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My Best Friend's Girl

This is a somewhat fictionalized account of a true story.

My best friend Kevin had been seeing Leslie through most of high school. But as he liked to party, and she was a daddy's-girl-princess-type, Kevin's relationship with Leslie was pretty private, and I barely knew her at all by the time we had started college. So I was pretty surprised when Kevin told me that Leslie wanted to come to the bar with us.

Leslie had just turned 18 and was a slim, beautiful, blonde, little bombshell -- smoking hot, and she knew it. Her typical attitude seemed to range from snotty to bitchy, but that night at the bar she acted like one of the boys, and somehow she didn't offend me. In fact she charmed me, and for the first time since I had met her I didn't think she was a complete bitch. I chalked it up to her realizing that Kevin and I would probably be best friends for life, and so she may as well play nice.

The next weekend I was hosting my first real college party at my shared town-house. Of course Kevin was coming, but I felt magnanimous and extended the invitation to Leslie, too. Why not. We were finally getting along, and I felt that maybe it was my turn to be charming. Kevin thanked me, saying that Leslie was hoping that she would be welcome to come.

It didn't take long before this party turned into a loud drinking marathon, with one person or another trying to dominate the stereo. I wandered around the party as much as I could, trying to hang out with everyone, for at least a few minutes. Eventually I found Kevin and Leslie in my stoner room-mate's bedroom. Kevin was engaged in a d**g-induced exchange of world views with my room-mate and his hippie buddies. He was getting wasted really quickly, and I could tell that Leslie was completely unimpressed. All I could think was 'oh shit, here comes the princess-bitch.' So I tried to engage her in a little bit more civilized conversation, if not for Kevin's sake, than for everyone else.

When I asked her if she wanted another drink, her eyes lit up and she jumped at the chance to get out of that room. I said, "Follow me. Let's check out the bar." We worked our way down-stairs to the kitchen, and I did my best to concoct her a Long Island Iced Tea in a red plastic cup. With that she lightened up and asked me to give her the grand tour of my student-ghetto digs.

Of course that didn't take very long. And as the final leg of the tour, I took Leslie into the unfinished part of the basement. I flipped on the lights and said, "Yeah, not much to see here. Just laundry and storage." I turned around as I heard her shut the door behind us and click the lights back off. She said, "Finally," as she grabbed the back of my head and parted my lips with her tongue. At first I stood frozen and shocked. But she tasted so sweet and smelled so amazing I relented and pulled her closer as we french-kissed in the dark. My dick spang to life, but my mind was swimming. This was my best friend's girl. And he was only two floors above us!

After a minute of this I broke away from her and said, "Are you crazy?" She said, "Why? Because of Kevin?" I just stared at her like I didn't need to answer. She continued, "I would've broken up with him last week if I could've come to your party on my own." I couldn't believe she was saying this. She came right back to me and continued to kiss me while she reached down to feel the bulge in my pants. She whispered, "Don't pretend you don't want me." I was so confused. My mind was saying no, but my dick was definitely saying yes.

I tried to protest between kisses and gropes. But the more I protested, the more I found one of my hands either going up her shirt or down her pants. She was hot and I was bothered. She whispered, "Let me make this a little bit easier for you," and she undid my pants. As she pulled them down she fell to her knees. She took a hold of my cock and slowly licked and sucked my balls. She asked, "Am I changing your mind?" I tried one last futile protest, "What about Kevin?" She responded, "What about him?" before she lowered her mouth onto my cock.

She literally had me by the balls, and I had lost my will to fight. It was a beautiful, gentle, slow blowjob. Her tongue occasionally explored the tip of my dick after licking the full length of my shaft. She would change things up and suck on my balls as she stroked my cock with her delicate teenaged fingers. And then she would put her mouth back over my cock and slowly bob up and down, while one hand cupped my balls, with a finger rubbing my scrotum. She never took it all the way to the back of her throat, but it was like she knew she didn't have to. She kept this up for about ten minutes, and then my knees started to buckle as my balls tightened up. She could tell I was close. And as if she was thinking ahead to hide any evidence, she sucked long and hard, making sure my cock didn't come out as I started to cum uncontrollably into her mouth. She swallowed it as fast as I could provide it. And when I finally stopped cumming she casually wiped her mouth clean with the sleave of her sweater. "That wasn't so bad, was it?," she asked. I was in no position to disagree.

Leslie washed down my cum by chugging the rest of her Long Island Iced Tea. She kissed me on the mouth, handed me the cup and said, "I think I'll have another." We hadn't been away from the party for more than 15 minutes, but I knew any longer would've aroused suspicions. So I was grateful for the excuse to get back into the crowd. Leslie went straight up to the stoners' room where Kevin was, as I negotiated the kitchen, casually socializing, and eventually mixing her another drink.

I took my time, chatting with different people, as I slowly headed up the stairs to deliver her drink. I didn't know how I could look Kevin in the eyes after I had just blown my load into his girlfriend's mouth. Fortunately that wasn't much of a problem at that particular moment. Kevin had smoked so much pot and drank so much beer that his eyes were like dime-slots, and he could barely form a sentence without slurring. Leslie took that chance to pretend that, as his girlfriend, she knew best. She said to me loud and clear, so that everyone in the room could hear, "You don't mind if Kevin takes a little nap on your bed, do you? I don't think I can get him home like this." What was I to say? He was my best friend, so of course.

