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My first cross dressing play time

i sucked my first cock the other day. i posted a ad on craigs saying i like to cross dress and would like to find somebody to dress up with and take turns being sluts to each other and then i posted a few pics of me from my xhamster profile and actually got alot of replies. it took a few weeks but i finaly found somebody that like to dress up and he came over during the day and we started watching porn and i pulled out all my slut clothes and we picked out things that we wanted the other person to wear. he wanted me to dress up just like the pics i sent him so i did, after we got dressed up we were sitting on the couch watching porn and he reached over and slid his hand up my skirt and started stroking my cock so i did the same then he got off the couch on his hands and knees and started to suck my cock for 5 minutes after that he stopped and asked if i wanted to suck his cock i said okay but i told him i didnt want cum in my mouth. so i got on my knees and slid up his skirt and started to suck his cock, it was about 7 inches cut with no hair, so i sucked his cock for about 8 minutes while he had one of his hands on my head pulling on my wig he had the other hand on my bra fondeling the water baloons, and every once in a while he would reach down further and stroke my cock for a few seconds. then i could hear him moaning alot more until he said he was going to cum so i pulled his cock out of my mouth just as he started to cum i got a little on my lip and the rest shot all over my white tank top and pink bra which later dripped onto my skirt and stockings. after that he got up picked me up off my knees told me to sit down and instantly started to suck me off, but not only that he deepthroated me the hole time i only lasted 3 minutes till i said i was going to cum but he wouldnt stop deepthroating me, it felt so good cumming while my cock was all the way down his throat. after that i cleaned his cum off of me,we got undressed and he said we should do this again and then left.****rs_bedroom.html

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