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First porn shoot.

I got a call back from my porn audition. the producers liked what they saw but wanted more. the photographer I had worked with said he would eas me into it. I wouldnt have to go full hardcore right away. He had another more experinced guy there at his studio who liked to work with new guys and asked if i would be interisted in coming down for a shoot. I told him I would love to. more nervous this time on the drive over I had never done any thing with another guy before. when i got there he introduced me to the other performer whos name was Sam he was another guy about my age and looked pritty hot. he was still dressed but i could tell he was pritty riped. I asked him what kind of sceen we would bee shooting. Relax the photographer said its just a hand job sceen. think you can handle that. i said yeah I guess i could do that. we'll do a whole series where we ease you into the busines the porn fans will eat that up. with that he was getting out his cameras and setting them up for difrrent angels. Sam asked me if i was nervous. Yeah I am I said. dont be I'll be doing most of the work. he sat down on the bed and told me to sit infront of him. he started to rub my shoulders and was trying to get me to relax. My cock was allready getting hard. i felt his hands come around fom my back to the front of my chest and started undoing the buttons on my shirt. he rans his hands all over my chest. my heart was pounding with excitment. slowly he pulled the shirt off my and went back to rubbing. slowly he started rubbing my nipples making my cock even harder. he wisperd in my ear, are you ready to get the rest of these clothes off. yes i said. good he sai undoing the fly of my pants. he reached inside and felt my hard dick. he finished pulling of my pants and then started gently stroking my cock. eventualy getting faster, whenever he thougt I was getting to close he would stop and give my nipples a squeeze. then he asked me if I was ready to cum. I told him to make me cum. He stroked my dick faster and faster. then I started shooting every where. I leaned back on him and felt his hard cock press up agains my ass. this porn stuff is awfuly fun.

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