Once Leslie had tucked him in, she followed me around the party like a stalker. And when it didn't seem like anyone was looking she would grab my head and kiss me passionately. I couldn't help but think that this was going to end badly. I knew I had to find somewhere private to talk to her and straighten this whole thing out.

My other room-mate was out of town and we were supposed to respect that his bedroom was off limits for the party. And up to that point it was. Because of a simple coin toss when we signed the lease he had won the master bedroom, which had it's own on-suite. So it was no stretch that I thought, 'private, off-limits... perfect.' When no one was looking I dragged Leslie through his room and into the on-suite, thinking that we could finally have a serious conversation.

Of course she took it the wrong way, and giggled as I closed the door behind. She instantly pulled off her sweater and shoved her tongue down my throat. With a wicked laugh she said, "Wow, how come this wasn't on the first tour?" She was clearly missing the point. I sat her down on the side of the tub and tried to plead my case that this was all wrong. She cocked her head, pouted and batted her eyelashes (pretending she completely understood), as she casually unzipped my fly. She was obviously a princess that was used to getting what she wanted.

She interrupted my fruitless monologue by whispering, "You can do anything you want to me," and then stuck her tongue into my ear. I don't know why I felt like she was the one winning, as I was apparently the one that had a free pass to violate her tight little teenage body any way I wanted. I closed my eyes for a second to try to make my dick listen to reason. But when I opened them back up Leslie had taken off her bra and was presenting me her beautiful firm 36 C's; perhaps the finest I had ever seen. Again, my dick won over reason.

"Why are you being so silly?" she asked, as she pulled down my pants and slid her hand up my shirt, gently massaging my chest. She continued to rub my chest as she used her other hand to pull my jeans and pants right off. Wow, she was quick. Then she looked up at me with puppy-dog eyes, squeezed her firm tits around my cock and started to rub up and down. After a few motions she leaned her head down and drooled some spit over my dick and her tits to facilitate the action. At that point I knew there was no going back. If Kevin ever found out about this, either right then and there, or 20 years in the future, there was no way he would ever forgive me. So I rationalized that I was already 'all in', and started to relax and enjoy myself.

When I pulled off my own shirt she knew that she had won me over. Her face went flush and she radiated teenage beauty as she met my now willing thrusts through her firm tits with her tongue, gently licking the end of my dick as it came up. I worked my dick up a little higher each time and Leslie took the hint, first taking the tip of my cock into her mouth, then, within a minute, taking almost the whole length, so that only my balls were getting the benefit of the tit job. It felt great to not have to put up a protest any more. She was completely right. I did want her.

I pulled her to feet as I stood up, and I wasted no time pulling down her cotton Capri pants. She jerked my dick and kissed me as I peeled her lace panties over her tight ass and down her toned legs. Then I spun her around and guided her on top of me as I lay down on the bathroom floor. But I didn't position her right on top. I pulled her back by the thighs in one fluid motion so that her perfect teenaged pussy was right over my face. The second I touched her clit with my tongue she shivered all over and then impaled her mouth on my cock. She used her hand to jerk the extra length as she mouth fucked me, up and down. I used both of my hands to spread her tight pussy so that I could dart my tongue in as deep as I could. The deeper I went with my tongue the crazier she went on my cock. She grunted as she slobbered up and down my shaft, trying to take as much in her mouth as she could without gagging. I responded by pulling her down on my face so that my nose was wedged into her ass, as I ate her sweet pussy like a mad man.

It didn't seem like either of us were going to surrender this oral battle. It just got more and more intense the longer we went, until finally I said, "Oh Leslie, I've got to cum soon." There was no way she was going to let me off that easy. She jumped up, spun around, and said, "Don't you dare," as she lower herself down, guiding my saliva-soaked cock towards her wet pussy. When she had eased it in half way she took her hand off my cock to let gravity do the rest. In a couple of seconds I was balls deep into the tightest pussy I had felt since I was a school boy. The intense pressure of her tight pussy squeezing my dick brought me back around, and I knew that I could carry on without cumming for a least a little longer.

The motion slowly increased as we found our rhythm. I buried my face into her beautiful firm tits as she took control and rode me like a cowgirl. From what I understood teenage girls didn't usually orgasm, but if she was faking it, she was putting on a damn fine show. She started breathing, "Oh, oh, ohhhh," and then her moans got louder, "Oh, OH, OHHHH!" as she slammed down on my cock harder and harder. She was giving me my cue and I was going to take it. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down harder as I thrust upwards, causing a loud thumping noise to radiate through the floor. She started to scream, "OHHHHHHHHHH!" And at that very second I let loose and started to blast my cum deep into her tight little pussy. Ripples of joy electrified every nerve in my body as I spewed all of the essence of my balls deep into her, wave after wave, for what seemed like eternity. She screamed and I grunted, completely forgetting where we were, or who we're supposed to be. When we finally stopped convulsing she collapsed on top of me and gave me a kiss.

Just then there was a knock at the door. 'Holy Shit!' was all I could think. I heard my stoner room-mate say, "Hey, who's in there? This is not cool. This room is off limits, dude." I tried to sound normal as I assured him it was just me, and I'd be out in a second. "Oh, OK, dude. Kinda wondering where you were. You're buddy Kevin is looking for ya. Says he's lost his girlfriend." I had to cover Leslie's mouth as she laughed out loud. Only the two of us knew just how true that really was.

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