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Tammy Sue and the Survey Party part 2

This is a true story from the 70's:

Mike, Chris, Tom and I were talking about the party. We all wondered if it would be anything like the exciting time we had with Tammy Sue, earlier. We all vowed to be there on time and be ready for anything.

Friday night came, I drove into Highland Park and found the address. There were valets out front motioning me to drive up to the front door. I got out and one of the valets took my keys and said, "Go straight through the door, through the den and out the french doors to the back yard. You will receive additional info there." I followed instructions and when I got to the pool area I saw about 12 other guys all in swimsuits. Jr. saw me and came over and said I could change into my suit in the cabana and wait for the others to join us.

There were several other guys in the cabana in various stages of undress and I quickly changed into my suit and went back out to the pool. After a few minutes there were 22 guys out there in their swimsuits. Jr. told us he had a keg and said to help ourselves, the girls would be out in just a few minutes. We all got a beer and sat or stood around waiting for the girls...

When they came out from the house, I knew what kind of party it was going to be, none of the girls had a thread of clothing on. Tammy Sue led the way and I have already described her beautiful body in part 1. The 3 girls with her were all different shapes but beautiful in their own right. Tammy Sue said these were her friends and introduced them in order. First was Suzanne, a tall girl about 5'11' and probably weighed about 140 lbs. She had long tan legs and d cup boobs, with blonde hair and a pretty face. Next was Renee, an blond, athletic looking girl with muscular legs and arms, a narrow waist, shapely hips and ass, and small a cup tits. However, Renee was tan all over except 2 small triangles over each nipple, a small triangle over her shave pussy and a triangle at the top of her butt cheeks that were completely white. I thought that was extremely sexy. Last but not least was Melissa, about 5'4" tall with red hair and c cup boob and shapely legs and she was fair skinned and lightly freckled. After each girl was introduced we applauded.

Tammy Sue said that we were going to have a lot of fun that night if everyone cooperated. The girls had been talking and planning something like this for a long time. She said, "I guarantee you guys were handpicked by each of us and will enjoy yourselves immensely with cooperation on your part. We want to do things in order but just so you know at some time tonight each of these girls and I want have sex with 5 of you at the same time." We all whistled and applauded. Tammy Sue signaled us to quieten down and went on to say'"Each of us girls recently have decided that the thing that turns us on the most is seeing male cum flying in our direction or at one another.(more applause and whistles)So we want to cause that cum to fly and see if we can have a contest to see how good we can be at making it fly. So we purpose a contest we are going to take you one at a time at first and work on you to make you cum. We are going to offer prizes to whoever shoots the farthest, most volume and best aim. You will enjoy the prizes I promise."

She went on, "Because it is his house and he is such a good boyfriend to me we are going to work on Jr. first. The rest of you can watch and get yourselves ready to go and Melissa is going to pass among you with a hat, with numbers from 2 to 22 for the rest of the order of performance. We have talked about how best to facilitate ya'll but if you have a specific like for shooting enhancement you may ask. We don't think under our working on you that it will take you to long to cum. Then we can move on to other things. Jr. front and center!" Jr. jumped up and went over to her. Melissa began walking to each of us, instructing each of us to draw a number and then she reached out and gave each of us as we were drawing a squeeze on the crotch and then a caress upwards making oohing sounds with everyone that was already sporting a hard on, and believe me that was most of us from the sound of the oohs. Then she walked back to Jr. and the girls.

