhaps it was the anger at being there and having to go out to work, it’s certainly not like me but I said. “Yeah, you can get on your knees.”
I blushed when she moved forward and knelt down in front of me. I was kind of half sat, half leaning against a set of drawers and almost stopped her when she reached out and undid my flies, then unbuttoned my jeans. I guess I was shocked but in the seconds it took to get my cock out it was hard, throbbing hard, more than it had been for a long time.
Without hesitating she took it in her mouth, took it in deep, chocking a bit as she started to rock her head back and forth.
Again it’s not like me but I was angry, so instead of allowing a slow leisurely blow job I thrust hard, making her gag as I basically fucked her head. When I came I felt it as flood rushing from my bollocks, bursting on the roof of her mouth to gush down her throat, making her gurgle and gag for a split second. She moved back, some cum slipped from her mouth down her chin which looking a bit embarrassed she wiped quickly away and left the room.
I have to be honest. That did calm me down somewhat but I had to go to work and I was stuck there until seven that night. I’d been fed in the canteen so went straight up for a shower. I’d just dressed when there was a knock and the man said there was a basket of consumables. When I opened the door the woman was there with a basket of soap and shampoos. Seeing her I felt a twinge and let her in.
“Let’s have a look at your tits.” I said, even then half expecting a shocked cry from her.
Instead she stood back and began to undo her blouse.
Looking at her I could see she was about forty years old, slightly overweight but in a sexy sort of way. She was dressed rather dowdy but when her bra came off her tits, though sagging slightly made me groan. Nipples, as hard as stone swelled like bullets. She stood with her hands at her side allowing me to look but saying nothing.
I patted the side of the bed. It was large, bigger than a normal double. She sat down and I felt her tits, fondling them for a while. Nice and firm, natural, a good size, just under big if you know what I mean.
I lay her down and pulled off her skirt, leaving just her panties. They weren’t the type for sex, normal, sensible, everyday knickers, a little faded from being washed so often.
Looking at her laid there topless I examined her more. Her stomach wasn’t flat by any means but that’s not what I like anyway. There were no signs of her having k**s, just a red mark where her skirt had bitten in a bit. I could see she wasn’t shaved by the dark hair coming out the side. I opened her legs and pulled her pants to one side seeing a damp patch. I then pulled them off so I could get a full look.
“Your wet.” I said as I pushed a finger in.
“I know, I didn’t think so that’s why I brought some lubrication.” She pointed to the basket but I was looking at her dark bush, at the pink slit now opened with two fingers. It was moist, dripping, ready for cock but I wanted it to last a while longer yet.
My shirt was off; I quickly took stripped so I was as naked as her. She lay me down and put my cock in her mouth, pulling down the skin to lick the end before again taking it deep, chocking and gagging. I felt my cum rise and pulled her off telling her to kneel on the bed.
I think she expected me to fuck her doggy style but I needed to keep control and rest it a bit. Instead I looked her over. Felt around her wet pussy, shoved three fingers and fingered her for a while as looked at her arse.
Around the hole was slightly hairy but the way she was spread showed the pink skin. I took the lube from the basket and put some on a finger. As I pushed it around the hole she moved away a little but I carried on until the tip was inside, doing it like that for a moment before I pushed it in further. A few minutes later I was able to put two fingers in, pushing them passed two knuckles. She cried out a bit but I carried on. When I pulled them out her hole stayed open for a little bit before it went back to being tight.
By that time I needed my cock in her but instead of slamming her on her back I told her to sit on it while facing the other way. She did as she was told and began to moan as she pumped on my cock. I kept control for some time, enjoying the view of her spread open. Looking at her arse I knew I had to have it. Whether it was part of the price I didn’t know but would have paid extra anyway.
She’d done everything I wanted till then but seemed a bit reluctant when I had her kneel down again and had rubbed my cock at the hole entrance.
“I’ve not done it before.” She sounded hesitant but the tip of my cock was in. She gasped and groaned as I pushed in further, getting deeper with each stroke, till I was thrusting hard and fast with cock buried deep in her arse.
The fingering I had given her made her well lubricated and open for me but she was still tight, gripping my cock till my balls could wait no longer. We both cried out when the hot spunk gushed into her. I grunted and withdrew, she stayed in position, sensing I wanted to see the cum drip down.
“I was the first to fuck you anal?” I said. I would have thought someone would have been there before.”
