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Dream of cream

*never happened,just a fantasy*

As a rather large fellow I always figured I was safe out on the town,so I ducked into a night club around 2 am to get out of the chill and ordered a rum and coke,I figured it's an easy enough drink how can they possibly fuck it up. It must have been happy hour or the bartender thought I was cute,either way it was strong enough to peel the rust off of a battleship and way too tasty to just have one. So I ordered another,and another,before long I felt myself needing to piss like a racehorse. I came back the bar a few minutes later and finished my drink,while my straw searched in earnest for the last drops of sweet booze I felt a massive kick..oh shit someone spiked my drink...

I awoke to the clamor of cheer and yells,the bar had long since closed and I found myself hands bound together tied to the stripper pole surrounded by cocks of every color and size. I was professing how straight I was but it was to no avail.I heard a few whispers say it was a movie or something and to go along with it,be worth my time and such. Of course my complaining was half-hearted as when I am d***k I get extremely horny,pussy or cock I could go for either. It would seem years of stringing along gays on craigslist was going to bite me in the ass with a boatload of karma.

A sheet of clear plastic was under my knees and my legs were splayed apart,propped open with a mop I assume,tied at each end to my ankles with my socks,my clothes were off to the side in a crumpled pile. The smell of sweat and pre-cum filled the air and I honestly couldn't help but get instantly hard. "Look at this freaky pervert,he's into it!!" I heard a rumbling voice say behind me. I didn't know where this was going but I closed my eyes and waited for it all.

"Open your mouth bitch" I heard someone grunt as I felt a thick hot cock f***e its way between my lips,tasted exactly like grenadine,I suppose this guy thought I'd like it. Unfortunately I did,my momentary aversion turned to a ravenous desire to please him,I suckled and slurped every drop of the syrup as from his meat as he guided his way deeper into my throat with every thrust,gagging for air my tears started to roll down my cheek and onto his cock provided even more lubricant. Thin trails of drool and ruby red syrup oozed out the corners of my mouth,wet choking sounds of his cock ramming the back of my throat signaled a frenzy of cocks to approach my puckered hole.

With no warning I felt the first cock ever in my ass,thick and hard,inching in at first,but soon ramming me like I was a professional porn star used to being fucked like an a****l.Balls slapping against my skin,nails biting into my waist as I felt the hot flood of jizz stream up my shitter. The softening meat slipped out of my gaping man pussy with a plop and I heard the cum dribble out onto the sheet.

Cock after cock entered and fucked me hard over the course of an hour or so,some not so painful some that felt like baseball bats,a pool of thick cum spreading out under me made me slip a few times,but I learned quickly my legs were useless at the moment so I held onto that cum splattered stripper pole like it was a life preserver. My goatee and face were coated in semen,every time I tried to spit out a load a hand quickly covered my mouth forcing me to swallow it,I pretended to be disgusted by it but my cock betrayed me,I had already cum 4 times and was still rock hard.

"Ok boy he's had enough,that's a cut"

A cut? Holy shit this was filmed?

"Now it's time for the encore,pick up the sheet" I felt myself being propped up,the restraint between my legs removed as I heard the soggy mess being collected. I watched enough gokkun clips of asian hotties chugging a litre of baby batter to know what was next. An empty pint glass garnished with a lime was on a stool next to me. They dipped a corner of the sheet into it and it rapidly started to fill,thick off white,milky looking,swirled with stingy creamy clumps.

They started the chant of "chug chug chug" as I brought the glass to my lips,making a mental note to save that lime. The first gulps filled my mouth,I swished it back and forth,making it frothy before swallowing it. I couldn't hold myself back anymore and I brought the glass to my cock and fucked it,sinking deep into the warm cum as I stroked,the orgasm rocked me so hard I saw stars. After a moment or 2 I wiped the cum off my cock on the rim of the glass and licked it clean before I resumed my drink,every mouthfull was better than the last,before I knew it I was lost in that moment,slamming cum like a $3 whore,tilting the glass further and further till my tongue was inside darting around looking for more.

The cheers stopped halfway through and I felt them staring spellbound at my feat,whispers of "Holy shit" and "that was fucking hot" and such were uttered.

I heard them say "cut" one last time and piles of $100 bills littered the floor before me,I gathered my things,winced while slipping into my briefs as my poor winker was ravaged and I'd be sitting in pain for a while.......

that's when I wake up

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