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First bi mmf ~ true story

Here is my first story. All my stories will be of real events.

I will start with a little of my background.

I realized at a young age that I was bi. I always had girlfriends and so did my best friend. It all started in middle school. My bestfriend and I would hang out and do all the normal stuff k**s do during the day. When sun would set and we would be called in for the night we would always take some porn that we swapped from our friends or parents. It started all innocent we would watch porn and stroke ourselves pretending the other didn't know what we were doing. After the porn we took turns going to the bathroom ( you know just to pee ) we both knew we were jerking off in there. as time passed we started jerking off in front of each other and then jerking each other off. One night after we got home from being with our girlfriends we threw a porn in and I spun around and laid next to my buddy while he was jerking off and I just leaned in and took his cock in my mouth. Which turned out to be a good idea as he followed my lead. So for the rest of our middle school and high school lives we continued sucking each other off watching porn every Friday and Saturday night when we spent the night with each other. Even if we werent together most of the night or we were out getting lucky with some chics it always ended the same. After our junior year in high school he went to basic training for the national guard and when he came back his cock must have grown atleast an inch longer and an inch in diameter. He still had a skinny cock that was about 5 1/2" We progressed a little in our senior year of high school and I actually road his cock a couple of times. He would not let me fuck him because my cock was fatter than his and he was afraid it would hurt. He ended up with a serious girlfriend and he would spend the evenigs with her and then come over and we would fool around. They were great times. We havent spoke of any of it since. Not sure if he is still in to it or not. We are still good friends. Now to my first bi mmf

It's the winter of 1998 here in Indiana. Yahoo groups are the in thing on the net. I am a member of quite a few bisexual groups. I get a message from Ed and Sara from Indy. They had seen me in a bi group that we were both members of. Sara had just found out of Eds bi curiousity. So we swapped some pics and decided we would meet at Steak n shake in Indy off of Washingston st. They lived close by. So we set a time and date. The day came and I was very nervous I had never been with a couple. So Im driving to Indy anxious and nervous. I pull into the parking lot and see this couple sitting by the window like we had planned. I start freaking. I just sit in my car and didnt go in. I saw them get up and walk out side and I approched them. Intoduced myself and we exchanged a few moments of chit chat. It was quite cold out so they invited me to follow them to their home. We talked for a little while and then ED said you wanna get in the hot tub. I said sure but I dont have trunks and the neighbors may see. He grinned no need for trunks the hot tub is in the garage. So we proceeded to the hot tub. Lights were off there was a neon in the back of the garage that gave off a dim light where the hot tub was. So we all undressed and got in the tub. Ed to my right and Sara to my left. After a few minutes of talking I slid my hand up Saras thigh and we kissed. Ed was happy to see the tension break a little has I reached over and grabbed his cock. We fondled each other and I kissed Sara and was playing with her big tits.

Sara suggested we move to the bedroom where she layed down between us. We kissed and licked her body all over for quite awhile and then I got up and kneeled at her head so she could suck my cock. She was sucking and licking when Ed joined her. I moved and laid on my back and Ed laid next to me where we could suck each other Sara was laying over me still helping Ed and had posistioned herself where I could reach her freshly shaved pussy. After a little while Sara moved on top of me in 69 where she was sucking me and I was eating her pussy. Ed had postioned himself between my legs to lick my balls and ass while she was taking care of my cock.

Sara couldnt take it any longer and she spun around and jumped on my cock her pussy was so wet and I told her I was going to cum and Ed pulled my cock out and stroked it off onto her ass. Then Ed with Sara still laying on top of me mounted her doggystyle. When he came I could feel the cum run down my balls and through my ass crack. We laid there wore out from hours of foreplay and decided to go back to the hotub for a little while before I went home. I played with this couple off and on for the next few years. I will be adding more stories soon. I have had a couple different couples I have played with over the years. Some of them are a lot more exciting to talk about.

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