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Prostate massage and my experience

Prostate massage and my experience.

Although prostate massage is already considered a normal sexual practice. But in my country, was until 1989 completely taboo, also Sex Shops, literature and any porn. I am a prostate massage currently also knew nothing. I do not remember exactly, but I was about 12 years old, and I read a passage in a book by Alexander Dumas Angelica how one man enjoys has a coitus with women, and another man led coitus to his anus. For a long time I wondered, and so I did at the first next masturbation wearing test, what masturbation actually has to do with the stimulation the rectum. It is logical that at first I just tried it with your fingers, and it was very nice pleasure, especially if I have tucked your finger into the anus or lightly shaking with finger, but about prostate massage I had no idea. You know, when you use your fingers during a massage, rectal massage requires uncomfortable gymnastics (See on ), let's face it, we do not have such long arms. So I am wondering how intensively to replace of my fingers per toys.

From idea to implementation was not far away. I looked at the available stuff in the closet with the tools of my father, (we lived in a block of flats, so no workshop) and various things. I have most interested in PVC tube diameter of 20 mm and a silicone tube of diameter six mm and sufficient length. And it was decided, I cut off the PVC tube about length 15 cm. I have long wondered about, that smooth hose does not make much luck in rectum. I also thinking how terminate the hose end. End of the hose I am terminating home-made stopper made of Dentakryl (Dentakryl is two component epoxy glue designed for molding). First I made the stopper in the form from foil (Aluminum). Mold so I could make immediately. Stopper was practically a ball on the cylinder. Then I stopper made into the final shape, I am using sandpaper, so that the stopper was smooth, spherical cap was slightly larger than the diameter of the hose, and the cylindrical part of the stopper is put into the hose, but the stopper cannot fall out from hose. Roughening hose I solved very easily, I wrapped around hose the silicone tubing. At the beginning of the hose (stopper side), I made a hole in the hose. I stretched silicone tubing into hole in hose. Stopper secured silicon tubing against possible pull out from hose. Into the second end of the hose I bumped the thorn. Thorn was wooden stick with of circular diameter about 30 mm. Thorn, actually served as a handle at the beginning of my games with dildo.

Thus produced dildo I immediately did not hesitate to try. As lubricant fully serve a hand cream, which I use first at the of the anus and then my own dildo. At the first use, I figured out that the direction under which penetrates dildo to the anus, direction determines the strength of irritation from a very pleasant and intense to special feeling. When the dildo comes up against to the prostate is nice pleasure, when dildo bump into the nerve endings on the coccyx to feel the urge to go to toilet (shit). Next, I figured out that the rectum is always trying to get rid of dildo, that by pushing him out. Massage showed me that irritate the anus and prostate are complicated. If I am keeping the dildo in my hand massage wants to gymnastics, but gymnastics mainly distracts from delight massage.

So, already in the second attempt, I stumbled dildo to wooden cylindrical rod. Rod was longer, about 90 cm. I fastened rod over vice against leg wooden chair located in my room. Vice was a small vice designed for handymen. It took a bit of experimentation in terms of length rod, angle, under which the dildo to be in the plane of the land, and even how to get dildo comfortable as possible into anus, so I could enjoy massage. From this moment I have used dildo countless times, so my home-made toy is my sweetheart dildo. Dildo I was testing in different positions, in the beginning I had to kneel during massage, later I have managed to fix dildo so that I could lying on the bed. I also have the minor bummer, since all the dildo I hid under my mattress bed. When all f****y cleaning in the home, my younger b*****r these parts discovered and I had to explain what it is, my explain had stupid excuses, and so I think that my b*****r did not know to what different things can serve.

