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Sarah: GF's best friend, Thursday/Friday (pt.

About me: 25 year old student, male, 5’10/175lbs, white, brown eyes/hair, 6.5” cut

Not an actual picture of Sarah, but close resemblance, just picture her a few years younger

It began last September when my girlfriend’s best friend came to visit. She was staying with us for a few days because it was my girlfriend’s birthday and they no longer lived in the same small town in which they grew up. My girlfriend and I had been dating for about five months at the time but things had been rocky of late. Her name was Sarah and they had been close since grade school. I had never met her before and had only seen pictures of her. She was a very attractive 23 year old girl with long, extremely curly light red-brownish hair that went halfway down her back. Judging by the pictures my girlfriend had up in the apartment of her and her friends, she had a highly seductive, sultry, coy smile as if to say “Want to fuck me? Come get me.” In all the pictures I had seen she had a great body, and when she arrived that night to stay for the weekend I was surprised by just how mouth-watering it was.

Sarah was set to arrive around 8 p.m. on Thursday. My girlfriend would be working until 10, and I wasn’t going to be home until 8:30. I managed to get out of class early and got home just after 8. My girlfriend had given Sarah my number to buzz her in seeing as how I would be home roughly in time. I arrived just after 8 but no word yet from Sarah, she must have been running late, so I hopped in the shower quickly. I had just stepped out and was tying up my bathrobe when I heard what could only be Sarah at the door. I promptly answered the door and let her in. I sheepishly apologized for my attire, which made her giggle, and we exchanged introductory pleasantries. I excused myself and got changed and met her in the living room. I poured us some wine from an already open bottle of shiraz and she began asking me about myself. She was obviously curious to know more about the guy who had smitten her best friend these last few months. Her line of questioning was all very tame. She was exhausted from the drive and three glasses of wine later she was quite loopy.

As she began to get quite tipsy, she was less attentive and I was able to stare and gawk at her a little more. She was even sexier than the pictures suggested. She stood at about 5’5, 125lbs and with curves in all the right places. She was rather pale, something I love. She wore tight jean shorts which further accentuated her creamy thighs. She had the kind of thighs that when you’re on top of a girl you love to just hike up and grab them hard and sink you fingers and nails into, with just the right amount of meat on them. She had the ass to match the great lower body, and her breasts were nothing to shy away from, they were spectacular. So beautifully proportioned to the rest of her body, my initial guess was 34D. That would later be confirmed by her, and me rummaging through her bag and sneaking a peek at her bra.

As the bottle of shiraz was nearing its end, my girlfriend arrived from work essentially phasing me out of the proceedings. They were all worked-up and overjoyed and began going off on their own and catching up and swapping old stories. My girlfriend so politely reminded me that I would be couch-bound for the next few nights, as they would be sharing the bed together for the duration of her visit. I didn’t mind the couch all that much anyhow.

The next morning I was out the door for work very early. The remainder of the night before was rather uneventful and nothing worthwhile to recount. My girlfriend was off that day so her and Sarah would be spending the day together and were going to be out-and-about town. I arrived home from work around 3pm that day and found them on the couch watching bad TV. On the table was an almost empty bottle of cheap rose wine and the place smelled like pot. They seemed happy to see me, almost as if they had been waiting for me to get home. I sat down with them on the couch for a few minutes until my girlfriend decided to go get changed, they were going out for a late lunch. They invited me to tag along, but I wanted to unwind after an early workday so I stayed home. They left and I grabbed a shower.

I walked into my room afterwards to get dressed and noticed in the corner on my side of the bed was Sarah’s duffle bag. I curiously walked over, it was already open. I carefully began looking through it, finding various articles of clothing and underwear, and then I found it. Not that I had been looking for anything in particular, but the night before I couldn’t look away from Sarah’s black thong that had been peeking out of her jean shorts. There it was, balled up at the bottom of her duffle bag. I pulled it out, and unraveled it and held it up before my eyes. It was black lace, with a purple design on the front that I couldn’t quite make out. I turned it around to look the back, but all I could see was the inside portion of the front of the thong…covered in white smears surely left behind by her wet pussy. My cock instantly erect, I brought it closer and took one long whiff of her scent and was overcome by a rush of pheromones. I dropped the towel that had been tied around my waist to the floor and laid down on the bed on the side she had slept on the night before.

I brought it to my nose again and inhaled deeply. The smell of her hot cunt was overwhelming, and my prick was throbbing. I placed the black-laced thong over my face, with the crotch resting in between my nose and my mouth. I immediately lunged my right hand toward my cock and began slowly stroking myself. I would take a deep breath and then stroke myself one, two, three times, and then another deep breath, and repeat. All the while my eyes closed and all I my senses honed in on the intoxicating aroma of her pussy. As pre-cum began to trickle down onto my grasp, my breathing got heavier and the smell got stronger and ever more arousing and intense.

I began stroking myself harder and faster. I didn’t want this to end just yet; I wanted to grasp the full intensity of this orgasm to-be. I would bring myself to near climax, envisioning Sarah on top of me, riding my swollen prick as her ample tits clapped together from the sheer f***e of her thrusts. Then I would stop, and bring myself down a little before giving in all over again. After three or four times, I couldn’t suppress the urge to ejaculate. My testicles were beginning to swell and the blue balls began to set in. Like a rabid a****l, I lost control. I lubed-up my left middle finger with my own saliva, spread my legs and began rubbing the opening my asshole. Slowly it began to loosen up and I slid part of my finger inside of myself as I began to stroke my rigid cock harder and faster using the overflow of pre-cum as lube.

I could feel myself getting close, the rush was building up quickly. In a last ditch effort to perfect the experience, I jerked my head backwards which jolted Sarah’s dirty panties into my mouth. I continued ravaging myself at a frantic rate as my tongue explored every inch of her panties. My tongue then found the sweet spot: her pussy stain. It was magnificently salty and I was overcome with a rush of bl**d to my head just as my finger slid further into my anus and my tongue feverishly licked up her vaginal juices. I wiggled my finger in a circular motion and I bit down hard, almost chewing on her worn thong as cum erupted from me, shooting ropes and loads of jizz all over my stomach, and even as high as my shoulders and onto the bed.

Exasperated, I laid there, covered in my own juices, eyes closed, left hand now clutching my aching but relieved balls, the back of my right hand over my forehead, mouth open with most of the dirty thong still in my mouth, and a small part of it hanging out the side of my mouth.

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