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This is actually German mothers part 6, but the title is a better description of the overall story. I have included minor details to add to the reality of the story and to make it more realistic in every day life. If you haven't read any of the previous stories, then the woman im referring to is on the far left of the photo on my profile page, the one with her arms folded. Since this is a sequel, I have included trade mark sex acts done by Sabina, the fictitious name for the model from Helmut Newtons - Here they come photo.


I was sat in my room spending idle hours on the internet, listening to music and watching porn, just another typical evening when the phone rang. Sabina answered it in the hallway and I could listen in relatively well. "Hi" said Sabina with which I quickly and quietly walked to the spare room and gently picked up the phone. It was Vickers and he sounded a bit agitated. "Now listen Sabina, it's about the Galaxy, we are just not getting the revenue that we were. I mean, how many hours do you do a week now, ten, fifteen if your lucky. It was forty plus hours a week when you started four years ago." "The money I earn now is practically worthless" said Sabina in a het up voice. "Im a high class woman......Do you know how much I could earn from my services in other ways." Vickers replied with an equally harassed voice. "I know, I know and im gratefull for all your cat walking, your the main model of the business. Do you know how many gentlemen ask me about you and how much their willing to pay for you, even just for an hour. Your the main reason we charge so much for our photo shoots." "So what are you ringing about then?" In a distinct German accent. "Im afraid we're letting you go, your too much wasted talent, just walking up and down a cat walk, the senior boys want you for other reasons....You could earn double what you are now and feel fulfilled at the end of it." Sabina stayed silent for a few seconds and then said "Im not a tart like that." "You walk naked down a cat walk darling and you have been sl**ping with me for more photo shoots for the last year, you don't get much closer to being a tart than that. Every time I gave you more hours, the other models had that much less, its all scheduled you see. You knew full well that was the case, but it didn't seem to bother you did it." Sabina sighed. "Im going to be straight with you Sabina, what will you do if you don't...lets say e****t yourself to the fine gentlemen, start making necklaces out of bits of string." "Ha ha ha" replied Sabina in a some what defeated response. From the tone of her voice it occurred to me she was already some what convinced this was her only option. "I will pay you an extra weeks wages just so can find your feet," said Vickers. With this she slammed the phone down and gave a loud "URGH."


A week had passed and the phone rang. As usual Sabina answered and I quietly picked up the other telephone. It was an older well spoken guy. "Is this Sabina....I feel a bit embarassed with this, how shall I put it...." There was a sigh and then "I need you, I've seen your nude photos and I need to....lets say spend the evening with you." Sabina paused for a few seconds and then answered, "alright, I could do with anything to help right now." The older guy then replied, "wear something voluptuous...tights, heels, a fur coat." "Whatever you want" replied Sabina. "Is Saturday at eight okay with you?" Said the gentleman. "Thats fine" replied Sabina. The conversation ended and I crept to the landing and peered through the semi dark at Sabina. She was obviously taken back by the conversation. She stood up and said, "what a life it is." A few seconds elapsed and she put her hand to her mouth and held it there for a while.


It was the next evening and Sabina seemed some what more formal with everything. I came into the kitchen and she was sat on the leather sofa watching a chat show. "Okay" I said, "not working this evening." She looked at me for a few seconds and then replied "who pays all the bills in this house, certainly not you and their's only the two of us living here." I felt some what annoyed with this comment, since there were hardly any jobs anyway and that the bills would essentially be paid for by sex, but I pretended not to know this and didn't reply. It was now 7:30pm and Sabina went upstairs to her room and within a few minutes walked along the hallway to the front door. She was wearing heels and stockings with a light coloured fur coat over the top. I found it surprising that she was walking towards the front door, since she always used to use the back one when leaving the house wearing sexy clothing. I took this to be that she had resigned herself to the fact that she was going to be a high class tart from now on and didn't seem to be bothered that her non clients who happened to see her would realise this. I felt my dick start to rise slightly with the usual butterflies in my stomach sensation that always went with being aroused by Sabina. I decided to follow her and made my way out of the house, twenty seconds or so after Sabina had left. I didn't see her along the semi dark road but I could hear her heels against the pavement getting gradually fainter. As usual there were no other people around at this time and I could only hear the odd car along one of the through roads in the distance, every few minutes or so. I sped up and got within sight of her, she was not hard to miss since her cream coloured fur coat stood out a mile against the relatively dark background. After about half an hour of walking she stopped at a large detached house with trees and holly bushes all around it. It was a very upmarket and middle class area with a large Mercedes parked outside the house. Sabina opened the black metal gate and I remained still in the shadows as she turned around to close it again.