Even before the first use of my dildo I often masturbated, and tell the truth, me failed to satisfy my vision, when I am only caressing the penis over my hands. Next problem, where to put ejaculate. The truth is that the masturbating is hardly substitutable and usage own hands too. But I would like to go beyond this limit. So I am wondering replace the my hands, or more precisely, where I can plunge penis. I want enjoyed masturbation without my hands on my penis. I want using my free hands for caressing other parts of my body, such as the rectum. It did not take me long to find an easy way to do it. But I not want again wake up attention b*****r and parents. The solution I was found in the use of cover that is used to protect the binding of books in school. The cover itself is sufficiently flexible, a great but also hard, but especially was on one side a very finely serrated. It is these ridges provide very strong irritation and stimulation the penis. Cover making rapid onset of strong arousal including orgasm. In those years, I did not know that the longer time spent massage before orgasm, I can achieve a stronger orgasm and intense orgasm, and that longer time is better for the women, but I want mainly quickly and intensely gratify myself. I always properly cleaning cover before masturbation. Currently I am usually using hand cream or sunbathing as lubricant. How I used the cover? It's easy. I am using my wooden bed structure. On bed structure I am imposed small pillow. Height of the bed construction was perfect height. I could kneel on my knees and my penis was slightly higher than design bed. On the pillow I placed cover. Cover was the folded to "V". Next I put a small pillow and mattresses of bed on cover. Construction was: Destin bed, pillow, cover, pillow, mattress. Mattresses supplied the necessary pressure on the pillows, but mainly was also support for my body. After sufficient lubrication penis, penis easily slipped into the cover and its "V" arms. I also lubricating enough cover before being placed between the pillows too. This way I could achieve orgasm myself, without I am needing using of my hands, and is fine friction during penis going inside and out. I had free my hands, I could use my hands for caress other my body parts. This system with my dildo and cover as vagina was long unbeaten sexual tool. Both toys were very long my favorite sex toys for masturbation. Cleaning ejaculate was no problem ejaculate remains in the cover, only when moving the cover I was be careful, so that ejaculate does not drain from the cover, which sometimes happened. The final tweaks were that I made a mold from wood small prism. Mold replaced the previously mentioned bed structure especially two pillows on bed. The mold had the two parts, every piece is such as half letter O, or mold created reasonable a nice loopholes for my penis. This way I could insert the cover between parts mold. I am still using the cover as synthetic skin. The inner part of the mold was lined with foam. So that was my vagina for masturbation for many years. This vagina could be made slightly already fasten to any part of the furniture. For fixing of vagina I could used an already present various loopholes in furniture or vagina fixed with clamps to furniture.

When I got to the fact that I finally buy my own apartment, the fell last barriers for me, and even here I could masturbate freely. No longer I need to hide my toys in secret, I did not have to think and wait who ever can come at my room or home and I did not have to worry without being I would mugged in the middle of sex games. Also, it was a time when I made my first hand fucking machine. I normally had a dildo and vagina firmly fixed over furniture in my sexual games (See on ) and I was very upset and annoyed. Why? Because when I pulled penis from the vagina, simultaneously I had to pushed my dildo into the anus and vice versa, when I pushed the penis into the vagina, I had to pull out of the anus dildo. I very much wanted to separate apart the anus and penis massage or in other words I can enjoy massage of my penis and rectum separately or simultaneously. Because the machine was not as successful as I imagined, I will not even describe all in detail. In first version fucking machine vagina was on a separate board in fucking machine. Board was free and could to move forward and backward. And I am here to have handled the board with handle. I could achieve that board with vagina stood on the place (no moved) or exercised move forward and backward.  In the second version machine was based on the opposite principle, the vagina was firmly on the bottom board and dildo was fixed on board, which I can be moving forward and backward over handles. Or I attached dildo to a sliding lever and I could control lever with dildo over handles. Handles were arranged as rocking tail stock. As I said, fucking machines with this movement did not provide better satisfaction than previously hard clamping  dildo and vagina to furniture, so machines were dismantled. I tried to build a fucking machine and which the same movement as penis in vagina, with the required rhythm and depth, but to regulate the rhythm and depth are a big problem, so it has always remained on trial and error. Since I always sat in my machines, and I wanted to sit on something soft (pillow or foam), I soon figured out that a light pressure, which is between the anus and scrotum provide another very pleasant excitement. The machines enabled me to know where I have the G spot, and the quality of my G spot. Clearly, at the beginning I did not know anything about G spot, but over my fucking machines I got the information and how use G spot for pleasure.

From 1993 was in our region finally available access to Internet and also sex shops. Currently I first bought my first vibrating anal dildo and my first vibrating egg already including anal lubricant and also the first vagina (maybe I can manage to write a few lines in another separate story). At first I was of two toys (dildo and egg) than ecstatic when I am using them. Anal dildo is good well-shaped - curved. Dildo has right length, and has the correct diameter. Surface of dildo is roughened by small protrusions entire with diameter of three mm and a height of one mm. And dildo is properly extended on the end, to avoid extremely deep insert dildo to ass hole and you cannot injure, when you loose control of your body when your only goal is to achieve orgasm and you are as an a****l. But soon it was confirmed that the mechanism of dildo and vibrating egg is poor construction. I can say that until today, I have not found a better solution than the solution which I have seen with my first purchased vibrating toys. In toys is always a DC motor, which eccentric, or motor is intentionally unbalanced. Everyone must be evident that at low speeds, the vibrations are small or negligible, but at high speeds, while the larger f***e of vibration, but the speed vibration alone does not give a chance to better massage and excitement. Truth to say that for a long time in my head I wear idea how to replace the rotary oscillating to motion up-down and as separately control the intensity of speed.

