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Going out with other men

I am a married woman and have three wonderful k**s. My husband and I have been married a long time and lately our sex needed a spice up, at least my hubby thought so. A couple months ago he suggested we maybe see other people to try and spice up our sex life. I wasn't too crazy about the idea until he kept bringing it up more and more. Finally after a week of talking about it we decided to try and post an ad on an adult website. He took a few pics of me, mostly me in lingerie. I didn't quite know how to feel about it, but at the same time i was kind of interested. I am hispanic, 5'1 abd weigh about 130lbs. I have big boobs and a small belly but for the most part men always hit on me. It didnt take long for the emails to start flooding in, i was surprised by the responses. Lots of men, ranging from 20 yrs old to 62. I am 41 so I didn't know whether i wanted to try a young guy or an older guy. After all, this was just going to be sex and nothing more. I finally told hubby that I would feel more comfortable if i went out on a date with a couple of these men before just jumping in bed. I narrowed it down to three men, one in his late 20's a guy in his 30's and an older gentleman in his early 50's. My first date was with the guy in his 30's. We went out to dinner and had a good chat, but i never got in the mood with him. The young guy was next and him and i hit it off pretty good and we actually made out in his car, but i just felt like he was too young, after all my oldest is 21. Finally i went out with Dave, he is 53, divorced and was not looking for love or anything serious. He told us he had experience with this type of stuff, plus he looked like a man who was safe. I met Dave at a restaurant and we had dinner. I wore some tight jeans and a blue button shirt that was tight and showed my cleavage. Underneath i wore black lacey panties and a black silk bra. Dave was really nice and very sexy and seem to hit all my right buttons. I was feeling a little tipsy from the mixed dranks i had been sipping on for the past hour and a half. Dave was also touching the inside of my thighs under the table, which i liked because of the close attention he was paying to me. Dave finally leaned over to my ear and asked if I would like to take it further, i nodded to him and said i would. I couldn't believe i had agreed to it, but i just felt like now was the time. I got in my car and followed him to a local hotel which was close to the outskirts of town by the freeway. I called my husband on the way down to the hotel and told him where i would be and that i was going to go thru with this. When i told him, i could sense he was a little nervous about what i was about to do. I asked him one last time if he wanted this and he told me yes, but it was up to me. I told him i was ok with it, but I didnt want him to have any regrets before i went thru with it. He assured me as long as i was ok he was ok as well. When we got to the hotel i waited for Dave to come back with the room keys before i got off, i didnt want anyone to recognize me, i was a married woman with k**s. Dave took me to the room which was on the third floor, when we walked in the room i felt like like i was going to faint, i had never walked in a hotel room with another man. I started breathing heavily when i sat down on the bed, Dave then sat beside me and grabbed my face and kissed me, he told me he would go slow as he knew I was new to this lifestyle. As he kissed me i felt him unbutton my shirt and slowly unzipped my jeans. I was breathing heavily while kissing him, I reached down to feel the bulge in his pants, and was i surprised to feel how hard he was. I had seen pics of him naked, so i knew he was hung. He was 8" and thick. Hubby was only about 5.5 and not as thick. Except for a high school sweetheart and my hubby Dave would be my third man. But it had been over 20 years since I had been with someoen else. Dave then got up and started undressing, I knew i had to go thru with this, so i started undressing. As i removed my jeans and shirt i looked over and saw that Dave was removing his underwear, he was as big as his pics but actually looked thicker. I grabbed the sheets and pulled them back and got under them. Dave walked toward the bed and got under the sheets with me. I laid back and grabbed his shoulder as he leaned over to kiss me. I was breathing heavily, I knew i was going to get fucked by this man, and though i wanted it, i was also feeling very guilty. He slowly kissed me and then he pushed me back on the bed and i felt him start to slide my panties down, as he removed them i lifted my leg so they would come off easier. He then started working his way down to my pussy, i slowly spread my legs and rubbed his head and shoulder as he started licking my clit. I moaned softly as he licked it, before i knew it i was laying back with my legs spread and Dave licking everything between my thighs. He then got up and kissed me on my lips and told me to suck him off, i did as i was told and kissed his tummy and started working my way down. He had a hairy chest and smelled way different than my husband. I grabbed his cock and it felt very heavy. i slowly closed my eyes and took the head in my mouth, i could taste cum on the head but i just concentrated on what i was doing. I remember trying to pretend it was my hubby, but it just felt different, he was much bigger and thicker. I slowly licked the head up and down and i masturbated his cock, I was soaking wet just thinking about what i was doing, it wasn't right but this is what my hubby wanted. When Dave was rock hard he told me to stop and to come up and kiss him. I kissed him slowly and then he laid me on my back, he then got between my legs and spread them apart, there i was a wife and mother with my legs spread and this man I had met like three hours earlier was about to fuck me on this hotel bed. I started breathing heavily as i watched him lower his body against mine, I then felt the head of his cock rubbing on my opening. He then whispered to me to relax and that he had done this before. Tears started running down my cheeks as i thougt about my husband and k**s, but Dave wasn't stopping so i spread my legs a little wider and rubbed his hairy chest, with that i felt him lean forward and i felt myself spread apart. I moaned softly, he was big and i had never been filled that much before. He then pulled back a little and then he slid back in, i let out anothe moan as he hit bottom and he told me i wouold be ok. he then leaned forward and kissed me softly and started pumping slowly, before i knew it i felt his balls slapping my asshole. He started pumping faster and i spread my legs wider, i rubbed his chest and watched his big cock spread my pussy lips in half. I felt him tense up and as he pulled out he came all over my belly. After he came i cleaned myself up with a towel and i went to the bathroom to pee. I called my hubby from the bathroom and told him i had already been fucked. He wanted details but i told him I would not be home for at least another couple hours, he told me ok and told me to call him when I was done. When i got back on the bed Dave started kissing me and told me to suck him off again, so i did as i was told. This time it took a little longer for him to get hard but i relaxed more and sucked like i usually did when i was trying to make my hubby cum. Dave then flipped me on my back again and put my legs over his shoulders, i knew i was going to get ponded now. This time he fucked me hard, i was moaning loudly as he slammed his cock in and out of my pussy. The bed sqeaked as he pumped me full of cock. He then pulled out and told me to get on all fours, which i did. he told me I had a nice ass, i smiled and put a pillow under my tummy. I felt him position himself behind me as he grabbed my hips and then i felt him slide in. Before i knew it i was getting hammered with my ass in the air, he didnt cum and pulled out and told me to ride his cock. I leaned over and started sucking his cock again, he grabbed my hair and pulled it away from my face and told me i sucked good cock. I then kissed his belly button and stomach and slowly got on top. I grabbed his chest as i lowered myself and i could feel my pussy spreading slowly. I rode slowly up and down and i could feel my wetness dripping between my thighs. He sucked on my nipples as i lowered myself slowly and kissed him. I came twice riding but he had good stamina and kept pumping me slowly. Finally Dave said he could not take it anymore and flipped me over on my back and grabbed the back of my legs and pinned them way back to my shoulders. With that he rubbed his cock on my slit and started fucking my pussy again. He pounded me for about ten minutes or so and finally came inside me. I fell asl**p for about an hour and then i got up and dressed. I kissed Dave goodbye and told him i would be in touch again. When i got home hubby pounded me for about an hour before my k**s woke up. I remember my pussy was soaking wet as hubby pumped it, i had just been fucked by a bigger cock so hubby was having sloppy seconds in my pussy. He didnt mind and came twice in my pussy again. I remember laying on my back as hubby pumped me thinking about how i had become a fuck for another man, the thought turned me on.

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