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A rainy night

It's raining outside and I can see the people on the streets darting around trying to avoid the inevitable soaking. I'm safe inside though. On my big leather couch. In my dressing gown.

There is a knock at the door which startles me. I wasn't expecting anyone. I get up and walk down the hall way. I open the door to a eastern european lady dressed in a short office style skirt and a white shirt. Her shirt is soaked through so I can see her bra clearly and her blonde soaking wet hair is sticking to her skin.

She asks if she can come in. She's lost her purse and she has no money to get home. I invite her in. I sit her down on the couch. Her shirt is clinging to her chest and I can just about see her hard nipples coming through the shirt. I offer her a towel to dry her hair, she accepts it and I also offer her a dressing gown.

I went to the bathroom to pick up the gown and returned to the living room. I walk in and see the woman standing there completely naked, her clothes d****d over the radiator. She was rubbing herself down with the towel. Gently brushing it over her now fully hard nipples. Rubbing it up her legs. From the bottom of her ankle up to her pussy. I can see everything.

She doesn't seem bothered that I'm in the room. She looks at me and smiles. I pass her the gown. She puts it on but doesn't tie it. It's still open and I can still see her pert breasts. We start to talk. She is a city worker on her way home. I can tell just by talking to her that she is a very sexual person. She looks at my gown and I can tell she just wants to tear it off.

I offer to ring her a taxi and pay for it so that she can get home but she ignores my offer, she pretends not to hear it. I tell her she is welcome to take a shower. She hears this offer clearly and takes me up on it. I direct her towards the shower.

She shouts me, says she can't work the shower. I go in to help her. The shower is on and she is standing in it lathered up with foamy shower gel. She's sitting in the bottom of the cubical with her fingers in her pussy. She beckons me in. I drop my gown and step in to the shower. I'm instantly hard and she stays sat down in the shower and puts my cock in her mouth.

She delicately licks every inch of my cock while still playing with her pussy. Her wet soapy body drives me wild and her pussy looks so tight, I just want to put my cock in it. I ask her to stand up and bend over, she does. Her pussy is dripping wet, lathered up. My cock eases in with the lubricant. Her breasts sit perfectly pert below her and I reach over them and squeeze hard. I'm pounding her hard and she is screaming loud.

After a couple more minutes she cums. She lets it out with one last squeal and then she slides down to the bottom of the shower cubical again. I still haven't cum she she starts sucking my cock again. She is deep throating me. Her mouth full of cock she looks so perfect. I can't take it anymore. I ejaculate in her mouth. She likes it. She swallows every bit.

She then stands up and gets out of the shower. She doesn't say a word. She just dries herself off, puts on her clothes and leaves. I don't say a word either. I don't even ask her name, she doesn't ask mine. She gives me a small kiss on the lips and leaves

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