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When You Bumped Into A Stranger (At The Party)

I ambled alone in the dark street. I’m on my way to the only house that is full of lights. My friend invited me to his party. His parents were on vacation and were aware that he held a party for his 21st birthday.

I came inside and saw Hans, my friend’s nickname, busy talking to his guests. There were too much people around. I saw his high school friends getting some drinks for themselves, our classmates from English class teasing each other while grooving to the loud music, girls and boys pairing each other having conversations near the fountain and a few people that I barely knew around the place. I was having hard time getting into Hans until I spotted my good friends in the gazebo so I just went to them just not to feel awkward.

After a moment, Hans walks towards us, so all of us greeted him a happy birthday. Hans is such a nice person; obviously he is, if you’re going to based it on the number of folks he got now in his house. We understand that his attention was totally divided at that time.

An hour later, i disengage myself from the group to get inside the house to grab some drinks for the group. As I was about to get nearer to the table, I accidentally bumped into someone.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I was not looking carefully, I’m really sorry.” I truthfully said.

“No, it’s my fault, I’m sorry.” The guy said.

I am sure that it was my fault, but he insisted, so I didn’t bother. I just said “sorry” again, and he continued walking upstairs. I directed myself to what I’m up to and took a few foods as well. I was back to the gazebo with my friends smiling. While we were drinking, the incident earlier flashes back to my mind. The guy’s eyes was so intimidating but pure. His face was just ideal and innocent. Hans and I we’re just same 21, I turned 21 last month, so I guessed we we’re just about the same age with that cute guy. The soft collision we had was just disturbing me. So I intended to move out from the gazebo. I climbed up to the stairs, filled with visitors in every step.

I noticed the guy standing by the window having a drink solely. So I intended to get a look outside by the window beside him.

“Hi, a nice view from here huh?” I asked looking down.

He look at me for a second, the looks of his eyes is just making me feel small, but I still tried to stand still.

“Hey, hello, yeah right, it is.. I’m really sorry about earlier, I was not looking at my way.” He just then answered.

“What happened earlier was really nothing, we better call it our faults,,” I tried to loosen up the atmosphere.

“ha,ha,ha” he silently laugh

Looking at his lips was such a better view than what lies below.

“So, what’s your name?” I asked.

He stared at me and suddenly kissed me eagerly, a few minutes before I reacted and rushed down. The mark he left in my lips was vigorously annoying me but I just can’t deny that I did like it. Yes! I totally liked it. The notion just raises my adrenaline. I was at the last step of the stairs that I realized of going back. I went back upstairs and saw him still standing by the window. I hurriedly come close to him and kissed him. I encased him with my shaking arms.
The wind was slowly going in from the outside as if trying to increase the mood, my hand harshly maneuvering at his back; crumpling his shirt. While we kept kissing, we walked to the nearest guest room. He had pushed the door open, got inside while we hold on to our play; locked the door.

Eventually, he slips his hands in my shorts squeezing my bum.
“hmmmmmmm….” I moaned.

Then, he traced his soft hand from my back to the front,

“ahhhhhh….” I went to moan again.

As he started stroking my cock, I pulled up his shirt, threw it on the floor and I stopped kissing him and guided my head to his beautiful manly chest. I started licking his horny nipples while he goes on stroking my cock now hard. I begin to lick every inch of skin that I could taste in his upper torso.

“hmmmmm yeahhh…” he groaned sexily.

He stopped stroking my cock when I kneeled down, trying to tease his cock hiding in his pants. I took off his pants and left was his tight white boxers; I catch a glimpse of wetness on his boxers. I bite his lonely cock. Lonely no more was his cock, as I paired his cock with my wet tongue.

“ahhhhhh,,,, wet me up.. ahhhhh” he groaned and groaned.

His cock was nowhere to be found as I shielded it all with my hungry mouth. I felt his cock hit the back of my throat and felt that he is enjoying it.

“aaaawwwwwhhh,,, haaaaa….” He groaned louder.

Hearing his gratified voice, I gave him the best blow that anyone could ever give him. While eating his meat hungrily, I raised my left arm rubbing his chest to maintain his pleasured body and utilizing my right arm to play with his balls.

“haaaaaaa,,,, haaaa… hmmmm” he can’t stop moaning.

He seemed so inclined to what we are doing that he can’t stop grabbing my hair, and softly caressing it. He makes me feel horny as well, that I went to suck him harder and harder and harder.

“fuckkkk! Huuuuummm…” he groans much louder.

It’s too early to extract his juice, so I stood up and kissed him again. Then, he interrupted me and pushes me to the bed. Without any delay, he bended over and started sucking my still erect dick.

“shhhhht,,, uhhhhhh!” I moaned softly.

He slowly played his tongue inside his mouth while covering my dickhead. Next, he moved down to tickle my inner being as he licks my asshole by the tip of his tongue.

“aaammmmmm….” I moaned a little loud.

As if sensing that he lubed it up enough, I raised my legs a little giving him a better space to work on. He fancily strokes his cock up and down in the middle of my cheeks.

“ohhhh,,, hard… slip it in… hmmm” I demanded.

So he went to hold the body of his cock and let his cock head enter first. A few inch of his cock gives a little pain.

“fuck! Ah!” I wailed.

The moment he heard me, he pushed his big hard cock all inside me.

“ohhhhhhhhhhh,,,,, mmmmmm…. Ahhh” I wailed hardly.

He started pushing in and out I felt my ass cracked.

“ahhhhhhhh!!!!” he also moaned.

I can see in his eyes that he loved the feeling inside of me. I went to wank sluggishly while he continued.

Every time he pushed in harder I cried out in pleasure and he moaned along.

He leaned over and kissed my neck while he keeps on entering me; his stomach touches my hand stroking my own hard cock. He’s exciting all of my nerves I can’t stop moaning.

“ahhhh,,, ahhhh…” I moaned and moaned and moaned.

He straightens himself as he keeps on sliding his meat in.
“haaaasshh,,hasshhh,,hassshh,,,hashhhss…” him trying to release his feeling.

I stroked harder until I felt electricity spread all over my body, that I squirted a big amount of load on my belly button. In a minute later, he removed his cock out of me and quickly flashed his cum straight to my face as he keeps on stroking his still rock hard cock.

A few seconds he laid himself above me,, and kissed me.

We went to clean ourselves, moved out of the room, descended from the stairs, and walked the opposite way. Then, just came to my mind to ask him back about his name, but then he was no longer in my sight. I would have loved to know him more but I guess he will remain a stranger in me. I went back to the gazebo, saw Hans now in the group, so I joined in.

The party was over. I walked back home alone in the dark street, with a memory I will cherish from that handsome and hot stranger. For the next time that we are going to meet, I am going to make sure to catch his name. Sure it will take longer, but I’m going to paste him in to my mind diary,,, “Mr. stranger at the party.”


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