I crossed the road to the properties railings and spied through the gap. I immediately recognised the guy who answered the door, it was Bill Shanks from Vickers conference at the Old Rectory, a few weeks earlier. He looked around 60 years old and was tall with a medium build and had reasonably short grey hair. "What would you like in return?" He said, "A fifty percent reduction in my rent will do," said Sabina. I didn't know that Bill Shanks was Sabina's landlord. The front door soon closed and I climbed over the railings so as not to make a noise with opening the gate. I jumped down from the four feet high wall next to a holly bush and the leaves crunched as I pushed back the long branches to within a few feet of the large, partly opened windows. Bill looked Sabina up and down and said "yes" in an almost snake like voice, with this he took her fur coat off and hung it on the coat stand. Sabina was wearing a rather sexy black shiny corset that only finished just above her nipples. She did look impressive and I knew what Vickers meant when he said that she was wasted talent on a cat walk, even if I didn't agree with women being e****ts. Undernieth her corset was a tight, black leather elasticated mini skirt that really showed the curve of her ass. "Lets eat, after you" said Bill with which Sabina entered the kitchen and he drew out a chair for her and she sat down. Anita Ward - ring my bell was playing in the background and was obviously placed on repeat. "Tonights main menu is pasta and sauce with water and caviar as a side dish." Said Bill. With this Sabina poured herself a glass of water from an ornate looking glass jug. She sipped it and then put it back down again, gazing for a few seconds at the white cloudy water and then back at him. "Is tap water not your thing," said Bill. "Its white with chlorine, I usually drink evian you know." "Oh do you darling," he replied. There was an awkward silence and they both began to help themselves to the pasta dish. "This is just a few cartons of pot noodles," she said in her usual German accent. "The slag of all snacks" he replied in a humorous tone. "Oh ha ha ha, I remember that advert on the telly," she replied. Bill took her left hand and kissed the top of it, keeping his mouth on her hand for a few seconds. "Just wait until I get you into bed" he said, with which Sabina seemed to forget about the chlorinated water and took a large gulp from her glass, not taking her eyes off Bills. It seemed to me that Bill was quite strict and was obviously attracted to a woman half his age. "How do you feel about....this line of work?" He said. "The moneys more acceptable," said Sabina. "Do you feel degraded with it?" He said, "I'll get used to it," she replied. After an hour or so of small talk they finished their meals and left the kitchen.


Bill led Sabina up the stairs by the hand and into a bedroom, the other side of the house. I crept along the bushes to the other end and was already feeling aroused at what was about to take place. The light was on and I could easily see and hear the two of them in the medium sized bedroom. "Take all that tarty tat off," said Bill in a loud voice. Sabina took her corset off by the strings at the back and her tits fell out. They were a good medium size for her 5ft9 height and medium build and were semi circular on the sides next to her arms. Her nipples were medium sized and perched relatively high up on her tits with small discs around them. Bill then got undressed and was completely nude, his dick already slightly erecting. She pulled her mini skirt down to reveal close knit stockings that ended a few inches from the tops of her legs. Her vagina was recently shaved and her heels extended her height by two or three inches. "Its all set up and ready for action," said Bill. With this he locked hand cuffs around both of Sabina's wrists, with chains that were attached to the ceiling, keeping her arms up in the air. He took a riding crop off the window cill and began to thrash Sabina's ass, a bit harder each time. After about the tenth time, Sabina began to let out a shrill "OHH" with each strike. By now his dick was fully erect and a good six inches or so long. He hit her tits close to her nipples a few times and left pink lines behind, in which he pulled over a chair and sat in front of her. He put his arms around her back and pulled her in tight, filling his mouth with her nipple area, first her left tit and then her right. "Their so tasty and sexy," said Bill in a harsh voice. "MORE, MORE" said Sabina in a sexy accent. With this Bill stuck his tongue into her vagina with a distinct sexual greed.


After this ten minute session or so, Bill unlocked Sabina's wrists from the chains and they both passionately snogged each other. "I want the session to really last, so I don't want to orgasm yet. What shall we do next?" He said to Sabina. "What about five minutes of anal sex, you won't orgasm in that time will you?" She replied. "No, I always take at least twenty minutes or so," he said. "Are you ready for some action?" Said Sabina. "Just make me bark like a sea lion, over the kitchen table would be good," he replied. They both walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs to the kitchen. He pushed the table against the wall and she bent over it with with her tits flattened against it. Bill placed his erect dick into her opened ass hole and began jerking at an increasing pace. I noticed he wasn't using a condom. The table was creaking violently and I really thought that it would give way and break at any time. There was a loud and shrill "OH OH OH" from Sabina with each time Bill fully penetrated her asshole, in a voice like that of a teenage girl. After only a minute or two Bill took his large erect penis out of Sabina's asshole and said out loud "OH GOD.....YES. I have to stop now otherwise I will bleddy orgasm, oh that was good. You sounded just like a teenager, just like one of those pornstars from New Wave Hookers 3, sixty minutes in, these two tarts are having sex. I think its Lacy Rose, I don't know which one anyway. Did....your dad used dirty things to you." She looked away from him and then looked down at her feet and gave Bill an evil look. "I'm sorry...I didn't know. If I ever see the dirty bastard...." Said Bill.