She was laid down now, her tits looked great, and I reached out to feel them even though I was spent.
“You are only the second man to fuck me.” She said. Softly and began to explain.
Her husband had some medical complaint which meant he could rarely get hard enough for sex. It had been more than five years. He was embarrassed about the condition. This was his idea, a fantasy he’d had since they were first married. She recalled a time when they’d been out in the country and were getting frisky when a man walked by walking a dog. Her husband had told her to strip naked though he knew the man was getting excited. Then before they knew it there were two others.
They felt her up, fingered her then began to wank over her body as her husband fucked her doggy style. When he’d had his way the men had splashed cum all over her tits. One had put his cock in her hand and she’d wanked him off while her husband watched. They’d done the same d=sort of thing three other times in their long marriage but this was the first time anyone had been allowed to fuck her. It had given the man pleasure and she had enjoyed the humiliation of being at anothers beck and call along with the sex she had been desperate for.
Knowing this, a couple of hours later, when my cock could get hard again I fucked her slowly, making sure she had cum, though I had been to drained to do so again.
When I woke in the morning she was downstairs getting breakfast ready. I had a bit of time after I’d eaten and had my hand up her skirt as she stood over the kitchen sink. I could hear her husband was close by so thought I would give him something before I went to work.
Her pussy was hairy, though she’d never shaved fully before I persuaded her to lay on her back on the table and shaved her bald, spending a bit of time with a finger inside enjoying her gasp.
I had to leave before doing anything further but thought I would be back early. I wasn’t. It was nine at night when before I had eaten and showered and was ready to carry on. This would be my last night so I wanted it to be good for all of us.
They were in the lounge, a large spacious room with three big settees. She stood up when I walked in expecting me to take her upstairs. Instead I sat down and motioned her to do the same. He was reading a newspaper but I sensed he stopped when I took off her skirt and kind of lay her on me. My arm round her to tug her knickers down a little, so I could feel bare skin where before was pubic hair.
She seemed a bit hesitant, little embarrassed but he was staring, obviously enjoying the sight.
“Can you do us a favour, give her pussy I lick so I can slip my cock in and fuck her.” I said, this clearly showed my intentions.
He seemed to think about it for a few seconds before he came over. I felt her tense when he pulled off her knickers and shiver when he began to lick, slurping with delight. She was soon writhing with joy. Pulling open her top I undid her bra and began to play with her tits but my cock was so hard in my pants it was beginning to hurt. I had to release it and when I did I wanted in her. Shifting her slightly manoeuvred into position, he seemed to know what I was doing and moved back allowing me to push my cock in deep.
“Carry on licking.” I said. “She’s dripping wet, should taste so good.
When he did she orgasm in seconds.
He stopped and moved back, I was about to cum but wanted to last a while yet so pulled out and pushed some fingers in, she was wetter than any woman I have been with.
“You know how to lick a woman.” I said as I motioned her to kneel before me. “Do me another favour.” I threw over the tube of lube I had brought down. “I want to fuck her arse, do me another favour will you. Lube her up, put some on a finger and put it in her arse as sucks me.”
I was back in control of myself now and knew I could last as long as I wanted. It was heaven, feeling her choke on my cock as she moved on his fingers.
“Let’s have a tit fuck.” I said. She did as told and wrapped her tits around my cock. As she did I looked at him, he was naked and with a huge hard cock, the first I had even seen of another man apart from a porn film.
“What do you want to do with it?” I asked.
“I just got to fuck her.” He said. She turned around and saw him.
“Get it in me.” She demanded and cried out when he took her doggy style. In minutes I felt her cum again, then almost straight way he gave out a huge grunt and dumped his load deep in her.
Now it was my turn. With he laid flat on the floor I took her anally, deep and thrusting hard and for a long time. But when I felt the cum rise I pulled out and moved quickly to her head, her mouth opened to receive a full double ball full, I screamed out as I filled her mouth with my hot spunk.
I was spent, there was no way on earth I could perform again that night but he was already to go again and put her on her back. He went at it like a demon possessed, fucking her hard grunting to each thrust. Both of them were bathed in sweat when he cried out loudly. When he moved off her cum was dripping from her pussy and on to the carpet but she didn’t care, she was well feeling well fucked.
The next morning, as I left I sensed she would have let me again but felt they were a couple again so I did nothing about it.
Two months later, I had to go back to the factory and have done five other times since, but then, they are another story.

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