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My mom's best friend- part 1

For a long time when I was growing up, it was just me, my little s****r and my mom. My dad left when my s****r was very young and my mom struggled to make the money to raise us both. The only other significant person in our lives was my mom's best friend Lisa. She was a stunning example of the perfect MILF- slim, busty and as curvy as you could hope and she was the focus of much of my teenage angst. She was often over at our house, babysitting my s****r and I when my Mom worked late at the hospital. I spent many an hour in my bed fantasising about how those luscious big breasts would feel. As I got older I'm sure she noticed I hold hugs for longer and longer and my hands had a tendency to wonder. Thankfully she let me have my fun and didn't tell my Mom. It was a shock for her and all of us when her husband left her when I was about 18- I could hear her tell my mom what a slut the new younger girlfriend is and how she probably “let's him do all the dirty stuff he always goes on about”- I spent a while wondering what that dirty stuff could be. I noticed around then that she started dressing a little differently- shorter skirts and lower cut tops showing off her big tits. I could swear she was sometimes knickerless too from the brief glimpses I'd get when she bent over or she let her legs fall apart when I'd drop something at the dinner table.

On my mom's last night shift that would be the last of her regular nights staying over she came down after putting my s****r to bed to tell me to get in the bath- she said she'd have one too. I went upstairs and put the taps on to fill the bath and on my way back to my room saw she'd left her bedroom door open and that the en suite door was open too. I snuck in and positioned myself so I could see through the door. She was sat naked on the laundry basket, shaving her cunt! Her big tits hung perfectly with huge erect nipples and she'd use her left hand to apply and spread the shaving cream and her right worked the razor. She was going fast and I was just reaching down to play with my cock when she finished, got up and walked out of sight. I quickly and, as quietly as possible, went back to the bathroom and got into the bath- my cock the hardest and most erect it had ever been. I settled back and closed my eyes to burn the image of her big tits on memory when I heard a voice “it's only fair I see you since you saw me”. Lisa was stood in the door way in her dressing gown with a big smile on her face. She came over the bath, squatted down next to me squeezed some showergel into her hand “I've seen you looking at me for months, and I saw you looking just now you dirty boy”. She reached down to my cock to stroke it with her soapy hand “you obviously enjoyed looking at me- you like big tits don't you”. She stroked me slowly but surely to a mind boggling orgasm- cum flew up high and the next burst hit the wall. She kept stroking a third and fourth burst out before she finally let me come down. “Get cleaned up and come by my house after college tomorrow. Night darling”. And with that she was gone- I went to bed and she'd already left when my mom got me up for college in the morning. I was never in such a hurry for the day to end so I could go over to Lisa's.

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