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First Gay Summer - Part 2

**Please read part 1 first, if you like. Comments are very very much appreciated!**

I woke in the morning a bit earlier than Billy. The room was very hot, and I immediately noticed that both of us had completely removed our covers during the night. Billy lay outstretched before, still completely naked, still with legs spread wide apart. I enjoyed the private moment with his young, nude body. I examined every inch of him now in the light. I couldn't believe how beautiful his cock and balls were. His soft cock lay sprawled across his sack. The mushroom head d****d over the edge of his balls, looking down towards the bed. I examined how his balls neatly cupped the top of his asshole. I couldn't see much of that from this angle, but I could see whisps of hair poking out from under his scrotum. The jism that I watched cover his cock the night before had dried up overnight, and now his brown pubic hair sat clumped in places where his semen had pooled. I noticed that my cock had grown really hard in my tighty-whiteys, and I considered rubbing my cock, but he suddenly changed his breathing and opened his eyes.

At first I don't think he understood where he was. He looked around confused, then noticed me sitting across from him on my bed. I saw him realize he was completely exposed before me and quickly pull the covers over himself.

"Oh, shit," he said nervously. I laughed reassuringly at him.

"No big deal, was so hot in here. Besides, we're both guys. No reason to feel ashamed." I noticed his face get very red. He looked up at me nervously.

"I just hope you don't lose respect for me. I know my cock is pretty small. At least that's what Cheryl everyone..."

I smiled at him. "Man, you look just fine to me. Why would I want you to have a big cock?" I realized that I had perhaps let on too much about how I felt. I didn't care. Somewhere in my mind we had already now been together. Still, I wasn't quite ready to tell him how much I wanted to make him cum for me. I continued.

"Look, Billy, if it makes you feel better, have a look." Before he could say anything, I pulled down my underwear to let him get a look at me. I was just a little bit bigger than him. I watched his eyes glance at my cock for a second, then look again...this time staring for a while. I thought I saw him lick his lips a little to drink what he saw. "See?" I said. "About the same size. Now you can make laugh at me if you want."

"Oh, no," he said. "You look just fine to me, too." There was an uncomfortable moment where we both just looked at each other. He was sitting on the bed with his covers on and I was sitting naked before him. We both laughed nervously, got dressed, and went to join the group.

As we walked out he said, "Not to be too weird, but last night I got up to use the bathroom, and when I got back to bed I saw you lying there in your underwear, face down, and I thought for a few seconds you were a girl. I gotta admit, I was really impressed...until I realized it was you." It was my turn to blush. Perhaps he had been looking at me while he was stroking himself. Perhaps he had already cum for me. I wondered if he noticed my grinding the bed to his strokes.

That night when we got ready for bed I decided to push things a little bit further. I got myself completely naked right in front of him and explained that it was too hot for anything in that cabin. He passed my test by agreeing with me, removing his clothes as well, and we both climbed into our beds. "I hope this doesn't feel too weird," I said. Billy replied, "This feels absolutely fucking great. I feel so free with you, David."

As we lay there in the dark I listened for his breathing to change. This time it did not. I could only assume he was having trouble falling asl**p. I turned onto my stomach, then, exposing my naked, smooth butt to the bright-by-moonlight bedroom. I lay there imagining him watching me. After a few inutes I pretended to be sl**ping. I lay there for several minutes, breathing slowly, listening to him. Then I heard it start.

I could hear the familiar creaking of the bed. The sound of skin-on-skin as he rubbed the cock I had just recently gotten to know so well from afar. I heard him moan a little as he stroked faster. He WAS watching me while he jacked! I grew really, really excited about this. I decided to push things even further. Pretending to shift in my sl**p, I turned myself over and spread my legs just enough to give him a full-on crotch shot. I heard him mutter, "holy fucking shit!" under his breath and I heard him stroking harder and faster. In spite of my trying to play opossum, my cock began to grow stiff and erect as I listened to him. Through slitted eyes I could see him. I saw his hard, stiff cock and his beautiful balls...all of which were shaking and pumping as he stroked. I saw him feel himself under his balls as he stroked. I saw him staring intently at me for the longest time, then look to the ceiling with a sigh, then return to look at me with renewed stroking vigor. As my cock twitched I heard him groan to himself, "holy fucking fucking hot..." and he breathed harder and faster until finally I heard his orgasm sound. A long, slow mix of a moan, f=growl, and sigh rose from within him. I saw his body grow stiff, then convulse, and I knew he was cumming like never before. He let out a fairly loud "ohhhhhh" as he came, and I could see the ropes of semen leave his cock even through slitted eyes.

I heard his cum land in spurts, then I felt a bit land on my foot. While this was turning me on, I felt a second load splatter across the underside of my cock. I felt his warm cum, shot from 6 feet away, slowly run down the underside of my shaft, onto my balls, then drip off in drops onto the bed. I heard his mutter to himself, "oh,!" Before he could panic too much, I, still pretending to be asl**p, absently rubbed his warm, thick cum all over my cock and balls. I felt his cum between every fold of my crotch, completely making my balls and cock slick and warm. "Holy fuck" I heard him whisper to himself. I knew it wouldn't be too long before I could feel and taste his warm cock and cum inside me.


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