Tammy Sue folded a towel and set it on the ground and instructed Jr. to kneel on it. Renee laid a towel down in front of him and Tammy Sue laid one down in back. Melissa and Suzanne each folded a towel and knelt next to Jr. Renee laid down on her towel and Tammy Sue hers. I immediately saw why they did not think it would take us long to cum for them, Renee reached for his cock and pulled it out of his trunks and started sucking on it. Tammy Sue slid her head between his legs from the back and started licking his balls. While Melissa and Suzanne each started licking his nipples and squeezing his butt cheeks. I have already described Jr.'s 10" cock in part 1, but needless to say it was fully hard in a hurry. Renee was amazing at how far she could take his cock in her mouth and soon his precum was spilling out the sides of her mouth mixed with her saliva. I looked away for just a moment and saw several guys already stroking themselves, I didn't dare stroke my 8" hard on because I was number 19 and would never make it that long playing with myself while watching this scene. Jr. was really groaning now his nipples were being sucked, balls licked and cock sucked all at the same time. I don't know how he lasted this long but he finally croaked, " I am about to cum!" Immediately the Renee stopped sucking and started jerking his dick over her face with her hands, Melissa and Suzanne stopped licking to watch but kept licking at his nipples with their wet fingers so they could watch and Tammy Sue hopped up and said, "Shoot your wad for us!" Jr. obliged by starting to shoot long ropes that traveled over Renee's face, tits and belly and landed on and between her legs, three long ropes like that and then another that landed between her tits and then one that hit her neck and chin. Tammy Sue then took out a tape measure and recorded the distance and asked the girls to notice how much and estimate she then marked it all down and said, "Thank you, Jr.! Number 2! One of the guys that had been stroking himself earlier with blond hair and a 7" prick knelt down and the girls went back to work. 7" is not small and this prick was wide but Renee sucked it all the way in. This guy started groaning right away. It was amazing watching Renee suck, like watching a porn movie, except she was a real woman less than 10 feet away. She sucked and sucked some more as the other girls worked on nipples and balls. Then #2 said, " I am going
to cum" The girls began the hand job and fingering his nipples and watching. He came quickly and shot onto Renee's belly and tits dripped on her face. Tammy Sue recorded the info and called for #3, a short brown haired guy with about 7" of cock and he took his place. Renee and the girls had only been working on him for about 45 seconds when he groaned pulled his cock out of her mouth and started shooting on her tits and neck and chin. All #3 could say was, "Wow!" Tammy Sue made a notation and called for the next guy. The results were recorded for each and Chris, Tom and Mike all lasted longer than #3, but no one could bear more than 3 minutes of 4 girl action without blowing his load. #16 was a surprise, when he stood up he had at least a 12' inch cock as thick as a coke can. Renee smiled and said, "yes" and began sucking. Tammy Sue was taking his tennis ball size nuts into her mouth one at a time. Melissa and Suzanne began stroking the back of his cock that Renee could not get into her mouth at that angle. #16 made it longer than the rest, but after about 4 minutes he said, "I am going to cum!"
Renee started stroking with both hands and Melissa and Suzanne kept stroking and he suddenly arched his back and shot a thick long rope of cum all the way over Renee onto the pool deck, followed by another the same length,then hit her feet, then her legs, her belly and then her tits. Two of the guys waiting came watching that scene and said, "Damn it". Tammy Sue said not to worry made her notes and said #17. One of the guys who just came raised his hand sheepishly. Tammy Sue just went on, "#18" A red headed guy stood up with what looked to be a 9-10" cock and assumed the position. He only lasted a minute or two during the 4 girl assault on his body and hollered, "I'm cumming!" He shot down to her toes and then her legs and chest. Tammy Sue noted and then called #19. I stood up walked over and knelt down. Renee had cum all over her and along with those little white triangles on that tan body, I could not have been more turned on. Melissa and Suzanne started licking my nipples, and Tammy Sue started licking and sucking on my balls. I don't think I had ever felt so hard, my cock was aching and then Renee started to suck, I shoved my cock all the way in her sucking mouth, then amazingly I felt her tongue caressing the veins on my cock. Wow, never before had I experienced anything like this! I lost track of time, the tongues on my nipples, balls and cock, were driving me wild. I was going to blow, I remembered the contest and managed to croak out, "I'm cumming!" and felt Renee jerking my wet cock and then I shot, shot after shot, I knew I had never cum that much before. I looked at Renee and saw thick new ropes by her feet, on her legs, and on her chest. I was still hard and dripping on her chin and neck. I mumbled, " Thanks!" and got up. I barely watched numbers 20,21, and 22.

Tammy Sue thanked each of us and then suggested we get another beer and get ready to watch a little show. She said the results would be tabulated and the winners announced at the end of the evening. We all got a beer and sat back down . I noticed that while Melissa, Suzanne and Tammy Sue were standing Renee was still lying on her towel. When we all were seated Tammy Sue she wanted to help us get back into the mood, so see if this helps. Tammy Sue, Melissa and Suzanne all knelt around Renee and began licking our cum off of her body. Off her feet, legs, pussy, belly, small tits, neck and face. The 3 girls licked every inch of Renee's body which now glistened with saliva instead of semen. I was starting to get hard again already...but that is another chapter.

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