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An Evening at Ms. Clarks Part 3 (Jakes Story)

After catching my mother and my bud in the shower together, I went to my room and was in the process of tossing my load when, without so much as a warning knock my mother walked in wrapped in a towel.
"Honey, I wanted to explain some things to you..." she paused when she realized I had my cock in my hand and was jacking off like a mad man.
I dropped my cock and turned to look at her she has a blush to her face that is spreading down to her chest. "MOM!" She just stood and stared at me with my cock all hard and throbbing.

"What I wanted to talk to about was what you may have seen last night, and again this morning, and I hope that you do not feel badly about me."she said.
I looked at her and I could see she was still staring at my cock which had lost some of its former hardness, but was still throbbing in front of her.

"I came home last night after another disappointing date with Bob, I was a bit d***k, and more than a little horney!, YES, your mother gets horney too!" she smiled. "When I went to my room I was going to just rub one out and drift off to a blissful sl**p, And I was well on my way to achieving that goal when your bud saw me and the next thing I know I had a hard tongue licking me from behind, I knew that I hadn't cleaned up after Bob had fucked me, Yes, Your mother has sex!, I just couldn't get enough of those sensations, and when I came from his talented tongue I knew I had to see what his cock was like." She was getting more and more embarrassed as she spoke and I really didn't care at this point. My cock was starting to return to a flaccid state as she continued. "It was then that I had to feel if his cock in me would be as good as Bob used to be." She said. "GOD, it felt like I had a log shoved up into me, and all I could think of was him fucking my brains out, and he was well on his way to doing just that!, That's when I saw your friends had also came into the room and I was so far delierious that I motioned Bill to come over and I sucked his cock without even thinking about what I was doing. I just know that I wanted to share the feelings that I was having at that time." My cock was starting to twitch again, when I noticed that her towel had slipped a bit and I could see the tops of her nipples peeking out, I know a guy aint supposed to be getting hard ons for their mothers, but she was just so hot, and with her trying to explain that she really wasnt a slut, well, it was just too much information for me to digest in such a short period of time.

I said to her, "Mom, what was the deal this morning? You weren't still d***k were you?" She just hung her head and shook it slightly from side to side. "OKAY! I was HORNEY! You HAPPY now?" she yelled I said "Well Mom, I am NOT happy, but I can get that way real easy!" She looked at me and the anger left her face, then she slowely started to grin and allowed the towel to slip to the floor, there she was all naked and freshly scrubbed from the shower and I couldn't help myself, I HAD to look down at her tits and that oh so sweet looking bare pussy. By this time I had a real good hard on and she looked down at me and said "OH shit honey, did I do that?" she asked.

I just nodded and she took a step towards me and grasped my cock in her delicate hand, "If you promise not to think bad of me I will do something special for you." Before I could even say a word, she dropped to her knees and took my hard cock into her mouth and began sucking and licking it all over. I have only had my cocked sucked a couple times before, and this was BY FAR the best I have ever had in my young life and the fact that she was my MOTHER, just made it even better!

I was about to blow my load when mom looked up at me and I think she realized how good this was feeling and she pulled off my cock and I went "AWWW" then mom grabbed my hand and moved to the bed and laid back and said to me "If you NEVER tell anyone what happens you can fuck me too"
I assured her that this would never be retold anywhere and as she spread her legs she said "C'mon big boy become a real MOTHERFUCKER!" I was just so enamored by her bald pussy I almost forgot what she had said to me about being a motherfucker, I looked down and saw the pre-cum leaking from my cock and mom looking at me anticipating getting fucked I just went on autopilot and slipped my cock into her. The sensations were so much unlike any I have ever felt before it came to my mind "Damn dude this is your mother's pussy you are in right now" I was fucking her like a mad man I figured that I wouldnt last very long after the blow job and all, but to my surprise, the feeling of power returned and I was able to get into a great rhythm. I was alternating a slow shallow stroke, then a deep hard stroke, and then long before I wanted it to happen, I felt my balls tighten, and the head of my cock swelling, I was starting to lose control when I heard mom starting to scream my name, and I felt her pussy contracting around my cock, and I just rode it out with her till I thrust deep one last time, and blasted her full of my cum.

As I lay on top of mom hoping my breathing will return to normal, mom spoke first "God, that was good, BUT remember, not a word to anyone about this ok?" I assured mom that I would never breathe a word of this special moment. and she stood and picked up her towel and started out of my room, then turned and said "breakfast in 20 minutes, Honey" She slipped out of my room and I had to pinch myself to make sure that this was not some kind of dream. I JUST FUCKED MY MOTHER.

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