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First time with two men

ofcourse everyone has fantasies they want to live out and this is one i was lucky enough to live out.

In my view there is nothing better then a guy cumming a hot load down your throat or covering your face. And i thrive on it trying to get as much as i can. Yes that makes me a cum slut and i am proud to admit it.

Well anyway back to the story. I have recently found a guy on the internet that i meet up with probably once a week for a long hard session of having him ram my arse hard and finishing off by me swallowing his cum. It has been great and hope to continue it for alot longer if he wants it too because i do anything he asks because i am only there to please him. Thats my job :)

We had probably meet up 4 or 5 times when we were talking about what else he would like me too do. He mentioned to me that he wanted to film him fucking my arse. Without question i said yes. But he wanted a mate to film it so he wasnt distracted. All good i said :)

It was the middle of winter and it was a long day at work thinking of the upcoming night ahead. I arrived early where tim and his mate were sitting on the couch watching porn. I immediatly went to tim and dropped to my knees and undone his zipper he had a brilliant cock just over 7 inches but thick. Yummy. I started slowly sucking his cock feeling him grow inside my mouth. His mate quickly jumped up and grabbed the camera and got close up to film. Tim was now as hard as usual and tasting as good as always. I suddenly stopped and looked around to see his mate craig filming with one hand and stroking his cock with the other. He was nothing special but that did not worry me i looked at tim and he nodded his head i turned around and took craigs cock in my mouth.

Mmmmmm i was so hard knowing what was about to happen tim slipped my pants down to expose me as craig sat down on the couch my arse naturally raised and without any lube tim shoved his cock inside me hard and fast. Wow i was in heaven tims hard cock pumping me from behind and a strangers cock in my mouth. Tim was relentless fucking my eager arse harder and harder as craig filmed it. Tim pulled out and picked me up and tolled me to sit on craig. Yes sir i said as i slowly sat on craigs cock. I was sitting facing away from craig so tim could use my mouth. This was a dream come true. Craig was ready to cum already so i jumped off and turned around to except his appreciation for me in my mouth. For an average cock his load was huge as i gagged on it while it was shot into my mouth.

While sucking the last drops of cum from his cock i was stroking tim feeling he was nearly ready to blow as well. I swallowed the last of craig and paid all my artention to my man. Tim stood over me and grabbed my head and shoved his cock deep down my throat holding me there until i gagged then he pulled out on unloaded it all onto my face i was in exctacy the taste of craig and the warmth of tims cum all over my face.

The best night of my life and thankfully tim is keen to do it again i am more then keen to meet more of his friends at the same time.

God i love the cock.

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