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My Life

An old guy that lives near me likes me to come round to his house in my school uniform and do some house work for him I do this because he is all on his own and it makes him happy to watch me tidy his house and pays me £5 I know he gets real turned on cuz I can see a big bulge in his pants and dos not try to hide it from me he is always getting me to pick stuff of the floor
he has dropped I know what he is doing cuz my school skirt as short as I can get away with at school just below my ass checks witch I know
looks slutey but that’s how I am so he gets to
have a good look at me

He likes to take my bailey flats off when I get in side
an kisses my feet and tells me how beautiful the are this
is before I star the house work its ok but with my tights
on I slip on his kitchen floor and its cold but he loves
my feet so much I just can’t say no to him last week he
ask me if I had any old tights an knickers I was going to
throw out and if so he would like to have them
.I think he will wank in them or something its sort of a
complement to have a guy do that to my old underwear
I have a key to his front door and can let my self in if he is
out but last week I let my self in and thinking he was out I
got on his PC and had a look at what he was doing on line
he had 100s of porn pics of girls all in stockings or tights
and some of my age taken in school so it was no shock to me
as I know how much he likes looking at me.
As I was looking at all the pics I heard a voice say out loud
“Chantelle what are you doing my lovely “
As I turned round he was stand behind me with no cloths on
and had a real big hard on his cock was sticking right up like
a flag pole omg I said Bill what are you doing? I did not know
you were in here Chantelle I was going to have a bath.
I just cud not help staring at his cock I was thinking that a nice
big looking cock for an oldey and well sexy
I think he liked me looking as he maid on attempt to hide his
erect cock from me I just cud not stop looking at it I smiled
and side looks like you are please to see me Bill
He just grind an said “fancy helping an old man out Chantelle?
” “mmmmmmm ok what you need me to do Bill”
“Think you cud milk me off my lovely ?” mm ok I give it go bill
. OMG I was so wet right now id have bent over and opened
up for him right there
With that Bill picked my hand up and put it on his cock
It was rock hard and throbbing lick mad I got on to my knees and looking up at him I said “please do not tell any one Bill” “I wont my sexy little school girl “ he said with that he picked up his digital camera and told me e would like some pics of me milking him off so when I had gone he cud look at them to remind him of how sexy I am .As I griped his hard shaft I pulled down on it he got up close to me and I squeezed on it as hard as I cud so all the vanes burst up and looking at it I kissed the tip of his cock “mmmmmmmmmmm Chantelle yes more baby kiss it more “ he said so like a good little slut I did he took a pic or two of me doing that he was starting to get some pre cum I had never had a guy so close to my face with his cock before so I did not know that meant he was close to cumin so as I tugged hard on his cock it was a shock when he made a loud grown and shot all his load over me I do not think he had cum for a long time cuz I have never seen so much spunk in all my life if shot out at high speed in 5 or 6 big spurts all over my face and hair the stuff went in my mouth I spat it out omg how dirty some old mans cum yuck it was every wear in my heir on my chicks lips knows it was dripping like slim from me chin on to my best school blouse Bill took more pics of me I was not happy with all that old mans slim on me
He kept saying you like that don’t you my little slut I was scared and just nodded after a bit he let me go anThen Bill grabbed me hair and pulled me in to his crutch and rubbed his cock and balls over my face
d told me to clan my self up in the bath room even town it was a shock and I was not to happy with what he had dun I did get a bit wet think about it later on
When I came out of the bath room he asked me if would model for him I said I would but he must never show any one the photos he agreed so I got in to all the poses he liked most of them wear me bent over like lots of up skirt shots of me on his sofa
It was getting late and I had to go home for my tea so he ask me if I would be round same time to morrow I said “yes ok I come “
The next day I go round Bills please start after school I let my self in he at his PC typing “come in Chantelle and have a look what I have dun”
I go over to him and see the photos of me on the pc “Bill what are you doing “ “ hehe I have put you on the net for men to look at you “ no no please get them off I say mmm ok Chantelle my little sweet I do that only if you do every ting I ask you to do if not I let the hole world see what a little cum slut that you are please please I do what ever you want I begged him good girl now now take that school skirt off and get me some seizers out of my drawer “quickly “ yes Bill its not Bill any more its sir from now on yes sir I say good and you will be called babychanT or baby girl from now on my little teen slut yes sir I say come here baby girl let me fix those tights and knickers with that he cuts a hole in the crutch of my best black school tights then cuts my knickers off so my pussey is open for all to see mmmmm nice I like a girl that shaves he said as he rubs over my mound and slips a finger in me mmmmmmmmm thank you sir I say now put your skirt back on baby girl then he got out a black bag and in it was all sorts of things first out come make up he told me to put on lip gloss and thick black eye liner and light blue eye shadow he told me to put lots on so I look like a street whoa then a ankle chin that side slut on it then a dog collar with the word slave on the front then he told me to put my hair in to two pig tales lastly I had to go in the bath room and take my bra off and tie my school blouse up as I looked in the mirror I looked like a real slut now “ come here baby girl we are going out or the day in my car 2 he shouted “yes sir coming sir” omg I thought how can I go out like this looking like a whoa on heat “mmmmmmm pull you skirt up more so I can see your pussy as you walk “ “ but sir what if some one sees me out side “ he just left “that is what I want girl for men to see you and look at you and want you” “ now drink this half bottle of vodka it will help you relax “ “ yes sir” as I drank it all down in 10 big gulags “ now come on lets go we got in his car and set of 10 mins or so we stopped at a car park in the country I had heard of this car park as being a dogging place from guys I chatted with OMG we are here to do dogging with me looking like this men would be shore to come and look at me get out of the car Chantelle and sit on the boot of the car I did as he told me now put your hands behind your back as I did he snapped a pair of handcuffs on me then tide each of my legs to the bumper so I was spread wide and any one passing cud see up my short school skirt and see my bold pussy I was totally helpless . He stood ther taking photos of me and telling me what a slut I was and how I needed a good hard fucking in all my holes I just nodded and side yes sir .
Then a car pulled in ho shit I thought as a big built guy got out an came over to us he had a big smiled on his face an said mmmmmmmmmm nice can I join in Bill said help your self mate she is all yours with in a second the guys cock was out and he was in me holding on to my hips he rammed me hard and fast I cud do nothing I was totally at his mercy as he cum in me in 2 mins and filled me with his sweet
Sticky cum as he pulled out it oozed out of me and covered my tights I was a mess d***k and fucked
And helpless I the mean time two more cars had pulled up and guys were looking at what was going on Bill un tide me and dragged me over to a small wooden pick nick table he un did my cuffs but then cuffed and tidy me out flat on the table as I lay ther Bill un did his pants and held my head still and f***ed his cock in my mouth I gagged as he started to fuck my mouth . Then I felt some one hold my legs up and push in to me OMG I was a sit roast as the guy pushed his cock up me bill pulled out and a new guy took his place then I felt tow more sets of hands playing with my boobs and nipples guy 1 shot in me with yet more cum guy 2 wasn’t long after with big hot spurts down my throat I just lay ther d***k not knowing what to do I just let it all happen to me then more cock in me and more cum on me and in me this went on for what seem like hours guys coming and going in the car park all using me like I was some sort of sex doll all the time Bill was taking photos of me and the men using me in the end it went quiet bill un tidy me and side good girl Chantelle my little fuck toy you did real well now lets get you home .
Bill drove me home to his place and took me to his bed and fucked in my ass and mouth till he cum then told me to clean up and go home but to come back in the morning and skip school yes sir I said

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