"You caressed my G-Spot so thoroughly, I like a mature gentlemans dick up my ass, it makes me feel so alive." She said. "I need a full sexual affair with you, is every Saturday at 8pm okay?" He said under a heavy breath. "Whatever you say darling," replied Sabina. He led her over to a sofa and he lay down on it facing upwards. She sat on top of him and started jerking fourth and back, almost like a pendulum, with her hands resting on his knees. This continued for a minute or so when I heard the front gate open. Someone closed the gate again and made their way to the house. When nearly at the front door, I could see that it was a woman of about sixty and quite attractive. She didn't ring the bell, but just opened the door and let herself in. This made very little noise and Bill and Sabina didn't seem to hear. The older woman walked along the hallway to the open plan kitchen and stood transfixed at the sight of Sabina on top of Bill. She dropped her handbag that immediately alerted them both to her presence. Bill then stated, " arrived at an awkward you can see." Sabina just laughed and briefly put her hand to her mouth and carried on with intercourse at the same rate as before. Bill was still staring at Verona and Sabina slapped him across the cheek and pulled his face around to face her, narrowing her eyes at Verona. She turned her back and stormed out of the house, as she got to the gate she slammed it shut, vibrating the metal bars. "Who was that?" Said Sabina. "I used to teach at the same secondary school as her, we're...having an affair." "I never knew you were a teacher," replied Sabina. "I used to teach up to A Level physics, that was in the 80s and 90s." "Did you get any naughty girls?" Said Sabina in a strong German accent. "It was a private school, less pupils but then more sexy students, I was lucky not to be found know. I...had some girls, oh believe me I had them," he said. She got up and led him by the hand with interlocked fingers and they both slowly walked up the stairs again. As they entered the bedroom, Bill had a considerable erection and stood behind Sabina with his arms around her middle, snogging her and groping her tits. Then he said, "so then you tart, what will you do in return for evian water next time." She lifted her left leg up quickly and made a clunking noise with her heel as she placed her foot on a wooden chair and shook her tits from side to side. Bill felt her vagina and then stuck his tongue into it. Sabina then lay down on the bed with Bill on top of her, he tied her wrists to the headboard and began rapid intercourse. After about ten minutes he orgasmed and both seemed very relieved, if not worn out.


"Don't put that bleddy corset back on again, I want your tits exposed," said Bill. They both walked down the stairs and she put her fur coat on over her topless upper half. Bill opened the front door and they stepped outside, it was a relatively cold March night. "It's too cold without my corset," said Sabina in an accent. "Good, it will make those gorgeous nipples of yours all hard," replied Bill. With that he placed both of his hands in the gap between her fur coat and onto her tits. "Let me rub them," he said. Sabina gazed at him as he did so, with a mild smile on her face. Bill then put his face into her chest and sucked one of her nipples. "Their good and hard, I could get used to this," he stated. "What do you think of me," said Bill in an inquisitive tone. "Your a dirty old man.....and your sex is just what I want," replied Sabina. "What would you do without would be bleddy nothing." Sabina pressed her fingers to his mouth and parted her fur coat to reveal her tits. She put her right middle finger in front of his face. Her finger was quite big and womanly, with which she said "do what you want with it," in a strict German accent. Bill put the whole of her finger in his mouth and sucked it for a few seconds. She then placed her thumbs undernieth and index fingers on top both nipples and stated "their all yours." Her nails had been recently painted red and extended a cm or so from her finger tips, with which Bill gave a heavy breath and kissed and sucked each nipple. "Your a fantastic woman, you really are," said Bill with a tone of gratitude. "What would you be without me, being retired with nothing to do all day but watch boring programmes on the telly and read your emails. Sex with me is everything you have left. You must be as bored as fuck in the day time, whats your highlight tomorrow, watching yet another episode of The Bill." Said Sabina. I had never seen that side to her before, although it gave me a different sort of aroused feeling. Bill paused for a few seconds and then said "Oh my....Im lucky to have a woman like you, you turn me on in every way, your a dream to sl**p with, your all smooth, OH MY GOD." With which he put his hand to his forehead. She looked at him for a while and then said, "Bored these days, what must it have been like while you were teaching, in those days. There was no internet and laptops then, just the fucking telly. If your like me, boredom doesn't really exist, with so much sex.... We both know there's no woman in the same league as me." "What does this mean...more reductions in your rent." Said Bill. "As for increased rent reductions.....we will have to see," replied Sabina in a sexy German accent. With this she turned and walked slowly and confidently down the driveway to the entrance gate. I had witnessed almost two hours of erotic action, I need to be here next Saturday I thought.

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