Until now, I have only retained its outdoor part with my dildo, whom I first bought, engine had broken down and I ejected it. Space for motor in dildo I used to be plugged dildo on wooden rod. (See on ) I can use the this dildo the same way as my first home-made dildo, so I have hands free. It can be seen in my videos, which I will try to step by step I will upload. When using both toys (dildo and egg) in anus and both are vibrating, I can take more excitement and better massage. If both toys have of different frequency, but still close together, there is made interference between them, so that stimulation going, in cycles of variable power intensifies and weakens. The same effect I can achieved with two vibrating eggs. And finally, I can say that with this dildo first time I reached orgasm, when I only massaged prostate and anus over the dildo and I was lying on my back in bed during massage. I've enjoyed it at the time. I was not afraid extend masturbation for several tens of minutes. Indeed, the arousal is growing slowly, but the end massage is unrepeatable. This orgasm is unforgettable for me and was one of the best intense I've experienced. I squirted (ejaculated) so far, the shortest blowjob was on my chest, the longest on the wall behind my head and I splashed face.

Very soon I also bought Nexus dildo. The manufacturer wrote about their product in superlatives, in terms of the maximum enjoyment during prostate massage. Yes, it is slightly better than ordinary dildo for massage prostate, but again it is no miracle, main when if you also want to massage and irritate ass hole. Notice: my dildo has knurled surface, so always my dildo simultaneously massaging my ass hole and my prostate. I have the Nexus without vibrating, and I will not buy vibrating version. The bigger problem is that the anatomy of each person is unique and not every toy will operates well. I definitely wanted to Nexus evolved more pressure on the point G. Today I am always joining Nexus with vibrating egg. I have egg in anus or I am joining egg over adhesive tape with Nexus, or else I am pinning the egg to my G spot. Here, I am joining egg over adhesive tape with two flexible laces (I got them a pair of old sweatpants). I lead down laces from the belt on my body around penis, the testicles, between the my legs, and back up around my anus and butt to my belt on back my body. I have a strap (belt from my pants) around the waist. I have attached to the strap both laces (in front and in the back). Laces are stretched so that the egg tightly adjoined to the G spot. (See on )

I must tell the truth, I was able to achieve orgasm with Nexus only through prostate massage simultaneously with G spot. This means, I do not have fondled and teased my penis. Furthermore, in this technique, I've come so far that I have multi orgasm. Usually, a second and next orgasm I bring about through stimulation penis, but the second orgasm is much more intense than the first orgasm and more intense than normal orgasm without massage prostate. At first orgasm I only squirting out a few sperm, rather it is just the prostatic fluid, but at during the second orgasm I already squirting the fullest. So far I have stayed at three orgasms in a row. Please, of course not always I have multi orgasm, for multi orgasm must be subject to several conditions!

When I am planning games with anus, I recommend, before start games with anus, enema or start games up after passing a large stool. Enema itself can be understood as a fine prelude, and enema is for me next enjoyment before masturbation. I am using for enema shower. I remove the sprinkler head from the tube sprinkler. Instead sprinkler I connect previously prepared plastic ball. Ball has the same thread as the sprinkler and a bullet hole in the middle. Next I set up the flow of water so that the water temperature was comparable to body temperature and water flowed very slowly, so about half of a liter per minute or less. I lubricate over soap the modified end of the tube with ball and my ass hole. I normally directly shove ball on tube to the anus and I am starting enjoy with enema. When the pressure water increases, so that water will leak around the shower tube from the anus, and then I will drive out everything from the anus into the prepared bucket. This procedure I am executing as two to three times in a row and I am quite sure that I am clean inside. I do not use any other resources.

So to I say that playing with my body is very pleasant, particular with: prostate, penis, anus, over my hands or using my dildo, vibrating eggs or other toys, especially when you accept irritation in many places. I can achieve orgasms that are stronger and orgasms absorbing the whole my body, entire mind. Prostate massage is not about what has the diameter and length of the dildo, but as dildo plugged into anus, what dildo in the anus will massaged, and what technique is used dildo for massage. Keep in mind that when a strong emotion is suppressing pain threshold, so careful not to overdo it, longer dildo can be more detrimental! Therefore, I still use my first purchased dildo, because it is intelligently expanded and prevents deep penetration into the anus. The above mentioned techniques massage and fondling I am using for swallowing own sperm. I can swallow my sperm without big problems. I can here declare and swear that it is only psychological barrier. Sure, sperm is not delicacies . Many times, people consume far worse things than the sperm.

Every person have a sexual dreams, desires and knowledge. If I am return to start of this story, I am dreaming what I read in my early age. I would replace a dildo for real penis (sensitive and healthy partner), even though I like girls. I have a great sexual desire to have the coitus with women and at the same time with a guy in my anus. I have even more desire to try something, but this is no longer the subject of my story about my experience of prostate massage over clinic sex - sounding.

Dear, readers, I am waiting for your comments or questions, please write me our experience too! I like will adds to my profile the photos, answers, videos.

PS: Excuse my bad English, my native language is Czech.

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