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Becoming My Friends Slut

I always knew one of my three friends was bi. I just never knew about the other two. I'm writing this story to make sense of a situation that happened that is both embarassing, and erotic. Maybe someone can relate. But it's a secret I've been carrying for a little while. Maybe because of another situation I had this was my punishment. Or maybe it was just a way of me finding a way to...

I dont' want to give any names so I'll just call them Friend 1, Friend 2, and Friend 3. I am a very streight male and always have been. I have an on again off again girlfriend. I've never really thought about being with a male. I have come across male on male porn on X-Hamster and have maybe stopped for a second or two to watch but then moved on. So what happened was truly unwanted...I think.

Friend 2 was having a party and it was wild and a lot of drinking went on. I mean a lot. During the end of the party my three friends wanted to show me something upstairs. So not thinking anything unusal I followed them. When we got upstairs suddenly Friend 1 shut the door behind us and Friend 2 and 3 grabbed me and pushed me down to my knees. I started laughing thinking they were fucking around. But then Friend 1 walked up and stood before me and started saying things like "We know how bad you've wanted it." And "You've just been too scared to ask for it".

I had no idea what he was talking about. I was still laughing. Then the reality kicked in as Friend 1 started to undo his pants and suddenly pulled out his semi hard cock right in front of me. I stared wide eyed at it for a second and the three of them started to laugh at me. Friend 1 then said I was gonna suck him. I laughed at first but he was serious. I tried to fight free but friend 2 and 3 were holding me tight. I then started to curse at them. They just laughed and Friend 1 started to rub it all over my face and tried to get it in my mouth. But I kept turning my face away. They just kept laughing and I think I might have started to cry. Then suddenly I felt him hit me hard in the face. It must have been a punch because it hurt and I saw nothing but stars. My mouth opend in pain and thats when the cock entered my mouth. He grabbed my head then and started to move back and forth. I had a cock in my mouth for the first time and it was humilating. I could taste the sweat and the excitement on it. I couldn't help it. I just wanted it over and slowly started to suck it.

They continued to laugh and then they started to call me names like Cockslut and say I was loving it. I was so scared someone from downstairs was going to walk in. Then Friend 1 told me to suck him good because he was gonna fuck me. I know i started to cry then. But then I thought if I suck him 'till he comes he couldnt do me. So I started to suck harder and faster. I choked a couple times. They all thought it was because I was loving it so much. And the embarassing thing was... my own penis was growing in my pants and I didnt know why. Then the most horrible thing happend. Friend 2 and 3 started to undo my pants and they pulled them down. And my erection was exposed. They really started to laugh and call me names then. Then Friend 1 pulled free from my mouth and walked behind me while the other two friends made me get down on my hands and kees. I begged for him not to do it. But then Friend 2 put his in my mouth. And friend 3 quickly pulled his out too. Then Friend 1 spit on my hole and then began pushing inside me. I tried to scream but Friend 2 and 3 just kept shoving themselves in my mouth back and forth. It hurt soooo much. It felt like he was tearing me apart.

He then started to groan loud and stayed still for a moment so I could feel him in me. I felt so full, like I was going to use the bathroom. After a moment of stillness he then started to thrust in and out of me. I was getting fucked in my tiny ass by my friend while sucking two other friends. It was so horrible and yet my cock was suddenly straining. He just kept fucking me and i kept sucking my other two friends terrified that someone was going to walk in and see this. Finally after what seemed like forever I felt him swell which added more pain and the nearly screamed as I felt him unload. My friend was cumming in me. It was so hot and so much I felt every shot. He pulled out and i felt it drip out of me. I was so thankful it was over. But it wasn't. Friend 3 then quickly ran behind me and put himself in me. Just like that with no hesitation. I was getting fucked by a second cock. It was horrifying and shocking...and yet... something came over me. Like I gave up. And was embarassingly feeling really really good. I had to keep sucking Friend 2 and I started to suck him harder as I was really getting fucked good by a second cock.

And then it happend. With out anyone touching my own suddenly just urupted. I groaned loud with cock in my mouth as I shot again and again all over the floor. I could hear my friends laughing and calling me names but all I could think about was hot great it felt to be shooting. And then friend 3 started to cum. Another load deep in me. It was too much. It started to spill out of me before he had even pulled out. When he was out I was so gone. I looked up at friend 2 and he smiled and just sat down. He then made me crawl to him like a woman or a pet. I could feel air on my open hole. My knees were so weak. He then made me climb on his lap and sit on it. It hurt but his cock went in pretty easy. I couldnt help myself and i just started to ride it. I was bouncing up and down and i started to moan. I was ashamed but couldnt stop. Then Friend 2 pulled me close and started to kiss me. Really kiss me like I was a woman. I could hear laughing but didnt fight. I just kept riding. I dont know how long it too but eventually He pushed deep up into me and I got a third load into my what use to be my virgin ass. It was so much. When he pushed me off my hole farted a lot and there was cum all over my hole and legs and butt cheeks.

I layed there on the floor for several minutes humilated while they continued to laugh and call me names. Then with out a second thought they just pulled their pants back on and went back to the party. I remained for several minutes thinking about what just happened. Finally I pulled my self together, pulled my pants back on and ran from the party.

I havent talked to them in sevearal weeks but they have called a few times wanting me to drop by. I dont know what happend or why but sometimes when I think about it I get excited again and have to releive myself. I haven't told anyone until now. I'm not even sure if I should return their calls.

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